Sunsets and dawns

Sixth sunset

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10. Sixth sunset

When Regina made her way to Granny's that evening, she intended nothing more than to walk straight upstairs to meet with Elsa. Nothing more. Nothing less.

So when she entered the diner in the usual rumour of the many customers come there to eat their fill, she sensed the moment freeze, the air thickening.

And when her eyes danced around the room, she understood why at once.

To her left, the newly-reunited Hood family was sitting, Robin's eyes locked onto her, pain written all over his face.

This sent a pang of hurt through her as well, but she ignored it and tried to remain focussed on her aim – the corridor at the far end of the diner.

But a little bundle of hair assaulting her legs made that exit impossible to reach.


Regina's eyes lowered to meet with Roland's huge brown eyes, and against her own will, a smile formed on her lips. She put a hand to his shoulder. "Hey there. How are you?"

"I'm sad because you won't come to play with me anymore. Mama says you're a bad person. But I think she's wrong. Because you are nice with me and my Papa."

There was a sigh to her left, and Regina only had time to register his sudden closeness before Robin placed himself behind his son, pulling him off Regina slowly. "Roland, what did I tell you? Regina is probably here for something important." His eyes met hers for the shortest second before she lowered her gaze to his son once more.

"I have something important to do, your Daddy is right. But I do hope I can see you soon. If your Mama is alright with it."

Roland sent a huge grin her way before hurrying back to the booth where his mother sat and apparently started to harass her with questions – one of which should have been 'Can I go play with Gina sometime'.

Robin stood there awkwardly, not willing to move, and Regina didn't have the force to push past him.

Thankfully for her, someone else did her the favour.

The outlaw was softly pushed to the side as a well-known fairy grabbed Regina's hand to pull her towards her own booth.

Regina sighed in relief, catching Robin's shoulders slagging before he got back to his family. "Tinkerbell..."

"A simple 'thank you' might do. Now, Regina..." The Queen met the fairy's green eyes and realised she was slightly glaring at her. For reasons. "You hid some things from me, and I want to know every one of them."

Regina passed a hand over her face and sighed again. "I know. We should talk. But, by all means, not here, not now."

"I wasn't asking for right now."

"Good." She sent a small sad smile her way before standing. "I have someone to meet upstairs. Shall we see each other tomorrow then?"

"Tomorrow is perfect." Tink smiled at her, compassionate, before waving her away and swallowing herself back in her crosswords.

There was a distinct chill in the air as Regina made her way upstairs.

She crossed the path of one pirate who raised an eyebrow at her and asked if she was visiting the 'cold and sad lass' before he silently got down the stairs.

And truthfully, when she opened the door of Elsa's room, the woman was definitely cold...and sad.

A long time prior, Regina, by then young and still moderately innocent, met a beautiful woman named Elsa. She could make anything freeze, make snowmen come to life, could produce the most beautiful iceworks in the sky... They had soon become friends.

But Elsa was cursed. Her control on her powers lessened as time passed, and as the people she loved the most died back in her land. First her sister Anna, then Anna's husband Kristoff, then their children, then their grand-children...

Time passed quicker in Arendale, and Elsa had been exiled quite a long time before that, by her own parents, too afraid of her powers to let her roam free in their realm.

Regina and Rumpelstiltskin had tried to help her control the sudden bursts of ice and deadly frost bites that killed so many in the land. And that last, Elsa asked something of them.

She asked to be set free. To be put somewhere she would not hurt anyone anymore.

So Regina and Rumpel combined their powers to lock her in a jar, and the jar was put in Rumpel's safe.

Until then.

Elsa had changed clothes, no longer sporting her long flowing white-and-blue dress but a simple woollen tunic highlighting the silver of her hair.

She was wearing her gloves, probably trying to retain her magic a little while longer.

When she realised she had a visitor, she whirled around, blue eyes meeting brown and widening with a small welcoming smile. "Regina..."

Said Regina smiled back, walking to her former friend, who had not aged a day. "Elsa..."

The two women hugged, one being careful no to freeze the other to death.

Regina pulled back and sat on the bed, the Frozen Queen coming to sit next to her. "What happened?"

"I don't remember. To me, it was as if merely days had passed by since you locked me up. Then I felt myself fall through a portal, and opened my jar to see what was happening to me... And I was here." She let out a small sob and Regina put a careful hand on her freezing shoulder. "In a fleeting moment, I thought I was back home, because the barn I was in looked like those in my realm. So I destroyed the jar. But I'm definitely not in Arendale..."

Regina sighed and shook her head. "No, you are not. This is Storybrooke. Has Snow White explained things to you about this place?"

"Snow White? The woman who brought me here is Snow White?" Elsa's blue eyes widened. "I thought you hated her."

"I did. And almost destroyed her life as I planned to. But people change, and I changed. For my son."

"You have a son? Then a husband too, I guess?"

Regina felt the now familiar pang in her heart, and shook her head once more. "No...I'm not married. Henry was adopted. But not less loved for it. This whole thing is very complicated, and I doubt the whole night would suffice to get through all the details." She chuckled darkly. "But, as far as we're concerned, now, you are stuck here... And you have brought winter with you. I by then guess that your powers are still roaming wild?"

Elsa nodded sadly, her fingers fidgeting with the gloves covering them. "I doubt I will ever have control over it ever again."

"I can help." Elsa's eyes snapped to hers once more. "I've learnt some things during these last years, one of which is to be able to conceal powers. In a way, to suppress them."

"I don't want to suppress my powers!" Elsa stood abruptly, glaring by then. "This is what nature gave me! This is what makes me who I am!" she sobbed "This is why my sister loved me."

Regina stood too, carefully approaching the crying queen, and put a soothing hand on her shoulder. "Alright, alright. Don't worry. We'll figure something out. I promise."

There was a long silence, and then Elsa stopped crying, her eyes going to the clock above the door. "You should go. Your son is surely waiting for you."

Regina nodded. "Okay, but on one condition." She smiled kindly. "Tomorrow evening, come to my place to have diner. I promise you a better time than you have had in your jar. You'll meet Henry. And a few of my friends." She said it without malice, because she truly thought of them thus.

So as Elsa agreed and she walked away from her, Regina took out her phone and dialled Snow's number. First the Charmings, then Tinkerbell, who was surely still downstairs sipping on her usual mocha latte.

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