List of Things I Have Never Done

The Deal

"Fred! George! Will you pay attention?" Angelina snapped at the twins one night when the entire Gryffindor Quidditch team, and Skylar, were sitting around a table in comfy armchairs in the Gryffindor common room. The team talking over Angelina's intense tactics and Skylar was reading A History of Magic. She looked up from her book to see Fred grinning and George, who had turned into a canary.

Skylar rolled her eyes and continued to read her book as Angelina shouted at the twins and Harry, Katie and Alicia all roared with laughter.

"Not even a smile from Skylar I see," said George, whose feathers were beginning to moult.

Without looking up from her book, Skylar said vaguely, "Interesting use of Transfiguration."

"Yes, yes, it's all very ingenious," said Angelina impatiently, "but can we get back to tactics!"

"You're beginning to sound a lot like Oliver," muttered George and Angelina's nostrils flared angrily, "or worse my mother."

"George Weasley if you don't listen to me this very second, I will kick you off the team and Skylar can take your place!"

"You wouldn't–" said George, his brown eyes wide.

"Oh yes I would!" challenged Angelina.

"She wouldn't," Skylar said airily, turning a page of her book, "I've never rode a broom before and wanting me on the Quidditch team is something that she would never think–"

"Wait, hold up," said Fred, sharing a painful look like George.

"For the love of Merlin," muttered Angelina.

"You've never–" said George.

"–rode a broom?" said Fred and Skylar shook her head as Fred, George and Harry all looked at her as if she had just deeply offended them.

"Sorry," she muttered, immersing herself in her book as Angelina stirred the conversation back to tactics.

Skylar was only half listening as Angelina droned on and on about diversionary tactics, the words went in through one ear and out the other as she read a page on witch burnings.

"Fred!" Angelina suddenly bellowed and Skylar jumped in her seat. She looked up, expecting to see one of the twins as a large canary, but instead Skylar saw Fred levitating a small black cat– wait that was Wilfred! Skylar's cat!

"Fred!" Skylar jumped to her feet as Fred used his wand bring to Wilfred to his lap.

"Winnie is adorable," Fred cooed as Wilfred purred and rolled about happily on Fred's lap. Skylar stared from her cat to Fred, since when did Wilfred like him? She didn't know whether to feel confused or betrayed by her cat. "I gave him a nickname, Sky, hope you don't mind,"

"I give up!" Angelina surrendered, throwing her arms up into the air and upsetting several parchments with drawings of Quidditch pitches on.

"Since when were you and my cat all chummy?" Skylar asked Fred as Angelina stormed off, followed by Katie Bell and Alicia, and Harry and Ron moved away to join their friend, Hermione Granger who was busying studying beside the fire.

"We've always been good friends with good 'old Winnie over here," said George, starching Wilfred behind the ears so that he purred more loudly and closed his stunning blue eyes.

"I find that incredibly hard to believe," Skylar muttered as somebody tapped her shoulder.

"Hey Sky!"

It was her young brother, Lewis. Lewis looked nothing liked Skylar; well that was what she thought. They shared the same brown, curly hair that they had both inherited from their father and they had the same freckles splashed over their nose. His eyes however weren't a deep blue like hers; Lewis' were a golden hazel. Also, unlike Skylar, she thought that Lewis belonged in Gryffindor. He was everything a real Gryffindor should be, bold, daring and brave, as he wasn't afraid to let down their parents, in fact he did it regularly and with gusto.

"What is it Lewis?" Skylar asked, her eyes tearing away from her cat, whom now curling up on Fred's lap, to her brother. Skylar had never really gotten on well with Lewis, for his age he had always been brutally cynical.

"Can you do my Divination homework for me?"

"Lewis, I've never done Divination," Skylar told him and Lewis groaned. "Besides, you should do your own homework."

"You did that Slytherin's homework yesterday!" Lewis added and Skylar's face flushed. She didn't exactly have a choice to do Lisette's Potions homework yesterday as Lisette had threatened to report to Umbridge on what Angelina, Alicia and the twins had done to Malcom. So her, being the coward she was, gave in and spent most of her evening writing about Polyjuice Potions.

"I'm sorry but that's none of your business Lewis," she said in a small voice, "just make something up and make it dramatic, Professor Trelawney will love it."

Lewis sent her a resentful look before he walked towards the boys' dormitories.

"What do you mean you were doing a Slytherin's homework yesterday?" George asked.

"I-I-erm," she faltered slightly under the twins gaze. "I just did Lisette's homework–"

"What? Why would you do that?" George asked her, looking at her with a suspicious look on his face.

"I-I did it so that you wouldn't get into trouble," Skylar replied shortly and got to her feet. "She was going to report you to Umbridge and I didn't want you to get into trouble because of me,"

Fred and George stared at one another before they broke into fits of loud, raucous laughter. Skylar frowned at them before she grabbed her bag and her History of Magic textbook, stole one last glance at Wilfred who was showing no signs of moving from Fred's lap, and walked towards the girl's dormitories.

"Cry Baby!"

The torments followed her all day. It seemed as though the Slytherins had somehow managed to spread around the entire castle that Skylar had cried the other day when Malcom Grimstone had stolen her Arithmancy book. Nearly every Slytherin she passed had called her that name when she passed. By her last lesson, Defence Against the Dark Arts, she was on the verge of tears again.

Her eyes swam with tears as she stared determinedly at her copy of Defensive Magical Theory, re-reading the first page of chapter seven at least ten times. Her hair hung over her face so that Angelina would not see the tears in her eyes.

"Cry Baby," Lisette giggled from behind her and Skylar's face flushed deeply.

"Now," said Professor Umbridge's simpering voice, "Please pack up your books and I'll see you next lesson."

"Bye Professor Umbridge," the class droned as they hastily packed their books and left the classroom as the bell rang.

Skylar left the classroom alongside Angelina and Alicia, who were talking angrily about Umbridge's Ministry-approved curriculum, which Skylar would have normally joined in, but as the whispers of 'Cry Baby' reached her ears, she remained silent and walked quietly.


She turned to see Fred and George running up along the corridor towards her and she hastily wiped her eyes.

"What are you two planning?" Angelina asked suspiciously when Fred and George had reached them.

"Nothing," George said, grabbing one of Skylar's arms as Fred grabbed the other.

"Yeah Angie–" Angelina scowled at Fred, "–We just want to talk to Sky."

Angelina looked as though she wanted to say something, but Skylar intervened, "its fine Angelina, I'll see you at dinner."

Fred and George marched, with their arms still linked around Skylar's, all the way up to Gryffindor tower. "Mimbulus mimbletonia," said George and the Fat Lady swung open to reveal the portrait hole, which Fred and George pushed Skylar through.

"You two aren't planning to use me as a test subject for any Skiving Snackboxes are you?" she asked them, sitting down on the loveseat in front of the fire, Fred and George sitting either side of her.

"No," said Fred.

"Though if you're interested our Fainting Fancies need more market research–" said George.

"I'd rather not," said Skylar, "what do you two want exactly?"

"Well," said Fred, "we have noticed that, to put it most simply, you appear to be a victim of bullying."

"What?" Skylar's face turned the brightest shade of red and she looked from Fred, to George and back, "I-I'm not! I-I-I can deal with it!"

"Really?" said George, not at all convinced. "because, unless my eyes deceive me, I could see you holding back tears in last lesson and I don't think it was because of Umbridge's Ministry-approved curriculum."

Skylar shifted in her seat under their gaze and stared down at her hands and sighed. "You're not going to call me Cry Baby are you?" She whispered, her eyes focused on the dancing flames.

"No," Fred shook his head. "But we think we have found a solution to your problems with the slimy Slytherins!"

"And that would be?" She asked skeptically, looking at Fred, her eyebrows raised.

"Loosen up a little!" exclaimed George and Skylar jumped, now looking at George instead of Fred. She looked at him, a disbelieving look on her face, and he continued. "Well, we think that the Slytherins only pick on you because they know that whatever they do, you won't hex them, or jinx them or curse them, like they know Angelina would do,"

"I just don't want to get into trouble," Skylar admitted quietly, "If I was kicked out of Hogwarts for cursing someone because they called me a name–"

"We've blown up toilet seats, put cat litter in McGonagall's office, stolen plenty of things from Flitch's office and let me assure you we are at no risk of being kicked out," said George encouragingly and Skylar snorted in disbelief that the Weasley twins were in no risk of being kicked out of school. "The worst you would get for that is probably a cold look from our loving Head of House."

"But she likes me!" exclaimed Skylar. "And she's writing my reference and if I ever want to get a job then I wouldn't want them to know that I hexed somebody because they called me Cry Baby,"

"We're going off at a bit of a tangent," said Fred, "but you won't get into a lot of trouble for standing up for yourself, and anyway it is good for you. You can't go around your entire life letting people knock you down."

Skylar dropped her gaze from Fred's face and looked at her hands. She hated to admit it, but Fred Weasley was right. Did she even imagine for one moment that as soon as she left school that there would be no more people who could bully her, humiliate her, that they would all just disappear? That people would magically become nicer?

"What exactly do you mean by 'loosen up' then?" She asked and the twins grinned at each other as Wilfred came out of nowhere and jumped onto Skylar's lap and snuggled against her arm.

"Well, first thing's first," said Fred, clapping his hands together as George produced parchment, ink and a quill from his bag. "Write down ten things you have never done before."

"This is silly," said Skylar, looking down at the piece of parchment that George had shoved into her hands as she starched Wilfred's ear.

"It will make you feel better," said Fred, "and we won't laugh at you!"

"We already know that you have never ridden a broom before so, I'll write that one down first…" George began to write and Skylar could see the words upside down.

List of Things I Have Never Done.

1. Rode a broom

"What else have you never done before?" asked Fred, looking at Skylar thoughtfully.

"Well – erm," she didn't exactly want to tell that she had never been kissed, they would probably embarrass her, or that she had never in fact even had a boyfriend in her whole seventeen years of being alive.

"Have you ever had a detention before?" asked George and Skylar shook her head slowly and George's hand scribbled away on the piece of parchment.

2. Received a detention.

"This isn't making me feel better," said Skylar but Fred hushed her.

"Have you ever drunk any alcoholic beverages?" Skylar shook her head, "Not even Butterbeer?" and she shook her head again.

3. Got drunk.

"I've never bad mouthed anyone to their face," said Skylar.

4. Said anything bad about someone directly to their face.

"Have you ever said a bad word?" asked Fred, who looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying this interrogation. This time however, Skylar did nod and both Fred and George gasped. "Scandalous."

5. Lost my temper.

6. Handed my homework late.

7. Missed a lesson.

"Let's dig a little deeper," said George, "have you… ever had a serious boyfriend?"

At this, Wilfred gave a soft 'meow'.

"What?" she spluttered, her cheeks flushing again, "Y-Yeah of course I have!" By the look from Fred and George's faces however, they did not believe her. She sighed. "No I've never even had a boyfriend,"

Wilfred meowed again.

"Really?" said Fred. "Have you ever… kissed somebody?" The flush on Skylar's cheeks was enough of a giveaway, but instead of falling into uncontrollable laughter like she was expecting, they let out a loud 'aw!'.

"That's so cute and innocent!" said George, looking at his brother gleefully.

"Our favourite kind of person! The innocent!"

"So easy to corrupt–"

"Please don't tell anyone," she pleaded, her eyes as round as Galleons. "I don't want to be given another nickname!"

"We won't tell anybody," said George, suddenly serious, "I mean, we're doing this list to help you… so I wager that you've never had a sexual experience before either?"

At this, Skylar seemed to choke on thin air. She gasped and looked at George as though he had struck her.

"She is so innocent it's adorable!" Fred said, squeezing her rosy cheeks between his hands, "Sexless Skylar–"

"Fred!" She exclaimed, slapping a hand over his mouth and staring widely about the Gryffindor common room, although they were completely alone as everyone else was at dinner. She removed her head and looked back down at the list to see the three other numbers that George had written down.

8. Had a boyfriend.

9. Kissed a boy.

10. Had sex.

"So…" she said, embarrassed, "how does this list help me loosen up exactly?"

"Isn't it obvious?" said George, banishing the list in her face, "we're going to help you tick off each and every single one of these points by the end of the school year!" He said simply.

Wilfred stretched on Skylar's lap and jumped off.

Skylar's eyes widened. She stared at George for a moment before back at the list and thinking about how each and every single one of these points could have catastrophic effects.

For starters, number one was obvious, she could fall two hundred feet from the air and break a bone, or worse die. Number two, she couldn't face the disappoint from her parents for being so irresponsible and even the disappointment of Professor McGonagall, who Skylar tried so hard to impress. Number three, well that was also obvious, she could get so drunk that she ended up hurting herself or doing something ridiculous like change her name to Peaches Poodlepuddles or something stupid. Number four, not only could she really hurt somebody's feelings but it would get Skylar too into trouble, they could tell a teacher or even hit her with a spell or even worse, actually hit her! Number five, she could too really hurt someone by losing her temper, she could say things she didn't mean or break something that was priceless. Number six, it could affect her reference and interfere with her revision timetable and add her to stress. Number seven, she couldn't miss a lesson! What if something important came up that was going to be in her exams? She wouldn't dream of missing a single lesson, whatever the circumstances.

And finally there was number eight, nine and ten. Number eight for starters, wasn't exactly going to be a walk in the park. Boyfriends were hard work, she knew this from the amount of times that Angelina, Alicia and Katie had vented to her about how confusing, aggravating and how impossible boys are. And there was also the fact that boyfriends took away time and focus from schoolwork. Number nine was just a case of her nerves; what if she did it wrong and the poor guy hated her or told everyone at school about how much of a bad kisser she was and then suddenly she had a new nickname like – Salvia Girl – or something. And number ten, terrified her the most. Sex to her seemed to terrify her, there was the issue that first time, it was inevitably going to hurt, but also to trust somebody so much to see you completely naked and vulnerable scared her almost as much as letting her parents down did. And what if, like number nine, she was bad at it or did something embarrassing like accidently hit the guy or something. And what if she had sex with the wrong guy and it turned out to be the worst decision of her life?

"I… I… I don't really about this guys," she said, biting her bottom lip softly with her teeth as she looked from the list to back up at them. "I mean the last three are a bit…"

"Personal?" said George. "We realise that asking you to lose your virginity by the end of the year is an insult to a girl who respects herself, but that one we will worry about after we have ticked off all the others."

"Can't we change the last one to something else?" she asked, feeling embarrassed.

"Yeah," said George brightly. "Let's see…" he said, looking around the common room for inspiration.

"Have you…" Fred hummed as he thought for a moment or two, before saying, "How about… have you ever been out past curfew?" Phoenix shook her head and George scribbled out the previous number ten and replaced it with the new one:

10. Had sex. – wait starch that – Been out after curfew.

Skylar gulped, looking back down at the completed list, "But what if I do something stupid when I'm drunk?" she squeaked. "Or if I'm bad at kissing or something?"

"You won't be bad a kissing," said Fred.

"Yeah," said George brightly. "We'll teach you how to snog. Lee would probably be happy to give you a snog and Fred and I are happy for you to use our services."

"Lee would be happy to kiss anything," said Skylar. "Even a Blast-Ended Skrewt." Fred and George both roared with laughter at this and Skylar managed to smile and join in their laughter.

"See, that is the girl we aim for you to be," said Fred fondly.

"More carefree," said George.

"And what is in it for me?" said Skylar.

"Well, getting the Slytherins off your back for one," said Fred.

"I feel like this is more for your entertainment though," she said uncertainly, "like you're just doing to so I can make a fool of myself…"

"We may be pranksters my dear Skylar," said George, "but we would never prank a fellow Gryffindor."

"Unless it's one of our family members," said Fred.

"Okay," she sighed and Fred and George beamed at her, "I'll do this ruddy list then."

"That's the ticket!" said George, "now let's all shake on it."

They all shook hands over the list, which George had tapped with his wand to make the word invisible to anybody but them, he rolled it up and stuffed it into the bottom of his bag. And together, the three of them made their way to the Great Hall for dinner.

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