Wings Of Fire : Soul Fire


Soul is a TruthWing , a rare tribe of which only she is left. Join her in her journey to save Pyrrhia . This is a Wings Of Fire fanfiction. Sorry not much to write blurb about.

Meria Ruby
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Chapter 1

Soul lifted her head and glanced at the Forest Of Seasons. The animus created forest in which the TruthWings lived , isolated and safe from other dragons was burning away. The TruthWings were dying. They had not believed her warnings and now the forest seemed decorated in a terrible way, with blood and the purple scales of TruthWings burning away.
This was terrible. Probably the most terrible thing that could ever have happened. It was the worst case scenario.
" By all the moons , THIS is terrible. I should have forced them. " Soul said.
Tears streaked out of her eyes. She had never imagined this could happen. She had seen that the TruthWings had a really short lifespan left but all of them had taken measures and forgotten about it. They had accepted the fact that they had to die.
She could feel the heat. She could feel the sorrow of the dragons that were dying. She remembered suddenly , that she had not eaten anything yesterday. She collapsed into the ocean , awaiting her death.
TruthWings : The most powerful tribe in Pyrrhia, even more than the Night wings. They can see the lifespan of others and take away bits of their soul , can make dragons lifeless puppets.
Appearance : Bright purple scales and red , bloodshot eyes.
Queen : Queen Suflet ( deceased )
( This is top secret information )
" Hey , you RainWing , wake up! " a voice commanded.
Soul looked around her. She was not dead after all. She was on a beach and a SeaWing was looking angrily at her.
" Princess Tsunami : 70 years left to live. " Soul said . Tsunami looked at her in a surprised way. ' Oops . ' Soul thought. She was used to reading others' lifespans aloud since TruthWings could not read their own lifespans, they asked the other TruthWings to read theirs all the time.
Tsunami looked at her , expecting an answer probably. Soul smiled at her awkwardly.
" I'm not a RainWing. I'm a TruthWing. " she said sweetly.
" I've never heard of such a thing. Quit living in a dream world and making up stories of how long I'm going to live , I'll decide that , not you. " Tsunami said skeptically .
" That's seriously a lie." Tsunami insisted on making Soul believe her theory. That would never happen. TruthWings never said a single lie , it was like , their emotion to be truthful was embedded in them since birth and nobody could make them lie.Certainly not by force. Soul looked hungrily around her and grabbed the first coconut that she saw on the beach. She wolfed it down because she had not eaten anything the previous day and she didn't mind if she looked like a stupid grinning hyena. She suddenly realised that she was standing on a beach although she had seen many beaches , she loved this one a lot as she had not lost her life.
" Thanks for rescuing me. " Soul said gratefully.
" No , you were just lying on the beach and I woke you up , I absolutely did nothing. " Tsunami said but Soul could notice her puffing up her chest in pride.
" Let's go back to the village. It will set things right for you . Your name? " Tsunami asked.
" Soul " she replied. Tsunami kept on muttering things like ' I thought her name would be Toucan. Or Strawberry. I better on that one against myself. Soul's not a very RainWing like name though . Creative parents.'
It was clearly not Soul's fault. She was a TruthWing and nobody could change that.
" Here we are . " Tsunami declared.
Soul's heart began pumping wildly. She was here at the secret RainWing village and she was going to meet outside dragons. She swished her tail wildly and her talons tingled with excitement.
Hello everyone , Meria Ruby here. So this fanfiction story is my first outing on this kind of thing and I'm pretty excited for the next chapters of this story. There will be more than 20 or so and a lot of exciting dragons. What's more Soul will discover her amazing powers she was not taught to use. And a brand new villain. Tag along with Soul and enjoy the chapters! And I will be busy for a while so I will not get to write much but I'll try my best to upload the new chapters as soon as possible. And in this journey all the dragons from Wings Of Fire books 2 to 10 will be there ! Enjoy !

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