I think I lost you

Bonus - Through the eyes of a spectator

Marvin Hamilton was a common young man, he did fairly well in school but was really more interested in sport. He was a thinker though and he would often stare out the distance, trying to answer all of lives questions.

The Latino looks that he had inherited from his mother's side gave him a soft, innocent look that made people feel that they couldn't possibly deny the boy his love of investigation and mystery solving, even though it sometimes interfered with their private business.

Oliver wood was about to become one of these "victims".

Marvin often wondered why his friend Oliver never had a girlfriend. He was popular for sure and if he wanted to he could have anyone.

And in their fourth year it seemed he actually had someone! But after a year's pestering him about it without any outcome the discussion had been dropped.

At least by Jack.

But then again Jack was in hufflepuff and accepted anyone for anything really.

But Marvin was a stubborn fellow; he was clever after all and was seeking not only the snitch but also knowledge no matter what kind it was.

After their fourth year he started watching people, because he was interested in other people's affairs. Not because he was nosy mind you, he was just interested in how people worked. Especially Oliver because he craved to know what was on his mind lately, he was his friend after all.

It wasn't until their sixth year that it started to pay of though.

He noticed it first after practise when he met the Gryffindor team getting ready for their time on the pitch. He found Oliver quite easily because he stood on a bench stretching.

"Olie!" he rushed up to him startling the other a little but a smile grew on his lips non the less.

"Nice seeing ye Marvin, everything alright?" Oliver jumped down from the bench and patted his friend on the back.

"Oh yeah, but I was wondering… you've been kind of distraught lately, after Christmas actually, are you alright?"

Oliver flinched, seeing that his teammates looked at him with interest he dragged Marvin aside.

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be… why'd ye' ask?" he looked worried, like he was constantly on the watch for an attacker. Oliver wasn't muggleborn though so it couldn't have anything to do with the attacks at Hogwarts.

"Why, have ye- have ye heard something, seen something?"

Marvin's eyebrows rose high and he shook his head.

"Ehm, no... just worried about you" he paused biting his lip as he went for it. Asking the question he'd been meaning to ask in the first place.

"Is it that person you fancy?"

Oliver flinched again, fumbling with his broom. He kept clenching and unclenching his jaws and then quite clearly faked a grin, probably meaning to seem confident but it just looked forced on him.

"Nope, no idea what you mean there mate" he patted Marvin on the shoulder and moved past him to his team.

"Sorry, only have an hour, need to get started" he waved back at him leaving Marvin to deadpan, yeah Oliver didn't have a poker face what so ever.

It was later at his common room that he noticed next big thing. Everywhere were whispers and a small group of girls were gathered around a flustered Penelope Clearwater.

"But why Penny, why?" whined one of her closest friends, Miranda was her name.

"I know he's meek and a bit scrawny but he's adorable and you two were just so-"

"So cute right?"

"Adorable, perfect really!"

"Penny what have you done?" the other girls added their opinions to the conversation but Penelope only shook her head.

"I told you, it didn't work… we're still friends though"

Marvin started perking his ears at this, did it mean what he thought it meant?

He wasn't nosy, really he wasn't! And it wasn't that he liked gossip, at least he told himself that. He just wanted to know things.

"Well if that's the case maybe I can ask him out right? He is rather sweet" one girl said, a small blush ghosting on her pale cheeks.

"No!" everybody stared at Penelope in shock. "I mean… not that I don't think- I just…"

"What? You broke up, what's the problem?" the girl seemed offended "I'm not good enough for him or something?"

"No, no… no, that's not it at all Clara, it's just…" she looked secretive and waved the lot closer to herself.

Marvin almost fell out of the armchair he was seated in when he leaned closer.

"There's someone else, for him I mean" she whispered and smiled broadly. The girls broke into frantic whispers among themselves, things like, no way! Who? Really, Percy? Who is it, do we know her! Tell us! Who is it?

"Oh, it's someone we know alright" was the last thing Marvin heard from Penny as the girls moved upstairs to continue their chat.

Days later Marvin started putting pieces of the puzzle together as he from the ravenclaw diningtable saw a sulking Oliver Wood staring at Percy from a distance, he had a longing in his eyes he had only seen before in the eyes of his dormmates when they looked at a girl they- he paused in his thoughts.

He rose from his chair and pulled a face that looked as if he had seen a dementor and had frozen mid-scream. Cyril, who had the bed next to Marvin up in the dorms and whose snoring used to keep him up until he mastered the ear-plug hex looked at him quizzically rising a brow.

"What?" he asked but Marvin couldn't form words anymore.

"he-he- and then him, of all people! He is- I should- oh!" he sat down quickly putting a large mouthful of bread in his mouth to make himself shut up. He probably shouldn't out his friend like that. Better to go talk to him about it.

"Whatever Marvin, you're so strange" Cyril shook his head, amused at his friends antics and kept eating.

It was the end of their doublepotion lesson when the moment to speak came. He dragged a surprised Oliver into a far off corner and pointed an accusing finger at his friend. Better to do it direct so that he wouldn't have time to come up with a lie, surprise was sometimes the best method.

"You fancy Percy Weasley" he stated firmly but in a hushed fashion so that he wouldn't be overheard.

"What? That- No- I- what?" Oliver stuttered out more words until he finally gave up and muttered a gloomy, "yes…"

Marvin shone up at the realization that he had been completely right, feeling a bit proud of himself he almost forgot what had actually been confirmed. His smile quickly faltered and he knitted his eyebrows worriedly.

"Blimey! How'd that happen?" he shook Oliver by the shoulder who just looked bloody miserable.

"I mean its fine... by me I mean, I'm fine with you being a- yeah" he scratched at his neck and gave a lopsided smile.

Oliver smiled a bit appreciative and sighted.

"How'd you know? Is it obvious?"

"No, I'm just clever- I mean stubborn really and… well, I know you, I figured it out" well that was a lie; it was a bit obvious if you knew what to look for. But there were no use telling him that.

He patted Oliver on the back and reassured him that his secret was absolutely safe with him which Oliver seemed to appreciate.

He was just about to mention Penelope's talk about Percy fancying someone and ask if he knew something about it since it was now his next unresolved mystery. But he then decided that it was probably stupid to do so. Because if Percy had dated Penny wouldn't that mean he was straight? Oliver probably wouldn't want to talk about it; maybe that was why he was so miserable.

It must be very tiresome to fancy a straight bloke, not that Marvin knew anything about it.

"WHAT was that about?" Jack flung himself down on the bench that Marvin occupied with his books. Before laying down Jack swept down all of the books on the ground with one swift move and Marvin flinched a little at seeing them strewn across the dirt.

"You know, after you introduced me to Pen-"

"You pretty much forced me to" Marvin stated firmly and put the book he was reading in his bag "what about it?"

"Well… We snogged"

"I sort of guessed" he looked at him with a not so impressed expression "did you come to brag?"

Jack shook his head but smiled broadly. "No… it's this other thing about it"

"Was she bad at it?" Marvin sighted "You know… on the contrary to other people's belief I am not some kind of gossip-Queen"

"Oh you are too!" Jack had sat up now, pointing an accusing finger and beyond that a huge grin played over his lips.

"But anyway- And don't interrupt or distract me!" he looked at him warningly and Marvin just sighted in defeat.

"While I was snogging her, Oliver turns up, right? Screaming oddities in his language-"

"His language is English you brute" Marvin put in and got a stern look from the other as he continued.

"I know, I know but Don't interrupt me now… as I was saying, he was shouting until…" he paused for dramatic effect and Marvin made a gesture for him to continue. "She tells him she and Percy broke up and he gets all dumbstruck like he didn't know and turns out- He Didn't!"

Jack howled with laughter but Marvin sat quiet.

Jack didn't notice but continued.

"So it turns out Percy kept it secret from him for some reason so Olie runs away, kay? He just runs-" he trailed off as he noticed Marvin quickly gathering his stuff and starting to walk away.

"Hey? HEY! What the bloody hell?" he rose to his feet and went after his friend "I'm talking!"

Marvin just kept going, faster and faster.

"Shut up! Not now! We need to stop him before he reaches Percy or he might do something stupid" Jack looked bewildered but followed. They reached the Gryffindor common rooms and looked at the fat lady in front of them.

"Did Oliver Wood pass here a while ago?" he asked her, catching his breath.

"Why yes, a few minutes ago~ he looked mad, he reminded me of Sirius Black as he stood in front of me and-"

"Yeah, yeah, that's all horrible and such but we need to get through! Give us the question!" he stated in a panic and she looked very upset with him.

"Password then" she demanded and he gaped.

"What? What password? You need a password!" he turned pleadingly to Jack who just shook his head.

"Honestly, for a ravenclaw you can be quite dense sometimes"

"I thought it was like my common room, you just need to answer a question!"

He started pacing around in front of the portrait, every now and then pleading with her to let him pass. She blatantly refused.

After a while the twins came rushing out from the portrait hole, Marvin's first instinct was to try and get past then but that failed so his next idea was to grab on to the shoulder of one of the redheads which he recognized from Quidditch.

"Hey! You know Oliver right? RIGHT?"

George (- or was it Fred?) looked at him like he was mad and calmly asked.

"Who wants to know?" and smiled a bit wickedly "what's in it for me now?"

Marvin started to panic again and Jack stepped in instead.

"yeah, sweet." He showed Marvin aside and put a hand on Fred's, no George's shoulder and smiled.

"I don't know what's up with Marvin, maybe he's lovesick…" Marvin flinched at the joke and made an unamused face.

"- so he wants to see Oliver, and come on! You know us, we're Oliver's friends, you know us from Quidditch mate!"

The twins were still not prepared to help them so Jack started talking about their latest pranks or something instead, making Marvin pull at his hair in distress. However it seemed that Jack's friendly tactic worked because after a while George, no Fred told them that apparently Oliver had and argument with their brother because everyone in their house had heard the yell and the slamming of the door. Then they had left it at that.

"well then, too late!" Jack said a bit too cheerfully and threw his hands up in the air.

"Now will you tell me what this is about?"

Marvin bit his lip, refusing to talk but after the twin's departure and a few minutes under Jack's intense gaze he cracked and spurted out "Hebludahfancie'ehsPerce!" and ripped at his hair.

Oh god he had wanted to say that out loud for so long!

"Okay, calm down love and stop pulling at your hair or you're gonna go prematurely bold" he calmly removed Marvin's bronze-like hands from his black curls and gave him a stern look "Come again."

"he fancies him" he whispered out in a hiss and put his hands over his mouth and made a face.

Jack just gaped.

"You mean. Oliver and -?"

Marvin just nodded.

"And Percy, he likes-"

Marvin just kept nodding.

"Who is now single and didn't say-"

Another nod.

"Oh bloody hell. We need to get in there!" Jack started ripping at the frame of the fat lady's portrait making her scream objections at him.

"Not now dearest lady!" he screamed and then he too was pacing.

After a while they were startled to see a flushed Percy Weasley rush out of the common room who then stopped and stared at them.

"Percy!" Jack shouted and was about to ask something when Percy put up a hand in front of him to silence him.

"Not now! For the love of everything, just no" Percy said and then rushed down the stairs. It took another hour before the two friends managed to get a second-year to go fetch Oliver for them.

The Scotsman soon poked out his head with a bothered smile and a choked greeting. They moved away from the opening, further away from anyone they might know or don't know for that matter.

"What happened?" they both stared at Oliver expectantly making the third very uncomfortable.

"Well, I… I snogged him" Oliver apparently didn't feel it was worth even pretending anything else happened.

They gaped a little.

Oliver shuffles his feet.

They spoke at the same time.

Oliver scratched his neck and tried to answer both his friends not sure what to answer since he didn't quite get the questions.

They started to panic.

All three of them.

And then there was silence.

"Well Shit" Jack said.

And that was all they needed before all three started laughing, a bit forced but still.

"So what now?"

"I'm not sure… I'll just leave it… for now"

They patted Oliver on the back giving him understanding smiles and nods.

They parted as Oliver went back to his common room and the other two walked together for a while.

"Well that was unexpected" Jack said and laughed.

"You're taking this better than I thought" was all Marvin said as he grasped tightly on his bag. He actually still felt a bit uncomfortable talking about it. It was all quite new and uncomfortable for him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jack frowned but it soon smoothed out to an awkward pout.

"But you're not… you know, gay, right?"

Marvin stopped at Jacks comment.

"What! No! what?"

Jack stopped too.

"I was just curious, it would be a bit strange if I was the only straight one of us three" he shrugged and tried to keep walking but Marvin stopped him.

"What, do I send out gay-vibes or something? I'm not gay" he said frankly and his eyebrows where so high up they almost reached the ceiling.

"It's just you've never-"

"Never had a girlfriend, right?" Marvin started walking fast, just because he never had a girlfriend did not make him gay.

It was now Jack who stopped him and suddenly his face was so close that Marvin could feel his breathe on his latino skin. Jack seemed hesitant, Marvin thought that he'd better pull away when suddenly lips where clumsily placed on his and just as quickly they disappeared.

Marvin stared, Jack blushed.

"Just… curious" he said, blushing fiercely.

Marvin blushed too and started to walk away.

"No wait, Marvin wait!" and now he was pushed to a wall.

"I was just curious" Jack's blue eyes seemed darker and where firmly pinning him down on the spot. Marvin started to sweat a little.

"whatever" he choked out and things were tense for a bit before he started laughing, it just bubbled up. Maybe because he was a bit scared.

Jack looked alarmed but then it transformed into confusion.

"What- what's so funny?" his sunkissed skin grew darker in his face as he became clearly flustered.

"really, you're the last person I would believe to be bi-curious" Marvin kept laughing and couldn't stop.

"Well, I actually never even thought about it until now and well… you're really the only one I would ever even consider" he blushed again as Marvin gave him a questioning smile and hastily added "Oh shove it Marve!"

He stormed off, Marvin jogged after him, smile still intact.

"What? You have a crush on me?" he joked and nudged his friend in the side. Marvin's seeker build really looked small in comparison to Jack's enormous beater build. It sort of gave the impression of a fly swarming around a cow.

"Well, the first time I saw you I thought you were a girl" Jack stated and then ran off through the hallway.

Marvin didn't catch it at first but as soon as he caught on he shouted something crude after the hufflepuff before he rushed after him, wand in hand.

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