Sunsets and dawns

Thirty-first sunset

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16. Thirty-first sunset

"So this thing passed the town-line like nothing?"

They had gathered back at the station after everyone had checked every corner of the grounds for those strange creatures/people – they still didn't know.

Emma was sat upon a desk, and had been asking the question when Regina had told the whole group what they had witnessed back in the woods.

The queen nodded. "I don't know how that is possible."

"I may have a theory." All eyes went to Rumpelstiltskin. "The curse brought upon the town-line was meant for people coming from the Enchanted Forest. Which is why Henry and Miss Swan here can come and go as they please."

"What about me then? I was in the Enchanted Forest when the curse was cast, and I still come and go as I please..."

The wizard's eyes went to the pirate at Emma's side, and he rolled his eyes. "You, were under Cora's protection spell. It doesn't affect you."

"Wait," Regina raised a hand, "you're actually saying that these...things...can pass the town-line because they're not from the Enchanted Forest?" Rumpel nodded. "But...where from then?"

"How many realms are there?" Snow, her arm looped around her husband, asked.

"We don't know for sure. Although we do know of some. There's here, the Enchanted Forest, Neverland, Wonderland, Oz, Arendale, and Camelot."

"Camelot? Seriously?" Emma snorted.

Regina rolled her eyes. "Yes, Miss Swan, Camelot. Now please pay attention."

"Wait, I too have a question." Tink raised her hand. "If the town-line doesn't affect those come from somewhere else than the Enchanted come Zelena wasn't able to?"

Regina's eyebrow lifted, and her gaze went to Rumpel, who merely smirked. "She too was cursed when Snow White and Regina cast it in the so-called 'missing year'."

It all made sense.

These had opened a portal from somewhere else...

"What have you learnt then?"

Regina shook herself off her thoughts and eyed Snow, Tink and Emma.

The Saviour was the first to answer, with a shrug. "Apart from the fact that the harbour is almost frozen to ice, nothing unusual."

Elsa frowned and looked down at her glove-clad hands, and began to shake.

But before Regina could reach for her and soothe her, Jefferson beat her to it, wincing a little at the freezing touch of the Frozen Queen.

Eyes met, and Elsa stopped shaking.

No one seemed to notice the moment.


The Princess shook her head. "Nothing unusual either. Although I perhaps know who could help us. If he wishes."

Regina's brow furrowed. "Who could?"


The Queen snorted. "That brat? He was such an idiot before, I'm not sure he would have changed much..."

"Regina..." Snow sent her a warning glance, then fell to the rest of the group again. "Mowgli lived in the woods for a long time, alongside bears and wolves. He too can climb those trees rather quickly. Maybe he'd know of others who can."

"I've never heard of this Mowgli..." David looked over at Regina. "What have you done to him?"

She rolled her eyes. "Surprisingly enough, nothing. Believe it or not, he managed quite well to hide from me."

"Clever boy then." Jefferson chuckled.

"Shut it."

"Never, Your Majesty."

And then again, a pang of hurt ran through her, her eyes meeting the only other person to call her that playfully.

Their eyes met, and ice ran through Regina's veins at the look on his face.

He was angry.


Once more, Regina shook off her thoughts.

The fairy was looking at her and too snapped her eyes back to David. "Ah...uh... nothing much. Elsa noticed some sort of crater near the barn, like a landing spot. But apart from that, nothing."

"A crater?"

Elsa nodded. "Perfectly round. As if there had been a rock inside it."

"Then we really have to be careful." David looked over at Regina. "Could you perform some kind of protection spell for the whole town?"

The queen shook her head. "I'm not powerful enough. But thankfully, you do have five of us magical beings. That has to count for something."

The Prince nodded. "Alright then. We should begin by gathering everyone in town. Robin," the outlaw gritted his teeth, knowing what was coming, "you and your men should come live in town. Granny has enough room for all. It'd be safer."

He shook his head. "We've lived through a Wicked Witch fine... I see no reason why this should be different..."

Snow muttered under her breath, but still loud enough for all the hear. "Because this time not everyone is on your side..."

This brought an end to the conversation...and to the colour in Robin's face.

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