Hide and Seek

"Are you alright, Minerva?" Hagrid asked. McGonagall nodded, causing Hagrid to sigh heavily. "Thank goodness! What about you, Snape?" Hagrid glanced sideways at Severus, who shrugged.

"I'm alright. We should go check in on the students…" He replied McGonagall nodded in agreement. "Especially Potter, seeing as he and his friends seem to have many psychotic death wishes." Hagrid and McGonagall nodded in agreement.

Back up in the Great Hall, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione cautiously walked in, all four of them scanning the room. "Harry, where are Elian and Malfoy?" Ginny asked, fear creeping into her voice. Harry smiled reassuringly and shrugged slightly.

"Dunno. Sure that they're here somewhere." He replied as Elian and Draco walked up behind them. Elian lightly tapped her brother's shoulder, causing him to jump at least three feet in the air.

"Seems as if he really doesn't need a broom to fly…" Draco drawled, smirking at Harry, who noticed that Draco's arm was around Elian's waist. "What took you four so long?" he asked, eyeing Hermione and Ron's ruffled clothes and hair.

"Um, just taking care of a few things." Hermione said Draco and Elian nodded skeptically. "That's all! Ron and I were…" Ron cleared his throat and shook his head.

"Oh, we know exactly what you and Ron were up to, Mione." Elian replied smoothly, smirking at her friend's red faces. "I mean it's so obvious!" Draco and Harry nodded in agreement, smirks slowly appearing across their lips, while Ginny remained silent, except for the occasional soft chuckle.

"Yes, you were studying!" Draco exclaimed, causing the other teens to laugh loudly. "Well, I never said what you were studying… it could have been anything…" Ron cleared his throat. "Yes, Ronald?"

"What were you and Elian up to?" Ron asked, raising his eyebrows. Elian and Draco blushed lightly and cleared their throats. "Well?" Draco winked at Harry and Ginny, causing them to raise their eyebrows in interest.

"We were studying as well…we found a way out of the castle as a result!" Draco replied, much to the relief of Harry, who had been slightly dreading Draco's answer.

"Oh, yeah? Is that all?" Ron asked raising his eyebrows, Draco nodded. "Somehow I find that very hard to believe, Malfoy." Elian glared at Ron angrily.

"Gee, Ron, what crawled up your ass and died?" She asked, causing the rest of the small group to start laughing uproariously, all except Ron. "Come now, can't you take a joke?" Ron remained silent and Elian shrugged. "Ah, well, at least I tried!"

Hermione looked at Ron, her eyes filled with concern. "Ron, are you okay?" Hermione asked, Ron nodded slightly and closed his eyes. "Are you sure?" Ron nodded again, this time sighing heavily.

"Okay, my brother is beyond weird right now." Ginny said Harry and Draco nodded in agreement. "Ronald Billius Weasley! Wake up right now!" Ron's head snapped up and he looked at Ginny in confusion.

"Alright there, mate?" Harry asked, looking just as confused as Ron. "What was that all about?" The teens shrugged simultaneously.

"Well, we should move from here. It's only a matter of time before a few of the Death Eaters break off from the group and roam the castle…" Ginny and Hermione nod in agreement.

"Well, just where do you suggest we go, Harry?" Elian asked as she glanced around. "The Room of Requirements?" Harry nodded. "They could still find us there! All they'd have to do was think about wanting to find us and kill us! I think it would be best if we stayed here." Harry scoffed in disagreement.

"You're crazy! If we get to the Room of Requirements, we would be safer than we could ever think about being if we stayed here in the Great Hall!" Harry yelled. Ginny and Hermione looked at him disapprovingly. "All I'm saying is… that we would have a better chance of survival!"

"If we can get there…" Draco commented. Ron and Elian made motions that signaled their agreement. "I think we should get somewhere safer, but there is no way we can get to the Room of Requirements!" Draco yelled Elian smiled slightly and closed her eyes

"Well, I don't care. Someone just make a decision!" Ron said as he looked between Harry and Draco. "Oh, and Malfoy… just what the hell are you doing here with us?" he added, his eyes narrowing suspiciously.

"Just surviving like you, Weasley." Draco replied, much to the displeasure of Hermione. "What is it now, Granger?" Hermione snorted irately.

"I think Ron's onto something…why aren't you helping you dear old dad down in the dungeons?" Hermione asked, her eyes narrowing as well. Draco just shrugged nonchalantly and pulled Elian closer to his side, which caught Harry's attention.

"Okay, could you please stop pawing my sister, Draco? I would really appreciate it if you would…" Harry said, his voice slightly higher than normal. Draco raised his eyebrow and removed his arm from Elian's waist.

"Harry, make a move. We can't just stand here." Ginny said, laying her hand gently on Harry's shoulder, he nodded in agreement. "So, what are we going to do?"

"I say we head to Gryffindor Tower…" Elian interjected, the four other Gryffindors look at her in shock. "What? What's wrong with that idea?" she asked, Draco cleared his throat.

"It might have something to do with that fact that I, myself, am not a Gryffindor, but a Slytherin… so that would make me the enemy, am I correct?" Draco supplied, Ron and Hermione nodded quickly in agreement.

"Yes! There is no way we can allow a Slytherin into the tower, Elian! Especially if that Slytherin is Draco Malfoy!" Hermione yelled, waving her arms in the air for emphasis, Elian giggled glancing over at Harry, who was shaking with silent laughter.

"Hermione, I think we can trust Draco." Harry said, his voice shaking with laughter as well. Ron raised his eyebrows, while Hermione rushed over to Harry and placed her hand on his forehead. "Hermione! What are you doing?!"

"Seeing if you have a fever! Because you must be deathly ill to suggest we can trust Malfoy!" She yelled as the door of the Great Hall slowly started to open. "Great! Now we're all going to die!" Draco shook his head and once again wrapped his arms around Elian's waist, pulling her close.

"Yes, and if we do… we can blame it on you, Granger." Hermione glared hatefully at Draco, causing him to shift his weight nervously. The doors finally opened to reveal the headmistress, Hagrid, Snape and Sirius. Relieved expressions flickered across the six teen's faces.

"Malfoy? What are you doing here?" Snape and Hagrid asked, both shocked and confused. Draco smirked slightly and shrugged.

"Are the six of you alright?" McGonagall asked looking at the teens, concern in her eyes. Harry nodded and the four adults sighed in relief.

"Dad!" Elian exclaimed as she ran from Draco's arms into those of her father. "Are you okay?" she asked, Sirius nodded, a slight smirk appearing on his lips.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What about you? Did Lucius do anything…?" Sirius replied, running his eyes over his daughter, who smiled brightly and shook her head. "Are you sure?" he asked, Elian nodded.

"Yeah. Draco and Harry took care of me." Draco smirked and walked up behind Elian, gently slipping his arms around her shoulders. "Draco, not now…" she hissed, glancing nervously at her brother, who was now standing next to Sirius.

"Okay, I suggest that we get the kids to the dorms…" Hagrid said, McGonagall and Snape nodded in agreement.

"Alright, follow me, Mr. Malfoy." Snape said signaling for him to follow, Draco shook his head and remained rooted to his spot behind Elian. "I said, follow me, Mr. Malfoy…" Snape's eyes narrowed when Draco shook his head again.

"Mr. Malfoy…you cannot enter the Gryffindor dormitories. It is forbidden." McGonagall said, her voice soft and kind. Draco closed his eyes and sighed.

"Well, I am not leaving Elian. Where she goes I go, that's just how it is. So, deal with it, Headmistress." Draco said, the four adults looked at him in shock, Sirius smirking slightly. "So, where are we going to go, love?" he asked looking down at Elian, who was smiling slightly.

"Like I said, the Room of Requirements…" Harry supplied, Snape glared at Harry, while McGonagall, Hagrid and Sirius nod in agreement.

"Excellent idea, Mr. Potter." The headmistress said, smiling slightly. "Well, there is no time like the present!" With that the ten of them walked out of the Great Hall and began to make the way through the corridors to the Room of Requirements.

Along the way, the group encountered Peeves, who dropped numerous vials of ink, random potions and perfume on their heads.

"Damn you, Peeves!" Draco and Harry yelled simultaneously, Peeves just stuck his tongue out at them and went on his way. "Stupid blighter." Draco and Harry muttered, again simultaneously.

"Okay…" Elian commented, raising her eyebrow at the two of them. "Are you two linked now?" Harry and Draco quickly shook their heads. "Well, stop talking together…it's weird…" Sirius tried to stifle a bark of laughter, and succeeded, but barely.

The headmistress cleared her throat, and signaled to the corridor wall. "We have arrived…" she said, Harry's face lit up slightly as he closed his eyes and started to pace in front of the wall.

'We need a safe place to plan our next move…' Harry thought over and over, until a doorway finally appeared in front of them, the door was slightly ajar. "Huh…" Harry said as he slowly placed his hand on the doorknob. "Wonder why…-?" Harry was interrupted by a loud, unearthly screech and something flew out of the now open door.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Ron asked as he released the breath that he had been holding. A knowing look crossed Elian's features; she glanced at Sirius before taking a step forward.

"What do you think it was, Ron?" she asked, now standing in front of the door. Ron shrugged and looked at Hermione, who looked just as confused as the rest of the group, excluding of course the four adults.

"Um, I don't know." Ron replied Elian nodded.

"I figured as much." She sighed, shaking her head. "Professor that was a Banshee, correct?" Elian asked McGonagall, who nodded.

"You do know what a Banshee is, Ronald?"

Ron flushed and nodded quickly. "Yes." he whispered. Elian smirked and nodded satisfied. "So are we just going to stand in this corridor?" Snape cleared his throat.

"Yes, Severus?" McGonagall asked, addressing the former Potions Master. Snape closed his eyes and turned towards Elian.

"Miss Marshall." He said Elian's smirked disappeared as Snape opened his cold, emotionless black eyes.

"Please call me Miss Black." Snape nodded.

"Miss Black, how could you tell that was a Banshee?" Snape asked. "It flew by and disappeared too quickly to have caught a glimpse of it." Elian smiled and nodded in agreement.

"That is true, sir." Elian started, glaring slightly up at him. "But, I could tell by the pitch of its shriek and it's very faint scent that it was indeed a Banshee." Snape nodded approvingly and looked at Sirius.

"At least you did something right with your life, Black." Snape commented, causing Sirius to glare heatedly at him.

"Thank you. But, pray tell, Snivellus, what have you done with your life? Oh, I almost forgot, your precious Dark Arts!" Sirius replied just as heatedly as his glare. Elian looked at her brother for an explanation, but Harry just shrugged and walked past Elian into the Room of Requirements.

"Gentlemen, this is neither the time nor the place for these petty childhood arguments." McGonagall stated calmly as she too walked through the doorway. Ron cleared his throat and grabbed both his sister's and Hermione's wrists and pulled them after him as he rushed after McGonagall.

"Well, I think I'll go in now, as well." Draco said as he glanced at Elian and motioned for her to follow.

"Yeah." Sirius winked at his daughter before turning back to Snape. "Don't stay out here t0o long. That Banshee might decide to come back." Snape and Sirius nodded simultaneously.

"Of course, dear." Sirius called after her. "Just let Daddy take care of something first." he continued only loud enough for Snape to hear him.

"Did Potter know you shagged his wife during their separation?" Snape whispered venomously. Sirius closed his eyes sadly and shook his head. "Oh, so he didn't know you betrayed him? That is interesting, very interesting indeed."

"If you know what's good for you, Severus… you'll shut you mouth right now." Sirius growled, his eyes flying open ablaze with anger.

"Dad! Come on, get in here." Elian looked out the doorway and looked at her father with pleading eyes. "Please, Daddy?" Elian called, causing Sirius to groan softly, while Snape smirked widely.

"Coming." Sirius called back. Elian grinned and disappeared into the room again. Snape smiled and followed as Sirius turned and walked into the room. "Close the door, would you, Snape?" Snape nodded and slowly closed the door behind him.

"So, what's the plan?" Draco asked, looking at Harry, who had a semi vacant expression. "Hello, Potter! Wake up, you wanker!" Harry's head snapped up and he glared at Draco.

"Why are you here again?" Harry asked, Draco sighed and looked sideways at Elian.

"Do we really have to go through this whole not trusting me thing again?" Ron nodded. Elian sighed and looked back at Sirius for support.

"Haven't you two learned that Draco actually can be trusted? I thought I made that obvious last night." Sirius said exasperatedly. Harry and Ron shook their heads stubbornly.

"And here you were doing so well…" Elian said, glaring at the two boys. Draco chuckled softly, earning him glares from Harry and Ron. "Oh come off it you, wankers!"

"Watch your mouth, young lady!" Sirius yelled from behind Elian and Draco. Elian looked at him hopelessly.

"Not you, too." She sighed and shook her head. "I swear the Potter-Weasley effect is spreading like wildfire." Draco snickered and glanced back at Sirius.

Harry raised his eyebrows inquisitively. "Potter-Weasley effect?" He questioned. Elian nodded. "What the bloody hell is that?"

Snape looked from Harry to Elian seemingly interested while Hagrid and McGonagall tried to hide their amusement.

"Potter-Weasley effect: signs of Potter-Weasley effect stand as follows. One: Overly suspicious and unwillingness to trust. Two: Pulling others into a shared stupidity. Sorry, Dad. Three: Looking like either Harry James Potter or Ronald Billius Weasley." Ginny, Hermione and Draco started laughing riotously, while the four adults stood, shaking with laughter.

"Oh, dear me!" Hagrid exclaimed. "She sure inherited your wit, Sirius!" Sirius nodded in agreement and glanced over at Elian

"So, what are we going to do? Surely we're not just going to stand here humiliating Potter and Weasley. As amusing as that may be." Snape commented, glaring at the group as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Severus, if you do not wish to be here. By all means you are free to leave." McGonagall replied, returning Snape's glare. Snape sighed heavily and shook his head.

"No, I will remain here. Seeing as most of the present company is incapable of defending themselves." Snape threw a glance towards Sirius, who was now standing next to Elian and Draco, deep in conversation.

"What exactly does that mean, Snape?" Hagrid asked, taking a small, (By half giant standards), step towards Snape.

"Rubeus, really! Not everything I say has a hidden meaning!" Snape yelled in response. McGonagall shook her head and sighed heavily.

"You are argumentative today, Severus." she commented. Severus nodded slightly.

"You would be as well, Minerva. If you were surrounded by all these bloody Gryffindors!" McGonagall looked taken aback. "And not to mention, they all think I am a ruddy murderer!" Draco looked over at his former head of house and started laughing.

"Draco?" Elian asked. Draco held up his hand and shook his head.

"Snape, I resent the fact that you have called me a bloody Gryffindor!" Draco called over to him. Snape turned towards Draco, a shocked look on his face. "I am a Slytherin, never forget that." Snape still looked shocked.

"You're not serious? Here I thought you were a Gryffindor!" Elian exclaimed. "Daddy, he tricked me!" she turned to her father and quickly buried her head in his chest. Draco took a step backwards and looked At Elian in confusion.

"Women are mental, Draco. You need to learn that." Sirius whispered to him. Draco nodded, still staring at Elian, who suddenly turned to Draco and sprung at him.

"Sodding hell!" He exclaimed as they tumbled to the floor. Elian smiled own at him mischievously. "Your dad's right; women are mental." Draco shook his head and pushed Elian off of him.

Outside the door another unearthly screech sounded, shocking the group inside. Snape looked back at the door and glared at it. "Told you it might decide to come back." Elian muttered. Sirius nodded and pulled his daughter and Draco to their feet.

"So, what are we gonna do? Just wait here and plot?" Ron asked, looking over at Harry, who was currently kissing Ginny. "Merlin! Now is not the time for that!" Rom whipped out his wand. "Stop that! Break it up!" Ginny and Harry were pushed apart like the opposite sides of magnets.

"Ron!" Ginny cried, causing Hermione and Elian to start laughing. "Guys!" she yelled at them. Harry shook his head and walked over to Ron, who was now standing by a very disgusted looking Draco.

"Honestly, Potter. Couldn't you have found a better time and place for that?" Draco asked. Harry shrugged and glared at Ron. "Well, no matter. Weasley's right." Draco gasped and leaned against the sofa behind him. "Merlin's Beard. I never thought I would ever say that… Weasley's right." Ron glared at Draco and shook his head.

"Harry, what is your brilliant plan this time?" he asked, looking back at Harry.

"Mione!" Ginny yelled as she slapped her friend playfully on her shoulder. The three boys looked at each other in confusion and shrugged.

"Well, as soon as that damned Banshee leaves again… I'm making a run down to the Slytherin Common Room." Draco interjected as the Banshee shrieked loudly. Harry and Ron looked at him shocked.

"Are you daft?" Ron asked him, shaking his head. Harry nodded in agreement. "If you go out there, Elian will follow you and then all hell will break loose." Draco shook his head.

"No, because no one's going to tell her. Besides why do you care what I do?" Draco replied. Ron shrugged. "Anyway, I have to get Blaise. He'd do the same for me." Harry looked impressed.

"And you say you're not a Gryffindor." Draco glared at Harry and started towards the door. "What will I tell her?" Draco shrugged.

"You're Harry Sodding Potter. I'm sure you can figure something out." With that Draco slipped out the door, closed it and began to make his way down to the Slytherin Common Room.

"He's mental." Ron commented. Harry nodded in agreement.

"Yes, but he's a Slytherin." Harry said. Ron nodded slightly and walked over to Sirius, leaving Harry to unconsciously worry about said Slytherin.

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