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Arnav and Khushi's crazy story. Arnav Singh Raizada wants everything interesting in his life, at least something different from common. So he didn’t want to get married. He was not interested in, “Marry someone, give birth to children, brought them up, make them settled in life, and die”. What’s new in that? Everyone does the same. But now he agreed to get married. But why? What made him change his mind? Or who made him change his mind?

Romance / Fantasy
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unique proposal

Part 1

New Delhi

Raizada Mansion

Anjali was pacing in her room restlessly. She just came from Lucknow today morning. She went to attend a marriage in Lucknow. Since then she was like this. She prayed Devi Maiya inwardly. That’s when she heard her daughter Shali shouting “Mama”. As expected her brother ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA came inside her room and hugged her.

He was a hot business Tycoon. He has the features of Greek God. A well-built body, chocolate brown eyes, well-gelled hair, a smirk which dominates his face was highly dangerous for any girl. He was an arrogant guy for the world. But for his Di… he was just CHOTTE. He will do anything to make her smile.

Anjali: I miss you.

Arnav: Di, it’s just for four days you went to Lucknow. He teased.

Anjali: Not just four days Chotte, Fouuuur days. She said feeling sad.

Arnav understood seeing his Di’s face that she was not totally fine.

Arnav: Di, are you ok?

Anjali (nodded no): I’m not ok Chotte.

Arnav (worriedly): What happen Di?

Anjali: Leave it Chotte. You can do nothing with that.

Wasn’t it a matter of touching his EGO?

Arnav: Tell me what the matter is.

Anjali: I’m feeling sad about missing something.

Arnav: Missing? What’s that Di?

Anjali: Very first time, I feel very helpless Chotte. I want it but I know I can’t get it.

Arnav: Di, whatever it is, I will bring it for you.

Anjali: You can’t Chotte. And I don’t want to pressurize you for anything.

Arnav: Stop it Di. Don’t you dare say like that. I promise. Whatever it is, I will bring it for you.

Anjali: Chotte please, don’t give your word without knowing what I want.

Arnav: I told you know? I will.

Anjali: what if I want a girl as my BHABI?

Arnav was stuck. He understood that he got trapped by Anjali brilliantly. But that was not totally Anjali’s mistake. He is the one who promised, seeing her sadness.

Arnav: Di, didn’t I say, I’m not even ready to think about my marriage for the next three years?

Anjali: No problem Chotte. You can take your time. You just marry her now and you can start family after three years.

Arnav(frowning): What rubbish Di.

Anjali: Because she also wants time to accept you as her husband, that’s why.

Arnav(sarcastically): What!! A girl wants time to accept me? Who is that so special girl? He asked getting amazed.

Anjali: She is not like what you are thinking. She looks so innocent, so childish. I like her very much Chotte. That’s why I don’t want to miss her, because I don’t think we can get such a girl ever.

Arnav: Di, don’t fall for anyone easily…

Anjali(cutting him): No Chotte, I can say it confidently. Khushi is a nice girl.

That’s when they heard Anjali’s daughter…

Shali (excitedly): What? Is Khushi Didi going to be my Mami? Wow, that’s really great. I got someone to play Hide and seek then. She hopped happily.

Arnav (frowning): Hide and Seek?

Shali: Haan Mama, We played hide and seek in Lucknow. She has very huge fan followers, everyone is in my age. She giggled.

Arnav looked at Anjali like what the….

Anjali: Didn’t I say she looked so childish and innocent?

Shali: True mama. She was so childish than me. (she chuckled) But she looked so beautiful. Hai na Mumma?

Anjali( nodded yes): You go and study.

Shali (murmuring): But What Mama will do marrying her? Will play hide and seek or what? But Mama don’t play hide and seek……

Arnav glared at Anjali.

Anjali: Didn’t you ask me, “What’s there in marriage? It’s just a worst set up, Get Marry to someone, Get Children, Brought them up, Send them to school, get them married, and die”. These are your dialogues, right? If you marry Khushi then your life will not be like that. It will be interesting for sure. She won’t flaunt like your AR staff and won’t be so haughty like your models. She is so simple and cute you know?

Arnav: Are you planning for child marriage?

Anjali (chuckled): No. she is not child but childish. (she searched her mobile here and there) don’t know where did I keep my mobile. I will send her pic. I won’t force you if you don’t like her.

Arnav: From where did you get her pic?

Anjali (feeling proud): I captured it without her knowledge….

Arnav(cutting her): When she played hide and seek? He asked with his lopsided smile.

Anjali: Exactly. The pic won’t be so clear.

Arnav: It’s ok Di. He said without interest.

Arnav went to his room thinking about the childish girl. Anjali removed her mobile from under the bedspread. She purposely hid it. She knew her brother won’t show anything on his kadoos face in front of her. She just wanted to see his expression when he sees Khuhsi’s pic. She silently followed him while sending the pic. Arnav entered inside his room and sat on the recliner while opening the picture, unaware that Anjali was watching him from outside

Anjali’s face lit as Arnav freezes seeing the pic which she didn’t expect. Arnav’s gaze rooted on the pic. She looks indeed an innocent. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the pic. She was looking simple but she has the potential to make him gulp. Anjali left the place smilingly.

Arnav was laying on the bed thinking about the unique proposal. He slowly closed his eyes and opened it jerking as Khushi’s image flashed inside his closed eyes. He wondered about his own state. He didn’t know anything about that girl clearly. He doesn’t know what he should do. But denying the proposal was absolutely not in his mind. He smiled about the condition that he should wait for three years until Khushi gets ready for the relationship. He thought to talk with Anjali about it.

Next Moring

Anjali saw Arnav was getting inside her room. She prepared herself that she should not give up easily.

Arnav: Di… I want to talk to you.

Anjali know what he wants to talk. She was panicked as she knew how egoistic her brother was. But she has to face it anyway.

Anjali: Tell me Chotte. What you want to talk?

Arnav caught hold of her hand and made her sit on the bed and he got seated beside her.

Arnav: About my marriage.

Anjali: Take some time to think Chotte. Please don’t make a decision in haste.

Arnav: You told me Khushi wants time to fix herself into this relationship. Then why not wait for three years? Why so urgent? Why not we do engagement now?

Anjali’s face brightened. This is the first time her brother is speaking positively about his marriage.

Anjali: Yes we can. But why should we waste three years? She is from a small village Chotte. She knew nothing about our society and modern culture. If Khushi is with us then we can make her understand our lifestyle and she will also learn something from us, right? And she lost her father a few years before. Her mother and Buaji are her only relatives. They brought her up controlling her in every simple thing. It seems like, they are so fond of society. I heard their talks about Khushi’s marriage. They are searching for Groom. Why should we bother them? They will be relaxed seeing Khushi settling in her life.

Arnav (with concern): What about their income? How they manage?

Anjali: By house rent. They have own house. They get house rent every month that’s their income. Khushi’s Buaji also have own house in Delhi. She went to Lucknow to support Khushi’s mother after Khushi’s father’s demise. They already struggled a lot Chotte. That’s why I don’t want to trouble them anymore.

Arnav: Ok tell me, what’s Khushi’s main problem that you are planning to this extent?

Anjali: Not anything particular. Seeing her childishness, I understood that she is not ready for “husband and wife relationship” that’s why. Do you understand what I’m saying? (Arnav nodded yes) Poor girl, she should not go to the wrong person Chotte. And I know, there can’t be an understanding person than you. You also asked me three years for marriage and Khushi’s condition also suits it. Everything is falling in the right place.

Arnav nodded contently. He smiled at Anjali.

Arnav: Do you really think a childish girl will fit to be Mrs.ASR?

Anjali: obviously Chotte. I had seen her advising children about respecting elders. I’m impressed. What else other than that needs to be Mrs. ASR? She will learn Chotte.

Arnav(sighing): Ok fine. Go ahead.

Anjali(widening her eyes in excitement): Really? I can’t believe this. Chotte are you….

Arnav(cutting her): Don’t overreact Di.

Anjali hugged him happily.

Anjali: Thank God.

Arnav: I agreed because you said that I can take three years to start a family.

Anjali (controlling her smile): Sure Chotte. Maybe more than that. It depends upon your relationship progress. Who knows? she may fall for you soon. Then it’s your problem to handle her. She chuckled.

Anjali could feel Arnav was trying hard to control his smile. She was so delighted to see her brother like this. She believed, if he liked her then there is nothing to be worried. He will take care of everything.

Arnav left Anjali’s room thinking about what she said about Khushi. Is it possible for him to make a childish girl fall for him? Could he keep distance from her until then? Why not he tries to bring her into the relationship? What a mess? There are girls, who are longing for his one look. Here, he is planning to make his to be wife fall for him? A chuckle escaped from his throat. If his condition just seeing her photo is like this then what about after marriage? Anjali is right. His married life is going to be different than others and definitely so interesting.

To be continued……….

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