When Things Get A Little "Harry"

Ron and Seamus started laughing uproariously. "He looked just like McGonagall!" Ron said as he grabbed his side, Seamus nodded in agreement. "How scary is that?" Elian laughed softly as Harry stormed off.

"Harry!" Elian called after her brother, laughter still in her voice. "Don't be sore! It was just a joke!" Harry's middle finger unexpectedly shot up. "Harry James Potter! You are so going to pay for that!" She then ran after her brother and tackled him.

"Get the fuck off of me, Elian!" Harry yelled up at her, she then punched him hard across the mouth. "What the fuck did you do that for?" The four other teens ran over to them.

"There was no need for your rude response! It was totally uncalled for, Harry!" Hermione and Ginny nodded quickly in agreement. "Do you ever think before you act?"

"Do you?" he responded causing Elian to slide off of him. "Well?" Ron looked at Seamus in confusion, who by the way looked just as confused as Ron.

"Eli?" Ginny whispered softly as she knelt down next to her friend. "Are you okay?" she asked, Elian nodded slowly.

"You're right, Harry. Most of the time I don't think before I act…but, that's just how I am, you know. Apparently it's in my blood." Harry chuckled when Elian said this. "On both sides." She continued.

"Mates, I think we should get back up to the castle…. Like now!" They looked at Seamus concerned. "This is no time to look concerned! Well, it is..." Harry stood up, pulling Elian with him.

"Alright, Seamus. What's going on?" Ron asked, looking around. Seamus quickly pointed up at the castle. All five teens' eyes were wide as they took in the sight of Death Eaters swarming the castle. "It's that damn Malfoy's doing! He's let them in!"

"No… there's no way…" Elian whispered disbelievingly as she slowly and unconsciously started running towards the castle. 'This can't be happening! There's no way Draco would let this happen here of all places! There's no way he'd let this happen at all!' She could feel her brother and friends right behind her.

Once the five of them walked into the entrance hall, they could hear screams from down in the dungeons. "Harry, what are we going to do?" Ginny asked fearfully as he held her tightly to him. Elian looked back at her brother and Ginny, then at Ron and Hermione, who were also in each others arms, she suddenly felt all alone and tears started forming in her eyes.

"I don't know Gin…I honestly don't know." Harry whispered as he lightly kissed Ginny's lips, catching her by surprise. Ron averted his eyes and glanced over at Elian who stood silently sobbing.

"Why don't you guys head up to the Common Room and see who is up there…" she said softly as she turned to face her brother, who shook his head.

"No, what are you going to do all by yourself?" he asked, Ginny gently slipping from his arms, then walked over to Elian, a look of slight comprehension on her face.

"You're going to look for him aren't you?" Ginny asked her, her voice barely a whisper as she took her friend's hand in her own. Elian shook her head violently. "Then why do you want us to go?" She smiled at Ginny reassuringly.

"I'm not going to him…and he's not coming to me. I want to do something to help in a war that I've had no idea has been waging since my brother was born, even long before then… that I should have been a part of…That's why I'm doing this." She replied Harry scoffed loudly as did Ron and Hermione.

"Look, I don't expect you to agree with what I want to do…but I want you to understand!" With that Elian quickly hugged her brother and ran off towards the dungeons.

"Elian, come back here right now!" Harry yelled as he started after her, Ginny quickly grabbed his arm. "Ginny! Let go of me! I have to stop her!" Ginny closed her eyes slowly and smiled serenely.

"She knows what she's doing, Harry…after all she is Sirius' daughter." She said calmly asHarry sighed angrily. "Harry, if you don't let her do what she thinks is best right now, in this moment, she's going to believe you don't think she's capable of handling Voldemort or the Death Eaters." Hermione nodded in agreement, while Harry and Ron scoffed.

"Sisters… see, I told you Hermione, more trouble then they're worth." Ron said smiling slightly. "Let's get up to the Common Room. Elian's right, we do have to see who's up there, plus we kinda need reinforcements you know…" Harry nodded reluctantly in agreement, and then followed Ginny, Hermione and Ron up to Gryffindor Tower.

In the corridor leading to the dungeons, Elian was silent cursing herself. 'What exactly were you thinking, huh? Thought standing up to the Death Eaters would make Draco talk to you again? You're wrong… no way you could be anymore wrong…' her conscience screamed at her.

The screams grew louder as she grew closer to the dungeons. Elian's heart felt like it was going to explode when she saw a brief flash of platinum blonde. "Now I wish Harry had come with me…"she whispered softly. She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder; she turned to see…Harry, of course. "What are you doing here?" Harry just smiled slightly.

"I know… you told me to leave this to you, but... " he started, but was interrupted by angry and fearful shouting.

"Draco, do not disobey me!" Lucius Malfoy screamed in his son's face, covering it with his saliva. "Do not throw away everything you are being handed! You will not be permitted to live if you directly disobey the Dark Lord! Now, extend your arm!"

Harry and Elian slowly slipped around the corner, just in time to see Lucius punch Draco in the mouth. "I will never be like you, Father! I will never accept the Mark!" Draco replied as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. "I won't pledge my loyalties to the likes of Voldemort either!" Elian felt her brother tightly grip her shoulder.

"Do you think he really means it, Harry?" she asked as he glanced down at her. Harry scowled slightly and nodded his head. "Seriously?" He nodded again.

"Yes, he means it…but for how long?" Harry replied glancing behind him. "Where the fuck is the Order? And where are Ron, Hermione and Ginny for that matter?" Elian looked at Harry in shock.

"You mean you left them alone?" She asked a little too loudly. Lucius and the other Death Eaters turned their attention to towards Elian and Harry. "Shit." Harry sighed and shook his head.

"Well, well… Potter. What brings you here? Thought you'd try another suicide attempt? And what's this? You've brought us a little gift! How thoughtful!" Lucius exclaimed as he smiled cruelly at the pair. "Crabbe! Goyle! Take the girl!" Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle instantly appeared beside Elian and started dragging her towards Lucius and Draco.

"Let her go, Father…" Draco said as he glared intensely up at Lucius, who started laughing uproariously. "I said…. Let her go!" he yelled, Harry looked at him slightly shocked. Lucius stopped laughing and nodded at Crabbe and Goyle, who quickly released Elian.

"Very well, Draco. She's yours to do with what you please…Not that you really deserve her." Fear flickered across Elian's face and filled her eyes. "So, why don't you share her with Blaise? I'm sure he would appreciate her." Lucius added cruelly. Draco looked at his father in disgust.

"How could I have ever wanted to be like you? You're pathetic!" Lucius moved closer to Draco in a threatening manner. "What are you going to do now? Kill me?" Draco asked glaring at Lucius, who just smiled and shook his head, then, glanced over at Harry, who was now hugging Elian tightly. The color drained from Draco's face. "No…"he whispered.

"You know, Lucius? You are more of a coward then I first thought." Harry said, as he gently started to wipe the tears from Elian's eyes. Lucius turned to him, a furious expression on his face. "Hey, Malfoy! Take her back to Gryffindor Tower for me, would you?" Draco looked at Harry in surprise as did Elian.

"Oh, no, Potter. No one's going anywhere…we're all going to sit down for a nice chat!" Lucius yelled as he wildly waved his wand around. "What is that noise? Zabini!" He yelled to Blaise's father.

"Yes, Lucius?" Zabini replied. Lucius signaled him to go investigate. He quickly ran up the corridor past Harry and Elian, and then disappeared from sight. Zabini yelled loudly and appeared behind Elian and Harry. "It's the Order, Lucius… they're here!"

"About damn time that they got here!" Harry said, signaling Draco over to them. "I am going to trust my sister to you, Draco. Take care of her and I might consider changing my opinion of you." Elian smiled slightly and kissed her brother's cheek.

"Wait…did you just called me 'Draco'? What happened to calling me 'Malfoy'?" he asked, eyeing Harry, a slight smirk on his lips. Harry sighed wearily and nodded.

"Would you just get my sister out of here?" Harry replied, shoving Elian into Draco's arms, causing both of them to blush lightly. "Get the fuck outta here! Dammit, how many times to I have to tell you?" Draco nodded and quickly pulled Elian after him. "You better be right about him, Elian." he whispered as he turned back to Lucius.

"Well, how clever, Potter. Sending your precious baby sister with my son, a Death Eater… your intelligence astounds me, really!" Lucius said malicious laughter in his voice.

The sounds of crashing armor and shouted spells filled the dungeon corridor. "Ah, the Order of The Phoenix…how tragic that they shall all meet their end here." Harry scoffed as Professor McGonagall, Hagrid and shockingly, Severus Snape appeared behind him.

"Potter, what are you doing down here?" Snape asked, sneering slightly down at Harry.

"YOU! How dare you show your face here? How dare you set foot in this castle after what you've done?" Harry yelled at him, his face turning bright red, due of course to his anger.

"Harry, leave him. Just go back up to the Great Hall." McGonagall said Harry shook his head fiercely. "NOW, POTTER!" Harry looked at his headmistress in shock then nodded.

"Fine, but we're not through…" Harry whisper to Snape as he slowly walked past him to the staircase. "Hagrid, do not take your eyes off him…" Hagrid nodded and with that Harry quickly ran up the staircase to the entrance hall.

"Harry!" Harry looked over at the Gryffindor staircase to see Ginny running towards him. "Oh, Harry! I was so worried about you!" She then threw her arms around his neck and quietly started sobbing.

"Gin, it's okay. The Order's here." Ginny looked up at him at the mention of the Order. "What?" Ginny shook her head.

"It's nothing. Just, why isn't Elian with you?" Ginny looked around the entrance hall and down the staircase. "Harry, what happened?" she asked fearfully and scowled when Harry started laughing.

"Nothing! Didn't they come up to the Common Room?" he asked, still laughing softly. Ginny shook her head angrily. "Okay, if I was Draco…where would I take my sister?" Ginny looked at Harry confused.

"What's Malfoy got to do with-?" She was interrupted by someone colliding with her. "Hey! Watch where the hell you're going!" Harry started laughing and was soon joined by soft giggles.

"Gee, Gin. Are you okay?" Elian asked as she pulled Ginny to her feet. "Where are Ron and Hermione? Weren't they supposed to be with you?" Ginny nodded and pointed up the staircase. "Oh, so they're alone in the Common Room? That sounds like a good thing!" Harry nodded in agreement.

"Where's Draco?" he asked, narrowing his eyes slightly. Elian blushed and motioned towards the Great Hall. "Oh, so he didn't leave you?" Elian shook her head.

"He's probably wondering where I am… you guys go get Ron and Mione and meet us there, okay?" Elian replied Ginny and Harry nodded. "Oh, by the way, have you seen Dad? I saw him coming up from Hogsmeade…" Harry shook his head.

"If we find him, we'll bring him with us." Harry said, and then dragged Ginny towards the staircase. "We'll be right back!" They called back to her; she just waved and nodded then turned around and entered the Great Hall.

Back down in the dungeons, Lucius was fighting Snape. "You traitor! You will pay for your trespasses against the Dark Lord…you will pay with your life!" Lucius yelled insanely, causing Snape to laugh loudly.

"I knew you were going to say that, Lucius! You are so predictable!" he replied as Lucius shoved his wand into Snape's face. "Do not be a fool…I could kill you before you even muttered Avada Kedavra." Hagrid yelled loudly as several Death Eaters attack him at once. "Crucio!" Snape yelled causing the Death Eaters to fall to the floor, writhing in agony.

"Thanks." Hagrid muttered softly, Snape nodded and turned his attention back to the fuming Lucius. "So, who else wants a piece of me?" And again the same Death Eaters jumped at Hagrid. "Idiots…" he chuckled as he moved out of their path, which caused them to smash head first into the stone corridor wall.

"Morgan!" Lucius yelled Blaise's father looked over at him. "Get everyone out of here now! Go back to the Dark Lord!" Morgan nodded and called to his fellow Death Eaters. Within fifteen minutes, Lucius, Snape, Hagrid and McGonagall were the only ones left in the cold, damp dungeon corridor.

"So, Lucius… ready to give up?" Snape asked, narrowing his eyes and a smirk appearing on his lips. Lucius shook his head stubbornly. "Very well…"Snape then raised his wand and aimed at Lucius' heart. "Avada Keda-!"A loud crack filled the air and Lucius disappeared.

"Damn!" McGonagall swore as she looked at her right arm. "Damn that Morgan Zabini! He almost took my arm off!" Hagrid looked over at her in concern.

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