Kid's Trip to CarnEvil

Tökkentäkker's Airship

Two clowns dressed like doctors emerged from behind the operating tables. They wore white coats over scrubs and had orange hair that was styled to look like flower petals. Their make-up had an extra bit of orange that made it look like they were scowling, although they still wore a large toothy grin. One doctor-clown was holding a bloody bone saw while the other wielded a long drill with sharp teeth on the end.

"Hold him still! Ve need his brain!" Tökkentäkker ordered as the clowns charged.

Kid shot the first doctor clown dead before the second one approached and tried to impale him with the elongated drill. Kid dodged and rolled, shooting the second clown doctor in the face until it was nothing but a gory mess. He, too, fell dead before Kid went behind the tables to make sure there were no doctor clowns left.

As Kid searched, he saw a diagram showing a human and a gorilla side-by-side, as well as a picture of each of their brains next to their respective owners and various writing all around — most of it medical jargon.

"So why would he want to put your brain inside a gorilla?" Patty asked.

"Maybe he thinks it'll make it smarter, but an operation like that would kill us both," Kid replied.

"Besides, how would giving it your brain make it smarter?" Liz joked but, before Kid could reply, another doctor-clown jumped them.

The doctor-clown tried to stab Kid with a giant syringe but barely missed him, only managing to graze him. Kid grunted before he tried to aim one of his weapons at the doctor-clown, but he quickly knocked it out of his hand before trying to jab him with the needle again. Kid ducked and tried to grab it while firing his other weapon. He missed as the doctor-clown managed to stab him in the side ith the huge syringe.

"Gaaah! Damn it!" Kid cried out as he fell to the ground before he managed to pick up his weapon and shoot the clown doctor until he fell back, dead.

Kid took out the syringe and threw it away. The wound it created was a little deep but he managed to stand up and regain his composure. However, as soon as he stood, a metal cage came down upon him and closed beneath him.

"Enough! There is no escape!" Tökkentäkker shouted as the cage began to ascend into the airship.

A few of the bat people flew by the cage as it ascended and waved to Kid, taunting him.

"Hasta la vista!" they said before the cage disappeared into the airship. Inside the airship was a small room with several monitors showing various parts of the park, along with a variety of levers and gauges — all of which were centered on a chair with red leather covers.

"Velcome aboard, from this study I have observed your every move. All I asked of you vas simply for you to have fun, but you do not obey! Prepare to die!" Tökkentäkker announced over an intercom before the cage rose further onto the airships deck and opened.

Immediately in front of Kid stood Tökkentäkker himself, laughing maniacally. Tökkentäkker wore a blue ringmaster's uniform with tan pants and skull-shaped shoulder pads.

"Time to end this," Kid said as he shot Tökkentäkker in the shoulder, causing him to recoil.

"Ow! Umlaut, get him!" Tökkentäkker ordered before vanishing in a puff of smoke, the jester's skull taking his place.

"At last we meet, and it's a good thing too, I haven't had a bite all day!" Umlaut said as he flew towards Kid, his mouth wide open.

"Ugh, I can't wait to shut you up," Kid said as he shot at Umlaut, causing him to stifle but he persisted in flying towards him.

Kid dodged Umlaut's attack as he kept pouring fire, causing him to let out "oof!" every now and again.

"Don't look down," Umlaut sneered as Kid instinctively looked off the side of the airship and saw that it had taken flight.

Umlaut then attacked, flying up to Kid and sinking his sharp teeth into his arm. Kid screamed as he flailed his arm while shooting Umlaut in the face, the teeth starting to draw blood. Eventually, Kid managed to fling him off before shoving his weapon into Umlaut's mouth and firing multiple times. Umlaut cried out as he shattered into pieces and faded away.

"Well at least that's over," Kid grumbled before he heard a bullet hit the floor just next to his foot.

"Where did that come from?" Liz asked.

"I don't know," Kid replied as he looked around before he saw Tökkentäkker standing on a catwalk to his right and aiming a trumpet-barreled musket it at him.

"Damn it, hold still!" Tökkentäkker shouted as he aimed the musket at Kid and fired again.

Kid dodged and returned fire, managing to hit Tökkentäkker several times in the chest, causing the ringmaster to shout in rage before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Kid climbed a nearby ladder onto the catwalk and searched for any sign of him.

"Seems like the ringmaster's a bit of a coward," Liz commented.

"Maybe he's scared of Kid?" Patty said with a giggle.

"He might just be toying with us," Kid said as he found another ladder — this one longer than the last — and climbed up it to the next platform.

Kid was met with Tökkentäkker aiming his musket at him as soon as he reached the top. Tökkentäkker fired and managed to graze Kid's hand. Kid grunted as he jumped up onto the platform and quickly draw one of his weapons, managing to fire off two shots at Tökkentäkker. Tökkentäkker disappeared once more as Kid quickly tore off a piece of his jacket and wrapped it around his bleeding hand.

"You going to be alright, Kid?" Patty asked.

"Yeah I'll be fine. Let's finish this," Kid replied before spotting and climbing another long ladder, this one arched forward a little.

Near the top, Kid could see Tökkentäkker once more, waiting for him and taking aim with his musket. Kid took out his weapons and fired three shots, two of which hit Tökkentäkker and caused him to disappear again as Kid made his way to the top.

"This is getting very annoying," Kid said as he winced, his wounds were throbbing from all the stress but he managed to endure.

Tökkentäkker was standing at the stern of the airship, aiming and firing his musket at Kid but managing to miss due to Kid dodging and random accident. Eventually Kid got into close enough range to where he pulled out both his guns and repeatedly shot Tökkentäkker until he vanished again.

Kid made his way to the edge of the stern, which was protected by a railing, and looked over to see the carnival and the town far below.

"At least we have a nice view," Patty said.

"Yeah but no sign of that creep," Liz rebutted.

"And now you must die!" Tökkentäkker shouted. Kid, turning around, saw the ringmaster standing behind him before he fired his musket.

"You first," Kid retorted as he shot Tökkentäkker at least eight times in the chest, while he managed to get off a shot that hit Kid in the hip.

This caused to stifle a little and allow Tökkentäkker to charge and tackle Kid.

"Auf wiedersehen!" he said as he sent Kid over the side of the railing, luckily he managed to land on an engine attached to one of the propellers.

Kid managed to stand up only to be faced with Tökkentäkker once more. Tökkentäkker was preparing to strike him, but Kid was just able to react in time and punch him in the face, causing him to disappear again.

"Not sure how much longer I can take this," Kid said as jumped to another catwalk before getting back on the boat.

"Come on, Kid, you have to beat him! Kick his ass!" Patty cheered as Kid saw Tökkentäkker standing on the opposite end of the boat.

"How about some firevorks?" Tökkentäkker shorted as he directed two firework missiles at him while he threw two large firecrackers at Kid.

Kid shot down the flying fireworks and dodged the firecrackers as he continued to pour fire on Tökkentäkker — who by now was almost a bloody mess. As they fought, a lightning strike flashed out of nowhere, causing the opponents to shield their eyes as for a moment. Once it had faded, it was revealed that the rear railing near Tökkentäkker was standing was destroyed and the propeller behind him was exposed.

"Time to finish this," Kid said as he raised his guns.

"Let's go soul resonance!" Kid, Liz, and Patty cried in unison as the energy of their souls linked together, causing Kid's guns to transform into giant cannons.

"Sympathy rate stable, sound 0.3%," Liz said.

"Black Needle soul wavelength charge stable," Patty said.

"Feedback in 5..." Liz started.

"...4...3...2..." Patty continued.

"Vhat is this? Stop it! Stop it right now! I am the ringmaster! You will obey me! Obey! Me!" Tökkentäkker shouted furiously and impotently as he threw more fireworks that continually missed.

"...1...Fire!" Liz and Patty shouted in unison.

"Death Cannon!" Kid shouted as he shot two huge beams of energy from the cannons, both of which hit Tökkentäkker with a massive amount of force. Tökkentäkker screamed in agony as the force of the blast knocked him back into the propeller, slicing him into bloody pieces. Mere seconds after the ringmaster died, the balloon of the airship exploded in spectacular display. The force of the explosion sent Kid flying over the edge and knocked him unconscious as he fell to Earth.

Kid groaned as he woke up to see Liz and Patty standing over him while the sun shined in his eyes. He could hear the sound of birds chirping.

"Did we beat him?" Kid asked as Liz and Patty helped him up.

"I'm not sure…" Liz said as she pointed to Tökkentäkker's grave, still standing where it was as if nothing had happened.

Kid cautiously and curiously walked up to it before hearing a click sound and seeing that the little tray had dropped another large token. Kid picked up the token and examined it, finding that it had the exact same inscription as the one he used to start up the madness that night. He smiled as he put the token in his pocket and turned back to Liz and Patty.

"Let's go home," he said. "We won."

"Yay! Woo hoo!" Patty cheered and jumped with joy.

"But won't someone else just come along and startup CarnEvil again?" Liz pointed out.

"Not if they don't have this," Kid replied as he held up the token.

"Alright, if you say so," Liz said with a half-smile as they all walked through the cemetery and out the gate, basking in the morning.

Unbeknownst to the triumphant group, however, the grave produced a second token which sat there and awaited the next visitor to the Carnival of Evil.

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