Not your typical Alpha

Bittersweet Beginnings

Dean and Cas

The last night before Cas went away, they spent in the tree house. They didn’t sleep, mostly they just stared at each other, at other times they roamed each others bodies with reverence, kissing and touching almost everywhere.

Then there were times when the wind that blew by was the only thing that was heard. The night passed away and neither of them wanted to sleep. The new morning would bring their separation but also new possibilities for the both of them.

Cas would sure have a very good time away at college, Dean would go back to being with his family and had the new project which would hopefully in time help everyone. Yet, an important part of themselves would now be missing for long streaks of time at once.

Some time around three in the morning, both started to cry in each others arms, the daunting prospect too much to handle. Dean knew that the amphetamine level in their blood was at it’s lowest concentration during this particular time of the night, but that couldn’t help them shake the desperation that sat deep inside their hearts.

Slowly, they calmed down, because how ever much this separation hurt, they weren’t alone with feeling it, the other feeling the same pain, just as acutely.

When the first light of morning crept into the tree house, they had vowed to each other again that they were gonna get through this and wouldn’t let go, no matter how hard it seemed. They told each other that they loved each other for the first time in so many words, and despite the good feeling they had at saying those words to the other, they still cut deep because it made them keenly aware of what they couldn’t have right now.

Cas left at midday, in an old car that Bobby had fixed up for him which Dean had once called a pimp mobile. Their whole family was there, helping Cas load some boxes he would put into his dorm room as soon as he got there, making sure to leave all his priced possessions in the small garage apartment, so that Dean wouldn’t feel so alone when he was in there.

Dean forced himself to stay until Cas was out of sight while the others went back to their routine after he had driven off. Dean just stood and watched the distant lights of Cas’ car until he turned round the corner.

They hadn’t had it in themselves to say any meaningful words in their last minutes together, Cas had said goodbye with a: “Take care of my cactus.”

About half an hour after Cas tail lights had disappeared, Dean’s stiff frame dissolved and quite naturally his steps took him up into the garage apartment. He laid down onto the bed which still smelled of Cas and watched the cactus on the window sill.

He stared at it for a long time, without properly seeing it and then curled himself together, hiding his tear stricken face in the pillow.


Cas wasn’t in any shape to drive. The sleepless night and seeing Dean in his rear-view mirror had given him the rest. He got a few miles out of town before he pulled up to a disused factory parking lot and just curled himself together on the back seat and cried.

He must have fallen asleep for some hours, because when he woke up he saw the sun shining in from a different angle than before. He rummaged in his bag for some water and something to eat which Mary had put there this morning and ate and drank while walking a few rounds around his car.

All the time he walked and ate, he kept looking back into the direction of the town, where he knew all his loved ones were, but in the end, he got behind the wheel with a heavy heart and was on his way again, towards college, towards the future he had dreamed about since he was a small boy, but he just couldn’t feel completely happy.

He didn’t pull up at any motels or diners, just kept on driving and sleeping on the back seat. He didn’t feel like talking to anyone. His journey only stopped when he reached his destination.

He drove around the ancient dignified buildings until he found the number of his dormitory. Then he took a short trip inside to find his room number, before he came in with a box, and promptly met his new roommate.

“Hey, there. You look like shit.” The guy said but gave him a sympathetic smile.

“You look intoxicated… or drugged.” Cas quipped.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I think my fourth bong load was a bit too much in the end.”

Despite himself, Cas could feel laughter bubbling up inside him. The other boy laughed with him, his long laughter must have been triggered by his drug consumption, because neither of them calmed down during the next half hour.

“My name’s Andy, by the way.” He said once he could speak again, without throwing a fit of laughter.

“Cas,” he announced. He didn’t really go by his full name anymore anyway.

“Cas? That’s a cool name.” Andy observed with a repressed giggle. “Tell me Cas, where is your stuff?”

“It’s in my car.”

“Need a hand?”


After they had carried in Cas’ few boxes, Andy popped his neck joints and said: “Wow, I’m starving. How about we go and explore the cafeteria and you can tell me why you looked like your dog just died when you came in here?”

“Ok, but only if your uh… forth bong load doesn’t make a regular reappearance in our dorm.”

“It’s a deal,” Andy grinned.

It very much looked like Cas had been so lucky as to find a friend on his first day here.


“Dean, stop moping around. You haven’t moved in two days,” I pulled at his arms.

“No stop, I don’t wanna get up.”

“But you will, unless you want me to sit on you until you do, and no offence bro, but you stink. You need a shower. And then you’re gonna come out of here and show everyone that you’re still alive.”

“You’re a pain in the ass you know that, sister?”

But he finally moved and got into the bathroom.

“Yeah well, you’re lucky. If it hadn’t been me, mom would have sent Jo³ and you know how they can be.”

“So you’re the smaller evil, is that it?”

He ruffled my hair and I kicked him in the shin.

“Ouch. Did you have to do that?”

“Yeah, well. You had us all crazy worried about you. You deserved that kick.” I stemmed my arms into my sides. “Now get into the shower before my nose falls off, stinky.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going.”

I waited until Dean was finished in the bathroom and when he came out he looked much fresher and definitely smelled better.

“I don’t suppose you brought food, too?” he said past his toothbrush.

“No, I didn’t. But we can pick something up when you go to Eleanor today.”

“What? Why?”

“She called at the house and said you might want to come over there because the Wilsons?” I said the word in an asking tone because I wasn’t sure I heard the name right, “are coming over for prelim-something tests.”

“Preliminary tests?”

“Yep, that.” I nodded.

“Ok, good. Then I’ll go over there ASAP.” He spewed his toothpaste into the bathroom sink. “But why did you say we?”

“Because I’m coming with you.” I declared. “I’m gonna wait there until you’re finished and then you’re taking me for ice cream and to the bookstore and to the other store where they have games.”

“And why would I wanna do that?” Dean said and grinned at me.

“Because I say so, that’s why. You’re not gonna lie around here being sad all the time. I want my brother back, not a moping idjit.”

“You’ve been spending way too much time with Bobby.”

“And you haven’t spent enough time with him,” I bit back, but I regretted it immediately, because Dean was looking hurt again.

“Sorry,” I came over and hugged him. “Didn’t mean to be mean. I love you.”

“I know.” Dean answered with the right comeback.

“Ok, short stack, then let’s get down to the firing squad. You have to hold my hand while they shoot me.”

Our family wasn’t too mean to my big brother for scaring us, but Jo and Meg gave him a smack before we left and everyone seemed pretty relieved to see him on his feet.

We met Eleanor outside of the healing facility and walked in while she filled Dean in on a lot of complicated sounding things about the people who would come by soon. Dean tried to rush us by a desk in the main room, but I didn’t understand why at first.

Then someone spoke up behind me: “Ew, look at that, a ginger whore in the making.”

I turned around and saw the person who hands out meds about whom I had already been told. I decided to go closer and when I did, the man freaked.

“Stay away from me,” but I didn’t listen and looked up at him.

“BOO,” I yelled and he flinched. “Booooo, boooo. Run away, you might catch my gingerness.”

He backed away into a shelf in the room behind his desk. Several bottles and packages fell onto the floor and broke.

“Oh dear me, Jake,” Eleanor spoke up. “I guess you have to clean that up now and also explain why you squandered much needed medicine. She looked at the broken bottles that had held liquids before. “Good luck explaining that to Azazel. Come on, you two,” she said to us and we walked on to her office.

“You want anything? I have mineral water which tastes awful but the hospital is contracted to serve it,” she opened a mini fridge next to a filing cabinet, “or some juice.”

“Juice would be cool,” I said and sat down on Eleanor’s office chair because I could swirl around with it. While I did that, I looked at her computer.

“Hey, auntie Eleanor? What’s this you’re doing there?”

“Oh, that.” She said while Dean handed her some glasses to pour juice into. “I was trying to set up a forum, so that potential patients could check us out online, but it’s not really working.”

“Hmm, seems like the html coding of your website is completely off,” I remarked and Dean snorted.

“Little computer geek, my sister,” and he handed me my glass.

“How did you want it to look anyway?” I asked and Eleanor opened another internet tab and typed in another web directory.

“Like this somehow,” she said and lent down in shock when I opened her poor excuse of an html editor for her website and started clearing up the mess she had made of the coding.

“You’re a genius,” she said and Dean groaned.

“Don’t tell her that, she might believe you.”

“Pssht, I’m working,” I said while I typed on and then he heard a knock on the door.

“And it looks like your patience are here, so you have work too.”

“Patients, dear. Patients.” She said it so the ‘t’ sound at the end was very clear.

“Isn’t that what I said?”

“Not quite.”

“She can code a website but can’t pronounce the easiest words.” Dean was being a jerk again and I gave him my best bitch face which I had learned from Sammy. It worked, because Dean raised his hands in surrender.

“Ok ok, sorry. You go and do your thing.” He pressed a kiss onto my hair before he left to follow Eleanor into the test room.

They needed very long to come back, so after I was finished with the website I played a 100 level online pacman game I was meaning to win for some time now and by the time I had finished, they came over while I was doing a victory dance all over the office.

“Hey, look. I finished the game.”

“Well done you,” Eleanor said.

Dean raised an eyebrow at me.

“Oh yeah, and there is your website.” I flashed the tab up. “I put an editor in, so that you can write texts with all the complicated words in there without making the format funky again. Oh and down there,” I pointed at the right corner of the website, “there’s my credit. Don’t remove that.”

“Made by Charlie Winchester,” Eleanor laughed. “How about we put. ‘Web design by Charlie Winchester there, instead?”

“That’s cool.” I made the adjustment to the coding. “So what did you work on?”

“We tested a couple that expects a baby with two mothers.”

“For real?” I was amazed. “That’s so cool! Dean told me you were doing boring research stuff!”

“I didn’t say it was boring.” Dean ruffled my hair again and I had to step on his foot for it.

“Stop it, you two. Don’t make me tell your mother that you didn’t behave. Or your aunty Ellen.”

We stopped bickering then, because mommy wasn’t scary by herself, but if you put her together with Ellen, they were fierce.

“Now, I have to tell Adrienne about our first case, but the video chat has some new functions and the buttons are all wrong.”

“Let me see,” I sighed and set up the thing, pleased at Eleanor’s grateful expression.

“You’re a jewel, Charlie.”

“Don’t mention it.” Suddenly I had an idea. “Wait, could I use your computer for another sec?” I scooted over with the rolling chair and sent an email to my mail address and another email that was just a little bit longer.

“That’s it. Now. Big brother? Ice cream!” and I pulled Dean out of the room. “Bye, Eleanor, see you soon.”

“Bye, you crazy kids,” we heard Eleanor laugh.

Dean didn’t want to admit that he had a good time for the rest of the afternoon, but he totally did. First we were walking around with our ice cream cones and then we checked several stores and I had to drag Dean away from the science books to get him to the adventure section.

Later we saw that mean looking guy Randy from our bus at the mall. He was after a pretty omega in Dean’s year but he didn’t get far with her because we hid behind one of the fake bushes behind his bench and made loud farting noises whenever he opened his mouth to talk to her. It was really funny that he didn’t know where the noise came from and looked around like an idiot. In the end though, he caught us and we had to run pretty fast while he chased after us.

We were still laughing when we came back home. Then Bobby called Dean into the garage, because he and Jim the mechanic needed a third pair of hands on a car.

“Hey, come to home when you’re finished, ok? I might have a surprise for you.”

“Yeah ok, I will.”

I bounced over and found mom and Sammy in the kitchen where she tried to teach him how to bake a pie.

“Hi, you two. Are you making a pie? For Dean?”

“Yes, honey. We figured he needs something nice now. Wanna help?”

“Sorry, can’t help you. I figured out something nice for him myself. You’ll get to say hi, too.”

I bounced on down the hall into Dean’s room, giggling because their confusion just looked so funny. When I was there, I booted up the computer and checked my mails.
There was the one I was waiting for. It read: “Installed the programme. What now?”.

I opened the other mail I had sent to myself from Eleanor’s computer and clicked the link inside.

After I had installed the program as well and set up Dean‘s video camera, I dialled. A few seconds later, a familiar face popped up on the screen.

“Hi, there.” I waved and the person staring back at me waved as well.


The first thing Dean heard when he came in from the garage was laughter out of his room and the first thing he smelled was an apple pie baking in the oven.

“What are you all doing in my room?” He looked at his mother, brother and sister all crouching in front of his computer screen and Charlie waved him over.

“I told you I had a surprise for you, come here and look.”

Dean came over and took a rasping breath when he looked at the screen.


“Hello, Dean.”

“How- I mean…what?”

“It was Charlie’s idea. She sent me an email today to set this up.”

“And then I did the same with your computer,” Charlie beamed, but just a few seconds later she disgustedly wiped her cheek where Dean had sloppily kissed her several times.

“Gross, bro.”

“I love you.”

“Yeah yeah, I know. No need to slobber all over me though.” She wiped over her cheek again. “Is he slobbering that much when he kisses you too, Cas?”

“Not all the time.” Cas giggled lightly and Dean felt his heart swell. Cas caught Dean’s gaze and asked: “How are you, Dean?”

“Fine. I’m good.”

“Don’t listen to him, Cas. He has been moping around ever since you left. I would barely get him to come out with me today,” Charlie said, obviously still pissed about Dean’s kiss attack.

“I haven’t been in a good place either,” Cas announced.

“I think it’s time we checked on the pie, isn’t it?” Mary took her two younger children by the hand and closed the door to Dean’s room with a fond smile towards her eldest.

“So tell me, how’s college treating you?” Dean started up but Cas talked over him.

“What did you and Charlie do today?”

Both laughed for a bit and then Dean said: “How about you start?” and Cas started talking about how he got to college and that he had met his roommate who seemed like a nice guy and potentially a good friend, and how his courses would start next week.

Dean told him about what he had done with Charlie today and that Eleanor had developed a quick DNA test that showed results almost immediately. They had determined that the baby of Ava and Becky Wilson clearly bore the genetic material of both women, but they didn’t yet know how that could happen. They would most likely have Ava taking several tests to find out how this was possible.

Eleanor mentioned something about a female ejaculation and that they had to test every possibility, also with Becky, probably after she had birthed the pup though. And they had found out that both betas they had tested so far had wombs, but that they would need to test further people to be sure about their findings. Eleanor would ask uncle Bobby if he wanted to be tested as well.

“Call it a hunch, but I don’t think he has one though.” Dean concluded. “Oh, and school will start soon for me too. I already saw the new alpha edu teacher in town today, while Randy was chasing me and Charlie. Meg and Jo have seen him too and had told us what he looked like. He seemed nice enough from what I could see while we raced by. I think they said, his name was Balthazar or something. Anyway, apart from you not being here, things are okay.”

Dean was sad for a second, but then he rallied. “But hey, at least I can see you now, thanks to Charlie.”

“Yes, that’s true. We should do this every week… Or every 3 days,” he amended when the time seemed too long to him.

“And by the way, there was something that I thought about since Charlie sent me the link to the video chat.”

“Shoot,” Dean said.

“I can see you now and I can’t touch you. And you can’t either.”

“Wow, Cas. Way to make us both feel better.”

“No, I meant. We can’t touch each other, but we can see each other.”

Dean thought about it. “I don’t get it,” he frowned.

“Then what if I do this,” Cas said and popped a button of his shirt, exposing a streak of tanned flesh on the lower side of his collar bone.

“You want us to…”

“Would that be ok?”

“Hell, yeah. But let’s do that when we’re alone in the house or in your case, dorm.”

“My roommate Andy is going home on the weekends.” Cas actually wriggled his eyebrows, which made Dean break out in a full bodied laugh.

“It’s a date. I just have to set my computer up somewhere different, so that nobody can walk in when we do this.”

“The garage?” They both said at the same time.

“Perfect, I look forward to seeing much more of you, Dean. But I think I have to go now.”

“Before you go though: I… I love you.”

Cas’ gaze caught Dean’s. They had said those words in the tree house without knowing when they were gonna say them to each other’s face again, but now that they did, they had lost their painful twinge to them.

“I love you too,” Cas rasped deeply and Dean saw him reach out to press the button that would end the call, before the video broadcast disrupted.

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