Pandora's Box

Chapter Two - The Blue Eye

A young woman with dull blue eyes sat on top of a queen-sized bed located at the corner of a small room. There was a bathroom attached to the side, and a kettle for boiling water as well as some coffee beans and tea leaves, but that was all. The room was bare in the middle, and there were two armchairs at the other corner.

She looked up when she heard a loud click, and stood up from her bed. “Shinichi-nii? Heiji?” she asked as she walked over slowly, trying not to run into anything. Her arms were outstretched in front of her and she was groping blindly, making sure there was nothing in front of her.

“Sit down, Shinku,” Shinichi said as he guided the girl back to her bed. “We won’t stay long here. We’re just visiting before we go off further.”

Shinku’s face fell for an instant, before she brightened up again. “But you’ll be visiting again next week, won’t you? I’ll be lonely here if you don’t.”

Heiji smiled and ruffled her hair. “Of course we will. Shinichi can’t stay away from you for too long. I was even surprised he managed to stay away from Etansel for three months before we brought you out.”

Shinku chuckled as she sat down on her bed. “Take a seat,” she said, motioning at the armchairs. “Do you want something to drink? I have coffee.”

“Oh, we brought some bread with us,” Shinichi said. “Do you want some?”

“Sure,” Shinku agreed as she beamed at Shinichi and accepted the bread gratefully when he placed it on her palm. Shinichi watched her eat with sadness, because he knew she only did it out of courtesy. When her core lost its sparkle and was starting to turn an ugly black color, she came down with an unknown illness, and lost the ability to feel hungry or full.

Shinichi had tried shedding teardrop crystals to restore her core, but it didn’t work. He somehow managed to cure her mysterious ailment, but she remained blinded and unable to eat. She was also weak, so she had to sleep at least fourteen hours each day. This was the reason why he was looking for Crimson—to heal his sister who had sacrificed everything, even her dream to see Fa’Diel, just so Shinichi could.

“Where are you going next?” Shinku asked suddenly and Shinichi was snapped out of his reverie.

“We’re going to Geo,” Heiji answered. “But we might stop by Polpota on the way there.”

“Oh, Polpota!” Shinku exclaimed excitedly, and Shinichi thought that those dull eyes really didn’t suit her. “I heard the seaside restaurant is nice. You have to try it, Shinichi-nii!”

Shinichi smiled at her enthusiasm. “Of course,” he agreed. “I’ll see if we can bring something back from there. Maybe a pearl necklace or something. Or a conch shell.”

“That would be nice,” Shinku agreed. “Hey, is something the matter? Why do you sound so depressed?”

Heiji chuckled. “As expected from you two. Well, let’s just say that he came across something unpleasant. By the way, has that mystery visitor come back yet?”

“No, sadly,” Shinku said with a sigh. “I just hope they would come again so I could know why they came. I mean, it’s a bit hard to stumble across this room by chance, right?”

“Unless that person is extremely lucky,” Heiji agreed. “We’re adding an extra lock to this box. There is a jewel thief going about, and we’re afraid he might come here. It’s better safe than sorry, right?”

“Of course,” Shinku agreed. “Did you see the jewel thief, Shinichi-nii?”

“He took Hakuba’s core right in front of him,” Heiji answered, glancing at Shinichi who looked thankful that he didn’t have to narrate it himself.

“Hakuba-san the Bloodstone Knight?” Shinku asked. “He’s a good man. He left the city quietly after bidding me farewell when his Guardian died. I could’ve saved her, but he didn’t want me to cry.”

“It’s a pity,” Shinichi mumbled. “He told me not to cry for him as well. Maybe we could pay him a visit in the Underworld, but I need Olbohn’s permission to do that.”

“He’ll let you pass,” Shinku said as she smiled brightly at Shinichi. “He likes you, Shin-nii. So does Gaeus, and the other Wisdoms. Maybe you should pay them a visit.”

“Maybe,” Shinichi agreed. By then Shinku had finished the bread he gave her, so he rose up from his seat, quickly followed by Heiji, and bade her goodbye. “We probably should head to Polpota now to get there in time.”

“Of course,” Shinku agreed. “Be safe, you two. I’d rather die than live here all alone.”

“Be careful too, you,” Shinichi said as he snorted and laughed. “We’ll come back. Definitely.”

“See you.”


Madora beach was a famous beach in Fa’Diel. Pirate penguins and crabs frequent the areas, as well as some other tourists, although the amount of stray monsters lately made them stick to the side of the beach that was close to Polpota Harbor, the seaside town.

The entrance of the town led to either the hotel, or the town center. Down from the other side of the hotel was the seaside restaurant structured like a giant clam, where a young centaur bard often came to sing. The town center hosted a flower shop, an item shop, and a material shop. Continuing from there would the cliff and the beach.

“Let’s see if they have accessories from pearls or clams,” Shinichi suggested when they first arrived at Polpota and Heiji really couldn’t do anything but agree. Sometimes he felt like a servant of the twins, but he knew they never saw him as such. The two walked to the town center and the flower shop owner asked them if they were tourists.

“Well, we wouldn’t call ourselves that, but yes, we’re not residents of this town,” Shinichi confirmed. “Is there something wrong? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of tourists nowadays. I thought Madora beach is famous.”

“It is,” the shopkeeper said grimly. “But apparently the ghost is even more so.”

“A ghost? Where?”

“The hotel. Guests claim to have seen the ghost of a knight,” the storekeeper said in a hushed tone. “It’s probably one of the knights who died along with the sinking Imperial ship a couple of days ago. It sank near here, so it’s no wonder they would appear somewhere nearby.”

“But why would he haunt a hotel?” Shinichi asked as he frowned. “There’s something quite fishy here. We’ll go check it out.”

“We have to stay at the hotel anyway,” Heiji said as he rolled his eyes. “It’s already afternoon and we won’t make it to Geo before night fall.”

“Yes, that would make it all the more easier, wouldn’t it?” Shinichi asked as he chuckled lowly and Heiji couldn’t help but smile. It was good to see him recovered from his mental scar so soon. “So, can I have some daffodil, white hyacinth and purple hyacinth petals?”

“Sure,” the storekeeper said. “But why the petals only?”

“It’s easier,” Shinichi said with a shrug, and the storekeeper set about collecting the requested flowers from the various pots in his store. He then placed them on the table and started plucking the petals off of the stem, then when the pile was already considerable in size, he handed them over to Shinichi who held them in his arms while Heiji paid for them. “Come on Hattori, we’re going up the cliff.”

“Alright, alright,” Heiji mumbled as he followed Shinichi up the path to the cliff. He knew that if there had been tourists around they would’ve been shooting them weird stares. When else were you going to see two cloaked men walk up the cliff with an armful of bright flower petals?

When they reached the top, the sea was calm. The breeze was almost non-existent and Heiji wondered if it would be considered littering—throwing all the petals into the sea. However, as Shinichi read out a prayer that was always chanted whenever a Jumi died—a prayer of peace and a new life, the wind started picking up until it was finally strong enough to blow all of the petals out of Shinichi’s hold. The petals swirled in the air before they flew off, following the line of the breeze.

“Rest in peace, Imperial knights,” he murmured as he bowed slightly in respect. “Come, let’s head to the hotel now.”

They turned and was about to go down, but stopped when they saw an Imperial knight walking up to the cliff with a bouquet of white lilies in hand. He looked surprised, and they knew that he must’ve seen what had just happened at the cliff.

“Do you know anyone aboard the ship that sunk?” Shinichi asked as they stepped aside, allowing the knight passage to the top of the cliff, where he placed the bouquet of lilies and prayed for them.

“I do,” the knight answered. “It was my friend, Thona. He died an untimely death. Even to this day no one knew just why the ship sank, and it’s making me sad. Thank you though, for praying for them.”

“You’re welcome,” Shinichi said as he smiled at them. “I hope they will rest in peace now. Are you staying at the hotel as well?”

“I can’t accept the fact that a ghost of the knights is really haunting the place,” the knight admitted. “And if it’s someone who tries to frame them, I won’t forgive them.”

Shinichi nodded in understanding; he would feel the same way too. “I guess then we’re fellow guests at the hotel. My name is Kudou Shinichi, and this is my friend Hattori Heiji. Pleased to meet you.”

“My name is Thoma,” the knight said. “Pleased to meet you too,” he added as he bowed at Heiji then Shinichi. “In any case, I’ll be heading back to the hotel now. Are you two coming, or do you still wish to do something out at the town center?”

“We’re actually looking for a souvenir of some sort,” Shinichi answered amiably. “You should go on first. We’ll catch up later. We’ll help you straighten the rumor of the ghost, so feel free to look for us. Anything we know that might help, we’ll be sure to tell you.”

Thoma nodded gratefully. “Thank you, Kudou-san,” he said, then bowed at the two in farewell, before heading back off to the hotel while the two continued to walk around the town center.

Shinichi finally settled on a charm bracelet with pearls hanging off of it, as well as small colorful shells. He bought two of them, one for himself and one for Shinku. Heiji got a conch shell for himself, saying that the sound of sea calmed him down, and that was why his favorite town was Polpota.

Even before they escaped from Etansel, he had thought of taking the twins with him to Polpota. However, he knew that without a Knight Shinku wouldn’t be allowed to, and so he didn’t. He thought of waiting until she got a Knight, but then the war happened and every plan he had was ruined.

They headed back to the hotel afterwards to freshen themselves up before they headed down to the seaside restaurant. The place wasn’t big, but it wasn’t that crowded, mostly because there were no guests at the hotel due to the haunting. A young centaur named Gilbert was off singing by the side, while some pirate penguins were standing by the edge, staring off into the sea and gossiping among themselves about the recently sunken Imperial ship.

The two took a seat near the edge, but not beside the penguins. A waitress came up to them with two menu books and left them to browse through them before placing an order. Heiji ordered a broiled barramundi fillet with onions and carrots, and a glass of watermelon juice, while Shinichi ordered grilled clams and a glass of coconut water.

“Well, this is nice,” Shinichi commented as he peeled off the clam shells and pulled the flesh out of the center. He dipped it in chilli sauce and then ate it. “No wonder this place is famous. The seafood is excellent. Sad to know that they’re losing business because of a ghost rumor.”

“Though we got the best seat because of that,” Heiji said as he chuckled. “If not, we would’ve had to wait for hours before we could even get a seat.”

“Well, yes, but it feels like we’re laughing on top of someone else’s misery,” Shinichi said as he picked another clam from his plate. “Only for today, though. Right?”

“Of course,” Heiji agreed. “We’ll get to the bottom of the problem here before we head off to Geo. I know you’re curious about why the ship sank in the first place as well.”

“Hm? I didn’t know you two are together in that way.”

Shinichi and Heiji looked up to see Ginzo hovering over then, arms crossed in front of his chest in a stern and menacing way while Aoko stood behind him, the notepad and pen ever so ready in her hands.

“You know that if we really are, you would be kicked by a horse right about now, right?” Heiji asked sarcastically as he cut up another piece of fish and put it in his mouth. “So what brought you here? I’ll let the fact that you ruin our dinner slide if you have a good reason for it.”

“The Phantom Thief Kid has sent another notecard,” Ginzo said grimly as he pulled out a card from his breast pocket, and the two Jumis quickly stopped eating. He set it down on the table for them to read, and they leaned over to read the writing on it.

“My next target is in Polpota Harbor, where the truth of the tragedy will be revealed. Then I shall take away the Blue Eye,” Heiji read out as he stared at the card. “What is the Blue Eye?”

“We don’t know yet,” Ginzo said with a shrug. “We figured we might come across you two here, and we did. It’s not hard really to ask around if anyone has seen two cloaked figures walking about. You two should try something else to lay low.”

Heiji pointedly ignored the comment. “What does the truth of the tragedy have to do with it?” he mumbled.

“We were kind of worried about him,” Aoko spoke up as she motioned at Shinichi. “After all, we wouldn’t put it past Kid to not do something as gross and gory as to gouge eyes out again, and his eyes are blue.”

“Oh, no, don’t worry about him,” Heiji said as he returned the card to Ginzo who nodded approvingly. “Kid slipped a note for him back then, saying he won’t be taking his core. I don’t know why, but he said that, and I don’t think he’s going to back down on his own words so soon.”

“That’s a relief,” Aoko said as she nodded thoughtfully. “So then, the next best bet is that the Blue Eye is a Jumi core. But we don’t hear about any Jumi here.”

“We should ask around,” Shinichi concluded. “If he mentions something about the truth of the tragedy, then the core is most likely a gem with mystical properties. It might be able to look into the past or something. It won’t be hard to ask around about such gem, will it?”

Ginzo chuckled at the deduction. “I like you, kid,” he said as he ruffled Shinichi’s hair. “Well then, come on Aoko. Let’s leave these two lovebirds to finish their dinner while we ask around. Come find us and we’ll see if we’ve find the Blue Eye yet.”

The two had come to an agreement that they would just ignore Ginzo’s comments about them being in a relationship like that. Everyone thought of a pair of Jumis as soulmates, and that the Knight should love the Guardian and vice versa, but it really wasn’t that way. Their feelings at first would be purely dutiful, mutual protectiveness. How it progressed would be up to the pair, and in this case, Heiji was nothing more than an older brother to the twins.

“Ah, that was really nice,” Shinichi commented as he washed off his hands with the bowl of water filled with some lime juice that was provided by the restaurant. After they had finished eating, Heiji had gone to pay for the bill then came back to pick him up. “We should come back here again someday.”

“We will,” Heiji said as he nodded. “Come on now. Let’s catch up with that strange duo.”

Shinichi and Heiji walked back up to the hotel area, and saw a fish head on a basket walking. Before they managed to recover from the shock, the fish had walked into the lounge area, and in came Thoma, along with Ginzo and Aoko, who looked surprised to see them as well.

“Oh, there you are,” Ginzo said. “Finished with dinner?”

“And I suppose you’ve found the Blue Eye?” Heiji queried. “Does it have anything to do with that strange walking fish? Please tell me I’m dreaming and I really didn’t see that.”

“But I saw it too,” Shinichi said as he frowned. “What is that thing, really?”

“He’s the owner of the Blue Eye,” Aoko said as she took out his notebook and flipped it open. “According to rumors around this place, he’s the only guest who keeps coming to this hotel even after the haunting started. He is a rich fish... that collects money by letting people look into the Blue Eye for information. Apparently it’s a gem that knows everything that happens in or on the sea.”

“That’s neat,” Shinichi said. “But I suppose he isn’t going to let us see it, even if we’re going to protect it from the Phantom Thief?”

“You’re psychic,” Ginzo said sarcastically. “Well, we’ll come back here early tomorrow morning. The dancer girl doesn’t come today, so we won’t be able to see it. We might get her to work for us so we can get to see it. I heard he listens to whatever the girl asks for.”

“Sure,” Shinichi agreed. “Are you two staying in this hotel?”

“No, we’re heading back to the headquarters,” Aoko answered, putting her notebook into a pocket on her jacket. “We’ll be back here tomorrow. Have a good night, gentlemen.”

After the two left, Thoma caught a shadow of something moving at the back, so he excused himself to give chase to the fleeting shadow. Shinichi and Heiji were left, and they agreed to just head up to their room to get some rest for the night. They would have a long day tomorrow.

As they were walking up, Shinichi’s loose bracelet got snagged by the staircase handle bar and the chain broke. It fell with a loud clinking noise and he quickly went down to retrieve it. He frowned and checked if he could still fix the chain himself, but it completely snapped and was bent out of proportion.

“I’ll get you a new one,” Heiji said softly as he held onto Shinichi’s hand. “Come on, let’s go to our room.”

Just then, Kaito walked into the hotel, carrying a duffel bag with him and dressed in a loose, black cloak to cover his head and face. “Oh, hey. Kudou and Hattori, yes?” he asked as he lowered his hood and shot them a wide grin. “What happened? You look sad.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Shinichi said quickly as he pocketed the broken bracelet, but before he did so, Kaito had grabbed his wrist. He pulled it towards him and uncurled the fist to show the broken chain.

“You broke it,” Kaito stated simply. “Well, this is easy. Here, give me it, and it’ll be good as new by tomorrow morning. Jeweler’s promise,” he added as he winked playfully at Shinichi.

“Sure,” Shinichi said as he handed the bracelet to Kaito. There was nothing else he could do anyway. It was either have him try, or throw it away without even trying. “Why are you here?”

“Serendipity?” Kaito asked teasingly. “No, really, I’m here to collect some pearls and shells for my jewelries. I’m running out of sea water pearls, and this is the best place to obtain them for low price.”

“Oh,” Shinichi mumbled. “I’ve never seen your works before, but you seem experienced. I’d like to see it one day.”

“Of course. Drop by my shop,” Kaito said. “Oh, I forgot. Here, this is one of my works,” he added when he remembered something, and pulled out a thin, flexible chain with a beautiful staff pendant. The staff was made from rhodium-plated silver, and the top of the staff was adorned with small, neatly cut jewels. There were rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The craftmanship was very delicate and fine.

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” Shinichi said in awe and Heiji leaned over to stare as well. It sparkled in the right amount, and wasn’t blinding. The blend of colors was absolutely beautiful, and it wasn’t overly jeweled. “You are really talented, Kuroba-san. No wonder you’re famous.”

Kaito grinned. “Do you want it?” he asked, holding the necklace up. “This is my latest work, but I don’t want to make any more of it, so it probably won’t be showed to the public.”

“Please tell me you’re joking,” Shinichi said as he blinked, staring at the staff pendant. “That must’ve cost a fortune! I can’t possibly accept it!”

“No, not really,” Kaito said with a shrug. “I collect my own materials. Making jewelries has been a hobby, and this is no different. Making them is a fun pastime for me. It’s sad to think that this will forever be in my drawer, so I’d be happy if you want to take it from me.”


“No need to feel bad, really, Kudou-chan,” Kaito said as he chuckled. He took the bracelet from Shinichi’s palm and replaced it with the necklace. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” Shinichi agreed as he stared at the necklace in his grasp. “Are you sure I can keep this?”

“Of course,” Kaito said, his grin not faltering. “I’m sure it’ll look good on you. Maybe I should make something else for you... something to match your eyes. Maybe a hairpin or a headdress.”

“No, no, you don’t have to!” Shinichi quickly refused, shaking his head frantically as he flushed slightly. “We don’t know each other yet, so you don’t have to do anything for me, really. Or do you do this to everyone you’ve met?”

“Of course not,” Kaito scoffed as he frowned, but then his expression brightened again. “I like your eyes. They’re beautiful. Way more beautiful than any gems I’ve ever seen.”

“Uh... thank you?” Shinichi asked hesitantly. “Anyway, we’ll be going back to our room now, Kuroba-san. It was nice meeting you, and we’ll come over to your room tomorrow morning to pick up the bracelet. You don’t have to rush, though. We’ll probably be here until afternoon.”

“Nah, I have to leave before noon tomorrow,” Kaito said as he shook his head. “I wasn’t planning on staying here for long. I have to head to Ulkan to mine some more materials before I head back to Geo.”

“Oh, I see,” Shinichi said as he blinked. “Okay then, we’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Sure,” Kaito said as he waved at them, then walked back to the receptionist to order a room, while the two walked up the stairs to their room that was situated on the second floor.


The next morning, right after breakfast, Heiji and Shinichi asked the receptionist for Kaito’s room number. Walking back upstairs to his room, they noticed that the walking fish was already walking into the lounge, and the receptionist said that Revanshe the dancer had come earlier that day.

“Oh, good morning,” Kaito greeted cheerily when he saw the two standing in front of him as he opened the door to his room. “Here you go, as good as new,” he added as he showed the charm bracelet that Shinichi broke the night before. A quick peek into the room showed that the internal phone on the desk had been placed on the floor and the desk was filled with various tools.

“It’s nice,” Shinichi admitted. “Thank you, Kuroba-san. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Hm? Oh, I see you’ve worn the necklace I gave you,” Kaito said happily. “Good, good. Well, do you have anything to do? Maybe we could go out for some coffee.”

“Not today, I’m afraid,” Shinichi said regretfully. “Oh, why not do it when we’re visiting Geo? We would be going there after our business here is finished after all. You live in Geo, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” Kaito mumbled as he nodded thoughtfully. “I suppose either the cafe at the inn or the fruit juice parlor near the Palace of Arts will do. Okay then, it’s a date.”

“Uh, sure,” Shinichi confirmed hesitantly, his face flushing slightly under Kaito’s pointed stare. “Well, please excuse us now, then. Be careful on your way to Ulkan.”

“Of course,” Kaito said with a laugh. “Thank you for your concern, Kudou-chan. See you next time, Hattori-san.”

“Well, at least I’m not invisible to you two,” Heiji said teasingly as they were walking down to the hotel lobby, right after Kaito had closed the door. He chuckled when Shinichi’s blush deepened and ruffled his hair. “That guy seems like a good man. Pure and dedicated. But...”

“Did you notice it too?” Shinichi asked, his tone serious all of a sudden. “The guilty look, along with frustration and quiet anger that are always present in his eyes.”

“Yes,” Heiji confirmed. “He’s going through just as much as we are, or possibly more. I wonder why. Maybe he isn’t just a jewelry maker from Geo, after all.”

“I’m sure we’ll find out in due time,” Shinichi commented. They reached the hotel lobby, and saw Ginzo walking into the hotel, dressed in a suit as always. Aoko, however, was nowhere to be seen, and the two lifted questioning brows at him as he walked over to them.

“Morning kids. Are you ready?” Ginzo asked. “Or do you want to wait for that knight first?”

“Where’s your daughter?” Heiji asked curiously.

“Some things happened at the headquarters. She offered to stay back and take care of them first before catching up here,” Ginzo answered. Just then, Thoma walked down into the hotel lobby as well. “Oh, there he is.”

“Hello, Thoma-san,” Shinichi greeted the knight who was already dressed in his usual armor. “Did you find out what the moving shadow was?”

“No, regrettably,” Thoma said as he shook his head slowly. “The shadow moved too fast. I couldn’t believe anyone could move that fast, but oh well. There’s nothing to be done.”

“Alright, so has the Basket Fish gone into the lounge?” Ginzo asked as he looked back at the pair of Jumis, who simply nodded silently. “Good. Let’s get inside then.”

Basket Fish looked surprised to see them, then frowned as he called them persistent. He still refused to show the Blue Eye to them, but then Revanshe asked to see it as well, because she had heard of rumors about the gem but had never seen the actual gem. She had also heard the rumors about the sinking ship and the ghost, and wished to see what actually happened, just like them. Unable to refuse her request, Basket Fish finally pulled out the palm-sized blue gem and showed it to them.

The gem glowed slightly under the early morning sunlight, and the glow grew in size until it reached the size of a round table for four, and started showing images of the Imperial ship right before it sank. Everyone then started focusing on the images, even the Basket Fish himself.

A soldier was standing on the deck, staring out into the open sea, before he started panicking. “The sea hag is here!” he shouted, and ran to warn the other soldiers of the siren’s arrival. The soldiers quickly covered their ears with their hands and sought cover as the siren flew above them, singing a spirit song.

Thoma blinked as the image slowly disappeared, faded into nothing. “So, the reason of the sinking was a siren? But how could that be?” he asked, frowning in thought. “I mean, true, the sailors all believe that sirens are bad omens, but...”

His further theories were cut off when loud clanging sounds were heard. When they turned around to look at the source of noise, they saw a fully-armored Imperial knight standing there, the armor slightly wet and the face fully-covered. Revanshe screamed and ran out of the lounge through the backstage steps and back into the changing room, while Basket Fish was panicking as the knight walked towards him.

“Hand me the Blue Eye!” the knight demanded with hoarse, nasal voice.

“Alright, alright, just don’t hurt me!” Basket Fish shouted in panic as he nearly threw the gem at the knight. The knight caught the gem, brought it up to see it under the sunlight, and put it away in his armor.

Thoma was staring blankly at the knight, as well as the pair of Jumis, when he suddenly turned to look at Shinichi. “Thank you for praying for their souls,” the knight said. “They are now resting in peace.”

With that said, the knight proceeded to rush out of the room. Only a minute later, Ginzo and Aoko rushed into the lounge room, panting slightly as they had run all the way there. “Where is the Blue Eye?”

“What?” Thoma asked in surprise. “Weren’t you here just a moment ago?”

“No, some things happened back at the headquarters so we’re running late,” Ginzo said as he straightened up. “So where is the Blue Eye?”

“I’m afraid we’ve just been tricked,” Shinichi said. “Kid probably came here disguised as you, then while we were watching the retelling of what happened aboard the Imperial ship, he changed into his disguise of a deceased knight and demanded the Blue Eye from this... fish.”

“I think Kid is afraid of fish,” Heiji concluded. “His voice rose when he demanded the Blue Eye, and when he exited, it was as if he was running away from Basket Fish here.”

“Well, that doesn’t really help,” Ginzo said as he rubbed his forehead, feeling the headache coming. “He’s not the only one afraid of fish, I’m afraid. But anyway, our job here is done. It’s no use mourning for the loss of the Blue Eye now. We’ll focus on tracking where he might go next. Come on Aoko, back to the headquarters.”

“He seems eager to find out where he might go next,” Heiji commented as the three watched Ginzo storming out of the hotel lounge. “Is he always this excited about Kid?”

“Not really. He just wants to quickly go back to the headquarters so he can scream out his frustration to his heart’s content. He’s less restrained than that time in Gato because this time Kid disguised as him and succeeded,” Aoko said with a shrug, clearly ignoring the fact that she was being left behind as if it was a daily occurence—or maybe it was. “I had banned him from yelling in public ever since I had to apologize for three hours straight to a woman who got called a shithead by her son who was nearby while my father was yelling.”

Shinichi and Heiji nodded thoughtfully as they shot her sympathetic looks.

“Ah, anyway, I have to go now,” Aoko said as he looked outside. “We’ll see you again sometimes. I believe this is not the last theft that will happen.”

She then bade goodbye at them, completely ignoring Basket Fish who was protesting and demanding that they give him compensation for the gem that was taken from him. Thoma, Shinichi and Heiji decided to leave as well because the ghost haunting was probably already resolved.

“I suppose he is not that heartless after all,” Thoma mumbled. “He knew the knights’ souls are resting in peace. Well, I’m heading back to my headquarters. May we see each other again if Fate allows.”

“Yes, of course,” Shinichi agreed as he smiled and bowed at Thoma, and Heiji did the same. “We’ll be heading out to Geo now. Goodbye, Thoma-san.”

Thoma walked off, and the two stared at him until he was out of earshot. Heiji looked down to stare at Shinichi, and nudged him slightly. “What do you think?”

“I don’t know,” Shinichi admitted as he sighed. “You know, maybe it’s time we ask the Wisdoms for help. We’re returning to Gato after we visit Geo, alright? I heard Selva frequents that town. He might know something.”

Heiji simply nodded in agreement, and the two went off to Geo, the city of magic.

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