[Cheerless #5] Cheers Roll Down: A Series Of Unfreaktunate Events


Sabrina has shown up unannounced in the City That Never Sleeps, which certainly means no rest for Libby. Will their precariously-balanced relationship fall into place... or simply fall apart?

Romance / Drama
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Freaking In Unannounced

Cheerless #5. Libby, Sabrina, et al. are © Hartbreak / Paramount / Whatever.Adymm, Ophelia Jones, the members of In Absinthia, and this work of fiction are © myself.

[[NOTES: Once more into the breach, right? Maybe I'm running it into the ground, but I swear to you, the ideas will NOT stop coming for this story - I could probably write Libby forever! However, I will stop eventually... I can't base my entire life around a single fanverse.

As you may have surmised from the ending of "Thread Breaking", the dynamic will be marginally different; Sabrina is about to insinuate herself within Libby's world (NYC), and therefore this installment is almost like taking the previous four and smashing them together... with somewhat volatile results. Funny thing - you wouldn't know it if you haven't read my other works, but I'm now actually living in upstate New York. Never in a thousand years did I envision I'd end up in the Empire State, but fate has a way of guiding you where you least expect. I feel like I followed Libby here!

For some reason, I waxed philosophical and wrote my own foreward (an abominable practise I hope never to repeat). It reads like a bad college prep essay. Anyway, hopefully you'll not be disgusted completely, and possibly even laugh a few times. Toodles!]]



"There is a crucial point in every young woman's life when she passes from childhood into adulthood. For some, it comes with something directly symbolic, such as the buying of the first female support, or the first time they go home from school with their jacket tied around their waist. For others, it's something more subtle, at least to them; quitting the baseball team because their peers think it's not "girly," or throwing away all their toys that aren't Barbies. And then, there's the all-purpose divider: first love. A woman is no longer a fledgling when she falls for someone - when she develops a crush she doesn't express by throwing mud on the object of desire or kicking them in the shins.

But these are not universal truths. There are other things that help transform you into the person you're meant to be, if not do it all at once: like finding your calling, or losing a loved one. Like finding true love, or losing your innocence in one horrible night of mistakes. Like losing an age-old friendship, or gaining the purest one you've ever known. Like a fight that cuts you to the bone, or a kiss that lights up the sky.

There is a crucial point in every young woman's life when she passes from childhood into adulthood... but no one can ever tell just when that moment comes. Only looking back, many years later, might it become clearer: maybe it was being promoted at your first job that taught you how valuable your career was to you, or needlessly losing your marriage that led you to founding a clinic for couples' therapy. However, despite its undeniable existence, it is far more likely that you will never be able to tell the exact moment you ceased being a person-in-training - and started living your life the way it was intended.

Beyond that, you have two choices: you can either spend your life regretting how it happened... or thank your lucky stars that it did."

- The Jessica X

Chapter 1: Freaking In Unannounced

"Oh God oh God oh God oh G-"


"I needed that," I mumbled, rubbing my cheek. "Thanks... Sabrina."

"No problem!" she said, grinning from ear to ear and showcasing those perfect dimples while her blue eyes shone with a thousand different emotions. Before another thought could impose itself on me, I felt her arms squeezing the life from my poor torso. "Ohhh, it's great to see you again!"

"L-likewise!" The instant she let me go, I was caught up in a second hug. "Hey!"

"Didn't wanna miss out on the love-fest!" Roxie's hug wasn't nearly as bone-crushing, but that didn't make it limp and forceless. Her nails are sharp! "How've ya been, Libbs?"

"Well, I used to be able to breathe," I wheezed. "How 'bout you guys?"

"We can take a hint," Roxie laughed, letting me down.

"Man," Sabrina was giggling, clapping her hands in front of her nose excitedly. "I can't believe we're really here!"

"Neither can I," I blurted honestly. "Seriously, how'd you get into my house? I didn't even see you when I came in!"

"Your dad, duh!" Roxie said, jerking her thumb over her shoulder. "We were hiding behind that Asian privacy screen thingy; figured we'd surprise you. Jesus, woman, did you think we broke in?"

"One can never tell with you freaks," I mumbled, making a mental note to trash Mom's present the minute they left. "But- but I still don't get what you're doing in the city!"

"Spring Break," they said in unison; with a giggle, Sabrina elaborated. "We were gonna boogie on a beach in Florida, but then we realised everybody would be doing that, so... why not hit the Golden Delicious for some quality time with our favourite lead singer?"

"It's nice to be home," Roxie said placidly, staring off into space, "but I always thought of New York as more of a McIntosh... maybe a Northern Spy."

Definitely felt myself doing a double take. "Home?!"

"Yeah, home." Her brow furrowed when my blank expression didn't change. "I... grew up in Queens? Wow, did I never tell you that?"

"Um... no?!" I laughed weakly, already rubbing at my arm. "I might be prone to lapses in memory lately, but I'd hang onto that one!"

"Oops?" she breathed. "Didn't mean to keep you in the dark."

"So anyway, what's new with you?" Sabrina asked, plopping down in the easy chair. "How's school, how's the band, how's life?"

"Great, great, never better," I answered in order. "Well, I had this sorta kinda rough patch for a while, but things have been pleasant enough lately."

A sober look came over her as she crossed her legs. "Yeah, it sounded like your mom actually wanted to make some serious amends. Anything come of it?"

"Of course not," I sighed. "But things don't exactly go according to plan when y- hey, how'd you know about that?!"

Roxie's guilty frown drew my attention. "Sorry; I got bored waiting for you to get back and listened through all the messages on your machine. 'Loobyloo', huh?"

At that moment, it became official: I wanted to die. Swan dive out the window sounded fitting. More importantly, I decided to be more conscientious about deleting my messages. How many remnants of my mother's visit were going to attempt to destroy my dignity before I got rid of them?

"You're freaked," Sabrina said uneasily, incorrectly reading my expression (even if she was so very right). "We should've done the 'call first' thing, shouldn't we? Geez, I'm such a space case!"

"Got that right," I snapped. "But... oh, who cares?" I launched myself at the recliner, causing both of them to squeal in surprise. "You're here now!"

- i o i o i o i o i o i o i o i -

Oh, shut up and leave me alone! So what if I melted into a puddle of goo? Two-and-a-half months is a long time, especially after the non-verbal way we last parted company - and drama notwithstanding, I missed the little freak! Maybe this whole thing was going to ruin my life again, and maybe I should've been biting her head off for shutting me out for so long, but looking at that eager face - correction, those two eager faces - I couldn't. I just couldn't.

Meanwhile, the following hard-to-understand paragraphs are intended for anyone who may or may not have found the book of my memoirs ripped into sections, and this is the only part they got. It's also useful for people like Morgan who flip to the back of the book and read the last part, and therefore have no clue what's going on - CHEATERS! Anyway, some annoying and redundant recapping follows:

- i o i o i o i o i o i o i o i -

Hail and well met, fellows! I am called Libby of Chessler, and lo, once before and far away, I was a Queen that wrote of herself in the third person (temporarily; bear with me, here). Her loyal subjects kissed her ass- uh, her ring, and did all she bade them. However, there came a rogue vagabond from a far away kingdom who obeyed not the Queen's orders. This maiden shone as the sun in dark corners, and her laughter loosed even the grumpiest of denziens. The Queen and the peasant girl grew as enemies; both were of a different cloth, and saw not worth in each other's eyes - but hark! For a wizard of words bound them as one, and only through an unholy union could they best the tasks set before them. Thus the two sides of a farthing became compatriots and overcame adversity! Huzzahs!

Their story would not end there, good Lords and Ladies - nay! The Queen became something fond of her former foe, and even without the wizard's power their fellowship thrived, growing deeper and more profound. Alas, the Queen was dethroned and driven from the land by a wicked tyrant, imprisoned in a gilded cage for many a fortnight. However, the fortnights turned to seasons, and the seasons became an age, and the Queen escaped her torment at last... but found her kingdom had spurned her. No longer welcome in her castle, she fled to a new life in a far away province, where she took up with a band of troubadours - one of which captured her affection with both lute and soul.

The fates are cruel mistresses, I fear to tell thee; for the once Queen and her minstrels came to visit her kingdom of old, and whilst playing their melodies for the folk, the vagabond of old heard it on the winds, and the rivals-cum-companions reunited for a hay-fortnight of wine and song. But as is the peril of mead, a friendship was obscured by impurities. Lo, the spirits drove the Queen to partake of the maiden's lips, and she fled her native village once more, dismayed at her ill passions.

No longer could the Queen find peace in her life. The troubadours played on, but her bard of the lute could not ease the fires of her secret shame - he came to mourn their love, and thus could not bear to go on. But fear not! A servant girl formerly in the Queen's stead came to her, and though the girl sought the Queen's flesh as well, it was this very thing that led the Queen to embrace her bard and rejoin their yoke with fervour.

Alas - and be this a hefty "alas" - the maiden vagabond waxed restless in her kingdom, and began a crusade to find her former Majesty. Behold - it is here we find them, embittered yet sentimental, their paths joining again and stretching into uncharted hills, clouded as a fortune teller's crystal ball (no offence to all you fortune tellers). The fates weave their tapestry for them with caution, and much remains yet to be woven.

- i o i o i o i o i o i o i o i -

The above epic poem basically boils down to two questions: "What is up with all the rainbow love?" and "WHAT THE SHIT AM I GONNA DO NOW?!"

-END Chapter One

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