Treasure of a Name


The Varia come upon something intriguing when they raid one of Estraneo's labs. Once they've taken it back to headquarters they begin to question if it was a good idea or not.

Mystery / Action
Age Rating:

Waking and Dreaming

Chapter One

Waking and Dreaming





He wasn't really sure what was going on at the moment, but he knew that something wasn't right. His body felt weightless at the moment but also in incredible pain. He clenched his already closed eyes shut as he tried to ignore the several things sticking his body or how there was something attached to his face over his mouth and nose and something covering his eyes.

He could breathe though, that was the upside to his situation, even if it was small. He knew that he was in water and that there were sounds all around him, but he couldn't tell where he was or if there was anyone around him.

He twitched his fingers and toes, realizing that they could move a little, but not much. His arms and legs were free of restraints but they were useless. He was unable to move at all and he knew that he was most likely supposed to be asleep.

There was a loud shriek suddenly that made his head ache. He wasn't sure what happened next, only that something filled the thing over his mouth and nose and the next thing he knew, he was drifting off to sleep again.


"Oh there's my baby." He blinked and looked up at his mother, the woman with the light brown hair that fell to her shoulders and her loving brown eyes. She smiled at him as she bent down and picked him up from where he had sat playing with a blue ball he had gotten from his daddy months ago. "It's time to get something to eat, come, let's go." She said as she carried him inside.

He could only smile at the smell of all the food that his mommy had made for the two of them to eat. It looked delicious as was the usual. He was sat down in his high chair that was sat on a normal chair so he could reach his plate on the table. Once Mommy had filled his plate he began to eat, enjoying the taste of the food on his plate. "Oh my baby, you've cleaned your plate! I'm so proud of you!" Mommy exclaimed once both had finished eating.

He smiled at her and swung his arms up. "Ball?" He asked as he was sat back on the ground once his face was cleaned.

Mommy smiled at him and nodded her head. "Stay in the yard alright, mommy doesn't want you to be taken away, okay?" She asked and moved to clean the dishes.

He smiled again and nodded his head and went running off towards where he left the blue ball and sat down, bouncing it gently so he could keep control. He smiled as it bounced like he wanted it to. He was startled though when the gate to the front swung open and he looked towards it.

He beamed as he realized who it was and ran towards the man with his ball in his hands. "Daddy!" He screamed like any child would when he saw their father for the first time in months.

"Oh, look at my adorable son! How is my little man doing?" He asked as he grabbed the boy and threw him up into the air. He screamed in fright. He hated heights but his daddy never seemed to get that until he had resorted to clutching his daddy to keep from being tossed.

"Is this your son?" He blinked in surprised at the sound of another male and looked over his daddy's shoulder to see an older man with grayed hair and a mustache, he wore an orange Hawaiian shirt with green palm trees and brown khaki shorts.

His daddy ran a hand through his blonde hair while he shifted him into one of his arms, his blue eyes shining with pride. "He is! Isn't he just the cutest most adorable boy ever!" His daddy exclaimed as he gripped him underneath his armpits and held him out towards the older man with a smile on his face.

He stared at the older man for several seconds before he felt his eyes begin to tear up and his fear beginning to tear through his mind. He didn't know this man and he didn't like the fact that his daddy was holding him out towards him like some kind of prized animal. He began to bawl but stopped as a finger appeared in front of him that seemed to dance with energy. He knew that there was nothing there but it looked like it was.

The old man brought his hand back towards a cane with a smile as he motioned for his Daddy to pull him back and lead him into the house. All he could think about though was that strange energy that was there but really wasn't.

It was about when they entered the house that he noticed another person with them. It was a boy, older than he was for sure. He had black raven hair and was incredibly tan, tanner than anyone he had once seen before. He wore a white t-shirt with a jean jacket and black jeans. Black boots adorned his feet and he wore a terrible scowl on his face, crimson eyes glaring at his daddy and the old man.

It was only moments later that the teen looked at him with a scowl before it turned into a smirk. "Boo." Was all the teen needed to say for him to burst into tears again while his Mommy greeted his Daddy and the guests.


He gasped in fear as his eyes burst open. He blinked several times, trying to get rid of the blurriness in his eyes. It was several minutes that he realized that the blurriness wasn't going to go away. He looked around himself as he looked at the tube that held him, filled with orange water that glowed slightly for reasons he couldn't see at the moment. His limbs were incredibly heavy and they refused to move, even his fingers refused to move as he tried to get a hold of himself. He could remarkably move his head about as he looked around again, looking beyond the water and the glass tube the best he could.

It was blurred but he was sure that there were several computers and men outside of his tube. They were all working on something or talking with each other, pointing at once computer or at the clipboards in their hands. They all wore white coats and several of them had expressions on their faces that spoke of eagerness and excitement and something else that made him feel fear trickle down his spine.

He yawned suddenly, the sound catching the attention of several outside of his tube. More than three approached to see what was wrong, only to seem to panic as they realized that he was wide awake and staring at them in his own curiosity. He could hear muffle screeches and several people yelling out something, but he was unable to make out what they were saying.

He blinked in surprise as something seemed to enter his mouth and nose at the same time one of the doctors furiously typed on one of the computers. Something sweet smelling that made him incredibly tired and wanting to sleep. All he could do was close his eyes and drift off to sleep, unaware of the panic that he had caused.


It was cold.

That was the first thing he noticed when he appeared in what seemed like a dead forest. He frowned at that and walked forward, wondering if he could find someplace that was a little bit warmer and not so dead looking.

He was unsure of how long he walked for and he was beginning to tire of walking continuously without finding anything. The place was entirely dead and he was sure that there was nothing alive at all. So he stopped at a boulder that was sticking out of the ground and sat on that, pulling his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them and then setting his head on his knees.

He felt incredibly tired suddenly and he wasn't sure why. He just wanted to go to sleep again and let everything disappear into darkness. He sighed as he waited for sleep to take him.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

His eyebrow twitched as he realized that he wasn't going to be able to sleep after all. Something was keeping him awake but he did not know what it was.

"Kufufufu." He blinked in surprise at the laugh and lifted his head to look at who had laughed. No one was there. He looked to his right and his left. No one was there. He shrugged and thought that he probably imagined it and laid his head back onto his knees, intent on trying to sleep even if he couldn't.

"Kufufufu." There it was again. He looked up again and this time he saw someone. It was a boy. He wasn't sure how old he was but he looked scary in the blood drenched clothes and the eye patch over one of his eyes. He frowned at the other boy and buried his head into his knees to try and ignore him. "You aren't going to ignore me now, are you?" The voice was young obviously, but he didn't care. He didn't want to talk to the kid and he didn't really want to care about him either. "Kufufufu. That's just won't do; I want to know how you got here."

That was able to get his head up and stare at the boy from behind his knees. "I don't know." He stated softly and buried himself back into his knees once he had given his answer.

The boy obviously didn't like this answer as he heard the sound of footsteps heading towards him and his spot on the boulder. A hand roughly buried itself into his hair and yanked upwards so his face was exposed. "Kufufufu. Don't think I'm done with you just yet. I want to know how you got here since I'm supposed to be the only one able to." The boy said kindly, but he knew that that voice was sharpened with menace. It was at this point that something sharp poked at his neck and he began to panic.

'I want to leave.' He thought as he shut his eyes tightly and kept thinking that over and over again. Suddenly the grip on his hair and the feeling of having something against his throat disappeared and he fell into darkness. He smiled to himself as he realized that he was safe from the other boy.


Beeps. There were a lot of beeps and also the sound of muffled talking and footsteps. He groaned quietly as he opened his eyes, blinking several times to get rid of the blurriness in his eyes before he realized that the blurriness wasn't caused by anything in his eyes.

He was in orange water that seemed to glow and that it was held inside of a tube like container. He shook his head and rubbed at his head as he looked outside of the tube that held him and to where the annoying beeps were coming from.

Outside of the tube it looked like there were several computers and other things he wasn't sure what they were. There was only one other person who was in the room with him and she had long blonde hair and seemed to be singing softly to herself, or muttering something, or just talking to herself. Either her lips were moving but he was unable to determine what she was saying. She was writing on a clipboard though as she recorded something off of one the many machines. She finished writing and placed the pen behind an ear as she turned to head towards another machine near him.

It was only after he had placed a hand on the tube so he could lean against it and peer at her a bit closer that she finally noticed him. She gaped at him in stunned astonishment; unsure of why she was surprised that he was awake he waved at her and smiled. She quickly moved away from the tube and ran out of the room, leaving him confused about what was going on.

It seemed like forever when several men wearing white lab coats ran inside of the room and ran to one of the many computers and began tapping something on the computer at a rapid pace. He wasn't sure what was happening but he soon didn't care as something entered his mouth and nose, a sweet smelling something that made him close his eyes and drift away into darkness.


The teen looked at him with a scowl before it turned into a smirk. "Boo." Was all the teen needed to say for him to burst into tears again while his Mommy greeted his Daddy and the guests. Mommy was quick to take him from Daddy and shush him, trying to comfort him.

"That was unnecessary and mean." The old man said to the boy, but the boy just shrugged his shoulders as he walked into the entrance, taking off his shoes as he was instructed to due.

"I don't really care, kid shouldn't be staring anyways it's rude." He stated to the elder man as he finally calmed down and stopped crying. The old man just sighed and shook his head as he entered the house wearing a pair of the guest slippers that Mommy made sure to always have at the ready.

"So why has my dear husband brought you around this time Grandpa? Last time it was because he was in trouble." Mommy asked as she turned a raised eyebrow at Daddy and he giggled at the blush that covered Daddy's face.

Grandpa, as Mommy called him, chuckled at her and shook his head. "Nothing has happened and I insisted on coming to visit. I have yet had a chance to be formally introduced to your son and I had free time so I chose to come and do it now." Grandpa said as he turned his eyes onto him, making him squirm slightly and hide his face in Mommy's shoulder. Another chuckle from Grandpa as he felt something pat his head. "It seems that he's a shy one."

He was happy he was hiding because he would've had a matching face with Daddy if anyone had seen him at the moment. "Che, he seems like a wimp." That was boy that came along. He frowned at that and turned around to face the boy and easily stuck his tongue out at him in retaliation to the insult.

"Big meanie!" He proclaimed as he squirmed some more, signaling that he wanted to be put down. His Mommy obliged him and set him down and he turned towards the boy with his hands on his hips, getting chuckles from the adults that he ignored. "Be nicer and you'd make more friends!" He said sternly and turned and walked away from the stunned boy.

"My adorable son may have his fears, but he can be as brave as a lion when he wants." Daddy said from behind him, but he ignored the adults and instead went back outside and grabbed his blue ball and began to bounce it again. He smiled as it went up and down and up and down and up and down. He loved how it was able to do that since he couldn't. He'd fall down a lot but he never seemed to get back up as fast as his ball did.

It was only several minutes later that there was a growl coming from behind him, towards the gate from the entrance again. He froze and turned to look at where he heard the noise and then cried out in fear as something leapt at him suddenly. He landed on his butt and scrapped his hands harshly on the ground as he landed. Something growled at him still as he tried to stand up and something sunk into the soft skin of his upper right arm moments later.

He screamed in pain and it was this time that the thing was pulled off of him and the sound of cursing was heard. He was able to open his eyes and stare at the jean jacket through blurry eyes. He sniffled as he watched the boy from earlier throw a large Doberman over the fence roughly, making the dog yelp in pain as it landed on the other side. "Get the hell out of here you mutt!" The boy yelled as he turned back towards him and kneeled in front of him.

The boy scowled as he grabbed his arm gently and looked at the bloody mess of a bite, growling in his throat as he looked at it. He could only sniffle and cry softly though as the boy picked him up and took him over to his Daddy that was coming towards them now with worry etched on his face. Grandpa was right behind him with his own worry reflecting in his kind brown eyes.

"What happened?" Daddy asked as he took him into his arms and looked at his arm in horror.

"Damn dog got in somehow and attacked the kid." The boy said as he shoved his hands in his pockets, ignoring the fact that they had his red stuff on them. "I was too late to keep the kid from being bit."

He sniffled again as he rubbed at his face, trying to get control of the tears, but failing due to the pain in his arm, getting his red stuff all over his face since his hands were bleeding as well from his fall. "Sorry." He muttered as he buried his face into the crook of his Daddy's neck.

Daddy stiffened at his remark and brought one hand up to rub at his back. "Why are you sorry, it wasn't your fault you got hurt?" Daddy said with concern in his voice.

"I made big brother worry." Was all he answered as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, exhausted from the pain and all the crying he had done that day.


He blinked at the sunlight that was shining on him. He hid his face behind his arm as he tried to adjust to the bright light shining on him. He had to wait several minutes that consisted of the sounds of birds and a light breeze rustling the trees around.

He finally took his arm away from his face and looked around the area, taking in the area as he waited for something. He wasn't sure what he was waiting for but he knew that something was coming his way, he could feel it. It was powerful in its own way not to mention he felt anger and hatred oozing off of it as it moved towards him.

He felt terrified at whatever was approaching him, but he couldn't seem to make himself run away from it. So instead he climbed onto a boulder that faced a large lake and pulled his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around them and then laid his chin onto his knees, watching the water splash at the shore in front of him and waiting for whatever was coming towards him.

It didn't take him long to spot whatever it was that was that had been heading towards him. It started with an indigo mist seeping through the trees and then a teenager walked out from behind a tree holding a trident and two colored eyes, wearing a green jacket and pants and then a camouflaged shirt underneath while his hands were covered by black gloves. He gulped at the image the boy presented with the creepy smile on his face. "Kufufufu." The laugh was even worse. "Well it seems we meet again." The teenager stated as he walked forward, allowing him to see the teenager better.

He blinked at him before a single word left his mouth. "Pineapple." The Pineapple haired teenager froze a good ten feet from him as the Pineapple stared at him in surprise.

The pineapple boy shook his head as he finished walking over to him and pointed the trident at his throat. He was horrified at this but it didn't seem to register in his body or face for he just continued to sit there and stare at the teenager. "How did you get here? Who are you?" The Pineapple asked as he waited for an answer.

He stared at the teen as he tilted his head away from the trident, coincidently to the side and blinked at the teenager. He just shrugged his shoulders after a while and shook his head. He didn't particularly want to talk to the Pineapple anyways so he kept silent.

This only seemed to frustrate the Pineapple though and he stabbed the trident at him. He reacted on instinct and flipped backwards and landed on his feet behind the boulder, looking over it at the startled teen. "What was that for?" He asked with a pout, staying low behind the boulder but high enough to look at the Pineapple.

The pineapple blinked at him before smiling again and laughing. "Kufufufufufu….It seems that I am not alone in being an experiment, there must've been more than one base though." Pineapple stated as he lowered the Trident to stand at his side. "Do you not remember meeting me from before?"

He looked at him with his head tilted again and his brows furrowing as he tried to understand what the other was saying. He ended up shaking his head as he turned towards something else that had caught his attention. It was in the trees behind the Pineapple and it was glowing a bright orange. Apparently though the Pineapple had noticed it too for he had whipped around to see what it was as well.

"Kufufufu. Seems like we are not the only ones here." He said before he turned back towards him, but the Pineapple looked at him in shock as tiredness began to sweep over him. "Looks like you over stayed you're welcome." Pineapple said as he smiled at him and waved.

He smiled back at the Pineapple and waved groggily back. "Bye bye Pineapple." With that he fell back into the darkness.


It was hot, too hot from what he could tell. He was burning and he couldn't seem to make it stop no matter how much he moved away from the heat. He opened his eyes slightly as light burned what it could reach of his eyes. It was too bright and the heat was continuing. He wished it would stop but he wasn't sure if it would.

He felt like he was boiling alive but he also felt like something was tearing him apart at the same time. He groaned in pain as his body reacted to the pain around and inside of him. He moved his arms to wrap around himself and hold himself in a tight hug. He curled his legs up so he could bury his head into his legs the best he could while whatever was on his face stopped him slightly.

Yes something was indeed wrong as he fought to gain control of his body and fear.

It happened suddenly as he cried out in pain. The sound of smashing glass reached his ears and then suddenly he was hanging in the air, held by whatever was attached to his face and then pain resonated within his shoulders, arms, knees, and legs. Something ripped out of his shoulders first, then his legs, his knees next, and finally his arms felt as if something ripped out of them as well. Finally the thing attached to his face was ripped away as well and he was lowered to the ground.

He writhed in pain as he moaned in horror and pain, his limbs twitching uncontrollably as hands put him onto the ground and then covered him with something. Whatever it was it was soft and light and hardly irritated anything but the terrorizing pain in his limbs. He gasped as something was shoved over his face. It smelled sweet and his mind began to become muddled as the pain began to disappear.

Soon he was back in the darkness.


He was incredibly groggy when he woke up, his arm hurting from where the dog had bitten him, but otherwise okay. He blinked as he looked around the living room, realizing that his parents had put him on the couch, covered by his comforter from his bed. He was nice and warm and felt happily safe where he was.

The sounds of snores next to him were what told him he was safe. They belong to big brother, who had saved him from the dog earlier. He wasn't sure what time it was but he didn't care because Big Brother was sitting next to him with his hand in his hair while he slept. He couldn't feel safer at the moment.

He smiled again as he laid his head down and listened to the snores from big brother and the gentle conversation in the kitchen where he assumed his Mommy and Daddy were talking to Grandpa. He was happy that they were talking instead of worrying over him like his Daddy was liable to do when he was hurt. Even if it was a small scrape Daddy tended to baby him a lot. He normally didn't mind but sometimes it got to be annoying.

He sighed as he snuggled into big brother's side, whimpering slightly as his arm twinge in pain at the movement. The hand in his hair began to stroke softly and soothingly and he calmed down enough to close his eyes again as Big Brother began to murmur something about how he was fine and that the 'Damn dog wouldn't live if it even came near him.' He smiled at that and decided that he was definitely safe with his big brother, so he quickly fell asleep again, ignoring how Big Brother complained about not being a teddy bear.


He felt warm.

It wasn't a bad warm either. It was a good warm where his body was heavy with sleep but he could still feel it. He sighed in contentment as he rolled onto his side, hugging something soft to his body before he even attempted to even open his eyes.

When he did finally open his eyes, he was met with something white. He blinked at the pillow that he held in his hands before he looked over it towards the edge of the bed that he lay on. He blinked again as he looked around the beige room he was in, taking in the cherry would nightstand next to his bed and then the matching dresser across the room next to a vanity and the mirror. He frowned as he looked at three doors though, confused as to why there were three.

He was actually confused about where he was too. He didn't understand what was going on or what would happen next. It actually frightened him to think about what could possibly happen next, so he pushed that aside to think about later.

He instead sat the pillow aside as he sat up, his eyebrows furrowing as he realized another important thing. He was completely nude underneath the crimson covers. He frowned at that and looked towards the dresser where he was sure that clothes were located at.

So he took a deep breath and swung his legs over the edge of the bed before stepping onto the floor. He gasped in surprise though as his legs buckled underneath him. He groaned as he realized that his legs were asleep and that he would need to work feeling back into them. So painstakingly he began to rub his legs one at a time until the needle feeling appeared and he had to hold extremely still until the feeling wore off and he was able to stand properly after that.

He sighed as he reached the dresser and opened the first drawer, smiling at the articles inside. Boxers and briefs were both there and he wondered which one he should wear. He finally decided on the boxers since they looked more comfortable. He pulled a pair of bright orange boxers on that had red flames dancing at the bottom of them. From there he looked through the rest of the drawers, finding a white t-shirt to wear with a pair of gray sweatpants.

Once he was dressed and feeling a little less insecure he walked over towards one of the three doors in the room and opened it. It turned out to be a closet that had suits, jackets, shoes, and dress pants all hanging up inside. He closed the door and went towards the next door and opened that one.

It was a large bathroom that was mostly white with green walls. The toilet was the normal porcelain as was the sink and shower. The shower was big enough to fit at least two people in comfortably and he was looking forward to using that when he was done exploring.

He closed the bathroom and walked to the last door in the room and turned the knob. He frowned as it didn't open. He jiggled it and growled as he realized that it wasn't going to open easily. He didn't know what was on the other side of the door but he had a feeling that he needed to know so he gathered that heat that he had inside of him and pushed it into his hands like his programming directed him to do. The doorknob quickly disappeared and the door swung outwards into a hall that was fit for a king.

The floors were carpeted in red and the walls were a tan color lined in gold while the lights were old lanterns that were hooked up to electricity. He looked around the place, wondering where he was once again, but ignored that for the moment as he walked down the hallway, listening to his gut again as he took several turns and came to a stop outside double doors that were three times his size. He opened the door and came to a stop as chaos ensured.

Food was flying everywhere as screams and curses also resounded in the room. He was tempted to close the door and leave but stopped as something caught his eye. It was an orange flare that flew through the room, stopping the fighting instantly. It wasn't really controlled and the feelings in the flames were hatred and anger. He gulped at the feel of the power in it and felt his own power rise to meet the challenge if needed.

"Shut the fuck up trash!" A rough voice shouted and he knew that he should fear the wielder of that voice more than anyone else. "You fucks are too noisy. We have company." Everyone in the room instantly turned to look at him and he fidgeted under the heavy stares that he was receiving.

"VOOOOIIIIII! What the hell are you doing out of that damned room?!" A silver haired male yelled. His hair was passed his butt and he wore a black jacket over a blue shirt and dark pants with boots. It looked like he had a sword attached to his arms as well and was swinging it around like a mad man.

"Oh! Isn't he just a cutie! Can I keep him!? Can I?" It was another male with a Mohawk that was decorated in different colors. He wore shades and a black vest that had fur on the collar and red tight leather pants with metal knee plates on the outside and boots on his feet. His hands encased in black fingerless gloves.

"Boss! Should I take him back to his room?" A male with black hair that was spiked up asked, his lips twitching up into a smile at the chance of pleasing his boss. He was black and had a mustache on his upper lip, a black jacket that was zipped up all the way and black jeans and black boots. He had piercings in his ears and one lip and nose piercings as well.

"Shishishishishi…a new peasant to serve the prince! Quick servant, get me a glass of water." A blonde male…or was it a female…said as he waved his hand at him. He was wearing a black vest over a red and black striped shirt with black jeans and boots. The weird part about that one was the fact that he/she wore a tiara and that was what was confusing him about the gender of this person.

"Hmm, he doesn't look like he's worth anything." He blinked at the floating baby wearing a cloak and a frog sitting on his head. He could see some indigo triangle marks on his cheeks but that was all he could see of him, assuming that the baby was a him, and his face. The cloak covered everything about it leaving him to wonder what the baby was hiding.

The sound of a shot firing shut the whole bunch up instantly and he turned towards the man at the head of the table, a gun with an X on it held in his hand. The man was incredibly tanned and bulging with muscles. He wore a white dress shirt and a loose tie and a black jacket hanging from his shoulders. Black dress pants clothed his lower part and shining black boots encased his feet. What caught his attention though was the spiky raven hair with a raccoon charm and feathers hanging around his ear, crimson eyes that were staring at him along with scars that framed his face and most likely littered his body as well. "Shut the fuck up trash." He stated as the man continued to look at him.

He wasn't sure what was so familiar about the man in front of him, but he felt that he knew him somehow. So with more courage than he thought he would have thought he had he walked up to the male with determination and came to a stop to the side of where the man was sitting. The raven hair male watched him with narrowed eyes and his gun ready to fire if needed, but he didn't need them, he was sure of that.

He tilted his head as he looked the male over, trying to remember where he had seen him before, his brows furrowing in frustration. He could sense a feeling of calm wash over him as he stood next to the other, but he still couldn't figure out why. 'Maybe if I touch him.' He thought as he reached a hand out and touched the other's hand hesitantly. Nothing happened as he had hoped it would except for the male to glare at him heatedly.

He growled in his throat as he looked up to meet the other's eyes with confusion and anger. "How do I know you?" He asked as he watched the male carefully.

The man shrugged his shoulders as he looked at him carefully in return. "Hell if I should know Trash. What's your name?" He asked in return as he settled his finger onto the side of his gun instead of on the trigger.

He blinked at that as he tried to think about his name, his mind whirring as he thought. "Tell me yours first." He said as a way to buy time to answer the man's question.

The male growled in anger and he realized that by demanding the other's name first he had angered him. He could careless at the moment though as the other obliged. "Xanxus, leader of the Varia. Now tell me your name trash! I don't have all night to wait after all. I need to report to the old man about our mission." Xanxus said as he glared at him.

Something clicked in his head as he blinked at the older male and smiled at him. "Ah, that's how I know you." He stated as he stared at the group in the kitchen. "That makes the silver haired male Superbi Squalo, the one with the black hair Levi-a-Than, the blonde with the tiara Belphegor, the one with the Mohawk would be Lussuria, while the baby is Mammon the Arcobaleno of Mist." He recited as he looked at the Varia group.

"How do you know that?" Squalo yelled out as he ran towards him with his sword pointing at him. He easily dodged the attack and grabbed hold of Squalo's hand and flipped him so he was on his back with his foot on the swordsman's chest and his hand holding the arm with the sword upwards, immobilized.

He smiled at the silver haired male as he put pressure onto the male's chest to keep him down. "I know this because I was programmed to know the entire Mafia world's most known assassins." He stated calmly as he turned back to Xanxus with a confused look in his eyes. "But that doesn't explain how I feel so calm around you. How do you do that?" He asked of the leader of Varia.

Xanxus stared at him again and smirked. "Hell if I know trash." He exclaimed as he turned back towards his team. "But you're welcome to stay. Someone who can beat that trash under your foot could be interesting." He stated as he grabbed hold of a chicken leg and took a bite out of it. "Tell me your name Trash."

He blinked at the leader in astonishment, wondering if the man was out of his mind. Smart assassins normally killed unknowns that knew everything there was to know about them, not let them join them. He shook his head in confusion before he opened his mouth and spoke the only name he had programed into him.

"Project 27."

The silence in the room was deafening.


A.N. Okay. I kinda confused myself but just so you guys know, the ones of him in the tank are the ones when he was awake while the ones of him as a child and in the woods are dreams or visions or whatever you want to say. The ending here is real and he's awake. More will make sense later I promise, until then though, please review and tell me what you think.

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anoukhafkamp: I like the idea of this book, and i do think that if the writer would revisited the idea it would have a lot of potential. For now it feels a bit rushes and far fetched. But the idea is there! I enjoyed reading it

Alyshia Wheeler: This story from beginning to end has you on your toes. When the characters cried you cried when they laughed you laughed there is so much emotion in this story it is insane. I do have to say author you are a talented writer.Though the story is amazing it was rather repetitive in style. Main chara...

heathercoastal: I really liked it! Can't wait to read more of the adventures of Angelica and friends!

Maddy Swanston: Absolutely loved book 2 now for number 3.once again thank you. 🌺

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