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5. Extra lessons

5. Extra lessons

Sleeping in the same room as three Muggleborns was not as easy as it seemed. Elyn thought at first that it was quite cool to have three girls coming from the same world as her to talk to, but there was a huge flaw.

Elyn didn't come from the nineteen-seventies. She didn't know a thing about what they rambled.

Except for the fact that she knew the first Star Wars was coming out in her summer course, she didn't know shit about that time.

So she just stood to what she did know.

Lord of the Rings had been published in the 1940s, after all...

"So you don't have television at home?"

Elyn gaped at Marlene McKinnon, the strawberry-blonde beauty who slept left to her.

"Yes, we do, I just don't like it."

"Why not?"

"I...uh...prefer to read."

"And what do you read?"


The girls' eyes widened. "Fantasy? You read fantasies?"

Elyn chuckled and shook her head. "No, not fantasy like that, heroic fantasy!"

"Oh." But then Lily chuckled. "And what's that?"

"You guys never heard of Lord of the Rings?" They all shook their head. Elyn sighed. "Right, there needs to be a little education in the matter, if we are to remain friends."

She spent the rest of the night rambling about Erebor, Mirkwood and Minas Anor until all she realised her public had fallen asleep somewhere between the lines of "And then Frodo took the Ring" and "And the Fourth Age began."


Mornings in Hogwarts were peculiar. Especially in Elyn's room.

Lily had woken up at six, waking Elyn at the same time if she wished to prepare her things for the day, do her hair, anything.

Marlene woke exactly ten minutes before breakfast was due.

Sarah, the last of the four, a red-head with horrible thick glasses but funny as hell, had been sleeping in her school robes and got down after a mere ruffle in her hair.

The Great Hall was buzzing with morning chatter, and as the girls sat, Elyn taking her place left to Lily, the post arrived.

To her great non-surprise, no owl landed before her.

However, a brown-haired womanizer landed to her left with a great boom.

"Hell, Sirius, behave!"

Said Sirius looked at her through red eyes. "Uh?"

Elyn's laugh was soon echoed by a good part of the table. "Gosh, what have you been doing last night?"

"Nothing. Talking."

"'Cause you can actually have a conversation that lasts more than two minutes and which doesn't only involve yourself?"

He sneered and his nose landed in his plate.

Elyn's laugh redoubled as James and Remus sat in front of her, James sending Lily a heated glance while Remus looked at Sirius with a mixture of pity and desperation on his face.

"Miss Foren? Might I have your attention please?"

Elyn's head snapped from where she was staring at Remus to her right, and Professor McGonagall's face inches from her own.

"Oh, sh-oot. Sorry Professor."

"That's alright, you'll have time to adjust." Then she handed her a white sheet of paper, which with a tap of her wand covered in a timetable. "This is your timetable for this month. At the end of September, you'll be able to choose options for which you'll have to pass your OWLs in December."

Elyn's mouth fell right open. "I'll have to pass my OWLs?"

"Of course, Miss Foren! But you have time. And I'm always there for any problem you might encounter."

She swallowed uneasily but nodded nevertheless. "Thank you."

McGonagall nodded and walked away.

Elyn didn't have time to breathe until Lily's hand snapped at her timetable. "What do you have first period?" Then she made a sound close to "duh". "Charms. Well, you'll be with the boys then."

"Why, don't you have Charms too?"

Lily shook her head. "This period I'm taking Herbology. I'm taking two options this year."

"If you could stop boasting over your intellect, Lily dear, I'd be thankful."

Lily's glare snapped at James. "I wasn't talking to you, Potter."

Then she flew off.

Elyn whistled. "Well well... Are you sure you want to date her?"

James' eyes widened. "How d'you-?"

"You're an open book." Then she looked down into Sirius' still sleepy face. "Right. Who's the Charms teacher?"

"Flitwick." She looked over at Remus who had answered. "The little one next to Minnie."

Right. The one with the tuxedo who fidgeted when he saw her. "Is he good?"

"The best."

Sirius snorted. "Sorry to disappoint. Minnie's the best."

Elyn put her hands up to interfere. "I'll make my own mind about that, thanks."

After a quick shortcut to her room to fetch her bag and books, Elyn hurried behind the boys and followed them to a beautifully furnished classroom.

Seriously, she liked it.

There were boxes as in a bar, and a huge space in the middle of the room for practise.

And a pile of books on which the teacher now climbed.

"Welcome back everyone!" Then his black eyes settled on Elyn. "And welcome to you, Miss Foren. Now, for the time being, will you please sit next to Mister Potter?"

She nodded, still gaping, and went to sit as said next to James, leaving Sirius and Remus together. Peter never took Charms after his fifth year.

Sometimes, she wondered how he could have become such a powerful Death-Eater.

"Listen, everyone! Today, we'll make a recap of last year's charms, starting with Aguamenti. Miss McKinnon, if you please, settle your mirror back in your bag, thank you."

Elyn chuckled as she noticed Marlene sticking out her tongue at the small man, and then drew out her wand.

But Professor Flitwick wasn't letting her do magic yet. "Miss Foren, for the moment, just watch."

She sighed deeply, earning a pat on the shoulder by James.

But as everyone recapped their sixth year's charms, she came to note down everything she could remember.

And she was already enjoying herself.

Especially laughing her ass off when Sirius sent a Jolly-legged charm over to Snive-Severus.

It was funny.

Less so when a pair of black eyes settled on her.

She mouthed a small "Sorry" his way, but he just huffed and looked away.

Elyn gaped and then shook her head.

So much for courtesy.

"Miss Foren, if you please, now step forward. You too, Mister Potter."

Elyn snapped out of her notes and looked up to Flitwick's small frame, settled back onto his books.

James pulled her by the sleeve until they were facing in the middle of the room.

"I swear to God, Prongs, if you turn my hair blue, I'll kill you with my bare hands."

"What if you kill me with hairy hands instead?"

Elyn's teeth bared and she almost growled.

"Right. Mister Potter, show Miss Foren how to levitate an object, please."

There were a few sneers coming from many students – and not all Slytherin, Elyn noticed – at the thought she was to learn the first elementary charm.

She smirked and held her hands up. "Sorry, Professor, but I happen to know that one."

Flitwick's eyes widened. "Really?"

She nodded and chose a quick option. "I read some charms in Lily Evans' books last night, sir."

"Oh, really?" She glared at James, who bowed a little.

"In fact, I know some elementary charms already."

"Which ones?"

She smiled widely to her teacher and held her wand up. "Shall I show you?" He nodded and just a breath later, she shouted "Accio James' glasses!" The pair of second eyes to her now opponent flew into her hand and she pointed to it. "Windargium Leviosa!" Then she whirled around for good measure. "Engorgio!" James' glasses doubled in size and flew back to their owner, making him look like an idiot when they settled back onto his nose.

"Very good, Miss Foren, very good indeed! For such a demonstration on your first day, I announce fifteen points for Griffindor!"

There was a small clamour behind Elyn but she didn't stop there.

She pointed into James' face again. "Reducio!"

Luckily her aim was all right, and his glasses took their initial shape.

She wanted badly to use the blowing up one, but thought it better to wait for DADA class.

When she took her bag back when the lesson was over, there was a buzzing of mutters all around her.

Merely lifting her wand, she glared at some of her own house, but who cared. "Mind if I pass, darling?"

Once up in the corridor and following the group of Griffindor heading to Transfiguration, Elyn soon felt an arm snaked around her shoulders.

"I'm seriously thinking about adopting you, darling."

She smiled up into Sirius' face. "Thanks Padfoot."

When she climbed into her bed that night, after an exhausting double lesson with Minnie and a loooong one with Professor Carter in Divination, Elyn was content.

Oh yes she had been compulsed to take tutoring in her main lessons, but each and every of them were quickly becoming friends.

She had James for Charms. Sirius for Transfiguration – she wondered if he had been the first to pass his Animagus transformation. Lily for Potions. And Remus for DADA. Though these last two she hadn't had yet.

No, sitting right next to Remus and duelling against her wand's twin, she would experience the next day.

Exhausting, but pure bliss.

Clara would have killed to be in her place, but right then, Elyn was the happiest of non-nerds.

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