What Would Hugo Weasley Do?

Going back to Hogwarts


Of course I'll keep an eye on Professor Lupin, but I really wouldn't like to fire him over misconduct. I'd like to be the first Hogwarts Headmaster to keep a DADA Prof for more than a year, that's currently not going to plan. Of course Teddy will leave at the end of the year, I've already asked him for his resignation. but as we don't have long left I think it's best if we just wait it out rather than having a second Professor Lupin leave in a scandal.

I hope we can trust Lily and Teddy to keep it professional after all, I have reminded Teddy and Lily of this issue on separate occasions. However, I fear we may have to remind them again due to the new encouragement their relationship has found recently.

I think there would be some familial backlash, especially from Lily, were I to sack Teddy.

Neville Longbottom

Headmaster of Hogwarts


I wish you were coming back with us, it totally sucks that I'm going to have to get the train alone. I didn't even think about it, until this morning. I blame James, I could never blame Gus he's too adorbs. I'm meant to be packing but hopefully Fred'll come over later and give me a hand. Who am I meant to sit with at lunch, who can I play all my legendary games with like first year penguin avalanche.

Hope everything is cool at your Gran's

Holly xxxxx


I'm going to floo to Fred's and make my own way to Hogwarts, sitting for hours in a hot train of tedious conversation is mundane.

I'll see you in my dorm after dinner.

Al x


I will have a pleasant train ride catching up with my friends an enjoyable meal socialising with my house, then I shall see you in the dungeons.

I think you forget to mention how you were looking forward to seeing me.

Belle xxxx

Dear Ly,

I'll meet you on the train, I would meet you earlier but I have to shake Lucy off, my Mum has this crazy idea that we should stick together. Luckily Lucy doesn't like me so she doesn't mind if I lose her as soon as we're on the platform.

I can't wait till we're back at Hogwarts.

Molly xx

My darling Molly,

I can't wait to see you again, I've missed you. I'll get rid of Lorcan, maybe we can set Lucy on him, two letters, one owl. That way we can find a carriage to ourselves.

Ly xx

Dear Rosie

How are you? Your Mum and I are sorry that we didn't get to see you a lot this holiday. I hope you had a good time with Silas' family. Remember, you can come home whenever you want. I know lots of secret passageways. Good luck for your exams.




I miss you too.

Tell Mum I love her.

Love Rosie xxx

Dear Albus,

I didn't get a chance to spend time with you over the easter break. Becoming a grandfather took more effort than I thought it would.

Your final exams are coming up and I think it's time for you to decide what you want to do with your life. Maybe apply for a few jobs. Also, where do you want to live? How serious are you about Belle? Has the potion worn off yet?



I have a job at the Department of Mysteries, and a flat, and I'm keeping Belle.



You have a job? at the Department of Mysteries? How on earth did you get that? Dear Merlin, what did they say about your past indiscretions. Your criminal record is chequered at least, even though you've never actually gone to jail, there have been a lot of close calls.



I didn't use my real name, and for a Department who are based upon secrets they should be better at detecting them, or just have a more thorough background check. Anyway, it's just until the black market picks up, then I'll become a full time trader.



Going to pretend I didn't read that last part.


P.S. What should i call you at work?




Louis Weasley!

I have sent you 7 care packages and 3 descriptions of your niece's first steps all of them have been returned to me. I know I have your address right. Where on earth are you?



I'm at Hogwarts. Where did you think I was?



You go to Beauxbatons. You don't go to Hogwarts. You transferred in first year, you said at Hogwarts the teachers were always on at you about attending lessons and you'd figure the girls learnt how to French kiss early. It was a disturbing thing to hear an 11 year old say.



Oh Fuck. Actually that would explain a lot. Do you think Mama and Dad will be mad that I haven't gone to school for... Like years? How the fuck old am I?



Yeah, Lou, I'm guessing, Dad probably, will.

Mamma will blame Dom for when she dropped you on your head when you were a baby, actually four is more of a toddler.



Oh is that why I have a headache, Can you send me the 'care package' again? I blame Uncle Neville, how did he not notice he had an extra student?

Love Lou.

P.s. Teddy got the house elves drunk again


It's a Care Package not a "Care Package" and you're not a plant so you take second place. You've got to do something about this Lou, I thought you wanted to be an Unspeakable.


P.s. Teddy?

Dear Hugo,

Good Luck in your final term, keep an eye on that daughter of mine now that you're away from parental supervision. Merlin knows what she gets up to with only Neville keeping her in check. We both know that he turns a blind eye to her antics at times.

If you can, make sure she doesn't distract Teddy too much after all he is a Professor, I don't want anything to affect his career.

Glad you're on my side Hugo, remember to keep an eye on Lily for me.

Uncle Harry.

Dear Uncle Harry,

I try not to take sides, I don't even have a favourite Quidditch team, it makes the game more fun to watch.

You have to trust that Lily and Teddy will behave appropriately and make the right choices and I'll be there to keep an eye on them, they're my family too.

Try and remember that in a few months, we'll be looking at this from the other side and wondering what we were ever worried about.

Hope you're enjoying your time as a new grandfather.


Dear Lily,

I hope the train ride was ok, and you're back to school safe and sound, though I'm sure Neville would have told me if you weren't. Well I hope he would, we share a grandchild, after all. I just wanted to say, I know that you're a young woman now and I can trust you to make your own decisions.

Though of course with only a few weeks left you'll have no time but to study.

Good luck with your classes, you already excel at Defense so don't worry so much about going to that one.

Love DAD

Dear Teddy,

Sorry I haven't handed in my charms homework. All year. Or gone to any of the classes. As it happens did I leave a bag of herbal tea (in it's most natural form) or a bag of weed under a desk. Probably in the back corner/ left/right maybe the front or the middle maybe, actually could you check them all?

Thanks Lou.


I teach DADA, do you even know what classes you have?

Plus why are you wearing a hufflepuff tie and a gryffindor cloak?

Prof Ted.

Lou, I mean Ted or Lou/Ted

Must of put on the wrong cloak or the wrong tie. I'm 98% or 790%, what is percent even out of? Jigglypuff, what?




I have heard from your sister that you've somehow been attending the wrong school for, I don't know how long, do you have any idea? I haven't told your Mother yet, as I honestly don't know how to deal with this. Honestly, Lou, how did you not know? We've not bought you Hogwarts robes or books for years. Did you not question why we weren't at all concerned that you weren't taking any OWLs?

Merlin, Lou.


My Bebe Louis,

I saw that your Father was writing to you and he would not tell me why, so I thought I should write to you, in case he was being cruel to my little flower. It was so nice to have you home, now that your sisters have grown up I feel so alone sometimes. Dominique is fancying around the world with all these women, I don't know what she gets up to. She doesn't tell me anything. Victoire has no time for me, she is always with Isolde. Between you and me, she has let herself go these past few months, she used to be my most attractive child, now she looks tired. At least I have you my little love, you are my beautiful boy. I wish you and your sisters were closer. I have no idea if you even talk to them any more. You used to be so cute when I dressed you up in matching outfits when you were little the girls couldn't keep their hands off you, Dom would make you over, and Victoire would carry you around.

I hope you're enjoying school.



Hi domi/Vic

How's the baby?


Hi Vic/ Dom

How's things? Hope my Nephew/Niece/ Cousin is good?

Love Lou

P.s. Mum told me I should be more involved with his/her/ his or her/ his and her life.

Hi Vic, Dom,

how's Kenneth?

Whichever one of you who's the actress hope the act(?) is going good. Don't turn to porn, if it's not going well or do it's your choice.

Oh and how's the baby, I hope it has all twelve fingers and toes. Oh, wait I just counted, ten fingers and toes. Unless I have less than everybody, but where did the other ones go? Maybe that's why I fit gloves so well, everybody else must get their hands stuck.


First Minion,

As you know the final Quidditch match is due to take place next week.

I will meet you by the stands after dinner for our audio-visual preparations.

Lucy Weasley,

The Lucy Weasley Observation Army

Minion 1,

Thank you for your assistance with the charms and setting up the equipment, I think that our recording of the Quidditch match will be a great success. Especially now that we've stabilised the camera turn in the Lorcan-seeking charm.

Lucy Weasley, LWOA.

Dear Lucy,

Shall we meet at breakfast tomorrow morning, you could oversee the activation charms and then we could watch the Quidditch match together.

First Minion, Joshua

Minion 1,

I will be unavailable as I will be following the progression of the Gryffindor Quidditch team from their dorm rooms to the locker room.

You have my trust in being able to cast the recording charms correctly.

Enjoy the match.

Lucy Weasley, LWOA.

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