Hell Bent


When Goku goes down to HFIL to stop Cell causing a Ruckus...he get's more of a surprise than he would ever have believed before.

Action / Mystery
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Meeting In Hell

Chapter One

Meeting in Hell

It all started three years ago. Three years ago a tragic event accord and it was due to one monster that had been created to destroy one man and one man alone. Even though that creature ignored all commands to kill that man and instead went to fight any strong opponent that met his standards.

Three years ago, a tournament was held to save the Earth from being destroyed. The creature called this Tournament the Cell games. A vicious tournament where anyone could enter and fight, where anyone could try and defeat the horrid creature that was Cell, the perfect fighter.

In this tournament, eight powerful warriors entered to face Cell. Though not all of them would fight Cell. One of the most powerful was called Son Goku, a man that had faced one powerful threat after another, only to be beaten in this tournament, knowing he'd be unable to defeat this monster.

In his place, Goku sent a young boy to fight, to destroy Cell once and for all, Goku sent in his son, Son Gohan. Gohan had been trained to fight since the age of five and was now age eight, young and naïve, though not innocent. He has had to kill people before, even if they were evil and aliens he didn't know, he was still too young to kill.

Now though, he has spent a better part of three years preparing to fight androids and now he has spent a good week to fight Cell. He was no longer holding onto any baby fat, his eyes hard and serious as he was pushed up into the arena to fight, to fight for the Earth and his family.

Gohan fought Cell with everything he could muster for the first ten minutes, until Cell became bored and attacked his friends with Mini-me replicas, all attacking his friends and causing Gohan to feel hate and anger flowing in his blood and soon enough, his power.

Gohan had found a power beyond all else and had released it, his once straight blonde hair now almost a white with lightning flowing all around him and his eyes dangerously blanked as he attacked Cell.

Though when Gohan had regained some control, he had stopped and Cell took that opportunity to try and blow up. Even someone even hit him, he would blow, so our elder savior, Goku, sacrificed his life and took Cell away to a different dimension to blow up.

Once everything registered, Gohan had fallen to the ground, stunned and sorrow overwhelming his senses. He had blinked though when a power signature jumped high in front of him. Cell was not gone and Goku's sacrifice was in vain.

With anger and sorrow flooding his senses, Gohan powered back up and was attacking ferociously, destroying Cell when their two blasts connected, overpowering the monster and sending his remains into the sun.

Now three years later, planet Earth is in a time of peace and prosperity, not since the attack of Bojack, no threat to Earth had appeared and the people on it lived in peace and prosperity.

Now if that was only true for all our hero's, this story would be utterly useless unless it was used to point out the obvious. Now for the real story to start, it all begins in a place called the Check in Station where our hero Goku has just been called to help solve a problem in HFIL, Hell For Infinite Losers.


Clouds were lined up in front of a giant desk, all waiting to be sent to their destinations, whether it be Heaven or Hell, could only be told by the giant sitting at the desk.

The giant wore a purple suit and a hat to match, a beard and mustache covered his face and his skin was a red color, outdoing several of his ogres in the room. His horns were short and controlled so as not to look too frightening, not that his size already didn't do that. Now, his name is King Yemma, the king of the dead. He was the one that ruled over the otherworld, making sure those in hell behaved and those in heaven made no trouble.

Now to see what he's doing in this great time of peace. "Hell, hell, heaven, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, hell….." Okay, so he doesn't do much except send these spirits to their destinations, and here I thought he would be doing something more entertaining.

"Hey! King Yemma, I'm here, what cha' need me for!" King Yemma was so surprised by this voice that he almost accidently stamped a hell candidate with a heaven one.

"Goku! Don't do that, I can't be sending someone who's meant for hell to heaven for a reason!" Yemma said as he stamped hell on the right parchment and sent the spirit on his way. Once that was done, he moved his papers aside so he could put his full attention on the fighter in front of him.

Goku is a Saiyan, I'll tell you this now because it's an important point to make. He was born with a tail, could have turned into a giant monkey if he didn't have the tail taken off, and is exceedingly powerful because of his blood and all the effort to put into his training.

Though he was raised on Earth by his 'grandpa' Gohan who raised him with love and care, training him in the ancient art of Martial arts. Goku was later trained by the legendary Master Roshi the Turtle Hermit and Goku took on his uniform, an orange Gi with blue undershirt and wrist bands, which the blue material were all weighted, heavily, as were his boots. His black hair was spiked all over the place, making it look like he never brushes his hair and his kind dark eyes were always showing happiness, unless in a serious fight.

Even now, he was showing his kindness and happiness to the Otherworld King, who was staring at him seriously. The always familiar Son grin was plastered on his face as he waited for King Yemma to speak, which the giant soon did and explain his mission.

"Goku, this is serious, it seems that Cell has decided to start another ruckus in HFIL and is destroying everything. I have no idea what is making him do this, but the ogres down there tell me that he looks exceedingly nervous about something and he keeps glancing around." King Yemma started as he laced his fingers together and put his chin on his thumbs.

"If you are faced with someone else instead of Cell, I want you to leave immediately, I had a very powerful villain come in a few years ago and I don't think you can handle him, he's stronger than you Goku, so be careful when you go down there." King Yemma said as he pulled his papers back towards him. "Now that's said, I'll open the gate so you can get through and take care of this. Now get going!" Yemma yelled as he swung his hand to a door to the right.

"I got this Yemma, don't worry about me, I'll take care of Cell no problem and be back in time for dinner!" Goku yelled as he took off towards the door and towards the realm for Infinite Losers.

Yemma sighed as he watched Goku go, shaking his head. "I only hope this isn't some ploy to get Goku done there, that boy is still too strong for Goku to handle."


The fly down to HFIL was incredible as usual. The air was usually cool as you started down towards the area, but the closer you got to the real deal, the hotter it became, though when you're a spirit, you can handle any heat, it was just annoying when you actually started to feel it, because you didn't get a break from the heat, to was always there.

Goku though, didn't mind it one bit, he found it to be a bit of a reliever since he was always cooled off instantly in the otherworld heaven for warriors. Or as he liked to call HFIH, he laughed as he remembered what that meant. He and Pikkon came up with that when they were bored one day.

Heaven For Infinite Hero's was a great place to battle all of those that had died trying to save their planets, though most failed in doing so because of Freiza and his whole universe domination thing. Like Pikkon and his planet, which had been destroyed by the little alien, though he had fought bravely to save it.

Goku reflected back on his own heroics as he sped towards where he could now feel Cell setting of high power levels. His thoughts went to his friends and his family and finally, down to just his son who had fought so bravely to save the world from Cell and then had destroyed the insect with a Kamehameha wave with only one arm. He had been impressed and proud.

His eyes narrowed in concentration suddenly as he felt Cell fire up a bigger blast, one that could rival Freiza'z death ray. He needed to get their faster, so Goku stopped in the air suddenly, put two fingers to his head and concentrated on Cell's signature, disappearing from where he was a moment ago to be standing behind Cell in an instant.

"It's about time they sent you; I've been blasting things for hours now." Cell grumbled suddenly as he let the big ball of purple energy at his finger dissipate. Goku blinked in surprise as he looked at the insect android, who was looking at him with distain and contempt. Goku looked up into the eyes suddenly and could still locate the hint of nervousness that Yemma had been talking about earlier.

"You know, you could've just sent a message to see me, right?" Goku said as he looked up at the insect in curiosity and confusion. He couldn't figure out why the android wanted to see him so badly that he had resorted to destroying HFIL and getting Yemma's attention that way, it just didn't make sense.

Cell snorted as he turned away from Goku as he started to walk away from the Saiyan, his tail swinging behind him as he walked away. "Sure, right, like Yemma is going to listen to a villain down here in HFIL, this is Hell For Infinite Losers Goku, not your Heaven For Infinite Hero's after all." Cell stated as he disappeared behind a rock.

Goku blinked in surprise at this information, he didn't know they couldn't message Yemma like he could if he needed to talk to someone, mostly one of the Saiyans that were down here for all eternity. He was also surprised that Cell knew about the name for the heaven for warriors that he and Pikkon had come up with.

"Are you coming or not!" Cell yelled back at him as he looked around the corner he had disappeared around earlier. "I don't have all day like you; I'd rather keep my head attached to my body thank you very much." Cell snarled as he disappeared again, Goku blinking before jogging to catch up with the android.

Once he was behind the insect, he looked him over and noticed several nasty looking bruises marring his 'perfect' body. He frowned as he realized that the strongest person in HFIL had been beaten up by someone else. 'Must be this knew guy Yemma said they brought down a few years ago.' Goku thought as he walked behind Cell. "So where are you taking me and why aren't you trying to kill me?" Goku asked.

Cell looked over his shoulder and glared at him with all of his might. "I'm taking you to the new ruler down here and I'm not killing you because I was told not to. I'm not in command now, got it." Cell said as he turned back to the front, grumbling about not being the leader anymore. Goku shook his head in amusement, finding it funny that the person that the strongest ruled down here. If you could beat that person, than you ruled.

Apparently Cell was knocked off of his pedestal a little while ago and he must've been trying to get it back since then too. 'From the looks of it', Goku thought as he looked Cell over again, 'He's not going to get it anytime soon.'

Goku chuckled at that, Cell had been the ruler down here, the strongest for a long time, but now he wasn't, kicked down to be second best yet again, like he had been with Gohan. Goku smiled at the thought of his son, who should be eleven at this point, hopefully not being too drilled in his studies like his mother had always wanted.

His eyes softened even more than usual as Goku thought of his sweet and innocent son. The boy had grown wonderfully when they had been together, smart as well from all the studying his mother had made him do. The boy was born to fight, with both brain and bronze, Gohan was the perfect fighter, more so than Cell would ever be.

Goku looked at the ground as he walked, thinking sadly about everything he was missing down on Earth, even his newborn son, his second son that Chichi had to deliver without him had gone into the world. He wondered if he would ever get to see his second son, Goten he believed was the name of the boy, but he wasn't really sure.

He walked straight into Cell's back as the android came into a halt, stopping in front of the HFIL camp site for those who were stuck with a body here. At first, it was just a huge cell where everyone was held in, but eventually, it got too crowded so they had changed it from the cell to campsites where even villain was expected to behave and do their own thing and keep out of the way of others.

Here, anything could happen and none of the ogres could do anything about, so Heroes would constantly keep coming down to sort things out and stop the mayhem. The camp was made so it looked like rows and rows of just tents. Some tents were decorated with moss, sparkly rocks, crystals, and even some with the blood from the blood fountain. Goku looked around and noticed that a lot had changed since Cell had been in charge; Goku himself had only been to the camp of the villains twice, both times to speak with Cell.

Back then, the tents had all been plain and boring, giving nothing away about who was in which tent. All tents were spread out wherever they wanted to be and next to whoever they wanted it to be. This here was ordered in rows and systematic as Goku could see several of the Ginyu force coming out of the tents closest to them and then some Saiyans later on and so on with different species.

Though, at the very end, there were three apparent tents, two were about four feet from each other, giving the occupants their room. The right was a light green with dark spots of moss on it, giving the tent spots. Goku looked at Cell and then at that tent and then back. Cell snorted as he nodded his head and walked towards his tent, going inside of it for a second and the coming back out with what looked like a shiny green crystal.

Goku looked at the second tent next to Cell's. A completely purple tent that stood up straight and a light was on. He could guess who that belonged to and was right when Cell walked up to it and called out to the person inside.

"Oi! Freiza, get up and bring your crystal, I got the person we wanted!" Cell called in and was rewarded with a grunt as said alien came out, with his own purple crystal in hand, only moments later.

"Alright, since we're all here than, we should head to his tent. He'll be grumpy that it took you three hours to bring him here in the first place." Freiza said as he held onto his own crystal and began walking towards the third tent that stood about a yard in front of the two, standing proud and alone.

Freiza looked over his shoulder as he looked at Goku with a glare. "Monkey, been a while since I last saw you." He said as he went towards the leading tent with Cell, both of their tails swinging back and forth.

Goku could only rub the back of his head and laugh nervously. He couldn't believe that Freiza was still upset with him, it had been years since they had last fought, the alien had never came out when Goku was down in HFIL talking with Cell and cooling things over from whatever problem they had.

Goku shook his head as he looked towards the leading tent, knowing that whoever was in it was the one who was leading the villains down here now. They had to be strong to defeat Cell like they had. The tent was a bright red, like blood, a light was on inside, giving off some weird shapes, but one thing was for sure, the person inside was either sitting down or was very short with spiky hair.

"So who is this new leader anyways, if they beat you both, than I should be careful, right?" Goku asked as he stopped five feet away from the tent.

Cell and Freiza both looked back at him, eyes calculating as they looked at him, it as Cell who spoke to the man. "The leader is only about eleven in the real world, but eight when he died. He's small and fast." He spoke as he looked at the tent and wondered why he was even saying this.

"The brat took both me and Cell out within seconds; we didn't even stand a chance." Freiza said as he crossed his arms in irritation and wrapping his tail around his waist for a moment before letting it fall back to the ground.

Goku's eyes widened at this information, wondering how such a young kid could take on two powerful warriors and defeat them without a problem, even to where the two could admit that they had lost.

"Wow, Cell this is the second time you've lost to a kid, if this kid is as powerful as you say, than he's on the same level as Gohan." He blurted out as he turned back to the tent, seeing the shadow inside shift and move around, heading towards the entrance.

Cell and Freiza looked at him with surprise and then turned to each other and burst out laughing, clutching their sides.

"And what may I ask is so funny?" Goku looked at the new leader and his jaw hit the floor, he couldn't believe who he was looking at. "What the hell are you looking at!"


"What the hell are you looking at?" Goku blinked as he looked at the person in front of him, wondering who exactly this was. He felt like he was looking in a mirror for some odd reason. "I asked what the hell you think you're looking at!" The person yelled again, snapping his fingers in front of Goku's face.

Goku had to blink a couple of times before he had the chance to answer. "A mirror?" He asked unsure. Cell and Freiza were both laughing now as they looked at the man who had come out of the tent and back towards Goku. But Goku was right, it was like looking in a mirror for him, this man resembled him greatly, from his spiky hair to his height and build. The difference was this man had a scar on his face, wore the Saiyan armor but a lime green color and black, and then had a red head band wrapped around his head.

The man glared at the two chuckling aliens and then turned back to Goku, who was looking him up and down, wondering how many people actually looked like him. "I'm guessing you must be Goku, well, give me a minute and we'll take you to the brat, he's been waiting for the insect to bring you for hours." He said as he looked at the two.

"You two got your crystals, cause you know we can't get in without them." He said as he turned back towards the inside of his tent.

Freiza snorted something about inferior monkey second in command. Goku blinked at that, he would've thought Cell was second in command, not this guy. "Who is he exactly?" Goku asked as he turned towards the two aliens, both grumbling about this and that.

Freiza was the one to answer though, a scowl on his face as he looked at Goku, glaring with hatred. "That monkey is Bardock, a very powerful Saiyan, though he hasn't reached the Super Saiyan like you have, he's close to it. He's also the one who went against me first; he tried to stop me from destroying the Saiyan planet, though he failed. He hadn't been strong enough then. I believe his offspring got off the planet before I destroyed it though."

Goku looked at him with his head cocked to the side. Bardock had been the first to go against Freiza huh? Interesting. "Do you remember his kid's name Freiza, I think I forgot?" Cell asked, his brows furrowed, thinking as he crossed his arms and waited for an answer, as was Goku.

Freiza opened his mouth to answer but was stopped by Bardock who reappeared before them, his own crystal in his hand, though it was a bloody red. "My son's name was Kakarot." He said as he turned away from them and began heading ahead of his own tent, away from the campsite itself.

Goku stood there for a second though when he heard the Saiyan name, but was kick started again when Freiza and Cell began to laugh at him. "Go catch up with your daddy Goku!" Freiza snorted as he started to walk ahead too, Cell right behind him, laughing it up in Goku's suspense.

Goku shook his head as he jogged pass the two villains and caught up with Bardock, looking him over again, recognizing most of the features he got from the man. "So I know who I got my looks from." Goku stated as he walked beside his father. Bardock blinked in his own surprise as he looked at Goku.

"You're Kakarot?" The man asked as he looked Goku over. "I guess you could be my son, but that means you defeated Freiza back there and you're a Super Saiyan." Bardock said as he stopped and stood in front of Goku, crossing his arms and looking him over again.

Goku nodded his head as he waited for an answer. Bardock nodded his head and began to head back towards wherever they were going. "Good, not a disappointment like your older brothers. I think I've had enough from your brothers too; neither of them seems to be able to do anything right." Bardock said as he began to walk up a path that seemed to lead to a cave.

"Raditz and Turles are both here?" Goku asked as he looked back towards the camp, wondering if he would run into them if he went back.

Bardock scoffed and shrugged his shoulders. "They're here somewhere; I'm not their babysitter though, so I don't know where exactly they are." Bardock said as he went into a dark cave. Goku blinked as he looked over his shoulder again to see that the camp was a good ten miles away already.

'How the heck did we get all the way out here without me noticing?' Goku thought as he turned back to the front to where Cell and Freiza had joined Bardock, each holding their crystals in front of them, into the darkness. 'Wonder what they're doing?' Goku watched in rapt amazement as each crystal began to glow their own color, green, purple, and red shined into the penetrating darkness.

"We need to keep him with us at all times, if he gets separated, we will never see him again and Leader will kill us." Bardock said as he turned to look at Goku. "You will stand in the middle of all three of us and don't leave from there or you will be trapped in this darkness." Bardock said as he began to walk, Goku right behind and Freiza and Cell right behind Goku, all crystals combining to surround them and make a white color light.

"So why do I need to stay in between you guys, is this cave really that confusing?" Goku asked as he looked around the cave, wondering if his ki would light the cave up.

Bardock shook his head as he glanced over his shoulder. "It's not that, this cave is a straight shot forward."

Goku's brows furrowed as he tried to figure out why it was so dangerous than.

"It's not the cave itself that you should fear monkey, it's what's in the dark that you should fear, Cell, why don't you show him." Freiza said as he stopped, making Cell and Bardock stop and eventually stopping Goku as well.

Cell sighed as he stepped away from the group and grabbed something off of the wall with his tail and returned, holding the creature in front of Goku so he could see it. "These things have taken even me down, but the brat is the only one who can see in this cave anyways, so the creatures leave him alone." Cell said as he squeezed the creature tightly.

Goku nodded his head as he looked at it, it looked like a salamander, but instead of being smooth and slick, it had several spikes sticking out of its head and along its spine all the way down to the tip of its tail. The eyes were white and seemed to have a white gooey stuff on them. Claws lined its webbed feet and the teeth seemed to jut apart at the end to look like the end of a barbed fishing hook.

"What are they anyways?" Goku asked as Cell tossed the creature back into the dark, hearing it hiss as it flew across the air and hit a wall. They continued moving as soon as the creature was out of their sights.

Goku saw Bardock shrug his shoulders but not answer, though Freiza answered as he seemed to be in a slightly good mood for some reason. "Those, well, we call them Soul Suckers." Freiza stopped for a second shining his crystal to the side and showing several of the Soul Suckers on the ground, covering what looked to be a body. "Like that poor monkey there, they suck your soul dry and leave nothing behind; soon he'll be nothing but dust." The white and purple alien finished as he moved forward, ignoring Goku's squawk as he pushed the Saiyan forward.

Goku watched at the light left the body of the man behind, left to have his soul drained dry. He could only look to the front, hoping that he wouldn't be left in the dark to have his own soul sucked out, that wouldn't be unexpected with the group he was with at the moment.

"So do you want to tell me who we're going to go and see here?" Goku asked as he looked at Cell over his shoulder, his eyes full of curiosity, his mind going through possible candidates, but he wasn't quite sure he could get the right person.

Cell and Freiza looked at each other, smirks and giggles coming from them as they tried to keep quiet. Bardock had no idea what was so funny, so he had the same confused look on his face as Goku did. "Will you two shut up, we don't need the Soul Suckers after us, you know they like noise." Bardock said as he shook his head and continued walking forward.

Cell and Freiza walked forward as well, Goku still confused, continued walking as well, he didn't know what was so funny but he'd ignore it until it became apparent. "So, how much further do we have until I get to meet this guy?" He asked as he put his hands on the back of his head and leaned back slightly, looking at the back of Bardock's head.

"Not long, we should be showing up in his cave any second now." Bardock replied as he gripped his crystal tighter as they walked further into the darkness. Goku blinked as a light appeared near the end of the cave, a bright golden light flickering on the walls and the floor.

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