Back on tracks

4. The twin wands

4. The twin wands

The Great Hall was indeed...great when Elyn walked in it.

She would have gaped like a total idiot if Sirius hadn't nudged her in the back for her to walk ahead. Enough people were already staring at her and muttering as they had done in the train.

She even spotted many girls who glared at her for the simple reason that Sirius bloody Black had touched her of all people.

At that Elyn smirked at them.

Griffindor's table was on the far right, and the boys made it their mission to sit as in the middle as possible, so that Elyn was quite hidden from sight.

She hoped as hell to be Sorted in Griffindor. She wouldn't survive without them.

Duh, she could have puked at the thought.

Wake up, Foren! You need no one!

When everyone was seated and the first years had come in with a huge man – Hagrid, she thought – a tall and grey-bearded man got up from his seat at the teacher's table, and Elyn's heart began to seriously miss several beats.

She was facing Albus Dumbledore.

The most powerful sorcerer in the world.

The same who had been killed by a student seating somewhere at Slytherin's table.

Gosh, she really needed to focus.

And there.

Just by gaping and thinking too much, she missed half his speech.


"- the Forbidden Forest is as always forbidden, and that even for some of the oldest students around here who think it is their mission to break every rule-"

The Headmaster's blue piercing gaze settled somewhere on Elyn's right, and she chuckled when she realised that, of course, he meant the Marauders.

"- and last but not least, we are welcoming a new unexpected student in seventh year, a young lady called Elyn Foren, and I'd be glad if you all stopped staring."

She smiled shyly at that, especially when his gaze locked on hers.

And after that, they ate.

Elyn had rarely eaten so much in her life.

But that food was a dream, seriously.

And seeing how Sirius beside her devoured everything that came under his nose, she wasn't the only one to think that.

The ghosts, she managed, really. Even when Nearly-Headless-Nick recited a particularly awful poem to welcome her, she managed.

What she didn't manage, in fact, was the nudges caused by sorts thrown from the far left table on her back.

Something told her she wouldn't like whomever sent them.

"I'm going to kill him if he does that again..."

Elyn's eyes snapped to James, in front of her. He was glaring at someone sitting on that same table that bullied her.



She nearly gasped at the thought that Snape – her favourite character in the movies, realise a second – had been the one nudging her, but then remembered she didn't know.

"Snivellus? Is that his accurate name?"

Remus, next to James, shook his head sadly. "His name his Severus. Snape. He is brilliant in Potions."

"And in Dark Arts."

Elyn shrugged. "Well, he doesn't really bother me. As long as I ignore him, he'll stop after some time."

Sirius snorted. "Believe me, in a week's time, you'll wish nothing more than curse him dead."

"I doubt that, Pads."

His brown eyes widened. But he said nothing.

The feast ended not long after, and when the boys left her with pats on her shoulder and back for comfort, Elyn got up and walked to the teachers' table, staying at a respectful distance even as she did so.

You never knew.

She noticed how McGonagall was sitting right next to Dumbledore, and next to her a little man clad in a tuxedo fidgeted with his hands when he saw her approaching.

The Headmaster's eyes once again locked on hers.

"Ah, Miss Foren. Welcome to Hogwarts."

She bowed her head a little. "Thank you, sir."

"I'll be right there. You can wait for me at the door."


Elyn noticed the widening of eyes at her words, and McGonagall's glare even, as she whirled around and hurried back to the door.

Dumbledore wasn't long. He said so. So it was.

"Follow me, Elyn, please."

So she did.

The lump in her throat didn't lessen as she climbed stairs and walked through corridors.

It even grew.

"I'm under the impression that you made some friends already."

"Yes, I met them in the train."

His eyes twinkled. "I could tell you that it isn't a good idea, that they aren't good for you, but I think it'd be to no avail. You'll fit in quite beautifully, I bet."

Elyn's eyes widened. "Uh, thank you, I suppose."

Then she realised Dumbledore had stopped walking, and she almost ran into him. Almost.

Better fall backwards than push your new Headmaster, right?

Once she had recovered and climbed onto the eagle's first step, the stairs started climbing up and up, and soon a dark wooden door stood before her.

With a whirl of the mage's wrist, the door opened.

Someone was already there.

Elyn cursed between her teeth as she recognized the figure of the old man from her sister's cards on the matter.

Ollivander the wandmaker.


"Miss Foren, meet Mister Ollivander. He will find you your wand."

"Nice to meet you sir."

"And nice to meet you Miss Foren."

"Please sit down, Elyn." As she did so, she noticed how Dumbledore's hands had been reaching for something up a shelf, and the lump might have exploded when she realised it was the bloody Sorting Hat itself.

"Calm down, it'll only take a moment."

The ragged piece of cloth wrapped itself around her head, and she felt herself turn her head and bend it even if she didn't mean to.

"Yes, very interesting. Quite out of place, are you not? Yes, interesting. You'll be interesting to watch, no doubt." Then, when Elyn thought the breath would have been snatched out of her, it shouted. "Griffindor!"

The lump lessened.

But didn't disappear.

"Right. As I guessed, you'll be sharing the same dormitory as Miss Lily Evans. I think you've met?" Elyn nodded, in a daze still. "Your furniture and clothes have been sent there as soon as you arrived. Do not fret."

But she fretted. "Can I ask you something, sir?"


"I left my little sister in King's Cross, sir. I wonder-"

"Clara has been taken care of, do not worry. A letter has been sent to your parents, and she has been accompanied back home by an Auror."

"Oh, okay, thanks, I suppose."

Dumbledore chuckled. "Do not make it a habit to say that, Elyn."

"Oops, right, sorry."

His eyes twinkled, and then he turned to Ollivander and nodded.

And Elyn couldn't breathe.

The first wand he presented her was dark with leaves patterns all around it. But it felt awkward, and didn't suit her.

The following two were even more beautiful, but broke two of the Headmaster's windows when she flicked them. Nope.

After a dozen wands, Ollivander was strangely still calm as hell, while her heart was thumping so hard she thought everyone heard it.

And at last, the last box was opened.

That wand was even more beautiful than any other in Elyn's eyes, although it was nothing but simple. It was a beautiful auburn colour, a little bent, with the curling of fingers around its hilt.

And once her fingers closed around it, Elyn felt as if a breeze has rose in the room.


I'm turning into Harry.

"I was sure about it. Headmaster, I told you it'd be that one."

"Yes, my friend, you were quite right."

"And its twin sister is here too."

Elyn's eyes opened and snapped at Ollivander. "What? My wand has a sister?"

Dumbledore's eyes smiled. Yes, his eyes could smile. "Yes, a twin. And it appears you have already met its owner." She pressed forward. "Remus Lupin."

Oh shit. Oh shit.

She was already close to having a crush with the guy, and now their wands were the same.

Elyn couldn't think about anything else than fate.

No, please no! There isn't such thing as fate.

It is a coincidence.



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