A Class to Remember

Once outside the pub Draco looked around for Elian. "Shit, where did she go?" He asked the air; suddenly someone laid their hand on his shoulder. Draco let out a soft startled gasp.

"You should see your face, Malfoy." Elian said as she stepped into the light, a smile on her lips. "So, where's Blaise?" Draco pointed behind him.

"In the pub, snogging another random girl. I swear the way he's going at this, he's going to have a kid by the time he's nineteen." Draco said shaking his head, a slight smile on his lips.

"Yeah, that or an STD." Elian sighed shaking her head as well. "Poor Blaise. I actually feel kind of sorry for him…" Draco nodded in agreement. "STD's are hell…" Draco nodded again. "And how would you know?" she asked raising her eyebrows.

Draco blushes lightly. "I don't know…but I've heard." Draco replied Elian nodded skeptically.

"Oh, you don't believe me? How do you know STD's are hell?" Elian's smiled disappeared quickly and she turned her back on Draco.

"Same as you, I've heard." Elian voice monotone, tears forming in her eyes. "I've got to go!" Elian ran off but Draco was close behind her. "Leave me alone, Malfoy! Please!" Her tears were now evident in her voice.

"What did I say?" He asked grabbing Elian's wrist, forcing her to face him. "Tell me what I said!" Elian shook her head. "Tell me!" Draco said his voice raising several octaves, his cold, steel gray eyes sparkling with slight anger.

"Fuck off, Draco! Just leave me the fuck alone!" Elian yelled twisting her wrist from Draco's grip and then ran off quickly. Draco sighed and started running after her. 'Damn him! Damn him to hell!' Elian thought angrily, roughly rubbing the tears from her ice blue eyes.

"Marshall! Where the fuck did you run off to?" Draco yelled his breathing ragged and hard. "Marshall!" He yelled again, but Elian was nowhere in sight. 'Damn, Sirius is going to fucking kill me! Hopefully she's back at the castle.' Draco started running again.

Elian raced up the castle steps and collapsed once she reached the top. "Dammit! That bastard!" she yelled up at the stars and the full moon, wolves started howling loudly, she smiled slightly and joined them. Draco entered the courtyard to see Elian laying on the top step, howling up at the moon.

Elian sat up quickly upon hearing the soft sound of footsteps. "Howling with the wolves now?" Draco asked a slight smirk on his lips. Elian just sat there silently as she glared up at him. "Oh, not very nice." Her middle finger instantly shot up.

"You're one to talk, asshole." Elian said gracefully standing up. "Gotta go. It might be best if you don't talk to or even look at me for the next week." Elian slowly opened the door, not even looking behind her as she entered the entrance hall.

Draco stood there, looking around hopelessly and confusedly. "What the hell did I say that was so bad? At least tell me that!" Draco yelled after Elian, and then sighed deeply.

Back in Hogsmeade, Sirius was slowly trying to explain what he and Elian had been talking about. "Your parents had a really big blow out, so Lily went to stay with your grandparents and she stayed there for about a year. Now during this time, Lily and I grew closer…to the extent your sister was born." Harry just stared silently at Sirius, his mouth hanging open.

"Harry?" Hermione asked gently laying a hand on Harry's shoulder. "Are you okay?" Harry sighed heavily and nodded slowly. "Maybe we should get back to the castle…it's almost two." Ron nodded quickly in agreement.

"Yeah…make sure Elian's still alive." he said glaring at Sirius. "If she's not…it's on your head, Sirius. Just remember that." Hermione smacked Ron across the face. "Ow!" Blaise looked up from his girl and glanced over at Ron.

"What are you yelling about?" He called over to them. Ginny looked at him. "Hey, you don't have to be rude!" Hermione and Ginny shook their heads and walked over to Blaise. "What?" Blaise asked somewhat fearfully.

"Time to go, Blaise!" Ginny said as she grabbed Blaise by the ear. Ginny and Hermione then dragged him towards the door and all three disappeared through it, leaving Harry, Ron and Sirius staring after them.

"That was weird…" Ron said as he rubbed his cheek. Harry and Sirius nodded in agreement. "Let's head back…I don't trust Blaise with them and I definitely don't trust Malfoy with Elian." Harry nodded again, while Sirius shook his head sadly.

"Alright, I'll see you boys tomorrow then." Sirius said watching Harry and Ron walked out the door. "Complete prats…both of them. I trust Draco so that should be enough…I mean I am her father after all." Sirius sighed heavily. "Tomorrow is going to be tough for her…I just have a bad feeling."

The next morning, Elian and Ginny woke up a bit late. "Shit! Just great, my first day of actual classes here and I sleep late!" Elian yelled as she jumped out of her bed. Ginny rubbed her eyes and yawned widely.

"Calm down! It's not the end of the world, Elian!" Ginny yelled back, slowly slipping off her bed. Elian growled in exasperation.

"That's easy for you to say! You've been here for the past six years! This is my only chance to make a first impression… and so far it's not going very well!" Elian yelled causing Ginny to sigh deeply and shake her head. "What?"

"Classes don't start till ten…we still have an hour." A look of confusion crossed Elian's face. "So calm down, get dressed and let's go have breakfast." Ginny continued Elian nodded in agreement.

"Yeah… okay." Elian replied, her voice much calmer as she walked over to her wardrobe.

Twenty minutes later Ginny and Elian entered the Great Hall. Professor McGonagall looked at the sternly. "See, I told you…" Elian whispered to Ginny, who turned a light pink.

"Thank you for finally joining us ladies…" Professor McGonagall said as Ginny and Elian sat down at the Gryffindor table, the rest of the Great Hall erupted with soft laughter. Both Elian and Ginny blushed.

The headmistress turned her attention back to Professor Alexander. Hermione leaned towards Elian. "What took you guys so long?" she asked, Ginny shrugged slightly and started putting food on her plate. "Well, just don't get Elian in trouble, Ginny…especially since it's her first day." Ginny nodded, since her mouth was full.

The three girls ate in silence, listening to the conversations of their fellow students. Hermione quickly stood up, pulling Elian with her. "Come on…we should get you there early." Hermione then dragged Elian out of the Great Hall, Ginny following closely.

"Mione! Where are we going?" Elian asked, wincing slightly as Hermione pulled her arm harder in response. "Ginny, help me…" she whispered desperately. Ginny nodded.

"Hermione, could you stop trying to rip off Elian's arm, please?" Ginny said stepping in front of Hermione, who looked at her surprised. "If you won't do that…at least tell us where we're going." Hermione nodded.

"We're going to Transfiguration." Elian sighed heavily as Hermione started dragging her again. "Sorry, but I want to make sure your there." Ginny and Elian nodded somewhat understandingly.

Once in the Transfiguration class room, Hermione pulled Elian to the front. "Sit." Was all she said as she shoved Elian into a chair and Ginny next to her. The rest of the students started filing into the room followed closely by Professor McGonagall.

"Good morning. Welcome back to Transfiguration." she said as she started to write something on the board behind her. "Today we are learning how to be Animagus. Of course if you choose to become an Animagus you must register with the Ministry." Hermione's eyes light up as McGonagall continued to speak.

'This is gonna be complicated…' Elian thought as she read the board behind the headmistress. 'I hope I'm up to this…' Hermione waved her hand in front of Elian's eyes, shocking her slightly. "Mione?" Elian whispered glancing over at her friend.

"Are you okay? You look freaked out about something." Elian shook her head. "Okay, well whatever it is…you're going to tell me and Gin later." Hermione said as she returned her attention to Professor McGonagall.

"Now, who wants to be the first to attempt a transformation?" McGonagall asked Hermione's hand instantly shot up. "Miss Marshall, would you care to come up here and give this a try?"

Hermione's face fell slightly; Elian nodded and stood up, then walked up to Professor McGonagall. "Very good. Now just close your eyes and concentrate…that's it... clear your mind of all thoughts…"

Elian did as instructed and closed her eyes and attempted to clear her mind. A few minutes later a collective gasp met Elian's ears, she opened her eyes. "What happened?" She tried to ask, but the only sound that came from her mouth was a loud bark. Elian looked up at Professor McGonagall, who was smiling.

"You see class? Miss Marshall has become an Animagus. Her form a snow white wolf…very beautiful, and very rare." Elian's mind raced as McGonagall spoke; she was a wolf…a rare snow white wolf. "Now, Miss Marshall, if you can understand me, and concentrate on your human form…" Elian closed her eyes, and thought of her human appearance.

'Wow…' Draco thought to himself as he watched Elian change back into her gorgeous human self… Draco's eyes widened as did every other boys in the room. 'She's completely naked…' Elian blushed furiously when she realized this, Professor McGonagall quickly conjured Elian a very short emerald skirt and a black baby-tee shirt with the Slytherin crest on the front.

"Now that's ironic…" Elian said as she walked behind the curtain McGonagall had also summoned. Elian sighed and walked back into the classes view, the boys whistling and cheering, but Draco remained silent…much to Elian's surprise, he wasn't even looking at her. 'Guess he took what I said to heart…' she thought as she sat back down between Hermione and Ginny and sighed heavily.

"Okay…Mr. Malfoy. You're next." Draco looked up at the headmistress in shock. "Yes, Mr. Malfoy? Do you have something you would like to say?" McGonagall raised her eyebrows, Draco shook his head.

"Then get your ass up there!" Elian yelled at him, causing the rest of the class to laugh softly. Draco threw her a malicious look as he walked up to Professor McGonagall. Elian stared after him.

"Now, were you paying attention when I explained this to Miss Marshall?" McGonagall asked Draco nodded. "Good, now close your eyes and clear you mind…" Fifteen minutes later, a palomino stallion was standing where Draco had been. The stallion, Draco…was ten hands tall. Elian's eyes were wide at the beauty of the animal that Draco had become. "Time to come back, Mr. Malfoy." Instantly Draco reappeared, human… and naked as well.

Elian felt her face grow hot as she averted her eyes just before they met Draco's. 'My Gods! I'm so stupid!' Elian thought to herself as Professor McGonagall conjured Draco a pair of black boot cut jeans and a snug white tee-shirt also with the Slytherin crest upon it. Elian looked up at him as he walked by her, but he didn't look down. She sighed, disappointment evident in her countenance.

'Why didn't I look at her? She was expecting me to; so why didn't I?' he yelled in his head as he sat down beside Blaise, who had a smirk on his face that could rival Draco's. "What?" Draco asked his friend.

"Nothing, mate. Pining for Miss Marshall over there…because she seems to be pining for you, mate!" Blaise whispered to Draco, who face flushed lightly. Blaise started chuckling softly.

"You couldn't be more wrong or stupid, Blaise. You've got this whole situation wrong; I was just trying to get laid…" Draco replied as he glanced over at Elian, who was staring straight at him, a very strange look in her eyes.

"Then you won't mind if I give her a go?" Blaise asked, earning him a very hard slap across the back of the head from Draco. "Ow… what the bloody hell is wrong with you, mate?" Draco shook his head and whispered an apology.

"Elian? You okay?" Ginny asked gently laying a hand on Elian's shoulder. Elian looked over at her and nodded. "You sure? You look sick about something…" Elian shook her head and looked back towards Professor McGonagall.

"No, I'm just fine. Nothing to worry about, Gin." Ginny raised her eyebrows skeptically and nodded her head slightly, and then she too turned her attention back to McGonagall.

"There are several different ways to become Animagus. This is the easiest. The hardest is through a rather difficult potion." The headmistress continued, pacing back and forth before the students.

"Professor?" McGonagall looked at Hermione and nodded. "How exactly does one become an Animagus by just concentrating?" McGonagall smiled widely at this question.

"I am very glad you asked that, Miss Granger. It is not only by concentrating and clearing your mind that you become Animagus, it is that through this your spirit's physical manifestation appears. In other words your spirit form, that is what an Animagus truly is." Hermione's eyes widened with excitement.

'My spirit's physical manifestation…' Elian thought to herself as she glance sideways over at Draco, who was deep in thought himself. "Dad's an Animagus as well…" she whispered, Ginny looked over at Elian as did Hermione.

"What did you say?" Hermione asked. Elian blushed lightly and shook her head.

"I didn't say anything. Just thinking out loud, you know how it is sometimes…" Ginny nodded at Hermione, who had opened her mouth to reply.

"Now, isn't the time for conversations, Hermione! If Elian has something she wants to tell us, she'll do it later!" Ginny said sharply as she narrowed her eyes slightly at Hermione, whose face now held a look of comprehension.

For the remainder of Transfiguration, several other students were asked to attempt an Animagus transformation, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Blaise included.

"Oh, my God! This is so exciting!" Hermione cried as she rushed towards the classroom door, followed closely by her friends. "I never dreamed that I would be able to become an Animagus!" Elian smiled and shook her head, Ginny also shook her head.

"Did you see Malfoy? I've never seen such a beautiful palomino stallion before." Said a random passing girl. "I mean, he was like ten hands high! That's absolutely amazing!" The girl's friends nodded and squealed in agreement.

"I wonder if he'd let us ride him?" Another girl asked, her face a very bright red. Elian shook her head again, her face red as well then looked around.

"Where did they go?" She asked as she started running in search of her friends. About halfway down the hallway, Elian collided with a firm, athletic figure. "Sorry! I was looking for my friends!" She said as she stood up and brushed off her clothes.

"It's fine, I suppose." Said a very familiar, and at the moment very unwelcome voice. Elian looked up fearfully to confirm her suspicions, she groaned slightly, she was right, it was Draco Malfoy.

"Oh, hi." She replied somewhat stiffly. Draco smirked at her. "What's that look for?" Elian asked him suspiciously, Draco only shook his head. "Lair."

"Yes, that may be true…but, I thought I would warn you. Blaise is going to ask you out, be careful, he's not exactly a gentleman like myself." A smile pulled at the edges of Elian's mouth.

"Well, I'll look forward to it. Blaise is actually a very attractive guy." Elian smiled widely when Draco's face fell slightly. "Well, see you later. Oh, give Blaise this for me." Elian stood on her tip toes and kissed Draco deeply on his lips. "Now don't forget to give it to him!" With that Elian ran off, leaving Draco both shocked and pleased at the same time.

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