All About The Silver Lining

Chapter 2

No, I'm not going to put dates on these entries. I don't feel like it. What kind of spoiled brat are you? Psh.

So guess who came crawling back? Okay, I'm sorry, that was a trick question because it has two answers. One, me, because I'm writing in this damn thing again. Two, Amy.

Turns out the rumours were true; Tommy OD'd. Amy's fine and all, but her dad had to show up at the party she was at (talk about buzzkill!) and give him a shot of whatever so he wouldn't die. Then he shows up after he checks out of the hospital and thanks her dad and stuff, and tries to get Amy back. What a dope – and I do mean "dope".

I know this now because Amy showed up on my doorstep, saying she ran into my mother at the pharmacy – and decided she doesn't need her meds anymore after seeing what they did to Mommy Bleariest. That also reminded her that I exist. How endearing; I'm an afterthought.

It was a hard sell, but of course I let her in. Truth is, even though I'm still mad at her for blowing me off, I'm so bored off my ass that I'd talk to Kayla and Page if they stopped me on the street. Or even Ephram at this point, awkwardness be damned.

There was crying, there was yelling, there was her whining like a spoiled toddler because it's what she does best... and then there was hugging, and (empty?) promises to never fight again, and feeble stabs at making plans for the weekend. Of course, neither of us are really solid in the Friend-Zone again yet, so this is the initial pre-friend summit. Next time we run into each other is when we'll really start hanging out together.

Which gives me time to beat Final Fantasy. Yay.

Oops – gotta go. I think I just heard my dad come home from the bar and knock over something super breakable, and there could be blood to clean up. If I wait too long, it'll stain the rugs.


[[AUTHORESS'S NOTE: How about that? I'm famous! I just googled "Jessica X" and my FFn profile is the top result! Momentarily I shall run out to buy crackers and champagne.

This is quite obviously what I was talking about when I said some chapters will be very, very brief, because most people write their diaries in such organic fashion. Rest assured, there's over twenty chapters of varying length coming down the pike.

See you for entry #3, to be posted tomorrow (if I remember)!]]

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