What Would Hugo Weasley Do?

Ooh, Baby!

Patronus from Dennis-"Victoire is having the baby!" *Large thud*

Patronus from Victoire- "Come to St Mungo's. Dennis just fainted."

Patronus from Teddy to Dennis- "Dennis we're all on our way - just stay as calm and conscious as you can"


Look who arrived! She's called Isolde Dominique Weasley-Creevey. I've enclosed a cauldron full of pictures, so you'll feel like you haven't missed a thing. She can't wait to meet her Godmother!

How's America? Did they offer you the job? Did you take it? Is that the only reason you are staying out there? ...go on tell me her name, you know you want to.

Also, did you hear about Teddy and Lily? I was in labour so I'm gathering as much information as I can and thinking of getting a group of actors to perform it for me.

All the best,

Your big sister Victoire xxx

P.S. Isn't she adorable? I can't leave her alone, I've started saying things like 'Dennis, she has toes' - I have become one of those mothers!

Victoire, Dennis and Isolde,

Congratulations. I can't believe I left the day before she was born. I'll be back at the end of the month, and I expect constant updates!

Vic - no, I didn't hear anything about Teddy, fill me in. Just because I'm on another continent does not mean I get to be left out of the gossip.

I love it out here, they offered me a six year contract as their lead model, it's much easier than runway shows and I'm free to freelance, so I can represent brands as well. There may be someone, she may be called Cora, and she may be one of the organisers for the show I was doing, and she may live in LA. I really, really like her, Vic, and I want to give this a chance at being a relationship, so Cora did factor into my plan.

Love you all,


P.S. If I'm coming back, I may be tempted to bring her so you can meet her...


I thought we had enough drama this holiday, what with Hugo being Hugo and having his five-year stir up of the wizarding world. You just had to go and add to it, didn't you? And what's more, I was busy sleeping when you made the biggest declaration of your life and exposed your secret to the whole waiting room, which contained nearly our entire family, some friends, half a dozen hospital staff and that old couple who I'm not sure who they were, or what they were doing there but were probably undercover reports for the Daily Prophet.


P.S. Isolde is doing well, thank-you for the card and the teddy bear, its so cute that it changes colour, just like her Godfather.


I've had garbled versions from everyone, Hugo's so pissed that he's not in the spotlight anymore he won't even gossip with me and tell me everything that is happening. So my main source of information has closed up. In your own detailed words, tell me what went down in that waiting room?

Love Victoire.


I don't want to talk about it... I'm not allowed to talk about it... I don't exist.



For Merlin's sake has anyone ever told you what a drama queen you are? I'm sure it's not that bad.



Well, everyone else knows, so why shouldn't you? In my own detailed words:

Dennis came in, and announced it was a girl, there was a poll going it was a boy, so everyone was really surprised. He said that you were both well, and she was perfect, and everyone started hugging and kissing each other. Teddy slipped his hand into mine and we caught up in the moment. So I told him I loved him, and he kissed me. Then everyone went silent and when we stopped kissing, I swear it wasn't for that long.

Everyone was looking at us and at Dad, whose face was completely pale, he was unreadable, he looked like a bored Albus, that's how little emotion he said. He just tilted his head to the side and pulled out his wand. Teddy moved in front of me, it was really territorial, I half expected them to have a pissing contest. Dad just stared at Teddy and Teddy stared right back. Then I've no idea who hit who first but James, Al and Dad just lunged for Teddy. There was a lot of shouting and scuffling, and then everyone was pulling everyone off each other, I just stood there and looked at Mum, and she just looked away like I wasn't anything.

It died down a bit and Dennis said, 'who wants to see the baby?' Then everyone remembered why we were in a hospital waiting room, and went to see you, leaving Teddy, Dad and I. Dad says 'this will never be spoken about, it's a mistake, a terrible mistake'. Then tells Teddy to go to Hogwarts, take me to my dormitory and end 'it'. So we have no idea what that means, we just apparate back to Hogwarts - and the only person I've spoken to is you, Teddy of course, who's terrified, and Molly (and Ly).

What in Godric's name have we done? I didn't know what would happen but I didn't think it would be this.


P.S. Hope Isolde is well, sorry I didn't get a chance to meet her.


Oh I'm sorry that could've gone better. Isolde is a bit whiny at the moment and completely oblivious to the chaos she caused by being born. She would have like to have seen you I'm sure but you can come babysit her soon preferably when she's being difficult. I'm sure Uncle Harry will get over the shock soon, after all he loves you both and he wants you to be happy and he'll see that that means you have to be together.

Love Victoire xx


Talk to me, what happened?

I love you.



I can't talk about it but we kind of have to break up.

Love Ted.


Don't be silly, now tell me what happened.



I have problems now so I'm going to have to ignore your melodrama for a while. You will not believe what my Dad did it goes past the realms of mental. So I cornered Teddy after lesson because he decided he wanted to break up with me, honestly the eejit, nobody dumps Lily Luna Potter and he eventually tells me what my Dad did. So I'm straddling Teddy (obviously) and it has no effect he's just trembling and shaking he can barely get the words out and then he says that my Dad took him to Azkaban.

Of course I'm like 'don't be a numpty, Dad shut down Azkaban ages ago before I was born, there is no Azkaban.' Guess where Dad took him? A bloody rock in the middle of the North sea!

When I asked why? Teddy told me that apparently my Dad had wanted somewhere quiet to chat, yeah because twenty foot waves apparently are the perfect backdrop for that. I swear if you ever needed proof my Dad was mental here it is. So apparently Teddy spent an afternoon having a nervous breakdown on Azkaban and I still have no idea what my Dad did to him he wasn't making much sense. Teddy just kept on saying 'He's Harry freaking Potter, they'll never find my body'. Apparently the only way he got out of there was by crying and promising to break up with me. Teddy's also convinced that Dad read his mind and knows about the de-cauliflowering, I told him that was silly and not to make eye contact, I didn't remind him that he probably heard from Nevile.

Anyway, what should I do to calm down my boyfriend?

Love Lily xx

Dear Lily,

Thanks for reminding me that I don't matter always helpful to have your perspective on my life. Here's a suggestion; you could break up with Teddy thus ensuring he won't be killed by your father.

Your cousin,



I'm sorry I said your life didn't matter, you're very important to me blah, blah, blah...

Lily xxx


Maybe your Dad is hurt that Teddy didn't come to him with something so essential to his life? Did you ever think of that? I'm sure Uncle Harry won't actually kill Teddy he does love him after all, plus everyone would suspect it was him. Why don't you and Teddy write a letter to your parents telling them about your relationship like adults would? I think they would appreciate your honesty after all they hardly know anything about your relationship with Teddy.


P.S. Otherwise I've heard that oral sex is particularly enjoyable. That was a joke Lily!


That would be the mature thing to do so I'm probably not going to do that, plus I doubt they'd want a letter saying I like Teddy blonde because it reminds me of the time he took me against a wall. I wish he'd just get over himself and be my boyfriend again, why is he so determined not to be?

Love Lily xx

P.s. I think it's a tremendous suggestion.


Okay, so it wasn't appropriate for me to break into your office and wait for you there, but did you at least like what I was wearing, or more accurately wasn't?

You aren't the only one who is having a tough time. I know this is a lot to deal with but I'm dealing with the same situation, it may help if you stopped thinking it over and over in your head and talk to me. My family has stopped talking to me, I've had no letters from anyone, how do you think that makes me feel? That I've thrown my life away on someone who won't even reply to my letters or talk to me.

Please Teddy, say something.

Yours, always yours,



I have classes to teach... I don't have time right now, I'm focusing on being alive.


P.S. I care about you, but space is probably best right now.


Fine, I have other classes to go to. I'll talk to you when you are capable of thinking of someone other than yourself.



Please could you come back to class I'm sorry for what I said. People are going to start to get suspicious if you aren't in lessons.

Remember how I feel about you and know that I'm doing this for your own good.





Dear Lily,

Did you know the most effective way to extract the sap of the Loojimlim plant is to throw it against a wall? I was planning on harvesting some at twilight tonight as that is the most effective time, I was wondering if you would assist me. Maybe we could catch up?

Love The Godfather.

Uncle Neville

Dear Uncle Neville,

I'd love to throw smelly plants at windows. I shall meet you in greenhouse three tonight,

Love Lily xx


This is the last letter I'm going to write to you like this. I want you to know that I love you - I will always love you, but in a world like this, where we both want different things, and sometimes when the world is against you love doesn't conquer all.

I have to let you have a chance at life, at growing up, having a career and happiness which if we weren't to work out we could lose everything. If we stop this now, we can put this down as a mistake. We can move on, it may not be what we planned but it's for the best.

Come tomorrow, I will be Professor Lupin, and you will be Miss. Potter. It was wonderful being something more.



I don't want to be the one to stand up and fight for our relationship every time - I waited for you to give us a chance and come September you begged me to talk to you and to be with you. Now you are throwing away everything because you are scared.

Feel free to cast me aside, and forget about me. I don't want to regret our relationship, it was wonderful and I've learnt a great deal of things from you. There is only one thing I'll regret, that is falling in love with a coward.

Miss Potter.

P.S. Professor Longbottom knows about this.

Dear Uncle Neville,

Thank-you for last night and your advice. Teddy and I have decided to end our relationship.



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