What Would Hugo Weasley Do?

Congratulations you're having a meltdown

Fred-meister my love,

Something big is happening between Leigh and James, press him for details, I'm not allowed to tell you yet.

Holly. Xxx


You're a terrible gossip. Plus James told me something awesome was happening, when we went for beers last night, then asked why I was keeping Roxy in my jacket pocket.

I'd forgotten she was there, so I had to take her home and put her to bed.

I'll find out soon enough,



It is awesome.

Leigh says I can tell you once Lily and Al know, so I'm jumping up and down on her bed trying to make her write faster. She says it's not helping.



I knew it. I just knew he'd knock-up Leigh, it's such a James thing to do. He thinks I'm irresponsible, he's really going to get it for this one.

I just have to find Roxy first, I shrunk her, so it's even more difficult this time.

Hold on found her... False alarm, drawing pin.

I'll keep looking.



Will you tell us what is going on? Mum said that Leigh came to visit you last weekend and since then she's been happy. Mysteriously happy and then at other times, sad and crying. Tell me what's happening. Please?



P.S. I think I know anyway.


Leave Leigh alone.



Would you like to tell me what's happening? Or do I have to force it out of you?


Lily and Albus,

James and I want you to know that in a few months you are going to have a little niece or nephew. I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell everyone about this, I don't really want the whole school knowing.

Even though they'll know when I start to show. Will have to talk to Dad about that.

Anyway. We will tell everyone soon - and hopefully you will support us.



I will totally be there for you.

As will I. (that was Al by the way - my handwriting didn't just change)

I think she knows that, Lily.

We are really excited and you'll be a wonderful mum Leigh. As for James -well- that's why you have us.

Tell us when you are telling everyone, we'll fend off the disapproving.

Love Lily. Al


Hugo just sent us the most adorable little present. It's a paper rabbit that takes off it's top hat and pulls out a banner saying congratulations then dances around before putting the hat back on and doing it again. It so adorable I think I'm going to cry. I'm told him if you weren't my baby-daddy I'd marry him, he just laughed. I don't know why he doesn't have a girlfriend.




Sounds super cool. Can I play with it? Hugo is pretty great, and you're clever and I'm willing, maybe I can be trained to be that good. If not well I hope you are happy together.



P.S. Please don't leave me, you're the only good think about me. Apart from my hair it's officially resistant to any hair product on earth - Grandma's furious.

Dear Leigh,


Yes, I know you haven't told me but I put the pieces together. I think you are going to be such wonderful parents, especially, you, Leigh, and with a family like us how could things not go well. I guess this means you're officially a member now that you are carrying a mini-Potter but you basically know all our tricks anyway, plus as long as you remember the family motto.

Lots of love

your baby's second cousin Molly

Hey Babe and the Baby,

I got a letter from the family of Percy Weasley today all official looking, basically saying congratulations plus there was a massive cheque inside from Uncle Percy and a note from Aunt Audrey telling us to buy a house with it. I'm going over there tomorrow to tell them thanks but that it's way too much but, I'm guessing Molly and Lucy know about the baby?

I'll see you soon.

James xx

Dear Leigh (and James)

Congratulations! Another lovely little one to join our family, I'm beginning to think Great-Grandchildren will be even more wonderful than grandchildren.

I've already started knitting, when you find out if it's a boy or a girl let me know. I've got some which read baby L – for Longbottom, and some which read Baby P for Potter. I'm not sure which it will be, but when James came around to tell us. He was ever so excited, I wouldn't be surprised if we were planning another wedding soon. The Burrow is here if you want it!

Take Care,

Molly Weasley (future Grandmother-in-law)

Dear Leigh,

When your father told me, I can't say I wasn't surprised. Let's just hope the baby takes after you, not that Potter boy. At least he's well off, and if he does fall off that broom with all those silly stunts at least you and the baby will get a bit of money.

Come round for tea when you're back home one weekend, and I can give you some advice on how to control your baby's father. You know you don't have to marry him, after all I raised your father by myself and apart from his obsession with plants he turned into a fine man, though he did promise me more great-grandchildren once upon a time. Thank goodness for your mother.

Be safe, and don't eat any of the plant concoctions your father thinks are a good idea.

Your Great-Grandmother,

Augusta Longbottom I

Hey Nephew,

Heard you got your girlfriend pregnant, that's one way to stop her leaving you.

Oh well, best of luck

Uncle Charlie

Dear Leigh,

Congratulations on the baby. I'm not sure how much help James will be, so if you need him to be eaten by a dragon, I'm here to help.

Keep well,

Charlie Weasley.


Congratulations, that's great news! Don't open the handbag! It is designer I modelled it on my last shoot and it has bottles hidden inside.

I made you these it's to help with morning sickness, I don't know if you have any yet but I know it's a common side effect and it's quite a simple potion to make. Plus I don't know who you've told at school so I thought you might not want to ask Madam Pomfrey or Madam Geraldine. I know you shouldn't trust Weasleys and potions but it was my best subject and remember I was a Ravenclaw.

All my love,



I'm so happy for you and James. Congratulations. To be honest I'm also slightly happy for me, you can now have some of the attention and it'll be nice to talk about babies with someone who hasn't had seven. I love my Grandma, but this is my first baby and it was easy for her to have Aunt Ginny once she'd had six already, I haven't had any practice.

I'm having a baby shower with all my non-pregnant friends because my mother insists, although I keep moving the date around I'm hoping the baby comes and then I won't have to have one. Are you having a baby shower any time? I didn't start showing until about 6 months thanks to my wonderful Veela genes. This probably won't bother you for a couple more months yet. I'm just really excited to have another pregnant family member around.

Talk to you soon.


Hi Vic,

Thanks for your letter, I guess it is nice to have someone in a similar position. All James' Aunts were popping out babies at similar times and it must have been busy but supportive for them. I don't think I'm having a baby shower any time soon, I don't really want one. Not many of my friends know so I think they'd all be shocked by an invite. Holly knows obviously and all of family knows but I'm trying to hide it from the school until I'm about 5 months pregnant that's my aim. I don't know if it'll work especially as James wants to take out an announcement in the paper.


Dear Leigh,

I was hoping you'd say that! About the baby shower, that you hadn't planned one I mean. Please can we have a joint one? Please? My mother and my in-laws both want this massive production and I can't be bothered you'd be doing me a massive favour. Plus if we had a joint one, they'd have to get you a ton of gifts too! I'd explain to them and they won't tell a soul in fact they love a bit of scandal, honestly, a surprise party is like crack to them and every party has to have a treasure hunt. I married into a bunch of freaks. You could invite whoever you like, half of our guest list overlaps.

As for James, you have to learn to rein your husband in, it's a type of conditioning that's how I did it anyway, he associates doing what I say with getting rewarded for it and now he just does what I say.



I saw Louis today he sends his congratulations, I don't know why he wasn't in school with you. His life is a mystery. How's the baby?



I don't know how the baby is, it's not even a baby yet I wish everyone would stop assuming I'm a Mum. I'm not. I've just got a bunch of cells growing inside me because my boyfriend knocked me up.



As much as I love our girl, if she shouts at me one more time for wearing colourful tights. I'm going to kick her in the head.



Yeah… about that. When Leigh gets angry, I hide in a cupboard until the shouting stops. I can lend you a cupboard if you like.

Best of luck,


Dear Leigh and James,

Congratulations on the news of your unborn child. I'm sure fetuses are delightful, I hope it's warm.

I give you every blessing, and hope that your child looks like my love, Lorcan. That it may have his cascading gold hair, his blue eyes filled with awe and wonder, and his soul created in the heavens of the Gods' God.

Lorcan is a great name as well, if you are taking suggestions.

Fond regards,

Your relative Lucy


Fred just grabbed my junk as way of congratulations. I feel violated. I need a hug. I asked him what the hell he was doing and he said he would have patted your belly but you weren't there. He also said he was surprised it all worked seeing as I basically abuse my balls sitting on a broomstick all day. Do you think I should get my Firebolt 5000 a cushion? Just in case I want to reproduce again.

Love James xx

Dear James,

Congrats man! Or should I say woman, because of course I mean me.

My Godmothering is going to be so awesome they shall make wireless shows about it.

By the way, you have detention on Monday Evening and Tuesday Evening in the Ancient Runes classroom, for being late to classes. It was your fault, because I was looking after your preggo girlfriend/soulmate whom happens to have developed a talent of puking up her breakfast every morning. Yeah...

So suck that Prof. Treethorpe, James is doing my detentions.


Holly the Detentionless.

P.S. You also called him prejudiced towards people who had hair, and fashion sense. Your bad.

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