Sunsets and dawns

Fifteenth sunset

A/N: A lot of questions will be answered this chapter. Hopefully.

But I still have a few of them you asked, so here comes!

Addie asked: "How far along is Regina? That's probably the main thing for me, and will we possibly get a flashback to the night the baby was conceived?"

She's about two weeks far, and if you're wondering how the heartbeat can be heard this early,'ll see later. And we'll have a flashback a little further along the line. ;)

TiaLuna (welcome here, darling reader!) asked: What is Regina planning? Because she doesn't seem too happy about having to tell Robin. Maybe she'll use a spell to cover it up?"

You're right. Like, YOU'RE RIGHT! I planned the spell thing like aaaaaages ago! Well done in succeeding in entering my mind! ;)

My Lady Vader asked: I'm curious to see how Elsa handles the situation. If she's cursed to live forever, will she be open to the idea of love?"

Oh no she won't. But you'll see how Jeff handles it. Like a certain pirate, never ready to give up. ;)

13. Fifteenth sunset

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Regina looked aside at Jefferson, who was sitting in a chair, looking at his finger, a smirk on his lips. "I am."

"I don't recall you wanting Snow White to know all your secrets before." His blue eyes met hers, and she glared at him slightly while she fixed her dress.

Under her fingers, she could almost feel the life stirring in her belly, and unconsciously, she rubbed her stomach, a small smile forming on her lips.

"There it is. I was waiting for it."

Her eyes met his again, shaking her off her thoughts. "What?"

"A smile." His smirk transformed too. "I knew you before, Regina. I know you wanted children with your Daniel."

"I had one. Henry."

He tutted. "That's not the same. This one...will be yours. Truly yours."

Her smile widened, her fingers going to her belly again. "Yes. All mine." A small chuckle escaped her, and then the doorbell rang.

They had all come at once, all of them: Henry, Emma, Hook, Snow, David, Neal, Tinkerbell, Elsa, and Rumpelstiltskin.

The last two were standing far from each other, and when Regina saw the look on Elsa's face, she guessed they had fought over something.

So she took the Frozen Queen's hand and, with a wide smile, directed her to the living-room and made her sat right next to Jefferson, who froze at first, then relaxed, clearly taken to this new friend of Regina's.

The former Evil Queen shared a glance with the fairy standing behind the couch, and both smirked. Oh yes, they had a crush on each other alright.

Snow, being who she was, soon started to worry.

"Regina? Is something wrong that you have gathered us all here?"

Hook, with his eyes to the ceiling, nodded next to the Saviour. "I agree, love. You'd never call us all here if it wasn't urgent."

Regina smiled, truly, before gesturing them all to sit. "Come on. There is nothing wrong. But I have something to tell you all."

"And Jefferson knows? Before us, I mean?"

Regina looked over at David, an eyebrow raised.

The Hatter chuckled and raised his hands as if trying to prove his innocence. "Believe me, I was only at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Regina snorted softly. "I would have said quite the contrary, actually, but never mind. Go on. You'd better sit, believe me."

Once all her guests were effectively sat, Regina took her place in her own armchair, and took a deep breath, her eyes going to Henry. "This morning, I dropped Henry at the bus stop. And Jefferson was there. And I felt suddenly faint. So...he carried me to the hospital."

Snow let out a gasp. "The hospital? Oh my God, Regina, is everything alright?"

Hook snorted, rolling his eyes. "Lass, truly, if there was something wrong, I doubt the Queen would be smiling like she is."

Regina paused and caught Emma's gaze, who had dropped to her hands, fidgeting with the hem of her dress. Her green eyes became two slits as if she was trying to pry the truth off her body.

So Regina took another deep breath and dropped the bomb. "I'm pregnant."

Nothing. Not even a gasp.

Only eyes widened as tennis balls.

Then everyone started to do something.

Rumpelstiltskin smirked, his cane rubbing circles on the wooden floor. Elsa smiled softly, tears glistening in her eyes. Tinkerbell started jumping up and down, shrieking in delight. Snow wrapped an arm around her husband and child and hugged them both. Killian and Emma exchanged a look, and the pirate shrugged, before both smiled too.

And Henry stood, running towards his mother and engulfing her in a hug. "That's wonderful, Mom. Wonderful."

She too had tears in her eyes, because if her son was happy, the force he put in his hug also told her he knew about her inner struggle.

About the pain that still hurt her.

Because this child was not only hers.

But no need to dwell on that now.

Snow hugged her too, cooing to baby Neal how he was going to be a cousin, and that he'd have a little he or she to play with.

Rumpel was still smirking.

And Tinkerbell was still shrieking.

"So... How far along are you?"

The question came, unsurprisingly, from David, who seemed not to care too much about the implications of such a pregnancy.

"Not very far. Two weeks."

"That's pretty early!" Snow's eyes were still widened, then a soft smile appeared on her lips. "And you wanted to tell us..."

Regina returned the smile, but it soon faded when she spotted Jefferson's smirk, an invite to tell the truth behind her words. "Yes, I did...but... I have to tell you something else."

"Clearly, since I doubt you'd wanted to tell me first, dearie..."

She looked over at Rumpel and nodded firmly. "Yes. If I could have not told you, I wouldn't have invited you here tonight." Her gaze then lowered to her hands. "See...this's complicated..."

Snow sighed. "Because of Robin."

"Yes. Because I know that if he knows, he'll do something. And I don't want to be the one to end a marriage. I'm not that kind of woman. Or am not anymore, should I say..." She took a deep breath. "I will hide this from everyone."

David huffed. "Sorry to say, but Regina... When you're starting to show..."

"Glamour spell."

"What?" Everyone except Jefferson seemed lost.

"I said glamour spell. I'll hide my growing belly to all eyes." She looked over at the Dark One. "Which is why you're here now. Because this spell won't work on magical people, and I didn't want you to spread the word when you noticed."

He nodded. "I get it, dearie. I'll be quiet as a bird."

She made a face.

He smirked.

"What exactly does that entail. A glamour spell, I mean?"

Regina looked at Emma. She still had that pang of anger when she met her eyes. But she tried to keep it reined. "I'll choose whom I want to know. You, to be perfectly honest. So, to everyone else, I won't put on weight, I won't be rounder at the middle..."

"But you'll still have mood swings. Cravings. That can't be hidden!"

Regina gritted her teeth. "I'll do my best."

"And when the little one arrives, love, what will you do then? Throw it away in the wind?"

She glared at the pirate, who had the decency to stop smiling. "I will go away with Henry about a week before it's due. I'll pretend I have gone to adopt again. No one will notice."

Snow nodded, soon followed by Tinkerbell, then by Elsa. "That seems a good solution." The princes smiled, looking at Neal in her arms. "You'll be a terrific mother. As good a mother as you are a godmother."

Regina smiled. "Thank you, Snow."

David smiled too. "And thank you for telling us. It means a lot."

"Well..." she blushed a little, "you're my friends, after all..."

Smiles were fired back her way, then Hook stood abruptly. "I say we drink to this good news!"

Rumpel stood and took his leave at once. "I'd better go back. Belle will wonder what the fuss was about."

To be honest, Regina didn't mind his absence.

She stood and went to the liquor cabinet, taking out a bottle of Champagne.

"You won't mind if I pass, do you?"

Some chuckled, Henry went to her side, a hand placing itself on her belly, and although it was far – really far – too soon for that, it seemed to Regina she felt her baby move...

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