Not your typical Alpha

Out onto the open Road

Dean and Cas

“Dean, you’re going into the wrong direction.”

“No, I’m not. Damn it. It’s you who can’t read a map. I saw a sign, okay?”

“No, you didn’t. I told you to take the turn 10 miles ago and you didn’t. Now it‘s getting dark and even if we turned back now, we wouldn‘t find the right crossing again.”

Dean pulled up when he saw a stretch near the road where he could park the car. “Hand me the damn map.”

Cas handed it to him and crossed his arms, glaring as Dean stared at the map and crumpled the edges.

He deflated. “We’re going the wrong way.”

“As I’ve told you,” Cas was righteously angry now.

“I’m sorry, ok? And I’m even more sorry because it looks like we have to spend the night in the car.”

“There was a motel about 8 miles back. Let’s go there.”

Dean nodded without wanting to anger Cas further and just turned the car back around. Soon the motel just off the highway came in to view.

“Ah, you beauty.” Dean grinned and Cas could feel his anger dissolve against his will. “Cas baby, you’re awesome. I don’t know where I’d be without you.”

“Freezing and starving us to death while we spend the night in your car, most likely.”

“Ah, don’t be like that. Think about it, if I hadn’t gotten us lost, you’d never have seen the motel and we’d really have to sleep in the car.”

“I suppose that’s true.”

“See, you can be glad that you have me.”

“Shut up and let’s get us checked in before you gloat even more.”

Dean grabbed the duffel from the back seat and clasped a hand on Cas’ shoulder as they walked towards the reception. “Look at us, fighting like an old married couple already. I bet we‘re still gonna argue like this in 40 years or so.”

“I hope by then you will have developed a sense of direction and can just accept that I’m right,” Cas actually stuck his tongue out at him.

“Never,” Dean said in shock, as if it was totally unimaginable that that could ever happen. He then turned to the clerk with a grin.

“One room, please.”

“Two singles?”

“Uh, no. If you got a queen or a king, that would be fine.”

The clerk sniffed the air. “I’m gonna have to charge you more than the usual rate then.”

“Huh what, why?” Dean asked in amazement.

“Because you’re not mated to the omega with you. It’s likely that you’ll break the furniture when you breed him tonight. The extra money is for higher insurance.”

“I wasn’t gonna…” Dean blushed and then he asked himself why it was any of the hotel clerks business anyway, their love life was private. And she had said, ‘when you breed him’, like there wasn’t even a question that that was why they wanted to sleep in one room.

“Two singles will be fine,” said Cas, but the clerk didn’t even react, but instead asked Dean again, clearly not caring about Cas‘ opinion because he was an omega.

“What’s it gonna be then?”

“Just give us a damn king sized bed and do what you gotta do!” Dean pressed out and got out his credit card. It belonged to a deposit bank account in which Eleanor and Adrienne paid into for Dean to be able to go on research trips for them.

The two doctors had at last decided to start their biology study about all secondary genders and Eleanor had proposed Dean as their assistant, to travel the country to talk and bring back people who they had contacted or to talk to anyone who might be interested in joining their study.

Officially the study was in Adrienne’s name and therefore it had been approved before the directorate of their local hospital could veto it. It was alright that Eleanor as an omegalogist was in on it and had hired Dean in the same go. The national medical board didn’t think much about it, Adrienne Forbes was from a very influential and rich family, so they looked past her quirks to do a completely unnecessary study which would come to nothing anyway. They didn’t even hand out aid money, so the costs would have to be settled by themselves.

Usually when alphas handed in their applications for medical studies and noted omegas as their co-workers, it meant that the omega in question was their muse or their stress reliever throughout the empirical research. In some cases the omega co-worker was even allowed to hold a syringe at times, but this wasn’t what their study would be about.

Eleanor would do most of the examinations with help from Adrienne via videoconference to give intake about alpha peculiarities and with help from Dean, who already knew more about biology then most other people even more than those who had studied already.

Adrienne mourned the lack of a beta expert in their study, but beta specialists were very thin on the ground, and neither Eleanor nor Adrienne knew someone they would trust enough. They would think about that problem later, and maybe have a beta specialist read over their finished findings and essay once they were ready to publish.

They knew that beta specialists didn’t know much more about their own biology than the doctors who specialised in the other secondary genders. There was a reason why nobody knew why betas sometimes bred and sometimes didn’t.

This question was fascinating to them all, Dean had told Cas all he knew on the way over here and Cas was keenly interested in the project as well. Dean wanted to take him with him on this first trip he made to investigate, meaning they would have some more time to themselves before Cas left. Plus, their case was doubtlessly very fascinating as well.

Eleanor had been in contact with a mated pair of female betas, Ava and Becky Wilson. They had sought help online when their local healing facility in Prioria, Indiana couldn’t help them determine why Becky was pregnant now. So Dean and Cas were sent to do a preliminary evaluation.

Eleanor was very aware of Dean’s almost uncanny ability to read people, she wanted to know if they were just wasting their time here and if Dean thought that Becky was pregnant because of other reasons than intercourse with her mate.

If Dean thought they were telling the truth, they would ask the couple to stop by Eleanor’s laboratory in the Lawrence healing facility and get all sorts of tests done. Their case study would keep them all busy for the next few years because lots of tests had to be done or even developed first, in order to do a concise and complete assessment of human biology.

Eleanor was wary of doing her research and examinations right under the nose of Azazel and his board, but since they didn’t have the pecuniary means to build their own laboratory, she’d have to do it at work, with Richard being her most fierce supporter. And if need be, Adrienne would be called, which would of course bring the hospital great prestige. Azazel would just have to gnawingly accept their study being conducted on Lawrence healing facility grounds.

Dean opened their room and let the duffel fall onto the bed. The motel room was a little sleazy, but he wouldn’t spend his whole budget for fancy hotels or expensive food. He knew that their resources weren’t unlimited and he planned on doing this more often. But also, they needed to eat something now.

“Dinner?” he asked Cas.

“Hmm hmm.” Cas obviously hadn’t shaken off the clerk’s behaviour yet.

“Baby, don’t let her get to you like that.”

“I won’t. I only wish a lot of things were different, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.” Dean came over and hugged Cas tight, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “Hey, why don’t you see if you can get any decent program on the thing and I’ll get us something to bite, okay?”

“As long as it’s not my neck,” Cas smirked but underneath the joke was pain.

“Not just yet, we need to get the insurance for the room back once we check out,” Dean rolled his eyes, clearly showing how ridiculous in all was to him and how much he wished the general situation was different.

“Be right back,” he announced and sprinted off to the diner that was close to the motel, leaving Cas alone with his thoughts and headache causing bad TV reception. He turned it off after a couple of minutes and fluffed a pillow against the headboard to sit on the bed and brood over what had happened.

Their whole society was built on omega oppression and domination, there was no denying that. Cas wished that it just wouldn‘t matter anymore what gender you were or who you chose to spend your life with, but as long as alphas were so clearly preferred by anyone, he could never feel like he was Dean‘s equal, no matter how much he loved him. Society liked to keep omegas obscure and little.

Most omegas had their first pups in the first year after their presentation, causing their own growth to stop and essentially keeping them petite, just the way most alphas liked them.

Dean had told him about alpha education classes, about videos were omegas had really small penises, or basically looked like a 15 year old. So Cas looked down himself, at 17 still not having stopped to grow and still a bit taller than Dean.

Maybe Dean wouldn‘t like him anymore when he didn‘t see the big omega everyday? Maybe Dean wouldn‘t think he was pretty if Cas kept growing. Meg was tiny in comparison to Cas, even though she was a girl, she clearly showed that she had sprung from a line of small omegas. What if Dean secretly didn‘t even like how Cas looked?

The thought didn‘t let go of him and when Dean got back, Cas‘ headache had gotten worse.

“Hey, babe. Dinner.“ Dean smirked and waved a take out bag and a big paper cup at him. He set up their burgers and punched two straws into the lid of the coke while Cas lumbered over to the table.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Dean said, 20 minutes later, when Cas hadn’t spoken all through dinner and they had finished eating.

“I don’t know,” Cas said, fumbling around with a napkin. “All that’s happened got me wondering.”

“ ‘bout what?” Dean asked, slurping the last of the coke out of the cup.

“What if, when we can finally get mated… like when we undress, you don’t like what you see?”

“How do you mean that?”

“Just in a general way. What if we find out that I’m unattractive to you once my clothes are off?”

“Do you think that could happen?”

Cas just shrugged in response.

“Are you- … are you thinking I won’t like you when I find out that you’ve got a small dick?” Dean said crudely, to show how little he cared about that.

Cas bristled up. “Why would you think my penis is small?”

“Isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not. It’s pretty substantial, I can guarantee you that.”

“I’m sorry. I guess I don’t have that much experience with it. I only got Alistair’s videos as reference.”

“Exactly my point, Dean! What if once we get our clothes off and you are disappointed and don’t even want to mate with me? What if we think this is it, and in the end we don‘t belong together at all?”

Cas stopped talking and they hadn’t even realised that they both had gotten up, but now they stood there, facing each other, both with tears in their eyes on opposite sides of the table.

Dean gulped around a huge lump in his throat. “I don’t know, Cas. And it could be the other way around as well, maybe you won’t like what you see when we’re not hidden from each other any more. But…,” he drew in a shaky breath “I’m sure we’ll think of something. Okay? We’ll both think about this and we’ll find a way to make sure that it works.”

“Ok,” Cas said, wiping a stray tear from his cheek and got around the table to where Dean stood. “Besides, we know that this works,” he gave him a kiss, “so that’s something, right?”

“It is.” Dean beamed. “And you know what else works?”


“You being the little spoon, my big omega.” Dean looked at the bed and yawned. “How about we hit the sack?”

“Yes, that sounds pleasant. But what if I wanna be the big spoon for once?”

“You can be anything you like.”

And so, when they curled up together, Cas was happy being the big spoon while Dean traced his fingers over his lower arm that clung around his torso.

It might not be a big victory in terms of equality for omegas, but by a small gesture showed that Dean and him weren’t in any way pressured into backwards traditions.
The big changes for omegas would have to wait until they were ready, Cas was sure their study would help get rid of a few stereotypes and stigmatisms at least and he was glad to be part of it. Perhaps this was what he could do to improve matters for his own gender.

“Ridiculous Cas,” Dean spoke up sleepily a few minutes later, “that you’re the one who’s chickened about us. I’m the one with the disgusting scent that will probably make you run away as soon as you can and hide in terror to get away from my stench,” he tried to laugh and Cas realised he wasn’t the only one in the room with anxiety about their future.

“I never would, Dean.”

“Did you get a proper sniff, you know, that day?”

“No not really, I was too focused on all the mixed alpha pheromones at the time, I only know that once they had all gone, I scented you and you smelled different, not disgusting. Definitely interesting.”

Dean hummed in approval though they both knew they wouldn‘t know for sure if Dean‘s smell was gonna be obstructive to them until they tried.

They shifted so their heads were fully on the pillow and Cas grabbed Dean‘s shoulder again and pressed a kiss to the fabric of his t shirt above it.

“We’ll figure that out too. I‘m sure of it. Besides, it‘s not like we let ever let our hormones and scents bother us too much. I‘m with you because of you. Because of everything you are, not because some hallucinating hormone or an arousing scent made me do it.”

“Same here, Cas. I don’t care that you suppress every smell you have, I like you the way you are. And I think it‘s good that your mom still gets you your meds, even though you‘re technically not theirs anymore. Makes me more at ease with you going into the world now. I don‘t mind not being able to smell you, and you‘re safer when no one else can either.”

“Yes, that‘s true.” Cas pondered about it a while and then spoke up again: “One day though, I would like you to smell all of me and I want to smell all of you as well, but for the time being we don’t need that, we need-”

“-sleep?” Dean rasped tiredly.

“Yes.” Cas tugged Dean closer and breathed into the hairline at the base of his neck, smelling something that was distinctly alpha and faintly Dean, mixed with his shower gel, a scent that was quickly becoming very familiar to him and made him fall asleep in the simple comfort it provided.

The next day they reached the city they were travelling to, Dean conceding to let Cas read the map and trusting him to tell him the right turn ups. They were glad that another clerk was at the desk when they checked out, who was much nicer than the one from last night.

When they pulled up at the Wilson residence, they were a little nervous, Dean more than Cas because he knew he would do something like this more often, but that didn’t help him with his nerves on his first job. He was glad that Cas was with him.

They rung the doorbell and a brown haired girl with blonde strands in her hair opened the door, their first impression of her was that she was very bouncy and excitable because she looked from one to the other of her visitors faster than it was strictly polite, hopping up and down on the soles of her feet..

“Hello, we’re Dean Winchester and Cas Novak, ma’am. We’re coming from Dr. Eleanor Visyak. I assume you’re one of the Ms. Wilsons?”

“Becky Wilson.” The heavily pregnant woman introduced herself. “Please come in, I’ll get my wife.”

They stood awkwardly in the entrance hall of the small house until another young woman came out of what they assumed was their living room and she and her mate led them to the kitchen.

“Do you want something, water or coffee?” The second woman, who could only be Ava Wilson, said when they sat down at the kitchen table.

“No, thank you.” Cas answered.

“We just like to get to your story first. I mean that’s why we’re here, isn’t it? How about you just tell us what’s going on and then we’ll make up an appointment with Dr. Visyak, ok?”

“I guess,” Ava said, her mate taking her hand and looking a little sad, before she spoke up.

“It’s just hard to do this outside of cyber space, you know?”

“Yes, the healing betas thought we were crazy when we explained what happened.”

“Why don’t you tell us, we’re here to listen.” Dean tried to calm them.

“No offence, but you kinda look like you’re a little too young to be actually qualified, and we kinda don’t need more crap about this.”

Dean looked at them with a steady gaze. “Believe me, I know weird in terms of biology. There is nothing you could say that would shock me. Dr. Visyak chose me as her assistant because I know my way around the subject, and I tell you that you can trust me about this. We,” he looked at Cas, who watched him with an awed expression, “would just like to hear the story in your own words, that’s all.”

The two women seemed much calmer now, but Ava had one last objection. “It’s kinda personal, though.”

“We’re here to help. But we can’t unless you tell us everything.”

Ava looked at Becky, who wore a timid expression, but nodded.

The more the two of them got into telling their story the more unreserved they got. Becky was a really jumpy, intensely passionate person and Ava was slightly theatrical but also had a great sense of humour.

They told them their life story. How they had been adopted as young teenage girls and had lived in their adopted parents’ basement, mostly keeping to themselves because people thought they were weird. They spent their times with all kinds of projects, filming or staging scenes for photographs, which were sometimes slightly disturbing, but they published them in an online blog and people were crazy for their staged still frame art. Becky herself also had started to write stories. She had started with fanfiction about pretty obscure horror shows and novels, but later on she had written the scripts for their films and now she was publishing her first original story in sequels.

Their friendship had progressed into romantic interest during the two years they had lived together before quite naturally, leaving them both a little surprised and disappointed when they both presented as betas. On the day that Becky presented, they had mated immediately, exchanging a bond bite in the heat of passion.

Their adoptive pack bond had been a little stronger than Cas’ and they both reported they had felt little pangs of hurt in their heads when they felt it snap, but it had been replaced by their mate bond almost immediately.

“If you don’t mind my asking, but how do two beta women mate? This is something that Dr. Visyak is fiercely interested in. I know this is very private but it will help us to determine what happened here,” Dean interrupted their story at this point.

They hummed and hawed a little before answering that it mostly involved rubbing or toys, and Dean nodded his encouragement for them to continue, that neither he nor Cas pulled a face showed the others that they weren‘t being judged by them and so they continued.

When they had first found out that Becky had gotten pregnant, they had yelled at each other. Ava didn’t believe Becky at first when she cried and told her that she hadn’t cheated on her, but in the end she realised that they had been constantly together during the time that Becky conceived and Ava in the end came to the realisation that she must be the second biological mother of the child.

“Obviously, nobody at the healing facility believed us and they called Becky all kinds of dirty names,” Ava broke out into tears.

“I know, when my uncle fell pregnant with his twins, it was just the same,” Dean said. “He didn’t even wanna go in to his check ups and Dr. Visyak came out to their house to deliver the pups. It’s one of my first memories, that I remembered how enormous he was before he birthed. We still sometimes tease him about it. I bet Dr. Visyak would deliver your pup too if you let her, plus she never judges anyone.”

“That sounds good,” Becky said enthusiastically, “but what kind of tests would we have to do, to you know prove that Ava is the mother of my child?”

“Oh, um… we’d need blood samples and a DNA analysis and we’d have to test the both of you for…”

“Potent liquids,” Cas jumped in. “There is hardly anything known about our biology. We do not know if women have something equal to ejaculate, and then we also don’t know who is fertile and who isn’t. That can all be determined.”

Becky and Ava looked hopefully at each other.

“But, I have to inform you that you’d have to agree for us to make the findings public.” Cas said with a small frown.

“What does that mean?” Becky said, again with a timid expression.

“All things we find out will be part of a study. It will take a while and you’ll have to stay in contact with my supervisors, but this all this will be part of a medical research and we hope, a breakthrough. Something that let’s us know once and for all what’s what about our own biology. Think about it, wouldn’t you want to live in a world where no one could call you names and make you question your partner if we only knew more about all of this?”

Both Becky and Ava nodded after Dean had finished his passionate speech and Cas just said there with a look of pure adoration for Dean in his eyes which made him a little uncomfortable.

Becky nodded at Ava, who returned the nod after a bit. “We’re in. We wanna know what‘s what as well, and we agree that our case will be made public to help others like us.”

When they walked back to the Impala from the house, Dean held out his fist to Cas, who just looked at it confusedly.

“Dude, fistbump. We just got our first case on the study.”

Cas brought his balled hand to Dean’s and meekly pushed against it.

“Pathetic,” Dean laughed and threw his arm around Cas.

“Let’s celebrate before we go back home, ok?”

“I’d love to, but I kinda have to get back and start organising stuff.”

“Oh, ok.” Dean said, deflating a little, he licked his lips. “Of course, you’re right.”

“We’ll do something special before I… before then. Ok?”

“Yeah, sounds good,” Dean said, still a little sad and headed for the driver’s side of the car.

“Hey,” Cas came round and crowded against Dean, pressing him against the car and kissed him so that Dean temporarily forgot to breathe. “Don’t be sad.”

“Seriously? You kiss a man like that and then you just say: Don’t be sad?”


“Dude, when you’re onto me like that I hear the angels sing, I am absolutely not sad. Do it again,” and he pulled Cas closer again, gasping and pulling him so close that Cas had to brace his hands on the roof of the car if he didn’t want to squash Dean.

“That was for you. So you’re not sad.”

Dean gently let go of Cas and waited until he got in the car.

“Hey, if we haul ass we don’t need to sleep in that shitty motel again, but can wait for the next one.”

“You think any other motel would be different?” Cas didn’t specify if he meant the quality and attitude of the personnel.

“Yeah, I guess not.” Dean said, clearly thinking about both.

“Let’s just see how far we get. Maybe we’ll just take turns driving and sleep when it’s not our turn. We can do either, kinda nice to think about how free life on the road is.”

“Babe, if you start breaking out in song next, I will have to punch you.”

“You wouldn’t, but you’d probably kiss me to death.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Dean smirked when he looked into the rear-view mirror and pulled away from the curb.

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