What Would Hugo Weasley Do?

Epilogue: What should Augustus Potter Do?

My beautiful son Augustus,

I thought this would be a lovely idea, to compose a book of letters from some of your closest family on your arrival into this world. I have no idea what anyone else will say, I’ve just asked them to write from their heart and maybe give you some advice for the future - I’m not sure all of it will be good advice, but it will be definitely interesting.

I just want to tell you, that you are loved and cherished by so many people some you don’t even know, we got some weird congratulations cards. You may have arrived a little earlier than we were expecting, but you have always been wanted. Your Dad and I are very happy together, and I write this as he cradles you in his arms, rocking you back and forth. Yes, that sound is him singing to you… you’ll get used to it, it makes him happy. I am so blessed to have you both in my life.

Some advice, people will flock around you because of your name but true friends will be there when you need them most, just like mine were. Your Godmother Holly is my best friend and we met in a very unusual way, same with your Dad he accidentally hit me with a broomstick when I was three. He’s still making it up to me.

I love you so much my baby boy, you are perfect.

Lots and lots of Love,

Mummy Xxxxxxx

Dear Son, Humphrey/ Augustus,

These past months I have spent every single moment worrying about you and your Mum even when my main thought should’ve been ‘crap, bludger’. Honestly, I kept imagining what you’d look like and wondering who you’d be. Now that you are here, I realise I probably should’ve paid more attention to those bludgers. These past months there’s been a fair few ups and downs in our family, honestly I’m sure Isolde is to blame for the undoing of most of it.

Now I know if you read your Aunt and Uncle’s letter’s they’ll tell you I’m an idiot and the only good thing about me is your Mum which is true. I’m afraid that’s a Potter trait you’ll inherit, we love women who are far too good for us and they know it but there’s nothing we can do about it because a Potter only loves once. Don’t worry though you’ve also got your Mum and you couldn’t be blessed with anything better, at least I know I couldn’t.

I know your Mum and I are young and we’re not married and I wanted to call you Humphrey instead of Augustus but I don’t want you to think we didn’t plan you. We didn’t plan you to be born whilst your mum was still studying but we planned to have you and your future brothers and sisters. Yes, I’m afraid you will probably have some additional colleagues in mayhem.

I always planned to take you to Quidditch practices with me and sit you on the edge of the grass as soon as you could crawl and as soon as you can were able to walk I’ll teach you to fly. If you don’t like heights, you don’t have to come and watch me play, Quidditch is just game, it’s also what pays for your dinner but it’s nothing important if you don’t like it. I planned loads of stuff we’d do, son, but it doesn’t matter because it was all just pointless sure it made your Mum happy but you don’t care that I painted your nursery and set you up a trust fund.

I’m just trying to say that I’ve spent months planning for Humphrey’s future but his future doesn’t matter anymore because it’s you who are, here and now, Gus and I’m not going to pretend I know what you need or want. I’m just going to be here for whatever you need me to be and do my best for whatever you ask of me and I’m going to carry on being the best Dad I can. I’m going to love you with all my heart just as much as I love your Mum, and Merlin do I love her.

Love always, Dad. XXX

Hey my little bug,

You know me I’m your Godmumma, I haven’t left (metaphorically speaking) your Mumma’s side since I found out you were in there. Now you have super wonderful parents - Leigh and James, that’s Mum and Dad to you, they are so excited to have you in their life. But I understand that they can be a bit fuddy-duddy, your mum makes you eat pureed green beans, and your Dad, well sometimes he puts his shoes on the wrong feet. They are an embarrassment, I mean if I met them now, we probably wouldn’t be mates.

Yet, there is a silver lining, if you ever want to upgrade to a newer model, look no further, you have me and your Uncle Fred (he’s your Goddaddy by the way - his letter was probably all about how a test subject should behave - but don’t worry, I won’t let you come to any harm) we are your supercool godparents.

So remember, we’re not just another set of babysitters, we’re your spiritual guides - what an interesting viewpoint you’ll have - we may have to make you spend time with Uncle Percy, so you don’t get committed.

Much love and kisses little one,

Your Godmumma, Holly

P.S. Your Goddaddy’s twin sister should be back to normal size (WWW’s Annual Mischief Marvel had a spectacular turnout that night, long story, the Prophet covered it, don’t worry about it after all that’s how you’re here), she’ll give you great advice. She’s a foot tall at the moment, and her voice can only be heard by kneazles. You’ll love her!

Dear Augustus Frederick (your middle name isn’t Fred, but I’m still debating that)

I’m more inclined to think you are called Humphrey, that’s what your Dad wanted to name you. I’m your Uncle Fred and your Godfather and, along with your Godmother, (who is so hot- that’s probably inappropriate) we are going to be the best God-Parenting team you could ever hope for. Seriously the award for God-Parenting should be named the Frolly.

I promise kid, I’m never going to let you down, sure, I can’t promise you that because I hardly know you right now you’re just an ugly pink thing (don’t worry you get that from your Dad). I’m not allowed to write that, Holls just through a pygmy puff at me, I mean as far as babies go, you look like one, well done.

I’ll tell you why I’ll never let you down because letting you down would mean letting down your Godmumma Holly and that is something I’d never do. I love that girl, she’s the most beautiful and wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me, ever happened to the world and Merlin, Humphrey, I do hope you find someone like that when you grow up because I swear, life without it, it’s like living without sunshine it’s just not worth getting up in the morning.

When you find it you come tell me because if she’s as worth as much to you as Holly is to me you’ll need someone to slap you round the head just to get the dazed look off your face.

Wishing you all the luck in the world.

Your Godfather

Fred Weasley II AKA Super wizard

P.S. I think we are meant to be babysitting you at the moment because I’ve no idea where Lames has gone, I’ll ask Holly.

Dear Gus,

Welcome to the world. I know you'll be reading this in the future when you've learnt to read. At the moment you just gurgle and occasionally vomit over James, it’s his own fault for using you as the quaffle, when reenacting a pass. I know he has to lead a team, but you can't hold your head up yet.

Anyway, some important things you will have probably realised, I am your favourite Aunt. Holly doesn't understand colours. Don't eat anything your Uncle Fred gives you and your Uncle Albus is probably the head of the wizard-mafiosa. Hopefully your Uncle Teddy and I are still together, if we are not the whole family is probably not allowed to speak of it, so shouldn’t have told you that.

Here's some advice for the future; love who you love, sometimes they are not the person you expect to fall in love with, and it can happen at the worst times, but when you do fall in love there is no other feeling like it and even wet soil can't detract from your love. Whatever obstacles you have to overcome, I will always be here to support you.

Remember whether you are blowing spit bubbles to your heart’s content or becoming the minister of magic (I have great hopes for you) I will always be proud of my favourite nephew.

Lots of love,

Auntie Lily

P.S. Hey, I’m the man with the weird hair, at the moment you enjoy pulling on it as you think this makes it change colour. For a little man you are quite strong, hopefully the novelty wears off when you realise I’m a metamorphagus. Anyway, good luck for the future, if you need me I’ll be right by your Aunt’s side - Teddy.

Dear Gus,

You are far too young for us to give you specific advice, who knows how long you’ll last in this world, some Griffins do eat babies after all. I strongly suggest you just wait until you have a problem and then ask for advice, if you are like me you may never have a problem, hope for that. If you do, and it is a legitimate problem, an undertable trade went wrong, you are unsure how much a garlic you need to subdue a vampire, how to make someone invisible, these are problems I can assist with. Emotional or social problems are not my forte, ask Belle, or your mother, they may be able to help.

I’m still reserving judgement on you, I have held you once for about five minutes you seemed scared of me, so I know you have good instincts, trust those and you should be fine. As for everyone else’s advice, take it all with a circle of salt, they don't know the future, they don’t know jackshit, Gus. It's your life, live it your way.

Love (or an emotion similar to that which I can portray)

Your Uncle,


Dear Gus,

Welcome to the world, I’m sure I’ll see a lot of you as you grow up, because I have a little girl called Isolde who is your second cousin (I think!) I hope you will be able to play together. Growing up in a huge family like ours is wonderful at times, it will seem quite overwhelming and when you are little you may get quite confused over who everyone is - but your Mummy and Daddy will help you with that. Just remember, a lot goes on and whilst some people only have drama every five or so years, others have something radical changing in their lives every week. Remember, to have patience and understanding, an awful lot of patience - you will have a wonderful life.

Lots of love,

Auntie Victoire and Uncle Dennis and Isolde

Dear Gus,

I know you're only a baby so you can't read this now and when you do read this you'll already know me but just in case you don't, I'm your Uncle Hugo. I got a letter today (well technically Kingsley got a letter ), it might mean you won't see a lot of me, I'll include some of it;

Minister Shacklebolt,

I hope you are keeping well I must start by saying this is more of a personal request. Rather than from Minister to Minister. When I was visiting last year in my post as foreign diplomat I happened to meet a young man by the name of Hugo Weasley, as I'm sure you are aware. I couldn't try and continue any communication whilst still campaigning, I'm sure you understand how much work is involved. Regardless, I haven't been able to get the young man of my mind, I have found myself often wondering about his eyes and his voice. I'm embarrassing myself now, but seeing as he was in your Ministry you might know what department he works for? I would really like to get to know him more, maybe show him around my country. If he is an integral part of your ministry, I promise not to steal him, I'd just appreciate a chance to write to him.

All the best.

Aj Narif

So anyway Augustus, if I'm not around a lot it's because I'm off travelling with some really hot foreign guy. I'll let your Dad, James awkwardly explain 'special friends' to you.

Let's hope you have an easier life than the generations before you, or at least a less well known one.

Uncle Hugo.

Dear Humphrey/Gus (not sure which is your real name),

Being cool isn’t as easy as it looks, your Dad was pretty cool because sure he’s good at playing Quidditch and your Mum, one second I have to check who your Mum is. Oh yeah, she was always pregnant or something, so she’d like never drink.

Anyway, she told me to write you this to give you life advice and you are my new little nephew(?) so I’m going to write you some advice Humphrey? Well, technically, I’m not going to write it, Fred leant me one of his new quills that can’t be sold on the common market in case they’re used in exams. They write for you when you’re incapacitated which is perfect for me. I’m going to tell you how to become instantly cool just in case you get your Father’s looks, well, actually like all things it’s not instant but it’s pretty quick growing.

Ok, so your Mum just came over and vanished the middle of my letter in which I told you how to cultivate weed it had all my secrets as well, I don’t know how she expects me to remember them now, bloody women!

Now, as for impressing the ladies or the men, if you swing that way or both ways, it is not all about confidence, don’t be fooled by the fools who tell you it’s all about confidence. Actually it’s a delicate balance of confidence and vulnerability. For all the girls and boys you want to be confident strut around like you own the place but only when you do own the place. I’ll give you an example if it’s your common room then strut, if it’s a party in someone else’s common room, don’t, it looks hostile. Another example; strut on your battleground on the Quidditch pitch if you’re a good flier or in the dungeons if you’re a potioneer. Now for the vulnerability when you get a girl or boy’s attention and you’ve singled them out you no longer have to be cocky in front of them. A little sensitivity and they are putty in your hands if that doesn’t work I’ve got something I like to call the Louis-Weasley-triple-trident-trick, it’s a delicate procedure, to begin with,

Your Mum just came over and burnt off what I was going to write, I’ve got to tell you kid you’re going to have a really strict upbringing it’s probably gonna suck. You’re probably going to be one of those kids who completely snaps the moment they get their wand and you just find their parents chopped up... and apparently I’m not allowed to write letters to you any more or babysit.

Anyway, if you ever need to become cooler than you are, which you will because you will never be as cool as me, come see your Uncle Louis.

Louis ‘The Interesting One’ Weasley

Dear Augustus,

You are my first second cousin, you can call me Auntie Rosie and my husband by the time you know him will be your Uncle Silas, maybe you'll even have little cousins play with. I'm getting all sappy now, I know. I was really quite a badass before I got engaged.

My one piece of advice would be to follow your heart, the odds may seem stacked against you at times, life may not seem to be going the way you expected, the way anyone expected but sometimes that's how it goes. Don't worry if things seem to be going fast or crazy if you follow your heart things will work out, your family and friends will know that you're making the right decisions for a reason, you'll know that despite any worries your head might be having your heart will have the courage to say it's all right, stick with it.

Follow your heart and have a truly wonderful life my little Longbottom-Potter.

Love Auntie Rosie

P.s. Study hard knowledge is the best weapon you can have, don’t listen to what your Uncle Albus says about weaponry.

My little nephew Gus,

I’m your auntie Lucy (sort-of, we all call each other inaccurate names) and whatever you’ve heard about me from your other Aunts and Uncles is not true I’m completely sane as is whomever I’m dating, especially Joshua, he’s perfectly normal and his judgement should not be questioned. Plus they should know better to say stuff about people behind their back.

Anyway, Gus, you are the first man of a whole new generation of Weasleys-Potters how does it feel? I’m the last of my generation and already we all have to do something extraordinary to stand out from each other. I worry that it will be even worse for you, or maybe being another generation you will be lucky enough to fade into the background. There’s a lot of pressure to cultivate your own personality as soon as you start Hogwarts, for our generation some of us like Albus became the first to be put in a different house and he tried hard to take on the characteristics of a Slytherin, maybe a bit too much.

When I finally got to Hogwarts all the personality types had been taken so I became myself I wouldn’t suggest doing this, the wizarding world doesn’t react well to non-conformity, I strongly suggest you follow the curve it’s a lot easier. However if you are going to pretend to be somebody else, pretend to be someone with a happy life. If however you do need any advice on assembling and running your own army of minions feel free to ask, I have a lot of experiencing in that field.

All my Love

Lucy xx

Dear Gus,

I thought I would write you a little ballad, they particularly annoy your Auntie Lily but they amuse everyone else and I think they will sum up our little family in case you ever get lost there are a lot of us. I’ll teach you how to write them and then you can add to it yourself.

One fair September, there was a lass,

Who did announce to all the class,

Her maiden friend had become delicate,

needing to retire immediate.

‘Round Hogwarts, it spread throughout,

The tremendous news was soon about,

The Maiden was not so mild,

Was soon becoming with child.

James, The father what of him?

With a bun-in-the-oven what did it matter?

Neither mind nor appearance set him apart

A man, many said, the maiden should discard,

Admired by many, those who knew little,

Apparently the fool could catch a Quaffle.

Your Father was a man with the power to fly,

often falling, ungracefully, from very high.

Shocked by your pre-emptive discovery,

your mother and her lass, Holly,

took on the world around them,

sorting out all their friends.

It was a very busy year,

Louis offered something stronger than butterbeer

With Mysander and Rilas,

Frolly and Balbus,

Dennis fainting over Isolde

Lilted becoming un-jilted.

Lames stayed stronger than ever,

We would doubt them never,

Humph the bump, (that’s you),

Are in great hands, it’s true.

Leigh and James might be new,

but they’re going to be fun too,

Think of it as a plus.

You’re so lucky, Gus.

Lysander suggests I should give you some advice, however I wrote a you poem so suck it, Ly.

Love Molly

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