Not your typical Alpha

The Edges are cracking

Richard Moseley would stay in hospital for six weeks at least, leaving Dean with insufficient rut suppressants from now at least until late April.

He told everyone over lunch today, at the same time letting Cas, who was true to his word sitting with them now, in about his little scent problem.

“How can we be of help?” he asked, including himself into the group of people immediately.

“Unless you can come by rut-suppress without involving the hospital, you really can’t. It’s fine though. Most of the time I can control myself pretty well, it’s just alpha-edu. Alistair has been out for my head, or rather for me to pop in class since forever.”

“And that could become potentially problematic.”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

The whole lunch group was pretty downcast now, even the smaller children understood the full gravity of the situation.

So with a sinking feeling, Dean and Cas walked up to their lockers after the break, and like a grim reminder of what was to come in just a few minutes, Alistair walked past them towards his classroom.

“That’s the teacher?” asked Cas as soon as Alistair was gone.

“Yeah, that’s him, alright.”

“He looks like someone who likes to make people suffer, one way or another.”

“Well, he makes me suffer, that’s for sure. The others seem to enjoy his shitty class more than me though.”

Cas opened his locker, still filled with all kinds of stuff and Dean found himself fascinated again, distracted from his pressing concerns.

“Dude, seriously. Why have you got all that stuff in your locker?”

“I’ll tell you after your class, so you’ve got something to wonder about and distract yourself from the torture session.” He had picked up Meg’s expression for it over lunch.

He rummaged a bit while Dean tried to get a glimpse of everything that was in there.

“Hey, Dean?”


“Maybe it’s not a good idea that we’re going to that movie together.”

Dean felt as if someone had punched him in the face.

“Why? Don‘t you want to?” The thought alone made him feel like knives were cutting through him.

“I do. It’s just… Maybe Alistair shouldn’t know that we’re hanging out together, he might use it against you, one way or another. So I might have to get scarce while you‘re… excitable, he might get you angry when he makes a snarky remark about me. I read that alpha rut also breaks out when you‘re really angry,” he ended, but it seemed like he had wanted to say something else.

“If that’s the only reason, then that doesn’t matter. He could make a remark about all of my family and friends and I‘d bite. If you wanna hang out, we’ll hang out. Screw Alistair.”

“All right then,” Cas flashed him another short smile, making Dean hazy again.

“Cactus!” He barked out.


“Gotta focus on the cactus. See you then,” he ran off, trying hard to tell himself that the deep chuckle behind him wasn’t affecting him in any way.

“My adoptive parents are really nosy, and I don’t like them to go through all my stuff.” Cas told him after edu.

“That’s it? Kinda anticlimactic, when you think about it.”

“Yeah, well. That’s not all. Can I tell you something, if you promise not to tell another soul?”

“Cross my heart and hope to die.” Dean did the motion. “And anyway, who besides my family and Meg could I possibly tell? In case you hadn‘t noticed, we‘re kinda the outcasts around here.”

“I suppose that’s true.”

They walked out of the school, towards the rest of Dean’s family, already waiting for their bus. Their pack was so large that it was easier to take the bus than to squash themselves into one car to get to school.

“Anyway,” Cas spoke up. “I guess it’s because I’m not a real pack member of my family.”

“Yeah, the gossip had been going pretty strong around here when people heard you’re adopted. What happened?”

“I only know what my mother, I mean my adoptive mother, told me. My birth parents died when I was just a new born pup and they, Naomi and Zachariah, were unable to breed on their own, so they went to all kinds of orphanages, sniffing out a pup they could adopt. You know it’s not easy to let a bond form with an orphan? The smell has to be just right.”

“And was it?”

“Not so much. But they liked me and took me on. The bond didn’t form though, or only in a small amount. You should come by sometime and smell for yourself.”

Dean’s heart went about two paces faster, when he thought about visiting Cas at his home, preferably while they were on their own.

“Yeah, could be fun.”

“Anyway, I like to have my favourite possessions close, so that if the bond or the poor excuse of one breaks, I can just grab everything.”

“You reckon they’d throw you out?”

“No, but I would leave.”

“Wow, Cas. That sounds like an awful situation for you.”

Cas just shrugged.

Dean thought about this for a while, waving at Charlie who seemed almost obscenely happy to see her brother. Accompanied by Cas, no less.

“Hey, uh… If you wanna dump some of your stuff over at mine, you could do that.” He had noticed how Cas had been struggling to close the door of his locker whenever he tried to get something out. “ ‘Sides, I think your cactus could use some sunlight now and then, huh?”

“Would it really be ok if I take you up on that offer?”

“It’s no trouble, we got heaps of space. Tell you what, next Thursday, we carry your stuff over before the movie and then I can show you where I live too, sound good?”

“Yes, Dean. That does sound good.”

Dean had to admit, he liked the way Cas used his name so often.

They had reached the bus now and everyone welcomed them. Dean was proud of his family who had taken a liking to Cas so quickly that it was almost like he had been with them the entire time and not only two days. He felt disappointed when their bus came up and everyone pulled Meg and Cas into short hugs (nothing like the intense one from last night) and the Winchesters waved at Meg and Cas while they had to wait for their own bus to arrive.

“So, what happened after lunch?” Jo sat next to Dean, the little ones in front of them, Sammy arguing with Charlie about who their favourite Star Trek character was, Jodie and Josie listening to a cassette tape, probably by the Backstreet boys again, turning the headphones awkwardly, so they could both hear something.

“Alistair was a douche, but what’s new about that?”

“Not that, dumbo.”

“Oh you mean with Cas, you know, because it’s totally your business and all that?”

“Don’t be like that, asshat.”

Dean shrugged. “I dunno, we talked. About his family and why he has all that stuff in his locker. And um, he may have invited me to his place and I told him he should come over before the movie next week. And for once I managed not to make a complete idiot of myself around him.”

Jo grinned like she had last night, clapping Dean on the back. “Well done you, Loverboy-chester.”

“Will you quit it?”

“Where would be the fun in that?”

“It would give me some peace for once.”

They were silent for a few minutes, listening to Charlie choosing Spock, like always, and Sammy ending up with liking Bones the most, again like always. After that the argument subsided and Charlie laid her head on Sammy’s shoulder, yawning and pointing out a dog to them that was jumping around the front yard of a house they passed. Peace had been restored in the galactic federation once more.

Dean smiled fondly, sharing a look with Jo who apparently wasn’t yet done with the topic.

“You know, last night when you came back from that epic hug you guys shared, you had just the same expression? You like him, don’t you? Like ‘like’ him?”

“Yeah, I do.” He admitted, and when he had already gotten that far, he could also tell her the rest.

“I really do. But it’s kinda really bad timing now, with the you-know-what.” He alluded to his little problem.

“Damn, yeah you’re right.” Jo thought about it for a while. “Hey, um… how long do the meds need to work? Like would they work better if you took them during lunch and then go into edu? And like maybe not use any on the weekends to save them? I mean the biggest problem you‘re faced with is the time during alpha-edu, right?”

Dean thought about it and came to the conclusion that Jo had to be right. “Now I remembered why I like you, squirt.”

“Anytime, stretch.”

Just to be safe, Dean asked Eleanor over the phone if that schedule would provide enough protection if they amended it like that. She had to admit, she wasn’t sure, but it was worth a shot anyway.

It worked rather well. Dean took the medication before his classes and tried to think of something else most of the time. During the next week, he visited Cas’ place and smelled the mere traces of a familiar bond between him and his adoptive parents. They were nice enough people, even though Zach was a little pompous sometimes. It rather felt more like acquaintances living together, like Cas had a couple of much older roommates.

They continued having lunch together and Dean felt so at home that their table was filled with roaring laughter and his crippling inability to talk to Cas without embarrassing himself dissolved slowly, making it easier all around.

Though sometimes, when it was just the two of them, Dean was simply overwhelmed by Cas. The next Thursday, meaning their movie night, was no exception. Cas had taken the bus with them and had fit right in, just like at lunch, while Jo gave up her standard seat next to Dean and squeezed in with the twins, breaking out her most priced possession, a game boy. She was playing Legends of Zelda, while Charlie and Sam leaned over the seats to watch and Charlie gave so many tips that she essentially played the game more than Jo did.

Dean and Cas talked, while everyone was focused on the game, about everything they could think of. Their heads leaned towards each other, and were also sitting really close together, their thighs tightly pressed against each other. They both had a cardboard with the stuff from Cas’ locker next to them. Obviously they could have put the boxes onto another seat, the bus wasn’t full by far, but in silent agreement, they hadn’t done that but chose to squeeze close.

They were so intently focused on their conversation, that neither of them noticed until they paused for a minute and looked out of the window, that their fingers had been intertwined ever since they sat down.

Cas looked at their hands, pressing firmly and flashing Dean a fond smile. The embarrassment that started to rise in Dean was blown right away through Cas’ smile and he pressed his hand back.

They kept their hands locked after the quiet exchange, even when people got off the bus, giving them cheeky looks. Randy, the boy with the disgracing toilet moment, was among them and cast them a pretty dirty look when he got off.

When they reached home, Dean showed Cas around, starting with their house, introducing him to his mom. Then they went over to Bobby and Crowley’s house. The twins near went nuts over who would show Cas around their house, pulling at both his arms, while Cas good-naturedly indulged them. The tour ended in the kitchen, and the adjourning office, where Crowley was making phone calls to auto dealers, trying to hash out the best possible deal.

“Who is this good-looking young stud that you got there, Deany Wheeny Winchester?”

Dean pinched the bridge of his nose. “Jose, Jode, your dad is annoying me. Please take care of him while I introduce Cas to your one parent who isn’t embarrassing.”

“Ay, captain.” They saluted him and made sure Crowley stayed seated, and didn’t follow them to the garage. Both wore stern expressions on their little faces that were almost identical, minus the different hair colour.

They found Bobby buried under a hood, grease spilling out of the motor for no apparent reason. When Dean greeted him, he peeked up and gave them a grin, wiping his dirty hands on a rag, reaching one hand out to Cas.

“So, this is him? They one who stole my boy’s heart?”

Dean flushed and wished the earth would swallow him. “Thanks, Bobby. I can see now why Crowley and you are such a good fit.”

“Boohoo, princess. I’m the one who has to put up with listening to stories about this ‘Cas’ for the past week, so I get to annoy you too now. Here,” he threw Dean the wrench. “Cas and I will go make some sandwiches. Gotta have to make sure you‘re good enough for Dean.” He smiled at Cas, already prepared to like him while Dean huffed out an exasperated sigh.

He spoke up: “Bobby, Cas and I had plans to go grab a burger or something, don’t hassle him like that,” while Cas almost at the same time said: “I look forward to our talk, Mr. Singer.”

“Please, son. Call me Bobby,” he said, ignoring Dean’s protest. “Kitchen’s that way,” he pointed and him and Cas walked towards the exit of the garage.

“Hey, what about me?” Dean yelled. “Why can’t I help make the sandwiches too?”

“Because you gotta fix the car, or you won’t get something to eat, ye idjit.”

Dean was still grumbling by the time Bobby and Cas got back, chuckling under their breaths about something that Dean hoped hadn’t been about him.

“Finished, boy?” Bobby spoke up.

“Yeah yeah,” Dean said, wiping grease from his hands and sighing when he saw a stain on his shirt as well.

“You missed a spot,” Cas said and took the rag from his hands to wipe over a spot on his cheek, making Dean blush scarlet.

Bobby checked under the hood. “Yeah, you really did fix the problem. Good job, son. You earned your sandwich. Tell you what, why don’t you and Cas over here go upstairs. You can show him the apartment and eat there. I just remembered that I need to fix Mr. Pickett’s car until tomorrow too, so I can’t go slacking off now.”

“Yeah, ok. See you later, Bobby.” And he led Cas up the stairs.

“That’s a nice little apartment here, do you keep this for visitors?” Cas asked once Dean had opened the door.

“Yeah, that and more. Mom, Sammy and I moved in here for a while, when Charlie wasn’t even born yet and for a few months after.” Dean sighed and stopped talking while Cas checked out the small toilet and the bedroom with the old beds and cheap crib in it.

He turned towards Dean and frowned a little. “Is there more to the story?”

“Yeah, you could say that.” He pulled Cas’ chair out from the table. “Sit and eat. I’ll tell you.”

Somehow, while Dean told Cas of the circumstances that had brought him and his family here, and how one member of their family hadn’t moved in with them after the events, Cas’ hand found his own again, a warm steady weight pressing against his palm.

From then on it seemed like whenever they felt like it, they were holding hands. Dean didn’t even have to get over his shyness while they watched the movie that evening. They sat down onto the loveseat without even having to discuss it and Dean just took Cas’ hand again and held it throughout the movie. They shared another epic hug when he brought him home, still not really finding the courage to move the two inches between their faces and kiss.

The next day, Dean decided that he liked his family after all when Meg and Cas came in late from omega-edu, and nobody breathed a word about the giant elephant in the room when Cas interlaced their fingers as soon as he sat down. Charlie only made a remark that he could be happy that he was ambidextrous, when Dean had to continue eating with his left hand and Jo just went on telling them about her plans to go to the theme park on the weekend and how Dean still had to use the voucher that Meg had gotten him for his birthday.

“That sounds great Jo,” Dean said bitterly, for two reasons. One: he didn’t wanna go on a rollercoaster, two: he would not take meds over the weekend.
“But I can’t go. But you can all go together, y’know, Cas can just use my voucher.”

“No no no, Deano. You’re not getting out of this one. We’ll put this trip off until your hormones are all safely tucked away again,” Meg said curtly.

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

“But honestly, guys. You should do something on the weekend. I’m the only one who has to stay cooped up in case I’m rutting.”

“Tell you what,” said Sammy. “You can’t use Meg’s voucher, but how about mine? Let’s build a tree house this weekend, and we’ll just do it together. That way you’re still close enough to home, so if anything happens you can just go, but wouldn’t be completely alone.”

“Great idea, Sammy. Let’s all do that together, that way you can’t blame me if you can‘t read the instruction manual like always.”

“Once, Dean. It happened once.”

“Charlie?” Dean asked, wanting her to back him up.

“Sorry, Sammy. But Dean is right.”

“You always take his side.”

“No I don’t.”

“He’s your favourite brother, you can just say it.”

“Well, he likes Spock best as well, so he‘s naturally cooler than you, Sammykins,” Charlie huffed and everyone at the table groaned. Sammy and Charlie were never gonna see eye to eye about this question.

Around midday on Saturday, Dean didn’t take any meds while everyone was having lunch. Jo³, Sammy, Charlie, Meg and Cas were all stuffing themselves with sandwiches to have strength to build the tree house. Because they were such a big group, it was finished in record time and so big that it could hold the four smaller ones easily, while Dean, Cas, Jo and Meg remained on the ground for now, lounging around on a picnic blanket. Meg and Jo lay on their bellies with Jo teaching Meg how to weave daisy crowns while Cas and Dean stared straight up into the sky, trying to decipher formations of clouds, feeling nice and warm even though it was still relatively early in the year.

“Look, this one looks like an angel,” said Cas, pointing at a formation that looked like it had wings.

“You mean it looks like you?” Dean asked and mentally shook his own hand for his, at last found, smoothness.

Cas turned to him, smiling that little smile of his and quite naturally interlaced their fingers again.

Dean breathed deeply, trying to figure out how his very insufficiently suppressed hormones felt about that. He felt good, a little too warm maybe, but good. Speaking of hormones…

“Hey, Cas?”

“Hmm?” Cas hummed, deep in his chest.

“I don’t mean to pry or anything, but how come you don’t smell?”

“Because I wash, Dean.”

Dean shoved him a little, scooting closer on the blanket to reach him and turned to his side to glare at him.

“Hilarious, Cas. You know what I mean.”

Cas looked up and turned onto his side as well, their faces very close together, too close for Dean’s comfort.

“Yes, I know. I take a combination of medications, to eliminate all the personalised layers of my smell. It makes things a lot easier.”

“Yeah, like in that bathroom when they didn’t really go for you.”

“Yes, that’s the reason. If alphas can’t smell my personal scent or anything hormone related than it’s easier to go about unscathed.”

“What kinds of meds do you take?”

“Oh, suppress-ex, hormone block and omega-cleanse.”

“How do you come by that stuff? Everything but suppress-ex is illegal.”

“My mother gets it to me, and it’s only illegal in our country. She ships it in from overseas.”

“That’s a lotta work to go through just to stop smelling.”

“Yeah well, I don’t want to mate and much less I want to be forced to mate.”

Dean didn’t know what to say to that, disappointment and hurt creeping up on him.

“Oh ok,” and he let go of Cas‘ hand, a sting in his eyes as he looked up at the sky again.

“Oh look at that one, it looks like a squid,” he said, proud of himself because his voice didn’t break.

“Dean,” Cas took his hand back without any reserve and waited until Dean turned to him again. He looked at him, his eyes treacherously wet as well and sighed.

“Dean, they don’t let mated omegas into university.”

“Oh yeah, right.” Dean knew that, obviously. He hadn’t known that Cas wanted to study, but it made sense. He was more educated than most other omegas already, it was only logical that he’d strive for more now that he almost had his high school degree.

“That’s the reason,” Cas nodded, seeing the thought process clearly written on Dean’s face.

“What do you wanna be?”

Dean knew that Omegas could only apply to a very limited amount of universities, to an even more limited amount of courses. They also had to wait with applying until they had actually had their high school diploma in their hands, because who would guarantee to the admission offices that the omega was still entitled to inscribe themselves, meaning still being unmated, by the time they graduated?

The courses were down to omega medicine, omega education, omega psychology, kindergartening (which Missouri had done back in her day), and omega concubine. The last one was what Ruby had applied to after high school, where she had only completed one semester until she finally sported a mating bite and abandoned college all together. There were also certain higher omega schools, which offered courses to be nurses, secretaries, gardening and home education.

Once there had been a course of omega law, where omegas were studying how to defend their kind in court, but it hadn’t sat well with people and had been banned by law for longer than anyone alive could remember.

“I wanna be a doctor,” Cas said now. Omega medicine, which apart from omega psychology, was the most complex and lengthy study he could possibly choose.

“That means 4 years of general degree and then another 3 of master, right?”

“Yes, and then I have to intern at a hospital for years, but once I finished studying, they can’t get me out of there anymore. Most residents at a hospital get mated as soon as they can.”

“So,” Dean said haltingly, “you wanna stay unmated for all that time?”

“I don’t see that I’ve got any other choice,” Cas said, his eyes were watery again, “but right now, I’m thinking I might not go after all.” His gaze was intently focused on Dean again.

“Why is that?” Dean asked, his heart beating rapidly.

Cas just continued to stare into Dean’s eyes and slowly laid his hand on the side of his face, brushing over his cheekbone lightly, causing Dean‘s heart to race away even faster in his chest.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Cas flashed him another smile, which Dean couldn’t really appreciate because he was definitely too hot now, flushed and sweaty.

“Cas,” he croaked. “I can’t. I gotta go inside now.” He felt something stir inside himself, something that had to be taken away and locked tightly inside his bedroom.

“Dean?”, now Cas looked hurt and really upset. Dean felt like an asshole because Cas had practically just confessed his feelings for him, told him that he was conflicted about staying unmated in order to go to college and Dean’s freakin’ biology decided to act up right that second.

“Cas, I can’t stay. Please don’t be mad,” and he raced off towards the house, his oncoming rut the strongest he had yet to live through because it had been dormant for almost three months to the day.

His rut went on for the rest of the weekend, leaving him dehydrated and moody. He barked at his brother and sister over breakfast Monday morning and took his first meds after the weekend early to get through the day at school.

When they got in to lunch, Meg and Cas were already sitting at their table. Omega edu hadn’t taken as long as usual, and Cas seemed happy enough, but Dean saw a flicker of hurt ghost over his face when he came in and sat down next to him. Neither of them wanted to hold hands today and they just held onto their plates while they ate.

Cas didn’t say anything about it over lunch and they both kept quiet while they walked to their lockers. Dean hated the silence but he knew Cas was waiting for him to start talking.

He looked fondly into Cas’ nearly empty locker, knowing that his most priced possessions were now at his place, and found the courage to start the overdue conversation.


“Hmm?” Cas hummed, rummaging in his locker.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t stay or say anything on Saturday. It’s just… what you told me… it triggered a rut. I didn‘t mean to just run off like that.”

“Yes, Dean. I figured that after a while.”

“So you’re not mad at me?”

“No,” he said and took out another book.

“That’s good. Because I wanted to tell you that I wish you wouldn’t need to stay unmated to get into college,” and he took Cas’ hand again, finally feeling his skin against his own again. “You have no idea how much I wished that,” he said quietly and pulled at Cas so that their foreheads pressed against each other.

Without another thought they draped their arms around each other again like during the first hug they ever shared and didn’t let go of each other until the bell rang when they reluctantly detached themselves and went into their next class. When Dean cast one last glance at Cas, he didn’t look hurt or distant anymore.

“Hello, Dean. Fancy seeing you here,” grinned Alistair when Dean came in.

“Sir,” he quipped and went to his seat, his whole head filled with Cas.

“Well, Dean since you’re here now, I can tell you that today we’ll watch something special. A little bird told me that you have quite the love story going on, right?”

Dean caught Randy grinning at him and just knew who had told Alistair.

“Today I’ll get you, son,” said Alistair and put a video into the recorder, which brought on Dean’s final fall.

And to his horror, the video starred an omega with dark brown hair and clear blue eyes. The content wasn’t as appalling as usual either, yet it was still predictable.

The omega was in his home, when a new alpha neighbour came over to introduce himself to the neighbourhood.

Things took the turn they always took in Alistair’s videos, but Dean couldn’t keep calm this time and he couldn’t look away. When the omega wanted to give the new neighbour a glass of juice, he spilled it over himself and just started to pull his shirt off to rub it out immediately. Then the alpha got up behind him and stroked his back lightly.

“What a beautiful neighbour I have. How come I am so lucky?” and the alpha turned the omega around to press a kiss to his lips, also not usual in Alistair’s videos. Mostly the actors just went straight to town on each other.

Dean felt the blood rushing through his body and to his horror, he felt himself harden in his pants. He opened his mouth and drew in a hissing breath when the alpha in the video said: “What a gorgeous mouth you have, omega. I bet it would look good stretched around my cock. Get down on your knees and suck it.”

When the omega willingly did and kept eye contact with the alpha inside his throat Dean was almost losing it.

“Excuse me, Sir. I need to go to the bathroom.”

Alistair had victory in his eyes, but said: “No, Dean. Don’t go yet, you’ll miss the rest of the show,” and he nodded towards Randy who got up and stood behind Dean’s chair, to prevent him from storming off.

Dean felt trapped, he knew it couldn’t be long until he would break and he had no way of escape.

Meanwhile, things on the screen had gotten more heated than before. The omega had pulled off the alpha’s cock and had pushed down his trousers, exposing his wide open hole, ready for the taking. He got on his hands and knees so the alpha could test his rim with his fingers, and then pushed his slick cock inside, while the omega moaned lustfully.

“Such a nice bitch for me, so welcoming.” The alpha complimented the omega, while Dean pressed the root of his hand into his crotch. He didn’t care anymore about the students seeing what he did, he wanted to keep himself from popping at all costs, praying that his pheromones remained muffled enough by the chemicals in his veins.

The omega on screen just writhed back and forth on the alpha’s cock inside him, making all kind of little deep moans which made Dean throb.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you? Bet if I fucked you like this for longer, you’d let me knot you, ay? I might even bite you, you pretty thing.”

Dean let out a whimper as the alpha took the omega up by his arms and they lapped their tongues together while the alpha continued to fuck him from behind, the omega’s unusually long and thick erection twitching precome onto the kitchen floor.

“Yes, alpha. I want it. Give me your knot. Need to be filled by you,” and when Dean saw the alpha’s knot forming at the base of his cock, he felt his own knot popping, the pressure of his hand couldn‘t stop it anymore.

Dean just knew that the suppressants weren’t working anymore, because the second his arousal hit the air, he saw his fellow students eye him very hungrily, growling deep inside their chests.

Nothing was worse than Alistair, though. While the knot of the alpha on camera caught inside his omega and he bit into he base of his neck, his teachers eyes practically burned holes inside Dean’s clothes.

This gaze said plain as day that Dean would be bend over the desk and forced to take them all in nothing short of a moment. From the smirk that contorted Alistair’s face even more than usual, he knew who would be the first to rape him.

“Seems like we got a bitch in our midst, doesn’t it, boys?” Alistair said in that sonorous voice of his. “Randy, get him up here, while the rest of you form an orderly line. Looks like we’re all getting our knots out today.”

Randy manhandled Dean out of his chair and no matter how much he kicked and screamed, he couldn’t get loose from the other boy. He held onto every table and chair on the way to the teacher’s desk and brought most of them down with ear shattering clutter, screaming his lungs out while the other alphas growled aggressively because the bitch wasn‘t willing.

At long last, Alistair took over, ripping Dean up by the arms and slamming him onto the his desk with force. He held him in a chokehold while he kicked Randy off, who held onto Dean‘s legs, trying to tuck him towards himself, while Dean could feel Alistair’s crotch press hot and disgusting against his rear.

“Back off,” Alistair snarled viciously. “I get the first fuck. You’re on after me. If you don’t let go of the bitch, I’ll tear your fucking knot off.”

Randy let go of Dean, then. Backing away and getting first in line. Dean could see that most alphas already palmed their erections while Alistair pressed his face onto the table now.

“Finally got you, didn’t I? Who’d know you had such a nice smell about you? I gotta test you, boy. See if you’re really not a needy omega whore.” He fumbled at Dean’s belt, determined to get it open when the door in turn opened.

Dean could see lots of people looking in from the hall, mostly betas and omegas who had come out of their classrooms because they had heard the racket. They didn’t come in though, too scared of the room full of alphas, leaving Dean alone with his aggressors.

He could see Cas making his way through the crowd of cowards walking into the room against his own safety. It distracted the assembled alphas who started humming way down deep inside their throats and Dean’s hormone fused brain responded with a ferocious growl directed at them when they went for Cas instead.

The alphas gave a short yelp at Dean’s growl and suddenly he felt much stronger than before. They were threatening Cas here, he couldn’t let them do that.

With a lunge against Alistair, he threw him off, Alistair crashing against the nearest desk and Dean snarled at the alphas who were pulling at Cas now.

Suddenly, they stopped. They sniffed the air and then gave disgusted yelps, looking at Dean.

“What in the seven hells?” Alistair uprighted himself again and closed his nose with a disgusted face. “You stink, Winchester.”

Dean looked around the assembly, every alpha pinched his nose and nobody smelled like arousal anymore.

“I think, we’ll dismiss the class early today to get away from Winchester’s stench,” said Alistair more nasally then ever and the alphas practically fled the room, the timid crowd outside pressing out of the way to avoid them.

Only Dean and Cas were left inside the room. “Do I really smell that bad?”

“No, Dean. Just different. Any way, let’s be glad about this, because it made them stop.”

“Yeah, it must have been mating hormones or something.” He ran over to Cas and pressed the older boy close to his chest. “I couldn’t let them hurt you.”

“I couldn’t let them hurt you, either. I feared I was too late when I heard the noise. I shouldn‘t have let you go in here, not with what we said to each other before.”

“You almost were. You almost were too late. But it‘s all good, you‘re fine, I‘m fine,” he tried to calm them both, though their hearts were still racing from fear and the angry urge to protect each other.

They hugged each other again, glad that nothing worse had happened while the on lookers got back to their classrooms, a general whisper being heard on the corridor until all doors had closed again.

“Dean, how are you?” Cas asked quietly into his ear, once they didn‘t feel the rapid pumping of their hearts anymore and their breaths were normal again.

“You mean besides all of this here?” Dean asked in turn, meaning the destroyed classroom and the assault.

“Yes. How are you otherwise?”

“I’m happy.”


“Well, you’re with me. That makes me happy.” Dean played with the hair on the base of Cas’ neck.

“I’m glad. Because I am too,” said Cas and pressed a kiss to Dean’s temple.

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