Salt Tears


Skylar and Arthur had been friends since their childhood, they had met when when they were only both ten years old, she was surfing on holiday when one day she lost her balance and she was dragged under the waves, she was too weak to fight against their rage, she began to sink to the bottom of the ocean but Arthur saved her just in time. Since then they had been inseparable, her family moved to the area where his fathers light house was stationed but it would only last twelve years, her mother died and her father had found a better place in Sicily, and at his weakest this was where the two finally reunite.

Fantasy / Romance
Raven Valentino
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I woke up to another warm day in Sicily, we had been here for two years and I still wasn’t quite accustomed to the heat. I got up and pushed the shutters back, my father owned a ranch and it was located deep in the hills of Sicily and my father also had a vineyard, I hauled myself out of bed and got ready for the day, pulling on my shorts, tank top and boots, I swept my long dark blue hair back into a ponytail and took a glance at the mirror and there were my pictures of Arthur and I. One of us when we were young, one with us in front of his fathers light house, one at my birthday where he drank me under the table. We had so many memories lining the edges of my mirror.

The news broke him when he found out, he disappeared into the ocean before I could say anymore. I gently placed my fingers on the picture like I did every morning, this was a ritual for me, I always hoped he would find me again. I made my way to the yard and went to the stable and retrieved my horse Malibu, a great grey Andalusian. His mane hanging by his left foreleg, and his tail dragging on the ground, it was like any other day getting the horses ready for the tourists as I was to lead them on the trail.

Once the horses were saddled, bridled and put under shade we waited The first coach load of people came, but only about ten were riding so I matched the horses and riders then we took off riding through the countryside, we could see the harbour and the small town and I could see the ruins from here, tourists flocking that area as well, wen midday came I took my break, I was riding town to the town and just passing the ruins when Malibu spooked, I pulled his reins and dismounted, there was a figure dressed in black flying over the ruins, but then all of a sudden a laser was fired and another figure was thrown back. I threw my leg over my horses head and slid from the saddle.

I ran to the ruins and tried to keep out of sight, the figure laid on the ground for a few seconds before moving his burnt and bleeding arms from his face and he stood up, the figure looked familiar to me. ‘No, it couldn’t be!’ I told myself. ‘My wishes had never come true.’ I kept watching, I wanted to help. The two began to fight again and they both glanced over to me as Malibu neighed loudly, I saw Arthur’s face drop from rage to surprise as he looked over to me.

“Sky?” He asked.

“Arthur?” I answered, this had to be a dream I couldn’t believe he was in front of me. But we were both soon thrown back into reality as he was stabbed by a blade. I ran forward and even attempted to push the suited man away, punching and kicking. Malibu ran into the fight and kicked him off the cliff face, I watched him fall. Before running back to Arthur. I could see he was weak, I wrapped my arms around him trying to keep him awake but he passed out.

I whistled for Malibu who came, he knelt before him and I hauled Arthur onto his back, I then walked back to the stable reins in hand. My dad gasped when he saw us. “What is he doing here?” He asked me.

“I don’t know,” I said. Dad helped me carry him to our spare room, I saw to the stab wound while dad saw to my horse, I pulled the dagger out and noticed it had a manta ray on it! I thought it was strange that this blade pierced him, but when he was protecting me one night from a mugger it didn’t make a scratch. Once bandaged I allowed him to rest, I would interrogate him later when his strength returned.

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