I think I lost you

New seekers and intimidating females

Their fifth year was a stressful year, not only because of the OWL's coming up but a lot had changed for the two friends.

Percy was now a prefect, not a very big surprise since it had been a choice between him and Oliver. And had Oliver been selected prefect then hell certainly would have frozen over and Dumbledore would have been a woman in drag.

Anyway, everyone knew Percy would become prefect. It was surprising to exactly no one.

However, having the authority of a prefect seemed to change Percy into someone completely different and he seemed to have lost whatever sense of humour he had possessed before. Percy just claimed that he had grown more mature, along with growing a bit taller as well to Oliver's great annoyance.

Since Charlie now had graduated Hogwarts he left the position of team captain to Oliver and he was swelling with pride. This new authority did not make Oliver more mature; however it did make him bossier according to his teammates.

And now he had a new seeker, at last! He had been looking for one for such a long time with no rest whatsoever. He had been so close to just give up and make that squint-eyed third year their new seeker.

But this one was brilliant, with a perfect build! And it was Harry. Bloody. POTTER.

However there were one more change in their life that Oliver didn't like one bit and that was Percy's new relationship with one Miss Penelope Clearwater. They were apparently now going out together which meant that Percy had even less time to hang out with Oliver.

Not that they ever really hung out, it was more like Oliver speaking to Percy and watching him do his homework while Percy said nothing, except for maybe saying something funny at Oliver's expense every now and then.

Oh wait, he didn't do that anymore because he was more mature now…

Sometimes Oliver feared for their friendship.

Percy had been glad for Oliver's sake in the beginning. Especially with that first win of Quidditch and all.

He seldom went to watch it himself, he didn't do that regularly anymore. It had only been those first years because they were important to Oliver, or so Percy told himself.

Percy's first school game had proved to be just what Percy had predicted; nothing like a professional game where part of the joy was following your team through a series and see the very best perform. No, while at school he had better things to do than watch the amateur hour on the pitch.

These were the things he told himself to not stray from his curriculum, even though he did miss it. He had grown very fond of the game due to his strong friendship with Oliver, although he would admit this to no one. And sometimes it was hard keeping a cool head while cheering, so it was better to just not attend at all...

Percy didn't follow Quidditch anymore, unless it was the finals, because he had more important things to do. Like prefect duties and OWL studies and seeing his girlfriend Penelope, sweet and caring Penny who were just perfect in every way.

His investment in sports had to be put on ice. But Percy had thanked Merlin that Gryffindor was doing better because then Oliver's drunken griefparties had come to an end.

But then that little boy who lived got in trouble and lost some points, which of course happens when you don't follow the rules. Oliver however wouldn't listen to that no matter how many times Percy told him that there was nothing he could do about it.

And then suddenly the games didn't go as well anymore.

And they were back to square one.

Percy came into the dorms after patrolling with Penelope one night to find his friend sprawled on his bed with a bottle in hand singing some sort of drunken, Scottish song in a whisper.

"Oh, for god's sake Oliver. You Can Not do this, it's just a game!" Percy dropped his books on his desk and went over to Oliver's bed. Pausing when he remembered last time he had helped the drunken boy at this very spot. He shook his head convincing himself that it had been nothing and moved on forwards.

"If you keep doing this I'll make sure you'll lose even more points"

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Thi'- It's your own damn house, t's- this is…" Oliver slurred and sat up looking very offended and a bit alarmed.

"I don't care, stop drinking and go to bed" Percy took the bottle and sat it down on the floor.

"You like her more" Oliver mumbled flopping down on his back again.

"What?" Percy pushed his glasses up and sat down on the side of the bed.

"Pen'lpe" was all Oliver said before he crawled into fetal position, hugging himself in the process.

Percy sighted and went over to his own bed leaving the drunken lad to his own drunken mind. There was nothing he could do right now except turn a blind eye towards this.

It was true that Percy was very devoted to the rules and would even take points from his own house without hesitating but Oliver was a friend even if their friendship was on a thin line at the moment.

And he knew Oliver well enough to know when he needed a break.

Oliver sometimes tried to study with Penelope and Percy because it was the only time he could spend time with Percy these days. He still didn't know why he wanted to be around Percy so badly because he refused to acknowledge that it had anything to do with those wrongful thoughts about men.

At this point Oliver had to admit that he didn't fancy girls very much but this, this was nothing but friendship. He was a devoted friend and nothing else.

But on one of those study sessions in the library as Percy went off to look for a book Penelope once leaned forward and took a firm grip on Oliver's right arm. Surprisingly it hurt a lot coming from someone with such gentle, thin hands.

"I know what you want" she whispered, Oliver wasn't sure if she did it because of respect for library-rules or because it made it so much more intimidating. The way her eyes were focused on him like a predator ogling a piece of meat was terrifying.

"W-what?" Oliver wanted to pretend that the stutter was merely caused by surprise but there were definitely some fear in there. She smiled wickedly and shook her head.

"Really now, I was rather surprised about this" she released her death grip and shook her blonde curls of her shoulder.

Oliver was speechless, what was she on about?

"I'm seeing Percy, you have to accept that" her piercing grey eyes were now locked on his green ones with a certain determination "You hanging around us won't help, it won't do a thing".

Oliver stopped being scared somewhere in the middle of her speech and the surprise poured right of him and was replaced by sudden anger.

"I don't know what yo-" he began but she cut him off by holding her hand up in front of him.

"He doesn't care for you like that"

And then he was struck silent again. What was with this girl?

And it was because of this that Oliver now sat on his bed making notes for upcoming Quidditchpractises and declined Percy's invitation to the library with him and Penny.

"Are you sure? I could help you with that arithmancy homework. I don't mind" Percy's eyebrows were raised with doubt at Oliver's firm decline.

"No, no it's fine" Oliver shook his head and smiled "I need to do these… its tactic and stuff"

He waved his papers in the air with a chuckle and then proceeded to scribble down ideas and schedules.

"I thought you wanted us to do more stuff together, are you sure?" was that hurt in Percy's voice just now. Oliver didn't dare hope for that.

He carefully looked up again to see Percy just standing there with a thoughtful look on his face. He looked rather misplaced there in the doorway of their dorm.

Oh how he wanted to go now.

But there had been more to what Penelope had told him.

"I don't want you coming here with us anymore" her voice became serious and a bit cold as her eyes grew dark "I'll tell him about you if you do"

"Ah… yes, definitely. Must work, can't disappoint the team" he gave a small blush as he looked back down on his scribbles.

Percy then shrugged and proceeded to walk out the door.

"Alright, we have prefect duty later anyways… see you later then Oliver" and then he disappeared out the door leaving Oliver alone with his thoughts.

A lot of people said that Percy had changed after getting that prefect badge.

But Oliver didn't think that the badge was entirely at fault here…

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