What Would Hugo Weasley Do?

Stay in School, Frig too late/Merlin, here comes adulthood

Dear Louis,

It has been brought to my attention that you attend this school please meet me in my office immediately.

Headmaster Longbottom.

Dear Holly,

I’ve detached Gus from my boob and left him with my mum for as long as she can cope, just to write you this letter. I miss you so much and I know we were meant to graduate Hogwarts together but just because I’m not there doesn’t mean we aren’t together. I know you can do this, the exams are hard and you have to get great results, but you are super clever and if all else fails just do your impression of rose and write what she would write.

Love you loads, you’re my bestie for life and if you ever need me night or day I’m here for you, seriously anytime I’m up all hours of the day and night.

Love, Leigh.

Dear Rose and Silas,

Hope you are both well and studying hard.

I know now you’re all loved up and are concentrating on getting married but I need you to think about your future. Love doesn’t pay the bills and your father and I have worked very hard to get to where we are in life. Silas, I know you are fiscally responsible but you both need to concentrate on your schooling and do well in your exams to get good jobs.

Wishing you both the best of luck,


Dear Albus,

Your Father told me the news about you getting a job, congratulations. I wish you’d told us before we could’ve celebrated in between looking after Gus. Even though there’ sa bit of pressure off your exams, good luck all the same.

We will see you at graduation, we look forward to meeting Belle’s parents.



Harry and Ginny want to meet your parents.



I know, Ginny and I talked about it at Easter, and I know Mum and Dad would love to meet your parents.

You do know that families usually like to get to know each other. Sometimes people, being social creatures even like to meet each other, engage in small talk, have barbeques, talk about the news, celebrate familial events.


Belle xx


Darling, this is no picnic.

Have you met my family? even I don’t like them and I’m biologically inclined to. I was more thinking along the lines of draught of the living dead and a moving staircase.



Don’t be silly, your family is lovely, they’ll all get on like a house on fire.

In other news, I’ve decided what I want for my graduation present, after all you did say I could have anything I wanted.

Love Belle xx


Arson? I like your thinking, you know how I love to play with fiend fyre.

What do you want for graduation let me know if I’m going to need to stretch first.



No homicide. I mean it, or no sex for you.

I want a unicorn.

Belle xx


Who told you?



I don’t know what you mean.

Belle xx

Mrs. Jacks,

Good luck beautiful, see you in there.

Mr. Jacks

Dear Molly,

I hope you are well, I know this must be a stressful time with the end of year approaching. However, if there’s anyone who can get through it, you can. I have always been proud of your determination, the creative ways you handle situations and your superb work ethic. I believe you can succeed, and I will support you in any way possible.

When we last talked I was telling you about my study of daylight savings time and the effect this has on spell delay in relation to defensive casting, a topical subject some would agree with the clocks due to move, several months ago. This study intrigued some interest from the Sorcerous Pragmatic Society, which as you know, I am an honourable member of. Therefore, (and I hope anyone who shouldn’t be reading had fallen asleep by curse I placed on it) the Sorcerous Pragmatic Society have offered me a role on the board of the Qualifying Quality for Qualifications Committee, I’m sure you can work out, these people are the committee who judge the exam papers before they are sent to the school, we compare them globally, to check they are of the same standard internationally, ranking them with an equivalent Muggle qualification for easy transition into the Muggle World.

Molly, I would never knowingly condone anything of the sort, but you are my daughter and I would do anything for you, if you need guidance, I am in the perfect place to give it to you. Ask, and I shall do my utmost.

Your Father,

Percy I. Weasley

Chief Mugwump of the Wizengamot

First Order of Merlin

International Confederation of Wizardy

Honorary Member of the Sorcerous Pragmatic Society

Grandchildren and assorted others,

Divide these evenly, brownies for everyone!

I’m sorry these were delivered to the Gryffindor table, Albus, but majority rule applies.

Good Luck with your exams!

Lots of Love,

Grandpa and Grandma Weasley

Dear Holly,

I know your first exam is today and I would come over and wish you luck personally but I’m not meant to have favourites so I thought I would send you this letter. I’m sure you will do very well in all your exams, you are a clever and wonderful person.

Hannah and I were talking about the night that I brought you back from your parents, you were so shy and frightened by this new world we were worried you wouldn’t go to Hogwarts, but you met Leigh and by the end of the next day you were best friends.

We want to thank-you for your friendship with Leigh, with the arrival of Gus and everything that has happened this year, we couldn’t be more proud to know you.

Love Neville.

P.S. We have graduation tickets for your parents which we can send by muggle post and I can personally accompany them to the graduation.

Dear Neville,

Thank-you. It’s me who should be thanking you and Hannah and Leigh endlessly. You gave me a family, you introduced me to Fred. You have been much more of a family to me than my parents ever were. If anyone ever wants advice on parenting they should go to you, you would never stop speaking to your child until she stopped accidentally levitating things.

I don’t want my parents to be there, my dad would just try and exorcise the devil out of everyone, you’d have to frisk him for holy water. I want my graduation tickets to go to you, Hannah, Leigh and Fred, my real family.

Love Holly.


If that even is your name, I have shoved so much knowledge into my brain, the only way I know how just whacking myself over the head with books, I may have a slight concussion. I’ve forgotten all the simple things. I don’t know my name or yours, or anything. I think I only wore one colour yesterday and walked through a tapestry into a secret library. It was terrifying for me, if I was Rose I probably would have wet myself with excitement.

I really want to become a healer, why do I have to have O’s in all my NEWTS can’t I just smile at people to make them better? I miss Leigh, she was the one I studied with, I need some cuddles and some knowledge.

Holly (if that’s even my name) xxx


That is your name you got the first question right!

Do you want me to babysit Gus so Leigh can come study with you? Or would you like to study with me. I mean I was kicked out/left Hogwarts at 16 but I’m sure I remember something. I did remember your name.

You’ll do great, you’ll be a great healer. I have faith in you. If you want some cuddles I’ll be at the door of the secret passageway tonight.

Love you,


Dear Holly-lolly,

We are on our way, by we, I mean Mum and I, Gus is being looked after by his great grandparents and we’ve charmed me into my dress. James says I look no different, the man is insane. We are stopping in Hogsmeade to meet Fred and make sure he is wearing an appropriate suit. We did have a very long floo chat about whether or NOT he should wear a T-shirt which was charmed to shout Holly is amazing every five minutes and shoot fireworks. Apparently James thought it was a good idea.

I mean I love our men, but I think the older they get the more we need to keep an eye on them.

Can’t wait to see you. Well done again, you survived your exams.



Lee-Mama and Hannah,

Why did you stop him? That sounds totes-mondo-fabulous. You should have got a matching one.

I love our men and their ideas, how else would we have invented WWHWD?



Dear Albus,

Well done. You’ve graduated, now I know you are only being pleasant to impress Belle’s family, but I thought I’d slip you this note to tell you how happy it makes me when you act like you have a conscience.

Love Mum.

Dear Lucy,

It has been an honour to spend these three years by your side as your right hand man but to be honest be I have spent three years stalking Lorcan Scamander just because of you, I have absolutely no interest in him as a person whatsoever. From the first time I met you, you fascinated me and that fascination has grown stronger ever since. I know I’m too old for you but I always hoped that if you could conceive the thought of you and Lorcan together you might think of us. This last year especially I have realised the true nature of my feelings. I am in love with you Lucy Weasley. I have realised that I am graduating this summer and I may never see you again so I have to tell you this Lucy; I have always loved you and probably I always will.

Joshua Redgrave First Minion of the --actually if you don’t know who I am by now there’s really no point.

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