What Would Hugo Weasley Do?


Dear Leigh,

It was so lovely to see you yesterday and also kind of weird to be around another baby. I'm 24/7 with Isolde, I'm feeding her right now, she's wrapped around me in this body/ pashmina/ scarf thing that Dom sent over from America it is genius as soon as you get the charm right, feather light. It does look a bit like you've bandaged your baby to yourself but don't worry it's completely breathable, and you can have both your hands free which is a luxury trust me. I'll get Dom to send you one ASAP. Sorry, I've got baby-brain, I'm so tired I lose my train of thought so easily, what I was writing about? You.

I am looking forward to Isolde and Gus being able to play together and growing up together, growing up with a best friend is the most amazing privilege, I don't know what I would have done without Teddy. I hope Isolde and Gus get as long as well as Teddy and I did, still do.

Talk soon,



Thank you for your visit, I can't imagine being away from Gus, so it was so lovely that you came to see me, and to leave Isolde with Dennis. Of course I'd leave Gus with Jamie but I'd still panic constantly every minute I was gone. I really appreciate you being around, I'm so glad I have someone experiencing the same things as me, just a few months before.

I cried when I read that you and Teddy grew up as friends, of course I knew this, but imagining the two of you as little kids growing up together. I'm just super emotional. I really hope Isolde and Gus are as close as you and Teddy and if not we'll make them. Poor kids.

Thanks again

Love Leigh xx


How are Leigh, James and Gus?

The castle is very empty with all of you Potter-Weasley lot gone.

Maybe it's just me but I'm really noticing an absence.




Ahh, I miss you too Ted.

Lames and the baby are fine.

Sorry, I can't be with you but my days are currently filled with Mum dragging us to the hospital to take James and Leigh all the crap they probably don't even need, clothes, gifts from people we don't know, mail, etc. Then a healer comes in and tells us we're crowding the baby and Albus and I go and wait outside for a few hours. We're getting really good at cats cradle. The first day we did a bit of duelling practice but apparently that's not appropriate in a hospital.

Stupid really do they think the babies are going to get caught in the crossfire? They can't even walk.

See you soon, hopefully.



Have your parents mentioned anything about us? I haven't heard from your Dad at all.

Just in case you haven't got the memo or the gifts I really miss you.

I really, really miss you when are you coming back to Hogwarts?

Love Ted.


I miss you too, I don't know when I'm coming back. Presumably when Mum notices I'm actually here. I'm pretty low down on her list of her priorities seeing as I haven't just popped a human being out of Linda.

The one I feel bad for is Albus, he left Belle to come here, and I pretty sure Mum hasn't even acknowledged him.

I miss you too loads and loads.

Lily xxx


If you want this letter to turn back into a paper fox, I've written the incantation on the reverse.

I knew that one day this day would come and we would have to be apart again, not that I don't like being an Uncle but I'm not been giving the opportunity to influence Gus in anyway. I'm constantly relegated to standing outside doors like a sentry.

I just wanted to tell you to look under the third floor board in the shadow of your desk, the one that is a slightly bleached wood with a knot in it, it'll come loose. I left something for you when I was visiting.



Can I tell you a little story? One day I was in my room, lying on my bed, really missing my boyfriend even though I knew it was selfish because he was with his family, I just really wanted to hear from him. Then I see something from the corner of my eye, outside my window, prancing up and down the window ledge is a fox. Only about 5 inches high, with a little turned up nose, made completely out of parchment. I open the window and it jumps inside down on to the desk.

Oh it was so lovely to hear from you Al, I was feeling sorry for myself, and then this little fox turned up and I knew it was from you, even though I couldn't work out how to read the letter at first.

You are the best boyfriend ever, and I didn't even know there was so much room under that floorboard, did you use an extension charm? I love that you stockpiled all these things to make me happy. Thank you so much for the gifts and photos and the note. I want to see you even more. I guess I'll just lie here and think about all the best times we've had in this room, right here.


Belle xxx

P.s. I hope I said the charm right and this works otherwise I just sent a little parchment fox out into the world to his death.


Everything is good here, Gus is actually a rather attractive baby, he does look like James, well he will when he's less pink and angry. Leigh is really keen to leave Mungos and I don't blame her the place is like an institution, though the security is kind of easily to fool, my argument was literally 'Do you think I would go ginger, voluntarily, just to see a baby?' and they moved aside. Mum and Dad were really pleased to see me back so I'll see you back at school.

Love Rose xxxx


I thought we'd agreed you were going to see my family before we go back, I've told them a lot about you they're really excited to meet you. They're expecting to meet you Rose, and I'd like it if you could meet my parents.



Oh yes now I remember… of course I'd love to meet your family Silas. I can't think of any new experience I'd prefer, funnily, Hugo just mentioned how silly it would be to wait to the wedding to meet them.

I'll see you Friday.

Love Rose.

Dear Molly,

Hey how're things with you? Good? And me? Well, let's see, I'm currently having dinner with my Mum, Dad, James, Leigh (and Gus!), Belle and Teddy. I know not the usual time you'd pick to write a letter but I've decided I cannot deal with this faux family dinner.

I do not know how Albus escaped but I wish he took me with him that slimy slytherin. On the other hand what kind of prick leaves his girlfriend here? I'm mean, sure, I'm delightful but these other guys? No. Comment.

Belle looks like her soul is dying. yeah, yeah, don't joke about soul death, but literally everything is going down like a lead balloon here. I'm ashamed to say I had to forgo my best limericks and I quickly turned to drastic measures; I just said 'Look how cute Gus is?' and my Mother looked at me and said 'Don't get pregnant'.

That went down just great with her soon-to-be daughter-in-law (note the sarcasm), luckily James was distracted by his adorable son.

Please fake an emergency so I can get out of here, if you can get Teddy out too, great, if not, well it's been a good run.

Love Lily,

P.s. I promised Lola (the elf delivering this letter) that you would pay her in vol-au-vents

Hi Lily,

The elf who delivered me your letter had the most amazing hoop earrings, a polka dot tutu and a t-shirt that said 'POWER TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE'. Style.

My new response to enquiries over my life is working out better than I expected. Who knew; 'I have a new boyfriend, Lysander Scamander, he's wonderful, and he's going to be a healer' would work so well?

Only one person has recognised him as half Lovegood, most people are saying what a good job healing is, or reminiscing about their Hogwarts-love.

Turns out you're not as slutty as the people in MMD, that was some trip down memory lane.

Also I got Lysander an internship in curing warts and boils if he wants it. So not all bad.

I don't know why Dad keeps bringing Lucy to these things, a war veteran just asked her how Hogwarts was and she replied; 'Well it's still standing so we're doing better than you."

I don't know what's wrong with her. Mum keeps taking her away from people.

Better go I just heard Lucy say 'hours and hours of agonising labour'. I think the new Head of Transport didn't get the don't-talk-to-Lucy memo.




I want one, OMM, I just want one, I spent all day with Gus today and he's just soooo super adorbs. I just want to eat him all up, and his tiny little toes, I didn't know toes could be that small. He's like the most delicious muffin I've ever seen, he's a baby muffin. Oh my merlin, Fred, I know it's a mess, but if we get one like Gus it'll be soo worth it.

Holly xxx


Woah, don't eat Gus, pretty sure that's godparenting even Sirius Black wouldn't approve of.

As for our mutual love producing the greatest, cutest and best baby ever created, possibly, we should probably talk about it a bit more. I think it's the wrong time. I reckon we should wait until James and Leigh are preggo again, have one at the same time, and we can raise them as twins! They can go to school together. Take over gryffindor, be co-captains of the Quidditch team, add a monster to the portable swamp. I haven't put a lot of thought into it. But I've got some great duo names. Stella and Spike? Michelle and Mike?

I can't wait for you to come back to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade sux without you and I live in a joke shop, so y'know that's saying something.

Love you, miss you, Fred-the-stud ('cause I am)

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