In the Great Hall, at the Gryffindor table, Elian and Harry sat very close together, causing everyone to glance at them suspiciously. "Piss off!" Elian yelled when one seventh year boy asked if the two of them were shagging.

Harry looked at her in surprise. 'According to Remus and Sirius, mum was like that too…of course she does take more after Sirius.' Harry thought as Elian turned back towards him.

"Sorry about that. Why does everyone automatically assume we're shagging? Can't a sister talk to her brother?" A look of dread crossed Elian's face, but Harry just smiled at her. "Um…did Dad tell you? I mean about us?" Harry nodded.

"Yeah, he told me last night after you and Malfoy left." He replied, Elian sighed heavily in relief. "What, were you worried?" Elian nodded, causing Harry to chuckle slightly.

"You don't hate me do you? Because of who I am?" A shocked look crossed Harry's face and he shook his head vigorously.

"Of course not! You're my sister…no matter how. I can't exactly say I'm happy with my mum or Sirius at this moment…" Ron looked down at them, a wide smile on his face.

"Its nice." he said softly, Hermione looked at him quizzically. "That Harry has someone besides those damn muggles, you know, someone who understands him a little better." Hermione and Ginny nod in agreement, smiles on their lips as well.

"Yes, I'm happy for them." Hermione said, closing her eyes. "Sometimes I wish I had a brother or sister." Ginny and Ron choked on their pumpkin juice.

"Believe me, you don't. It's nothing but a hassle. Harry and Elian will see that very soon." Ginny replied Ron nodded quickly in agreement. "Look at Fred and George…pains in my ass ever since I was born, of course Ron, Percy, Bill and Charlie are somewhat included in that as well."

"Not nearly as bad as a little sister…Do not try to have a private moment with your girlfriend…she'll just come bursting in!" Hermione raised her eyebrows. "Happened to Bill, Charlie, Percy…well not Percy. But Fred and George, and it's gonna happen to me and Harry one of these days!" Ginny started giggling and both Harry and Elian looked over at Ron.

"What's up with you?" Harry asked eyeing his best friend concerned. Ron shook his head and cleared his throat slightly. "Okay, whatever." Harry said as he turned back to Elian.

"Is Ron prone to these random outbursts?" Elian asked, still looking over at Ron concerned.

Harry just laughed and nodded slightly. "So this is just the beginning?" Harry nodded again. "Merlin, give me strength." Both Elian and Harry started laughing.

After everyone had finished the lunch, it was time for them all to return to class. "Um, I have Potions next." Elian said Ron nodded as did Hermione and Ginny. "Shall we go?" Harry waved as he watched his sister and his friends head down to the dungeons; he then walked up the staircase leading to Gryffindor tower.

'Thank Merlin for free periods!' Harry thought to himself as he reached the Fat Lady. "Leonus." he said before she could even ask the portrait then quickly swung open to allow him entrance.

Down in the dungeons, Elian was setting up her cauldron when someone ran into her and knocked her hard to the ground. "Ow!" she cried when she hit the floor, all of the Slytherins started laughing uproariously. Elian looked up at the person who had run into her.

"Look, I'm kind of sorry…not really, but kind of." He said as he walked over to his fellow Slytherins, who started clapping and patting him on the back.

"Goyle, what the bloody fucking hell was that about?" Draco asked, his steel eyes narrowing. Goyle shrugged and sat down next to his friend Crabbe.

"Don't let it happen again." Goyle nodded and instantly started whispering something in Crabbe's ear, much to the annoyance of Draco.

"Jeez, Draco... Why are you getting so worked up? She's a Gryffindor, our primary targets are Gryffindors, and they're our favorite prey. Them and the Hufflepuffs..." Pansy Parkinson said as she took Draco's hand in her own. Draco looked at her in disgust and pulled his hand roughly from hers.

"Don't touch me." He whispered viciously. Pansy smiled sweetly and kissed Draco's cheek. "I said don't touch me, Parkinson!" Professor James looked over at the Slytherins; they all instantly shut their mouths.

"What seems to be the problem, Mr. Malfoy?" He asked, walking over to Draco's table.

"Well, sir. Goyle here intentionally ran into Miss Marshall, and Miss Parkinson won't stop touching me when I've asked her numerous times to cease and desist." Draco replied, much to the shock of everyone in the dungeon, especially the Slytherins.

"Well then, Mr. Goyle and Miss Parkinson, detention for the next three days, not including tonight." Goyle and Pansy glared up at Professor James, and then at Draco, who shrugged nonchalantly.

The Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and the few Ravenclaws in the dungeon started laughing uproariously. "Hey, settle down. Or you'll all get detention!" Evan James said causing every student in that dungeon to shut up. Blaise lightly tapped Draco on the shoulder.

"Hey, mate. Check it." Blaise whispered pointing at Elian. Draco raised his eyebrows inquisitively. "She's thinking about you, mate! Can't you tell?" Draco shook his head. "Why not?"

"Dammit, Blaise. What the hell is up with you, huh? I thought you were going to give her a go." Draco replied glaring at Blaise. "Oh, she gave me something for you." Blaise's eyes lit up, Draco smirked. "You'll get it after class… maybe."

"Miss Marshall? Would you please come up here and help me with this potion?" Professor James called to Elian, who looked up in surprise and nodded.

She then walked up to the front of the class. "Thanks." Elian nodded again. "Class, add your powdered asphodel and crushed wraith worms." He instructed, Hermione and Ginny quickly add the ingredients to their cauldrons and to Elian's as well.

"It should now turn a very lovely, very transparent silver color." The class groaned as they all looked into their own cauldrons. At the end of the lesson, Draco's, Hermione's, Ginny's and Elian's were the only four potions that managed a passing grade.

Outside the dungeon, Blaise was pestering Draco about Elian's gift for him. "Come on, be a mate, mate! Give it to me!" He insisted Draco shook his head.

"Malfoy, give it to me dammit!" Everyone looked in their direction. "Mind your own business, you maggots!" Blaise yelled at them.

"Sorry, I've decided to keep it for myself, Zabini. I rather like it." Draco smirked at the look on Blaise's face. "Fine, you want it… here it is!" Draco quickly kissed Blaise's lips, Blaise looked at him in shock, and then a look of slight comprehension crossed his face.

"That was it? Really?" Draco nodded roughly wiping his mouth. "Sweet. Say, did you happen to see where she went?" Blaise looked over the crowd for Elian. "Damn, she must have already left." Elian peeked around the corner, covering her mouth and giggling softly.

"Oh, hey guys!" She called to them as she walked around the corner. "How's it going?" Blaise's eyes lit up excitedly as he watched her walk slowly over towards them. "Blaise? Are you having a heart attack?" She asked upon seeing the look on his face. Draco started laughing.

"No, I think he's just having a boner." he said, glancing sideways at Blaise, whose face flushed lightly. "So, I was right?" Blaise smirked and shook his head.

"You're not always right, Malfoy." Blaise replied, Elian nodding in agreement. "See, she even agrees with me! You're out numbered, mate!" Elian giggled softly.

"You know, I saw what just happened…" Blaise and Draco looked at her shocked. "Oh, yes…I saw. Frankly, I was quite disturbed… I never would have guessed the two of you were gay." An intense anger instantly filled Draco's cold, and usually emotionless eyes.

"You set me up!" Draco yelled accusingly. Elian shook her head; Blaise looked at them both confusedly. "Yes you did! Don't lie!" Elian smiled slightly and started laughing.

"Okay, okay! You caught me! I set you two up! Big deal! I just kissed you and said to give it to Blaise, I never thought you would actually do it!" she admitted, a very amused and excited light in her eyes.

"Okay, did I miss something here?" Blaise asked, glaring at Draco. "Well?" Elian smiled and shook her head slightly.

"No, not really, Blaise." Draco answered. "Just a lover's spat." Elian scoffed loudly. "Is there something wrong, love?" Elian nods. "Care to elucidate?"

"One: We are not lovers. Two: We are not having a lover's spat. Three: You are the most arrogant, egotistical, conceited, pretentious and pig-headed jerk I have ever met!" A pained expression crossed Draco's face. "Gods, now what?" She asked, Blaise continued to look extremely confused.

"I don't understand any of this…" he said softly as he started backing away. "I'm so confused right now…" Elian looked at him and then back at Draco.

"How could you say such a thing to me, love? I thought what we had... I thought it was special…" Draco pouted, tears slowly forming in his steel eyes.

"Right…I have to go! I'll see you two guys later!" With that Elian ran towards the stairs and back up to the entrance hall, leaving Blaise, who still looked confused and Draco who looked deeply hurt staring after her.

"I'm gonna kill her…" Draco seethed as he started towards the stairs, Blaise following him closely. "I don't care if Sirius does kill me…she's going to pay for this."

The rest of the day, and month for that matter, went by extremely fast. Before the faculty and students knew it, it was All Hallows Eve. "Wow. This sure came quick." Hermione said as she and Elian walked into the Great Hall.

"I know. It seems like term just started yesterday." Hermione nodded in agreement. "Wonder what Harry's up to? I haven't seen him for the past week!" Just as she said this, Harry and Ron walked up to them.

"Hey." Harry said shortly, Elian glared at him strongly. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Elian shrugged. "What? Do I have something on my face?"

"Where have you been this past week? I was really worried about you, Harry." Elian replied, looking down at her feet. "I don't like worrying… it's not fun. Besides, when I think about how Mum and Dad worried about us, it makes it even worse." Ron cleared his throat loudly as Harry started to reply.

"Ix-nay, mate…" He said, glancing nervously at Elian and Hermione. "I think we should be going, you know? Gotta get down to Hagrid's." Both Hermione's and Elian's eyes lit up at the mention of Hagrid.

"You're going to see Hagrid? Can we come? Please…Mione and I haven't seen to see him since we first started term." Elian asked, Hermione smiled and nodded.

"Come on! I'm sure Hagrid will be happy to see us!" Hermione chimed, Harry looked at Ron nervously.

"Maybe later. We have something very important to discuss with Hagrid right now. So, we'll see you later." With that Harry and Ron ran out of the Great Hall, leaving a very disappointed pair behind them.

"Stupid buggers!" Elian said crossly as she sat down at the Gryffindor table next to Seamus, who looked at her in surprise. "What's up, Seamus?" Elian asked.

"Nothing much. This past month flew by rather quickly though, didn't it?" Hermione and Elian nodded. "Dean and I were just talking about it."

"So were Mione and I. It's nice but at the same time it feels like you've missed something." Seamus nodded in agreement. "I mean, look at Harry and Ron, their behavior this past month has been rather peculiar." Hermione smirked and nodded.

"I know. Malfoy and Blaise have been acting strange too." Hermione commented as she looked over at the Slytherin table.

"Who cares about them?" Seamus asked as he raised his goblet of pumpkin juice to his lips. "I mean, Malfoy's a prat and Blaise is a womanizer and a pervert." Elian nodded in agreement.

"Myself, I'm actually shocked that Draco hasn't said a word to me since that day after Potions." Seamus looked at her confusedly. "What is it, Seamus?"

"Malfoy talked to you? I mean, actually talked to you?" Elian nodded. "He never talks to anyone… not even his cronies! What makes you so special?" Seamus asked, looking over his shoulder at the Slytherin table.

"Seamus, what the hell are you talking about?" Hermione asked, looking at the boy, a very concerned look in her eyes. Seamus shook his head and cleared his throat. "Are you okay? You look kinda pale…." Elian nodded in agreement.

"Do you need to go to the hospital wing?" Elian asked Seamus shook his head.

"No, I just need to get down to Hagrid's." With that, Seamus quickly jumped up and ran out of the Great Hall, leaving Elian and Hermione staring after him, both looking confused.

Down at Hagrid's, Harry and Ron were patiently waiting outside the front door. "Oi, Hagrid!" Ron yelled as he started to pound in the door. Harry could hear Fang moving around inside, followed by a very loud crash.

"Dammit!" Ron smiled slightly while Harry started laughing softly. "What do ya want?" Hagrid asked as he roughly opened the front door. "Oh, Harry, Ron! Why didn't you say it was you?"

"What exactly were you doing in there, Hagrid?" Harry asked, trying to peek inside the hut. Hagrid cleared his throat nervously. "We can talk about that later. Did you forget we were coming?"

"Course not! But, where's Seamus?" Ron shrugged. "Ah, well. Come on in." Harry and Ron enter the hut, only to be tackled by Hagrid's hound Fang. "Get off 'em!" Hagrid yelled as someone knocked on the door.

"I'll get it!" Ron said as he escaped Fang. "Seamus! We were getting worried, mate!" Seamus smiled slightly and walked through the door. "You remember Fang?" Ron chuckled as Fang leapt off Harry and onto Seamus.

"Yeah, how could I forget? Get off, Fang!" Harry and Hagrid clear their throats.

"Can we get down to business?" Harry asked as Hagrid pulled Fang off of Seamus. Ron nods and sits down at the table, followed by Seamus.

"Okay, we're here to discuss the matter of my sister and her twisted relationship with Malfoy. We have to find someway to put an end to it. It's not good for her to be involved with him… and it's not safe for him to be around her, seeing that he's a Death Eater." Harry said Ron and Seamus nod in agreement, while Hagrid bangs the table.

"Hear hear! But, how do you know for sure that git is a Death Eater?" Seamus asked. Ron looks at Harry.

"Yeah, how do you know that?" Harry scoffed. "You think it's that obvious he's following in Lucius' footsteps, do you?" Harry and Hagrid nod.

"Of course he is! He's evil, twisted and did I mention EVIL! If Elian keeps hanging around with him, she'll end up killed or worse… a Death Eater herself." Harry continued, stroking Fang's head.

"I'll put on some tea… we might be here a while." Hagrid said as he stood up and walked over to his small stove. "Continue, Harry." Ron and Seamus nod.

"Alright... How do you propose we handle this delicate situation? Any suggestions?" Seamus nods. "Go ahead."

"Well, I say we beat the crap outta Malfoy and tell him that if he ever comes near her again we'll kill him." Ron started laughing. "What?" Ron shook his head and clapped Seamus on the shoulder.

"Nothing! That's a great idea! Come on, Harry… let's do that one!" Ron said excitedly. Harry shook his head. "Aw, why not?" Harry smiled slightly.

"Because, she would know it was us…she's smarter than you think." He replied Hagrid cleared his throat. "What's up?" Hagrid turned to the three boys, a wide smile on his face.

"I have an idea… I still have a couple of Hippogriffs…" Smiles appeared on the boy's lips. "We can make it look like an accident." Seamus, Ron and Harry all nodded in agreement. "We'll do it tomorrow, after all… what better day to scare someone then All Hallows Eve?" The four of them started laughing uproariously.

Back up at the castle, Elian and Hermione were making their way back up to the Gryffindor Common room. "You know, Mione…I've been thinking..." Hermione looked over at Elian.

"What about?" she asked, Elian smiled serenely. "Come on…" Hermione stamps down her foot.

"Calm down. I was thinking about Harry and Ron. They're up to something, and Seamus is in on it…" Elian said as look of shock crossed Hermione's face. "Don't give me that look! I know they're planning something! I can't be sure what it is… but I have a feeling it has something to do with Draco…and Hagrid, I think he's a part of all this as well." Hermione shook her head.

"Hagrid wouldn't help in anything like that." she replied, Elian raised her eyebrows skeptically. "He wouldn't! I've every confidence in the world of that fact!" Elian shrugged and walked up to the Fat Lady.

"Leonus!" Elian shouted up at her. The Fat Lady looked taken aback.

"Of course, dear." she said as Elian ran through the portrait hole, Hermione following close behind.

"Elian! What is up with you lately?" Hermione asked as the entered the girl's dorm. Elian just shrugged her shoulders and quickly walked over to her wardrobe.

"Nothing's up with me! I'm just fine! But, it does kinda bug me that you don't believe me!" Elian yelled from inside her wardrobe. Hermione closed her eyes. "You know, I know when guys are planning something…my ex-boyfriend and his buddies did it all the time, I was even included a couple of times… so I know how they work." Hermione smiled when Elian pulled out a beautiful, silver Invisibility Cloak.

"Oh, so you have one too?" Elian nodded. "Ron and I have out grown Harry's." Elian smiled. "What?"

"I had this one custom made… it actually grows. It's pretty awesome." She said Hermione nodded.

"You really are Sirius' daughter… you think just like him." Elian blushed lightly. "The Marauders would be proud." Hermione continued. "Let's go to Hogsmeade."

"But, there's not trip planned…" Hermione had a very mischievous glint in her eyes. "Oh… you're terrible!" Elian said as she started laughing. Hermione just shrugged and started laughing as well.

Ginny walked into the dorm. "What's so funny?" she asked, Elian looked over at her, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Nothing, Gin. Hey, you wanna go to Hogsmeade?" Elian asked Ginny nodded enthusiastically. "Okay, get under this, then." Elian threw the Invisibility Cloak over herself and Hermione.

"Whoa! Where did you get that?" Ginny asked impressed as she walked over to where the two girls had disappeared.

"Just get under here!" Hermione yelled, dragging Ginny under the cloak and causing her to yelp slightly. "Let's go!" With that the three invisible teens started out of Gryffindor tower and began to make their way down to Hogsmeade.

As Harry, Ron and Seamus made walked back up to the castle, they continued talking about their plan. "You know, Hagrid's idea isn't half bad." Seamus said Harry and Ron nod in agreement. "And I think we have a real chance to pull it off."

"Yeah… but if we don't, McGonagall will have our points and our asses." Harry said, Ron's eyes widened and he started stuttering. "What is it, Ron?" Seamus followed Ron's gaze, his eyes widened too.

"Harry, mate... look at that…" Harry then followed Ron and Seamus' gaze…a large silver cross was floating by itself. "What the hell is moving it?" Ron shrugged and started walking towards the lake shore.

"Ron!" Harry yelled as he and Seamus run after him. As Ron grew closer to the lake, the cross started spinning violently. "What the fuck is going on, Seamus?" Seamus shrugged and quickly grabbed Ron's shoulder, which seemed to snap him out of his trance.

"Huh? What the bloody hell is that thing?" he asked pointing at the cross. "What's it doing?" All three boys start backing away as the cross started moving quickly towards them. "Bloody hell!"

Laughter erupted from the lake shore, and then Elian, Hermione and Ginny suddenly appear. "Damn, that was hilarious!" Ginny said breathlessly, Hermione and Elian both nodding in agreement, both of them unable to speak.

"What the hell were you three thinking?" Seamus yelled at them as he clutched his heart, this only caused them to laugh harder.

"We couldn't help it! We saw you guys walking back to the castle… and- and-…" Elian started laughing again. Harry scowled down at his sister. "Oh, c'mon Harry! You can't tell me you wouldn't have done the same if the opportunity had risen!" Harry nodded.

"You are truly the daughter of Sirius Black…" Harry said shaking his head and chuckling slightly. "And the only daughter of the infamous Marauders…"

"Yeah! That's me, Elian Virginia Black, daughter of the infamous Sirius Orion Black!" Elian shouted up to the sky. "Remember me, world! I'm gonna be something some day!" Hermione and Ginny started cheering and applauding loudly, soon joined by Ron and Seamus, while Harry looked at them disapprovingly. "Stop acting like McGonagall, bro!" Harry then immaturely stuck out his tongue.

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