I think I lost you

Friends, Freckles and Firewhiskey

It was in the middle of their fourth year that Oliver began to think that something was wrong with him.

He always thought of Percy, he sometimes caught himself staring at him as he studied and he loved to make Percy laugh because he knew that not many could. Oliver could because he knew Percy.

Penelope Clearwater didn't know Percy like Oliver did, but she sure as hell got to spend a lot of time with him. Apparently Percy and Penelope had decided that since they both were so clever they could spend all their time together, preferably without Oliver.

Once again Oliver briefly wished he was clever too but he shook the thought from his head.

God, what was wrong with him?

He smiled as he half-heartedly listened to Percy's younger brothers going on about some new prank they were planning. Fred and George were possibly the first Weasley-brothers he had met that would not become prefects. He was sure of it.

He listened half-heartedly as Charlie explained some new strategy for the upcoming game against Hufflepuff. He just couldn't be bothered with that when he had this inner turmoil at the moment.

He didn't pay attention as his friends Marvin, the ravenclaw seeker, and Jack, who played beater, tried to discuss Quidditch with him either.

All in all, there was something wrong with Oliver Wood.

"What the bloody hell is up mate?" Jack's big blue concerned eyes were transfixed on Oliver, looking at him as if he were mad.

"What?" he snapped out of his daydream and looked back at his friend.

"You just said 'Quidditch's stupid'" Marvin said only now able to utter words after just staring in shock at his friend.

"I did?" Oliver seemed honestly surprised. That didn't sound like him at all.

"What are you sick or something?"

Jack and Marvin sat so close he could feel their breaths. Their warm, pleasant breaths ghosting over his skin. GOOD GOD!

He clutched painfully at the sides of his head.

These were boys he was thinking about and his friends to top it off, and they were all boys. That darn Slytherin Marcus Flint was a boy, Charlie Weasley was a boy. They were all boys damn it!

And he was thinking thoughts reserved for girls about these boys! It just seemed like… no he knew it was…. Wrong, just wrong.

"Mate! Oliver, you look like you're going to faint brother" Jack gripped at Oliver's arm, pulling it from his hair.

"How are you feeling, seriously?" Marvin assisted Jack by pulling the other hand until both hands rested neatly on the desk of the library.

"Nothing… it's just… I'm feeling-" Oliver was more than confused, he was scared of these feelings. Really scared, even more so than when he was stressing over his first game last year.

He just wanted Percy to rub his back in that calming way, touching him with his warm, thin hands and- No! No more thoughts like that. That was enough. That was exactly the kind of activities that got him in this mess to begin with.

"Oh…" Jack straightened up in his seat, a cocky smirk on his lips "I know that look."

Marvin looked confused, so did Oliver.

"That's a lovesick look mate" Jack's smirk grew wider as he noticed the panic on Oliver's face.

"Oh, that's so cute, he's blushing!" Marvin shouted as he caught on, immediately being hushed by Mrs Pince.

"So who is she?" Jack's eyes were aglow whit this new information. Who could believe it; notorious pretty-boy Oliver Wood fancied the pants of someone. But who was it?

They spent the whole afternoon trying to pry it out of Oliver but he denied it over and over again.

Oliver Wood did not fancy anyone, especially not blokes and especially not Percy Weasley

The door slammed open as a rather drunk Scotsman wobbled inside. Yes, he actually did wobble a little. Percy just sighted, slamming his book shut. He put his ink and paper in a neat pile and turned towards his friend. This had turned into a common occurrence in their dorm as of late

He sighted and looked at the young man before him, pity in his eyes. As Percy stood up he towered over the other teen as he had grown quite a lot during their last summer break.

"Oliver, you're drunk" he stated calmly as he steadied his friend who in turn took a hard grip on Percy's arms not to fall over.

"Barely…" Oliver answered him with an undignified snort. Funilly enough he seemed to actually believe what he was saying.

Percy closed his eyes for a minute and sighted once more.

"really, you can't go drinking your brains out every time you lose a game… you're going to die of alcohol poisoning" he tried to lead his friend towards his bed but said friend spun around in his grip and suddenly stood behind the taller teen, raising his eyebrows and then frowning.

"Then so be it!" he said pulling out a bottle out of nowhere starting to gulp it down. Percy firmly ripped it out of his grip. The stench of firewhiskey was all over the place, the bottle reeked and so did Oliver. Where did he even get a hold of this stuff? He was a minor, it was illegal god damn it!

"OY! Give me that!" Oliver stumbled towards Percy's outstretched hand but managed to fall down on the stone floor instead.

He moaned in pain and sat up with a pout "I can't believe we lost, and we were doing such a good job too… but then they got the snitch, stupid ravenclaws"

Percy just shook his head, throwing the almost empty bottle into some far off corner.

"Come on now" Percy took Oliver's arm deciding that he had to get the boy into bed so that he could sleep it off "You need to sleep"

"yeah, yeah, I-NO! No I don't want to" Oliver ripped himself free from the offending arm holding him once more and fell forward. Crashing into his bedpost and down into the mattress face first, where he snuggled close to his blankets with a sort of whimper.

Percy proceeded to help him under the covers since it proved very difficult for the intoxicated teen to do it himself. After a long struggle with his blanket Oliver lay still in his bed looking up at his red-haired friend with a drunken smile.

He clumsily put a hand on the freckled cheek and buried his fingers in the red curls.

"You have… so many freckles" he slurred as Percy only blushed. He removed the hand and furrowed his brows.

"You're very drunk" Percy said and tried to walk away but Oliver held a firm grasp on his robes keeping him there.

His brownish green eyes searched frantically to meet Percy's blue ones as he sleepily continued his freckle-speech.

"I mean… Charlie has A LOT of freckles, but there are so many that you forget they are there…" his eyes were glistening with something Percy assumed would be the alcohol in him.

"But you have just enough to make someone wonder how many there are…" Oliver pulled Percy closer, letting his hand slide off the boys robes and up to cup his face again.

"Sometimes I try counting them you know… but I always lose count and have to start over again" he was smiling again, mouth full of shimmering white teeth. His Breathe smelled heavily of firewhiskey.

"I like that. It means I'll always have something to do around you…. Especially when you study and don't have time for me" his hand slipped slowly of Percy's face and landed on his own firm, muscular chest as he fell asleep. Percy just stood there in shock as he watched the sleeping form before him.

He absentmindedly touched his cheek as he retreated to his own bed, carefully touching his freckled nose.

Then he quickly changed and pulled of his glasses as he crawled into bed.

The next day Oliver woke with a dreadful hangover, and a terrible feeling in his gut. What did he do yesterday; he didn't say anything weird, did he? He honestly couldn't remember.

He sat up looking over to his dorm-mate who sat perched in his own bed reading as usual, early riser and all. Percy always took to reading while he waited for Oliver to wake up, not wanting to wake Oliver himself by walking around too much.

"I- I didn't do anything did I, or say anything weird did I?" Oliver asked cautiously and cringed at the sound of his own voice in his head. His breath tasted horrible as well.

"Not really…" Percy lied and pretended to look down his book to hide a blush that Oliver thankfully didn't notice.

They sat in silence until Oliver groaned and lay down again.

"I'm never drinking again!" he exclaimed and flailed his arms around in the air.

"You always say that Oliver…" Percy didn't look up; he just turned the page and proceeded to read.

He remembered that his breathe smelled heavily of firewhiskey.

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