What Would Hugo Weasley Do?

A Professor's Life

Dear Teddy,

I'm so proud of you. Teaching at Hogwarts, just like your Father, he was an excellent teacher and I'm sure you will be too.

Keep an eye on the kids for us, I sometimes wonder if Neville is a bit lax on reporting on every detention they have, probably wants to save on parchment - or is sick of Howlers at breakfast!

If you ever need Harry or I we are just a letter away.

Ginny. Xx

Dear Professor Lupin,

Hi Teddy!
It's so cool you're teaching here now. Do you like it? It's totally awesome. I really enjoyed our lessons on vampires thanks for not giving us homework! Anyway I was wondering if you had Lorcan Scamander in any of your classes today? I just need to get something back to him.

Lots of love,
(Oops, probably shouldn't end letters like that any more)


I only teach first years and second years today. Plus I'm not meant to divulge students timetables so I can't really tell you. What is it? Why do you have something of his anyway?

Your New Prof.

Professor Teddy,

Oh no reason, I just found it.
Thanks anyway.


Dear Professor Lupin,

It's nice to see a qualified teacher teaching at Hogwarts, the replacement we had for the last month was utterly hopeless, more interested in gawking at "The Golden Trio's" children. She took a particular interest in Al, Al being Al and devoid of emotion, caused great amusement.
Whilst entertainment is necessary once in a very rare while, I am now in my final year and so would like to learn something useful, that contributes toward our NEWT.

No pressure, I can have a look at your lesson plans if that helps, or write them for you.

Best wishes,
Rose Weasley.


I'm re-writing them as we speak, and don't worry I've omitted the fun facts and jokes.
You couldn't let me have one lesson, before you started criticising?

Dreading fourth period on Thursday,
Prof. Teddy Lupin.

Prof Lupin,

One more piece of advice if Lucy comes to you and asks you anything about Lorcan Scamander don't tell her a thing. Deny everything, don't even admit you teach him. It's nothing serious but Lucy kind of (I mean totally) stalks the guy. It's harmless apart from the fact that it's super creepy and she conducts a group of her friends/ minions to obsess over him. You probably shouldn't sit them together if they are in the same class as well. If you want I'd be glad to help with a seating chart.



People will sit wherever they please, stop shoving suggestions under my door at 11 at night. I haven't taught you yet.


Hey Lily,

It seems like years since we've had a proper chat. Do you want to come visit me in my office - yeah, it sounds weird I still can't believe I'm a professor - I have your class on Thursday, you'll have to tell me how bad I am.

Anyway, I thought we could have a cup of tea, and some honeydukes chocolate - I have an awesome stash.

Yeah, so I've missed you Lils, that sounds stupid but it's true.

Speak soon,

Dear Professor Lupin,

Thank-you for your letter, but I must decline your offer.



Really glad you are back in England, I could really use you right now - I enclose her reply to my letter. It's so... distant.

Needing your help,


Thanks, it's good to be back, I'd really love to see you in person soon, but everyone is still trying to keep us apart.
Okay, her letter was cold, but what do you expect, you disappeared for three years and then you come back for Harry's birthday, kiss her then disappear again for two months, then when you do return, you return as her professor.I'd be pissed also.
You just have to be patient. Lily is a great girl and you're ideal for each other, you just don't realise it yet. Be there for her, and one day she'll be there for you.

Your best friend and self appointed psychiatrist,

P.s. And if you're ever stuck and you can't get to me in time remember our family motto, WWHWD?

Dear Lily,

How are you? I feel that we haven't spoken in years, but I'd like to change that and get to know you again as an adult.

Especially, seeing as the last time I saw you, you kicked me in the shin and told me that I was an evil person for breaking up with Teddy (even though it was mutual). That I should go to hell for marrying Dennis and refused to come to my wedding, even though I'd broken up with Teddy about five years before. Also, I think you shouted (in the direction of USA) that France could have me.

How about re-establishing our cousinly relationship?

Best wishes,

P.S. I'm not angry about that - rather more amused. Ted and I are on good terms now.

Dear Victoire,

I can't believe I did all that. Of course, I want us to be friends again.

I know you and Teddy are on good terms. He told me you have been writing for years and there were no hard feelings.

Obviously, I must ask the most important question, how is the baby and is he or she called Lily? I think Lily is a definitely a good name for a baby.

Your child's namesake,

Dear Lily,

The baby is fine, I feel so huge like about to give birth next week, not January. Lily is a lovely name, but Dennis and I have a feeling that it is going to be a boy - so I wonder how appropriate that name would be.

Have you seen much of Teddy, I'm sure it is strange having him as a professor, but he'll be a great. Give him a chance, Lily, listen to him.

Your Cousin,



The baby is a Weasley, he'll deal with it. Haven't seen much of Prof. L except in class with the 30 or so other people.

See you at Christmas,


Dear Victoire,

I saw her in the corridor today and she walked straight past me, what with re-writing all my lesson plans so Rose doesn't kill me and trying to find out why Lucy is stalking Lorcan - Rose just told me to keep any knowledge of him to myself, things are just way too much. I swear my Professors didn't have it this hard but then again they probably weren't teaching half of their extended family.

How is Dominique? Still breaking men's hearts? Say hi to your mum and dad for me? I'll say hi to Louis myself - I cannot believe he's teenager, he was a toddler when we were together...

Love Ted


Try being friends, put to the side your feelings and try to just talk to her. Rose's enthusiasm is intense, but if you impress her, you will probably be the best Prof Hogwarts ever had. That's why Uncle Ron and Auntie Hermione got Hugo, to balance out the crazy, that kid is such a gem, I hope I get a Hugo. Saying that maybe Percy and Audrey should have got a Hugo to balance out Lucy.

Lucy worries me, she was always obsessive as a kid, remember the gnome... I worry about Lorcan, maybe discreetly check he has all his 'real' fingers, we all know how she likes shrines. I'm joking, I'm joking, stop pulling your hair out. I know for a fact it just turned green then.

Dom is fine, still modelling, you can probably tell she's on the cover of every magazine in the world. Someone said I looked like her the other day, and I was so flattered of looking like a famous model that I forgot we were sisters. As for men's hearts, I think its the females of the world who should be more concerned seeing as those are the ones she's interested in.

Mama and Papa are excited about the baby, Dennis is still terrified of Papa, but is starting to get his jokes although every time we go to stay I have to convince Dennis that Papa cannot turn him into a werewolf (as far as I know- he he!). Louis' growing up it's scary, we were writing the other day and he didn't appreciate me remembering about him being a babe.



My little boy, how are you? It has been too long since you wrote to me. How has your first week been? Do you need anything? a care package? I have sent you extra socks just in case. I do not know why I presume it is a horrid British thing, your Father suggested it and then he laughed. I suppose you will laugh too and then you will both laugh at me your poor maman, all I do for you boys and this is how you repay me. Hugo never laughs at his parents, well he laughs at your Uncle Ron but then again who doesn't, your Uncle Ron is a very strange and silly man. I wish you could be more like your cousin Hugo he is such a good boy, Hermione says he gets very good grades and is always so polite and friendly. I bet he's even popular with the girls. Why won't you bring home a nice girl Louis, she doesn't have to meet your Father we can say he is away working and I will cook.


your Maman.


Please stop cooking you always drink far too much wine when you cook and I don't need food or socks. Tell Dad to shut up and I could tell you some things about Hugo Weasley. Honestly, you wonder why I never bring anyone home.



Do not say such things, I never drink too much when I'm cooking, it's customary to taste the wine before you add it to the food. Never speak ill of family. I would be glad to have Hugo as a son, I always go to him whenever I want advice on anything you know we all do.

Your Maman


I know, I know. You're right, i spoke out of turn, Hugo's always great and yes he does know all.

I think it's the hair, when you're cursed with hair like his you've got to be god-like to compensate. Plus he's helped me out a couple of times.

I'll write again soon, please stop sending stuff.


Defence against the Dark Arts- Why should giants something, something. Discuss. due for next lesson.

Hey Lily,

Are you okay? You look concerned?

Love M. X

Who is this?

It's Molly your cousin...

Right Sorry, you just don't normally write me notes. I'm fine, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good. If you need to talk, I'm here.

I'm just tired, and a little angry, but I'll get over it when I get left alone.

That contradicts your statement of being fine.

I know, but I will be fine, once everything is sorted. It's weird I always forget we're in the same year, you are pretty quiet.

Sometimes it's best to be quiet, I mean with Hugo, You, Lorcan, Lysander and me all being sixth years. Rose, Al, Leigh, Holly all being Seventh years, we sort of all merge together. It's easy to lose me in there. I quite like being forgotten about.

I haven't forgotten about you - well sometimes, but you are independent that we don't need to interfere in your lives like we do the others. We should hang out more this year, if you want to.

Definitely - how about we start with what's going on with you?

Chocolate, my dorm after class? If I don't kill Prof. Lupin before that?

Why would you kill Prof Lupin, he doesn't seem such a bad teacher.

It's something that happened before term started, it's a long story and messy.

Oh is it about how the two of you kissed at Uncle Harry's birthday party?

How do you know about that? No one knows about that. I told him, no one can know, oh, Merlin.

Well I do, I just notice things, whilst no one notices me, it's called being observant like a ninja.

I tried that once, It got in the way of me monopolising the conversation.

You do that, huh? I hadn't noticed.

Sarcasm doesn't become you, you know that right?

I know, Dad tells me all the time, I hate it when he's right but I suppose he is meant to be right it's basically his job. I mean if you're the Chief Mugwump you can't send the wrong person to jail.

Yeah it is, anyway let's talk about you, anyone you like?

Please that information in the hands of a Potter is deadly, keep away!

So do you want to play WWHWD?

Don't you feel bad that you made our cousin and metaphorical rock of our family into a game?

Sometimes but you've got to admit it's fun.

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