All About The Silver Lining

Chapter 23


Good evening. I'm Laynie Hart with your late night drama report.

Let's go back to the afternoon. I knocked at Amy's and she answered. I'm gonna skip over that conversation because all it was was some brief bickering, a few rude gestures and a slamming door.

Then I called her after I left. She answered and snapped, "What?"

"Can't we try to do this with less angst?"

"Yes," she sighed grudgingly. "I'm really sorry, I… I know we're having a thing, but I was way out of line at the door, I should have at least let you talk."

"Yeah, you should have. But let's talk now. There's… can I come back, or do we actually have to do this shit on the phone?"

I doubled back, but she just pushed past me and closed the door, then headed to her car. Standing there and seething, I thought for sure she was driving off when she rolled down the window and yelled out, "Well? Are you getting in or not?"

We didn't speak until we parked and got out. That's when I realized we were at-

"The Point?"

"Yes, the Point," she sighed. "What about it?"

"Suddenly we're skipping over the whole 'talking things out and coming to an understanding' phase and going straight to 'making up in the sweatiest way'?"

Amy smiled bitterly. "Actually, just because this is commonly used as a place for juniors and seniors to crawl all over each other doesn't mean we can't also sit and talk here, too. It's pretty."

I looked out the windshield at the breathtaking view of snow-capped mountains. "Yeah, big fat hairy deal." The shine wears off after the first few years of growing up here.

Ten minutes passed. I mean it. You're probably sure I'm exaggerating, like, "Oh wow, yeah right, I bet it was just ten seconds that felt like ten minutes." No, I am dead serious; I actually watched the clock on the dashboard keep track of this ordeal. Both of us had a lot to say but couldn't get it out, and it was like Flayed, Filleted and Flambéed Part Deux.

"I'm sorry I said you were stupid."

"You damn well better be."

"Aren't you sorry for anything at all?" I snapped. "You're totally blameless, is that how this works? The Great Amy Abbott is beyond reproach?"

"YES." A few more seconds. "Maybe not."

Then we spent another minute or so feeling queasy. Just shifting, hating what this was doing to us. How we couldn't seem to connect anymore, even though we were supposed to be connecting even more deeply than we had when we were "just friends". How was it that everybody always says that sex is taking things to the "next level", but I feel like Amy and I had taken a step back down to the previous level instead?

I missed her. I missed really being with her when we were together, not just existing as two entities occupying nearby spaces. I missed... belonging with her.

Suddenly we launched ourselves at each other. It was totally in synch, unconscious, instantaneous, and went so smoothly it was like we rehearsed it. My fingernails were leaving lasting impressions in her scalp and she was trying to tie our tongues in knots and somehow I ended up in her lap and then we were topless and then we were BOTTOMLESS...

And then I was back in my seat, both of us were panting, and there was more than a little panic going on.

"Oh my God," she whispered. Then a little bit of amusement mixed with the panic when she said, "Oh my God, we're half-naked in my car."

"You put a rip in my leggings. Really wanted 'em off, huh?" She just grinned at me. "We still need to talk," I went on, pushing my thighs together when I realized that's where her eyes were pointed. "And it's gonna be hard to do that while being ogled, so... back on with the clothes?"

"Let's stay like this. I..." Her voice caught a little. "I like being so open with you. I hate how we've been instead lately, it's like, the worst."

"Oh. Maybe so, I guess."

"Listen, I'm sorry I've been so mad at you, there's really no reason for it, just... I was actually pissed at Bright, I know it's dumb that I took it out on you and I'm really-"

"I'm thinking about going off the meds." It just forced itself up and out of my throat, and I looked up at her afterward, frightened. "M-maybe as soon as next week."

"Really?" she said, pretty clearly startled by the switch in topics. "Uhh... that's great, I guess. Are you sure you're ready to quit?"

"Pretty sure." I shrugged, hating the way my voice shook. "After the thing with Bright, I kind of had a tiny breakdown all over Nina, as you kinda sorta know. But you don't know that it took her telling me I was breaking down for me to be aware of it. Shit like that scares me. I don't wanna live my life like that, so... so the sooner I cut out the meds, the sooner I can get back to feeling like a human being."

Amy smiled and turned up the CD player. "Really?"

I rolled my eyes. "Not Seal again. I don't care if you're making a joke because of something I said, I don't really want to listen to this schlock right n-"

"Are you sure?"

Then she leaned over and stroked my bare stomach, causing me to shiver. When I felt her lips on my shoulder, I twitched away from her grasp. "W-weren't we talking about something?"


"My meds," I reminded her. "Come on, you seriously don't care about-"

"No." When she caught the look on my face she rolled her eyes. "You do what you think is best. I'm gonna be here for you either way, so don't sweat it. If you go catatonic, I'll drive you to the emergency room. If you scream and throw small objects at me, though, I'm still gonna hold you to it; Zoloft withdrawal is not a standing excuse to give me a lump on the noggin."

Gulping, I fended off a hand that was dangerously close to my chest. "Then we still need to talk about whether or not we... we're together, or you're just experimenting, or what's going on, because the confusion is killing me. What-"

"I want you," she told me with such frankness that I almost wet myself – or made myself wet. "Being kept away from you by this ridiculous bull, it's so ugly to me now that I can't believe we let it happen. So let's throw it away. Let's get a big huge cannon and shoot the what-ifs and we-can'ts to Hell."

"Amy," I said, and then moaned it again when she put her lips to my shoulder again. It was the most romantic thing anybody had ever done to me, way above and beyond what any guy had done... and I felt myself crying again. This time I fully felt it welling up and spilling over. "Amy..."

My bra was off. Amy had taken it off, Amy was touching me there... Amy was enjoying it. Amy was all over me! I never would have believed she could be this confident and in control about this, but the honest truth was, my being shaken up about the medication situation (haha) had kind of relegated me to "bottom" status, putting Amy on the dominant end of the spectrum. Which scared me even more, making me even less likely to try to "take back" any power. I felt powerless... and I didn't care. I just liked being touched by her flesh so much that it smoothed over my worries enough so I could let her continue.

While she was sitting in my lap, kissing me like there was no tomorrow, I reached for her back and did the same for her, and when our chests touched we gasped. The last time we had done that was in the junior high showers, doing a chest-bump because our volleyball team in gym had beaten the other one; in other words, a totally non-sexual thing. This time, on the other hoof... it was electric.

I don't even know if I can keep describing this to you. My hands were on her ass, she was tugging at my short, black hair. Kissing, touching, grinding... sweating... and then I felt a hand going down the front of my leggings.

"WHOA!" I gasped. Panted, sang... told her in some really noisy way. "W-wait, not here! Are you kidding? The Point?"

"What's wrong with the Point?" she asked while nibbling my ear. She likes to nibble.

"Ah, it... nnhh, I guess nothing, but w-we... we could go back to your place and get the-"

"No toys," she whispered. "Not our first time. I want this to be just me and you and our skin."

"And Seal?" I chided, to get her back for how many liberties she was taking. But instead of taking the bait, she grinned wickedly.

"Every couple needs a song."

Then her hand went a little further down, and I forgot to care about what was on the radio. OH GOD, it was somehow absolutely nothing like being done by myself or by a guy, it was... she was skilled. Hadn't she only started to learn the ropes a few scant days prior? And she worked fast! Damn, it hardly took five minutes and I was reaching my end.

She sounded like she was reaching the end, too. I knew she wasn't, but she was so into my pleasure that it was like she was just flying solo. I did start kneading her ass cheeks toward the end, to drive her up the wall, give her a preview of what was to come. And eventually, once I had felt for one shining moment like I was the very center of the whole universe, she fell back and let me show her my appreciation.

It makes a funny noise when you shove two fingers into something that moist, you know that? I really did almost laugh, but I was afraid she'd punch me in the throat so I choked it back. And don't start whining about how vulgar this is getting; nobody forced you to keep reading my craziness at gunpoint, did they? Even if they did, you're getting off easy (look, a double entendre!).

Oh, it was so good. It was so GOOD! It was like, "Here's the genuine article, and all those boys were cheap stand-ins all along" kind of good. Freaked me out, but also made me feel like... like I was a girl-Pinocchio turned into a real young lady. Something along those lines.

That's right, everybody; I lost my lesbirginity to the "Kiss From A Rose" guy. And it wasn't even that song, which would have made total sense, right? On the bright side, at least it wasn't "Fly Like An Eagle"; that would have been harrowing.

Oh, before I close, hang on... there's a post-script to this scandalous account.

Near-nude and coated in perspiration, we lounged with the seats leaned all the way back for a long while afterward. Amy cracked a window and we fanned our faces, then just flopped back, out of energy. Finally, when we were almost breathing evenly again, I cleared my throat and said, "You know, I just thought of an upside to this whole mess..."


"At least we can't get each other pregnant. We'll save a fortune on Trojans."

Amy snorted. "You really are all about the silver lining, aren't you?"

"Damn straight, Blondie."


AUTHORESS'S NOTE: Dear me; scandalous sensuality in our times. Do you like it? Do you really... really like it? I don't know what I'm saying, I have a slight headache in just the wrong spot on my brain that's making me a bit loopy. Now they're together together, that's what matters. Four more chappies after this and it'll be tied up with a neat little bow. You lot know how I operate by now :)

13: I self-medicate. That is, with caffeine and herbals. And paracetamol or ibuprophen on days like today, but even those as infrequently as I can manage. Hope the Point was all it promised to be and more for you!

NEXT: A very brief declaration. THEN: Settling into couple-y habits. LATER: Prom!

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