Back on tracks

2. Space and time

2. Space and time

Elyn couldn't believe her eyes. The Hogwarts' Express was really there! In King's Cross! Its chimney fuming, whistle screaming, and hundreds of families on the platform, waving to children or brothers and sisters.

She rubbed her eyes but the vision didn't fade.

"You'd better get in before it leaves without you!"

She turned around and saw a tall man, wrapped in a velvet cloak, smile down at her kindly.

She nodded, gulped, and walked to the train. When she put her foot in, she was almost waiting for it to vanish under her. But it didn't.

It was just as she would have pictured it.

That meant it was a dream, right?


At eleven precisely, the train rocked alive, and Elyn had to grab a doorknob to stay upward.

"Right, a box. An empty box. Here we go, Foren!"

She always muttered to herself when she was nervous.

Fortunately, she soon found an empty box. She closed the door behind her and sat on the far edge of the seat, as close as possible to the window, as she stared at London in wonder.

"Oh, shit! Clara!"

But as soon as she started to freak out for her fifteen-year-old sister, the door bolted open and four people entered the box.

The first boy was tall but not too much, with long dark hair hanging in his face, and shining grey eyes. He smiled at Elyn and she averted her gaze in case.

The second was smaller and chubbier, with dark-blonde hair and round eyes that made him look ever surprised.

The third was taller than both, with untamed dark hair, hazel eyes and glasses. His smirk was definitely that of an over-confident being, and Elyn immediately hated the thought.

The fourth was as tall as the previous, with longer hair but not as long as the first one's, and the most peculiar eyes. Their brown was almost swallowed by golden drops.


Elyn cursed herself as soon as the words left her mouth.

The first boy let himself fall in front of her and leaned in, a perfect and infuriating smirk plastered on his lips. "Wow? Are you referring to me?"

She couldn't help but snort. "No, definitely not you, him." She pointed nonchalantly at the owner of the amber eyes and four pairs of eyes widened. "He has beautiful eyes."

The third boy let himself fall next to her. "Have you heard this, Moony? Finally, a girl finds something attractive in you!"

Said Moony smiled shyly and sat next to Glasses, when Chubby sat as far from her as possible.

Top-Model looked at her again. "Never seen you before. New?"

Elyn shrugged. "I suppose. If this isn't a dream, then yes."

"Why would it be a dream?" Glasses looked at her quizzically.

But before she could answer, the door slammed open again, and a beautiful red-headed girl entered, two piercing green orbs scanning the group.

When her gaze fell on Elyn, she smiled. "Ah, you should be her. Elyn Foren, am I right?" Elyn nodded under the gazes of those five strangers. "Professor McGonagall sent me a letter to tell me of your...background. I'm a Muggleborn as well."

Elyn widened her eyes. "Muggleborn, that means you're born in the real world, doesn't it?"

She sensed one of the boys wanted to interfere, but the red-head didn't give him time. "Yes, that's it. I guess you have a thousand of questions, but unfortunately, you'll have to wait. I'm Head-Girl, and that means I have to spend half the journey in another wagon. I'll see you at the feast!" She turned on her heels, and then looked over her shoulder before closing the door. "By the way, I'm Lily!"

"So, Elyn, eh? That's a strange name..."

She snapped her head at Glasses at once. "Not that strange. There's a girl in my sister's class who's named Ohio. After the State. Ohio, can you imagine?"

Glasses didn't seem impressed at all. "Oh, and, by the way, I realise we've been enormously rude. We haven't introduced ourselves."

Top-Model smiled at that. "Right. I am Sirius. This is Peter," he pointed at Chubby, "Remus", Beautiful-eyes, "and this is-"

"I can tell her my own name, thanks Pads. I am James."

Elyn chuckled very loudly at that. "Seriously? Sirius, Peter, Remus and James? Like what? The Marauders?"

James' eyes widened. "You've heard of us?"

"Us? That can't be you! I mean, in any course of action, the first Marauders are all dead!"

"First Marauders? What is she talking about?" She looked at 'Sirius', but he really looked astonished.

"Seriously, guys! Sirius? James? Remus? And that Peter? Never heard of them?" They all shook their heads. "Okay, what are your last-names?"

James smiled. "Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin and James-"

"Potter." She finished.

"See, you know us!" James high-fived Sirius.

"Yes, I agree, for a Muggleborn, she knows too many things about us, that's suspicious."

Elyn shook her head many times after that. James Potter. Harry's father. Harry Freaking Potter's father! And he didn't look much older than herself!

But, if James had still been alive in 2012, he would have been...52!

A wave of doubt took her then, and she slowly patted James' shoulder for another question.

"Uh, sorry if that question seems crazy, but...which year is it?"

Sirius burst into a strange bark-like laugh, and even Remus smiled a little.

James' face, however, remained blank. He looked at her very carefully, and then sighed.

"This is 1976."

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