All About The Silver Lining

Chapter 6

WARNING: Reader discretion strongly advised!

Back. I would have been back sooner, but Mom had to yell at me for leaving my toothbrush on the sink instead of putting it back where it goes. Even though I've actually found Dad's underwear sitting on the kitchen table before, I'm a "lazy brat" for the toothbrush? Anyway, we now return to my spooky campfire story.

From somewhere deep inside, I found the courage to clear my throat and whisper, "So... I'm gonna leave now, if you're okay in here."

"Yeah." Amy's voice was a whisper, too. "I think so. But, um, thanks for coming to my rescue."

I nodded. "What was that bump I heard, anyway?"

"I shoved my boot off the bed with my foot," she said with one of those bashful, dopey grins of hers. "I was frustrated with myself for being so weak."

While I was nodding at that, I spared a glance down at her. Nope, still there and still dripping with "anticipation". The room was full of that smell; you know, the smell you try to use a whole bunch of Glade to make go away when you're done? Swallowing, I started to look away when I noticed movement; her hand glided to the very top and lightly brushed the golden fur that grew there. I cleared my throat nervously, and then her hand darted down further to cover herself.

"I..." It was her turn to cough before she tried again. "I didn't m-mean to do any... I uh, that was just..."

"Just?" I prompted a moment later, watching her face turn redder and redder.

"Just a reflex action," she told me, pleading with me to understand. "You were staring at it, and that made me want to cover it up. But I guess I... sorry, I really don't know why I did that."

My eyes went to hers again, and I saw fresh tears blooming, and I saw curiosity dancing with disgust. Curiosity... about me? About what I saw when I looked at her, or about what I was thinking and feeling, or what I might do next? God only knew.

"Do you want some help?" I blurted, and instantly wanted to put all the words back inside my face. Nope, not what I meant! "Uhh, I... with the dildo." NOT ANY BETTER. "I could help you a little to get you started if you're too scared."

Secretly, I guess I was praying that taunting her and saying she was scared might force her to pipe up that she was a big girl and could do anything all by herself and thus give me a true reason to simply agree with her and leave as fast as humanly possible. She didn't bite, not really. "Wait... you said you didn't w... want... what do you mean exactly when you say you'll help me? Are you seriously gonna shove it in there?"

"Yeah," I told her softly. "If you actually need that, I guess I could."

Much faster than I was ready for – it was still at least ten seconds later, but hey, I was operating on Laynie Going Loco Time – she told me in low, reverent tones, "Are you sure?"

"No," I told her honestly. "But if you're this scared of Soloflexing it, I suppose I'll have to do my best-friend duty and take one for the team."

There were tiny moans in Amy's every breath now. Little ones, the kind you'd only notice if you were right next to her, like I was. I almost couldn't hear her when she breathed, "You are already with me, and... and I'm so hot right now, and my pants are off, and the thingy is right here..."

I would be offended that she was using me out of convenience, except I know her well enough to tell when she's rationalizing. The supposed "reasons" she might go through with asking for my help were window dressing. It was SO obvious she was too scared to let me leave.

Without thinking about it much, I moved to test how ready she was to accept brutal punishment. Our hands slid over each other as I touched her for the first time, and we both sucked in a shaky breath. This wasn't just weird, it was dirty and evil. Her moan told me what her innermost being thought of it, though.

"Wait!" she suddenly blurted, though she made no physical move to stop me. "This is crazy, I... I don't want you being with me like this, I don't think you should have to! Why am I such a spaz?"

"Shh," I told her as I caressed. It was like being taken over by a sinister sapphic ghost. Part of me was trying not to think too hard about what I was doing, but the rest of me didn't mind so much. I mean, it pretty much felt the same as my own, so what was the drama in helping Amy out when it's something I did for myself on a regular basis? "Go with it. We don't have to get too crazy, just... test some waters, right?"

"God, I'm having sex with my best friend!" she babbled, distraught. "Why? Why are we doing this?"

"This isn't 'sex'!" I fired up, angrily tweaking some of her hair – and forcing another, wetter moan from her. "Amy, I... wow, you're so keyed up. You needed this, so let it happen, okay? Let it happen."

Her eyes went to mine, wide and beseeching as if she had to tell me something important, but then they snapped closed as her head threw itself back. The sensations were too much. Ignoring how my own body was feeling about what my hand was doing to another female of the species, I kept at it, I shifted my position slightly so I was more comfortable. Amy lay on her back with her legs wide open, face turned away toward the wall as she moaned, sometimes letting out the occasional sob. When her back started arching and her tongue flitted out to wet parched lips, I knew all those little "what ifs" were shot to pieces by pure elation.

At some point, Amy's hand started moving as well. I had already started getting used to doing all the work, so when that happened it shocked me but then I laughed. Her actions were so clumsy and jerky, like a nerd at a school dance. I grabbed her hand and pushed it onto her to tell her to keep it up, then reached over and got a firm grip on the toy.

"AH!" she shouted when she felt it approaching. "No, wait, not yet!"

"Yes, yet," I chided. "You're beyond ready for this."

"No I'm not! I... ooh, it's gonna hurt, it's gonna split me open!"

"Maybe, maybe not. But do you trust me?" She nodded. "Good. Now... I want you to keep doing what you're doing, and don't scream or try to run away no matter what happens. Okay?" She nodded again. "Here we go."

This part... I don't think I'll tell you about it. You can probably dream up a half-decent picture yourself, right? It was like that, with a tiny bit of "WHOA, too much" and some "OH SHHIIIT!" and even a "Why are you doing this to meee?" thrown in for good measure. Once I started going to town on her, I got over myself and put my brain into "work mode", just trying to do a satisfactory job. So it wasn't that bad.

Afterward was weirder.

Covered in sweat, she rolled to look at me and smiled. I smiled back; she looked like she'd had plenty of fun. "Wow..."

"Yeah," I laughed. "Feel any different?"

"Yeah... I mean... I mean not much, but a little... good... pretty good."

I kissed her on the forehead in a mockery of a matronly gesture, and she giggled. We were both perspiring and breathing hard, but her a little more than me. Then she reached down to touch my hand where it was still holding the thing inside her and we both withdrew it together. So far, so not-horrible.

But then she pushed it against the crotch of my jeans. I rolled my eyes and said, "Cut it out."

"No, no, I think it's your turn now."

"That's okay, Blondie; I can take care of that all by my lonesome."

"But it's my duty to repay you," she said with mock seriousness, scrunching up her face and lowering her voice an octave. "For such a wonderful evening."

"Dude, it's like one in the afternoon."

"You know what I mean." Then she shivered, and reached up with her clean hand (thank God) and pulled me into a hug. "Oh... oh, sorry, now I'm all clingy, what the hell?"

I shrugged, or as much as you can shrug while being hugged. "It happens sometimes, after. You suddenly crave a different kind of comfort."

"Thank you," she whispered directly into my ear, which sent chills down my spine no matter how much I didn't want it to send any chills anywhere. "I... I know I kind of pestered you into this, and you're probably grossed out by me now, but I... it was good, I mean it, and I... and I'm so glad it was with you! Not just relieved, but really, really glad! Honest! So... thanks."

"Anytime, pal."

And that was it. Maybe ten minutes later we cleaned her up, there was a lot of weirdness and nervous twitching, and we had a good laugh about how hers kind of looks like two pieces of pickled ginger fighting over a tiny beach ball. There weren't so much "coy glances" as there were "Not half an hour ago I watched that girl climax while lying on MY BED" and "Right now she's pushing buttons on a remote but before she was pushing a huge blue glowstick into my whatchamacallit!" glances.

I know you expected us to make out and fondle and grope and all that good stuff, but sorry, it just didn't work out that way. Better luck next time, voyeurs!

Although, I can't deny that it's hard to think of her the same way now that we've shared such a bizarre experience. One minute we were childhood best friends, and now... we're what, lovers? Does this count as that, or is it a one-time deal? Since she bailed about an hour ago, I've been asking myself over and over if I actually wanna bang Amy Abbott, but I keep saying "No, no way". So I don't think so.

There's just one little problem. Before I washed off the dildo and put it back in the booksafe... okay, man is it even hard to write this down without having to say it out loud, but I um, I licked it. Don't go crazy and start labeling me all this shit, it wasn't supreme loss of control and I didn't rub it all over my face, I just licked it once to see what it was like. To see what she tasted like. DAMN that doesn't sound right! I've never tasted myself, that's kind of depraved, so I was like "Okay, she already got herself all over it so why not?" It was funky, and then I cleaned it up and stashed it, no biggie.

It did make me hot, though. Not burning hot, but it got my heart beating since I knew it was something unusual I was doing, something "sneaky" or whatever. I can't really be sure if it was because it was Amy, or another girl, or my best friend, or some combination of those elements. Don't ask me, I'm just a chick on happy pills.

One thing's for sure: this is all a little too intense for my sensibilities. I'm going to take a long shower and try to forget what I just went through before it's dinnertime.

What the hell did we do?

Forget that. Shower.


AUTHORESS'S NOTE: There it went. It's not the last such scene, but the last one for several chapters. What's your call? Let's open the floor to discussion; did they have "sex" or was it just Laynie helping out a friend? Did Amy truly lose her virginity if she didn't have sex? Debates, people; I want to spark debates!

I spy a prodigal 13th Knight! How've you been keeping? Missed you at the RAYCOG finale.

Soulless: I know exactly how you feel. In the end I went and did it anyway, but with Evolution Of Friends I kept going back and forth about whether or not I'd have the two of them wind up as a couple. Even when I did, it's still some of the least graphic romance I've written because... it felt weird doing that to Rogue for some reason. Hrm...

NEXT: A fairly pleasant day... before things nosedive.

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