Not your typical Alpha

And so it begins


“You’re late, Dean.”

“Sorry,” he mumbled and sat down on his standard seat in the last row.

“Not to worry, I have something special for you.”

So Dean unwillingly looked up onto the TV where the video they were watching had already taken it’s usual predictable plot twist. He didn’t care about the female omega with almost black hair opening the door for an alpha pizza man (because really, since when was any alpha happy with working as a pizza man?) and the omega just spread herself open, but the alpha didn’t simply mount her but spanked her butt a couple of times before he pushed in.

Alistair really started pulling out the big guns, showing all kinds of kinks that made the other alpha boys hiss with pleasure and made claiming hormones course through their veins. Randy next to Dean even had to excuse himself for the bathroom about 5 minutes in, but all Dean could think about were blue eyes and dark brown hair which didn’t belong to any of the people in the video.

The next door neighbour of the pretty omega, who had heard strange noises, came through the door which the pizza man had left open in his haste to knot. The omega didn’t even seem fazed, she just parted herself even wider and Dean could see that the actress had already had the preparation to be pounded in the ass as well, making Dean groan in second hand embarrassment, because hello, reality?

But two more of his classmates had to rush out to the bathroom as soon as the omega was hanging off of two knots.

Alistair seemed proud of his accomplishment, normally he was lucky if one of his students popped, but now he had gotten three?

Five minutes later though, when none of them had returned, he announced that one of them should go to collect them and Dean was only to happy to comply.

Once he got into the bathroom, he knocked on the three locked cubicles.

“Oi, zip it up. Get it over with, Alistair says you should come back in.”

And then he went to wash his hands, because even being in the same room as these horn dogs made him feel dirty.

Obviously the boy from before couldn’t have chosen a better time to leave his class to go to the toilet. The door opened and the same blue-eyed gaze found Dean’s immediately.

“Hello Dean,” he said and he came two steps closer to Dean, his stomach was doing somersaults inside him, because the boy really hadn’t forgotten his name.

Duh, Winchester, you met him a couple of minutes ago, of course he still remembered your name. Get a grip, Dean chastised himself mentally.

The other boy was still a little taller than him and so Dean had to look up to see his face again. Had that been like this before? He couldn’t remember. His mind had been that blank.

“I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself before, my name is Castiel.”

“Hi,” Dean said and the boy, Castiel, gave a deep chuckle at the younger boy’s stupidity.

Before they started pointlessly staring into each others eyes again, they heard something that suddenly made the whole atmosphere change.

Neither of them had noticed the scents around them, but after a fierce growl from one cubicle they sniffed shortly and Dean’s brain went into full panic mode. Castiel had blundered into a toilet with three sexually aroused alphas in it!

Randy’s door opened first, he sniffed and his eyes fell on the omega in the room. The hungry look in his eyes was all the warning they got before Randy, his trousers still open and pushed down, made a move as if to grab Castiel. Dean found his cool again and just stepped on the trousers that tangled around his legs, with one hearty step.

Randy was falling face first onto the floor and was howling in pain as soon as his erect penis crashed hard onto the cold floor and his full weight fell onto it afterwards.

This sight alone brought Gordon and Kubrick to reason who, unlike Randy, had closed their trousers before they opened their doors and instead of going after Castiel, they started laughing about the pained yelps of Randy.

Dean still wasn’t happy with things as they were, so he took Castiel by the hand and led him out of the bathroom. His stupid stomach was coiling happily again, because he was holding Castiel’s hand in his.

“Hey, um… Maybe you shouldn’t use this bathroom when people are taking some me time out of alpha edu.”

“Yes, I rather think I shouldn‘t.”

They stood around a little awkwardly after that and both shuffled their feet for a bit. They hadn’t even noticed that they were still holding hands.

“Well, I will get back to my lesson then.” Cas slowly released Dean’s hand and nodded at him, turning to go.

Dean nodded as well, but when Castiel had gone two steps, he spoke up so loudly that Castiel flinched: “Hey, me and my friends are going to see a movie tonight, you should come too,” and boy, why did his voice have to be creaking high just now?

Castiel turned around with a smile that did funny things to Dean’s stomach again.

“Thank you, Dean. I like that idea.”

Dean grinned widely, still embarrassed. “Awesome. Just get to Singer autoshop at 5 pm and we’ll all go together.” His voice toppled over while he tried to get the directions out.

Cas just looked at him confusedly, seemingly not having understood everything, so Dean repeated his sentence, making a mental note that his chronic inability of talking like a normal person needed to be treated as soon as possible.

Castiel nodded with another smile that was almost cheeky. Dean stared after him until he turned round the corner of the corridor, covering his face in embarrassment.

“Smooth as rock salt,” he muttered and banged himself on the head before he went back to class.

It wasn’t a date, was it? It was more of a get together with friends, right? Then why was he so freaking nervous about their little movie night all of a sudden?

During the rest of the time of Alistair’s class, Dean was so distracted that he paid no heed to the people running out to the bathroom again, Randy looking at him with an “I’ll kill you” expression and Alistair’s smug smirk about the success of this particular video.

Dean was more concerned with the sudden realisation that he probably just had made his first friend at high school who wasn’t family and clearly made him more nervous than he should be. But he also couldn’t help but wonder how it could be that three alphas who had been raging with lust didn’t make any more serious attempts to get at a breedable omega within reaching distance.

Castiel was at the top of his mind all the while he tried to remember all he could about him. He could remember everything to the last detail, his eyes, his voice, his smile that apparently turned his brains into goo whenever he flashed it. Yet, there was something missing about his mental catalogue of Castiel and he nearly broke his head, trying to figure out what it was.

When another person passed him on their way to the bathroom, he caught a whiff of air and sat up very suddenly. That’s it! He couldn’t remember anything about his smell!

Sure, he smelled like omega, but just in a general, very faint way. That must have been why the urge to mate could have been counteracted with a simple distraction like unfortunate Randy nearly breaking off his knot.

This boy with the intense stare and the peculiar name became more interesting to Dean by the second, and if he was completely honest with himself, even though he didn’t know anything about him yet and his scent was hardly noticeable, he knew that Castiel was fascinating him more than any person he had ever met. He was definitely interested in the older boy.

The afternoon couldn’t pass quickly enough for Dean’s liking, even though Meg and Jo would be with him and Castiel, it felt like we was going on his first date. He had never finished his homework sooner than today, usually he took breaks doodling or staring out the window, but today he finished his chores with rapid speed.

Which was actually kinda bad, because now he had too much time on his hands and he stood in front of his closet, contemplating whether or not to change his clothes. In the end he decided against it. Because if he did change, he knew Meg and Jo would simply smell that something was up, even more so then they already had when they had interrupted their staring contest in front of the lockers.

At a quarter to 5, Dean stood by the Impala, now that he was legally responsible for himself, he could also drive the car without his mom next to him.

He kept ruffling through his hair, one minute wanting it spiky and keen looking, the next minute he felt ridiculous and smoothed it back down.

He had just gone through it again when Castiel came up, the soft smile that Dean had already developed a liking for, plastered onto his face.

“Hello, Dean.”

“Hiiiii,” he drawled as a cool comeback, leaning on the car with his elbow on the roof.

“You have a nice car,” Castiel said, looking at the object in question.

“It’s awesome, isn’t it?” and without thinking about it, Dean lunged into a detailed description of the motor and what size of wheels it had. How Bobby had taught him to fix her before he had even started school and how he and his brother had cramped toy soldiers and legos into the interior of the car. He also told him that their sister had painted their initials onto the backseat where it wasn’t upholstered anymore. The boys had just wanted to carve the names in with a knife but Charlie had interwoven the D, S and C with a big W in the middle, so that it looked really cool and they had grumblingly acknowledged that her idea had been better after all.

Suddenly, Dean realised that Castiel hadn’t said a word for several minutes, he just kept nodding and making encouraging sounds while Dean just rattled on about stuff which had to be super boring to him.

“I usually never talk that much,” he pressed out quickly, his arms suddenly feeling like they hung down too low at his sides.

“I don’t mind. I made that remark about your car, so that you could relax a little. You seemed a little tense.”

Dean gulped, a blush reddening his cheeks. “Guess I’m not that good at getting people I don’t know to like me, so I try to overachieve.” He was surprised that he had actually admitted this about himself, he had never told anyone about that.

“But I already like you,” was Castiel’s reply, a little less confident than he had appeared before, but definite.

Now both of them were too embarrassed to look into each other’s eyes again so they kicked the ground with their sneakers, both smiling to themselves trying to catch a look at the other without being noticed.

They were relieved when Jo and Meg finally arrived and after they said hello to Cas they apparently continued an argument which they had started while walking over. They carried on arguing on the short way to the cinema, Meg insisting that only salted popcorn counted as real, while Jo tried to make a case for sweet popcorn, but being unable to settle their argument, they both turned to Dean as final authority in the matter when they had reached the cinema.

“Dunno, I like buttered popcorn.” No way in hell was he gonna be dragged into this.

Both girls looked at him with disdain, then turning to Castiel expectantly.

“I can’t really form an opinion. I’ve never had popcorn.”

The girls looked a little shocked and Dean asked: “Dude, really? Like never never?”


That settled it. The argument was forgotten over the new mission. Introduce Castiel to popcorn.

Rufus waved them through without wanting them to pay like always, handing out the three different kinds of popcorn without even having to ask who wanted what. Jo agreed to carry Dean’s popcorn in which was kinda atypical for her, but Dean was distracted when Rufus started talking to Castiel.

“Hey, I don’t think I know you already, boy. What’s this, Dean? Is your pack sprouting more members over night?”

So Dean introduced Castiel to Bobby’s eldest friend, explaining how he knew him and that he was like the best, because he showed the movies that nobody else dared to show, and they never had to pay to get in.

“By the way , what are you bringing next week?” Dean asked while the girls were irritatingly whispering to each other behind his back.

“Rocky Horror Show,” Rufus grinned, knowing full well that Dean had seen the movie more than 26 times and sure as hell would be here next week.

Castiel cleared his throat. “I don’t think I know the movie.”

Dean was shocked for the second time within a couple of minutes.

“What? No way! Ok, that’s it. There is no way you’re not watching this movie next week. I won‘t allow it.” Dean felt proud that he finally started acting like himself around the older boy, when Cas beamed at him.

“It’s a date.”

And just like that, Dean’s brain had been reduced to an amoebic state again, barely remembering how to transform oxygen into carbon dioxide.

“Guys get in, it’s already starting,” Jo called them from the showing room and Dean felt as if he had been splashed with cold water, but nodded and followed Castiel into the main room of the cinema.

He really liked it here. There were no classical rows of seats, Rufus had ripped those out when he bought the place, and instead had assembled a collection of really comfortable chairs of all different shapes and sizes. Luckily, the room was still sloping downward like most regular cinemas, so you could see everything from every seat.

Jo motioned Castiel over into the top row, patting the seat next to her, which happened to be the only loveseat inside the whole room. Castiel sat down without a second thought, leaving Dean little other choice than to take the seat next to him if he didn’t want to appear like a complete weirdo.

That must have been what Meg and Jo had been whispering about, wanting Dean as uncomfortable as possible, sitting right next to a boy who fascinated him and around whom he always made an idiot of himself.

Though if he thought about it, he wouldn’t have had the courage to take this seat even though he really wanted to do just that, if they hadn’t taken action like this.

Jo battered her eyelashes at him innocently, trying to hand him his popcorn, but reaching out not nearly far enough.

“Well get nearer if you want it, my arm isn’t that long,” she groused, playing the annoyed act really well.

Dean scooted closer, his leg almost touching Castiel’s now and received his popcorn, catching an eye-full of the older boy who thoroughly seemed to enjoy Jo’s act.

Did that mean he was really okay with Dean being that close? It had to be so. Dean took up all his courage and sat down so close to him that their thighs were almost touching, leaving almost half a seat of space between him and the end of the furniture.

“So, um is it ok if I call you Cas? Your name is kinda a mouthful and everyone I meet gets a nickname.” It was a habit he had picked up from Bobby.

“I’ve never had a nickname before, but yes. I’d like it if you’d call me Cas.”

“Can you please focus on the movie now and stop making doe-eyes at each other?” came a grumbling sound from where Meg had tugged herself in next to Jo, happily munching her salted popcorn.

“Maybe we would if you’d finally shut your pie hole, Meghara.”

“Bite me, you jerk.”

Dean smirked and explained to Cas who looked confused, in a hushed whisper: “She hates it when I call her by her full name, because she can’t get back at me for it. My name isn‘t embarrassing me.”

“Got it,” Cas smiled and turned his attention to the screen, taking a handful of offered popcorn from Jo.

Once Dean actually paid attention himself, he got sucked into the story, as always identifying himself with Bender, the omega boy who was so far from gender stereotypical as could be. If he could prove that biology wasn’t as important as the choices someone made and the attitude they showed, he would be a great man sometime.

Dean remained conscious of Cas’ presence next to him throughout and kept debating with himself whether he should venture further. There was nothing for it, was there? He had held the older boy’s hand already without even making any fuss about it, but somehow he couldn’t bring himself to move his hand the maybe 3 inches to shove his palm into Cas’.

Chicken shit, he was being a chicken shit. But he prepared himself to definitely take the step next week when they went out again.

It seemed like a law of nature that the popcorn never lasted throughout the whole movie, the bags being empty around halftime, but Cas had sampled every different kind, so when the credits rolled, the girls demanded his verdict.

“I like them all.” He chose the diplomatic way out.

“Fair enough,” Dean said and dared the girls to bark up again with a look, but they didn’t and just shrugged it off.

Meg yawned and stretched herself. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I want a real meal now. What do you say, wanna to grab some burgers on the way home?”

“I’d love to,” Cas answered, looking at Dean, “but it’s getting kinda late and my mother doesn’t like it if I stay out that long. Maybe next time we could meet sooner and eat before the cinema?” Cas seemed to come from the kind of family who didn’t let their young completely run wild once they presented. Meg for instance hadn’t had a curfew ever since her birthday, spending her nights at the Winchesters quite often.

“Sounds like a plan,” Jo said, putting on her jacket and fanning out her hair afterwards.

They collected their trash and wished Rufus a good night on their way out.

Afterwards they drove Meg home, who was not as upset with her mother as usual and wanted to check on her younger siblings, which would also mean that Cas would get off, because he lived just two houses further down the street.

“Well you mutts, I had a lovely time tonight.” Meg hugged Jo and Dean. “And it was nice seeing you outside of those stupid omega classes, Clarence.”

“Castiel,” he corrected her almost instantly and then frowned when Meg just broke out into snickers. “Is this another nickname thing?”

Dean and Jo snorted. “Yeah, then you’d both have embarrassing names.”

And Dean clapped Cas’ shoulder. “Two nicknames in one day, huh? Pretty good going.”

When he removed his hand from Cas’ shoulder, he couldn’t stop himself from letting it trail down his entire arm, causing Cas to give an involuntary shiver.

“I suppose it’s only just. Meghara and Clarence against omega education bullshit.”

Dean was surprised that Cas was still so clear, his touch of Cas’ arm having completely shredded his brain and pondering how it was that Cas looked so incredibly cute when he said ’bullshit’.

“Amen, brother.” Meg hugged him too and shouted out a “See you tomorrow,” before she ran up towards her front door.

Jo spoke up when they had watched Meg close the door behind her.

“Hey, that’s not fair. She gets you in omega-edu and when do we get to see you again?” she looked at Dean grouchily, who took on his role immediately.

“Yeah, Cas. When have you planned at meeting us again, huh?” Both him and Jo crossed their arms to force Cas to explain his outrageous behaviour.

Cas was apparently very clairvoyant, because he didn’t take them up on their act for one second and just asked: “Over lunch?”

Dean looked at Jo, who shrugged. “Sounds good enough for me.” She flashed a sudden, toothy smile at Cas and hugged him quickly, moving back to the car afterwards, effectively leaving Dean and Cas alone together.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to meeting the other members of your family.”

“Oh, you say that now. Just wait ‘til you met my geek brother and sister.”

They fell silent for about twenty seconds now, a bit unsure about how or even if they wanted to say goodbye.

“Ok, I guess I’d better go in then,” Cas said at long last and awkwardly raised his arms, Dean’s heart jumping in his chest at the prospect of hugging the other boy and moved in closely.

He looked into Cas’ face, conscious of his every move and encased him in his arms, feeling Cas’ hands on his back a split-second later, Cas’ open palms and spread fingers fanning out over his back.

Dean didn’t know how long he could linger in this hug before it turned awkward but something deep inside told him to never let go again. Eventually he moved against Cas, tilting his head back from over Cas’ shoulder to hold eye contact with the other boy as soon as his eyes could focus on him again.

Cas had turned his neck towards him as well, so their faces were closer than ever before, both looking at each other with a contemplative look, their gazes darting down to each others lips once or twice.

Dean was ready to go first base, planned on it, expected it, but disappointedly felt Cas’ arms loosen around him, pressing his shoulders once, before entirely letting go, causing Dean to do so as well.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Cas said again, still close enough that Dean could feel his breath on his face.

He could only nod and stare after him as he walked a couple of yards before turning onto the walkway of his own house.

“Boy, you are in deep shit,” said Jo, standing by the shotgun side of the car.

He walked over, opening the driver’s side, while Jo seemed to fully expect to hear some shit from him now, because of the loveseat, popcorn and lunch date stunts she pulled, but he only shrugged.

“What’s this? Dean Winchester without smugness and sarcasm? I never thought I‘d see the day.”

“Oh, bite me.”

Jo just grinned at him.

“Stop it. Just get in the damn car, would you?”

Jo still continued to grin like the cheshire cat while they drove home, but thankfully enjoyed the REO Speedwagon that was on the radio too much to talk over it.

After Dean pulled the car up to the garage, they walked around the big building to their houses, he said: “Thanks, by the way.”

“For what?”

“For all you did today. Suggesting the movie night and all. Meg really needed some distraction.”

“And it gave you a chance to ask Cas out again.”

“Yeah, that too. And about the… you know, stuff you did.”

Jo looked at him in disbelief, never having expected this reaction from him.

“Honestly, I expected you to give me grief for it.”

“Yeah, well I’m not. I just wanna… thank you.”

“Yeah, don’t mention it,” Jo said in complete earnest now. “Can’t have you screwing this up, Awkward-chester.”

“You know your nicknames never get any better, right?”

“What we can’t all come up with something like: ’Cas’, now can we?” She breathed the nickname in a deep, faintly dirty whisper.

“Why do I even like you?”

“Cause you do, you big moron,” she quickly hugged him when they got up to her home. “Later bro.”

“Yeah bye,” Dean said so faintly that Jo couldn’t have heard him and walked on towards his own house, his mind filled with the persona of a certain someone and the events of today.

Missouri came in to work the next day, with it being delivery day, they always needed all hands on deck. Dean helped carry in the heavier stuff before school. She beckoned them all to the kitchen, having to tell them some bad news; Mary and Ellen came in from the taproom, where they had arranged the new liquor bottles.

“Richard has had an accident. Nothing too bad though”, she calmed them down immediately. “He tried to screw in a light bulb and couldn’t be bothered to move the table. So when he leaned over to far on the step ladder, he fell and now he’s in the healing facility with a contusion to his coccyx.”

Everyone was a little shocked, but Missouri just went on: “It will heal, in time. He can’t sit properly though and he has to stay in the hospital ‘til it’s all alright again. But that’s not all. They’re sending the medication to the hospital instead, Dean.”

“Ok? Do I have to go there to collect it?”

“You misunderstand, son. They’ve put Richard on the meds, and a nurse is making sure he takes them.”

“Meaning Dean will miss out on dosages?” Mary figured.

“Sadly, yes. Eleanor is already trying her best to get you more before you run low, but her contact can only supply so much before people start to question her. She said to tell you that, as long as you keep to a strict schedule with the meds and keep calm in the mean time there shouldn‘t be any trouble,” she ended on an encouraging note.

That was all well enough, but they didn’t yet know that Dean was anything but calm since yesterday. Having a crush and wanting to kiss someone would really not help to keep the production of his hormones in check.

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