Sunsets and dawns

Forty-sixth dawn

A/N: A shorter chapter today that I hope will please most of you as we talk about Elsa's feelings towards Jeff this time. And if that relationship isn't...well...dealt with yet, we do know why at least. ;)

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Vampress2802 said: "Besides I love that movie [Atlantis] and no one uses them like ever! 100 points for originality!"

It's not strictly speaking a question, but I HAD to answer that... ^^ Thanks so much for the points, eheh. I started this story thinking about which Disney characters hadn't been used yet and which ones I wanted to be here. And Kida kind of jumped into my mind. As another who will appear later. ;)

theevilqueen-ouatIG asked: "Will Robin find out Regina is pregnant? If he does, will she tell him or is he going to notice?"

He'll know, of course, althought not quite yet. And neither. She definitely doesn't want him to know and he won't notice, but another character will probably let it slip. You'll see. ;)

Addie asked: "Do the people of Atlantis have an issue with Regina or Rumpel?"

No they don't. As far as we're concerned, Atlantis was a realm no one, not even Jeff, ever visited. ;)

kk bk asked: "Is James flirting with Regina?"

No he isn't. ;) Only teasing her with the fact she wanted him dead and here he is still breathing. XD

And for those desperately asking for more OutlawQueen interaction, be patient. This thing won't be fixed in twenty chapters. :p

19. Forty-sixth dawn

It was so strange to be part of such a domestic scene for Regina. Not after everything she had been through...

Snow White was hurrying to every corner of her kitchen to make tea – the sole hot drink Regina could have now, as she had recently started despising hot chocolate – humming under her breath.

Elsa was sat in the couch, eyeing the television warily as the movie they had started watching was put on pause.

And herself was standing behind said couch, Neal in her arms as his big blue eyes looked up at her and a smile formed on his lips as she cooed down at him.

"Who's the most beautiful boy in the world? Who's he, eh?"

Snow let out a light laugh from the counter. "I doubt you'll say that when yours arrives."

Regina looked up and made a face. "And who says it's a boy, mmh?"

"Oh, no one!" She chuckled again.

Henry ran down the stairs at that moment, his storybook under his arm, and he all but jumped next to Elsa.

Ever since he had been told that very same morning about what was happening in Storybrooke, he had decided that Operation Dolphin was a go. And he had been the one to decide that morning, they'd be watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire. For insight on their new...friends.

David, Emma, Robin and Hook had soon exited the loft, preferring to patrol the woods rather than spend a whole morning sat down to do nothing.

Regina hadn't even bothered to hide her content upon seeing the archer go through the door.

She was beginning to feel the mood swings, and she really didn't need for him to be there when it happened.

Henry and Snow were animatedly talking by then, as a flashback of Atlantis showed how Poseidon had drowned the city under a ball of water. Whatever that was was awfully close to what was actually happening in Storybrooke.

Regina and Elsa were in the kitchen, and as her godson started to fuss a little in her arms, the Queen started to soothe him by balancing her weight on one leg then the other while her friend washed the empty tea cups.

Regina took it as a cue to start the conversation she wanted to have ever since the previous evening.

"So...Jefferson tried to kiss you?"

Elsa froze, her hands starting to tremble and the water in the sink starting to crack as small patches of ice appeared at its surface. But she let out a deep breath, then slowly nodded. "We were patrolling near his house. We were talking, I was laughing because he had made a joke, and then..." she sighed, "I pushed him away, yelled at him. And ran away."

Regina's brow furrowed. "I thought you liked him."

"I do, Regina, I really do, but... It can't be."

The Queen rolled her eyes. "Elsa... I saw you two click the moment you met. Jefferson doesn't even hide the fact that he's attracted to you. He practically follows you everywhere you go! Or did follow, whatever."

Elsa turned off the tap, wiped her wet hands, and turned around, leaning on the counter, her blue eyes locking with Regina's brown ones. "Regina, no matter what feelings are at stake here. You perfectly know why I can't have the luxury of...getting involved. With anyone. It's painful enough to have made friends."

Regina gasped, nodding as she understood her point. "Your curse."

"Yes, my curse." Elsa whirled around again and grabbed her gloves, covering her paling hands before a chill escaped her. "I watched my whole family die, Regina. I will probably watch you all die too... I can't take this. If I get attached to a man...I don't think I could take it anymore..."

Neal let out a little cry, and both queens looked down at him. His baby blue eyes were locked on Elsa's face, and his little hand reached for her face, touching her cheek for a second before he retreated.

Regina smiled softly down at her godson. "I think he doesn't like you sad."

Elsa smiled back, albeit sadly. "He's a lovely boy."

"Why don't you hold him?" Regina saw the hurt in Elsa's eyes, and added a quick "No matter if you get involved. You need happiness in your life, and if it is fleeting, then at least it will have been."

Elsa paused, looking down at the infant cooing at her and laughing apparently at nothing, and then she sighed, outstretching her arms to take him from his godmother.

If she was afraid she'd freeze him, she didn't say, because as soon as Neal was in her arms, safely tucked there, and she started swaying, a genuine smile formed on her lips.

Her eyes met Regina's. "Thank you."

Regina put a hand on her shoulder, smiling too at the sight of her friend being so naturally motherly with a child. "We will find a way to break your curse. I swear it."

When the movie was over, Henry and Snow already had a pile of ideas about what the Atlanteans were doing in Storybrooke.

The Princess thought their city had been once again endangered and that they had crossed realms to build one anew here.

Henry agreed, except he thought that when Regina had almost been abducted, it meant something about her unborn child. That he or she, being conceived out of True Love, would be special and that perhaps it'd block out the Atlanteans plans.

Regina's blood had frozen at her son's speech.

She doubted more than ever that Robin had been her True Love.

Because True Loves, Snow and David were proof of that, could not live apart from the other.

And it had been more than a month.

And as far as she was concerned, Robin...had no qualms living with his wife again...

Snow noticed her distress and offered for another cup of tea, decidedly changing the subject when she noticed Elsa walking around with her son in her arms.

Regina was grateful for the distraction, even if her heart constricted painfully in her chest.

Her hand went to her stomach, to where it hadn't started swelling yet, and she gasped...

What if the Atlanteans thought her child had been conceived out of True Love? Could they really think it'd be a threat?

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