Sunsets and dawns

Forty-seventh sunset

A/N: A somehow peaceful chapter, but don't be fooled, it won't stay that way. :p Oh and thanks for the reviews, guys, we've hit 300 yesterday! :D

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IGottaFindYou asked: "I know there's a guy named Milo in it [Atlantis]. Is Milo gonna be a character?"

I'm still pondering whether or not to include him in here... So I genuinely don't know (although I had a MASSIVE crush on him as a girl (someone voiced by Michael J. Fox HAS to win my heart that easily)).

evilregal01 asked: "Will Robin leave his wife?"

Spoilers. :p

A reader asked: "The absence of Jefferson in Robin's reflections, is it because he doesn't consider him a rival for Regina's affections?"

No. It's because he's focussed on him and her and Marian stuff. When I enter his head again later on, he might be pissed at our favourite Hatter. When he hurts less. ;)

Guest asked: "Do you think Tink will find someone?"

I adore her and I'm still considering giving her her own little True Love, but as for now, can't think of a character... :/ Or rather, I have one in mind, but am still considering if it would be taken nicely or not...

21. Forty-seventh sunset

The afternoon had comfortably stretched at the loft, and Regina was sat on the couch next to her son, watching him kill some alien thing on his console, humming to herself. Next to her, Snow was dozing off, while Elsa still walked around with baby Neal safely tucked in her arms.

It was a peaceful day, and it had to remain that way.

So when David arrived with his own little gang, it didn't even bother Regina that Robin was there, and that his gaze automatically searched for her. She kept her eyes closed and her fingers toying with her hair, without a care in the world.

"Hey kid."

Regina felt the sofa sink a little as the Saviour flung herself in the remaining free spot and wrapped an arm over their son's shoulder.

"D'you have another place for a player?"

Henry chuckled and handed his mother another remote, and they started silently playing together.

Regina could see it wasn't the first time they were doing this. But, in fact, they had had a year of practising, and their comfortable silence did nothing to change the mood.

David had leaned down to kiss his wife's forehead, and his blue eyes went to Regina. "How long has she been out?"

The queen smiled. "Perhaps half an hour. I didn't count."

He nodded then scooped Snow in his arms, ignoring her protest when he carried her to her bed in the contiguous room.

Hook sighed and passed a hand through his hair and took Snow's empty armchair. "Well...learnt anything then?"

"A few things. But to be honest, I don't want to talk about it now."

"Aye, wise decision."

Minutes stretched again, sometimes cut by Neal's cooing or Hook's chuckling at Henry's and Emma's poor attempts to kill their fictitious enemies.

And when Regina was tired, she just stood and stretched before heading to the kitchen to make herself some tea.

She had almost forgotten he was there.

Robin was leaning against the counter, his eyes on his feet, obviously not so comfortable in this room crowded with people who didn't like him so much.

She hesitated before stepping before him and clearing her throat. "Hm, sorry, I-I have know...fill the kettle."

Robin's eyes met hers for a brief second that heated her blood to liquid fire, and then he stepped aside to let her fill the thing with fresh water.

She remained there while the sounds of the machine echoed around them and as water started to boil.

"Have you seen something in the woods?"

It surprised her she engaged him in conversation, but found she needed this. To hear his voice. As a drug-addict needed his dose, she needed to hear him. To see him. To not forget.

He met her eyes again but, upon being burnt too she guessed, averted his gaze. "No, we didn't. You were luckier, I gather."

She shrugged, turning off the kettle, pouring herself water and taking a careful sip of the brew. "Snow and Henry did all the job. I was busy caring for the baby."

He smiled softly, as if trying to prevent himself from it but not quite managing. "Yes...I always thought you'd be a terrific mother."

Their eyes met again, this time for a long moment. His were as pained as hers, and for a crazy second, he reached for her hand and their fingers entwined.

The moment was ruined when the doorbell rang.

Seeing as none of the Charmings seemed keen to open the door, Regina put her tea cup to the side and, with one last glance to Robin, she went to open it herself.

She froze when her eyes caught the sight of Marian.

Roland, who had been holding his mother's hand, flew over to her and wrapped his tiny arms around her legs as usual with a happy 'Gina!' that made her heart twitch.

She cast a glance to the side and met Robin's eyes. "I think it's for you."

He hurried to the door and closed it behind him and his wife, and Regina, tears prickling her eyes, looked down at Roland and forced a smile on her lips. "Hey there. How are you today?"

He smiled big. "I'm happy because I see you!" He then looked around the flat and when his eyes zeroed on Henry, he looked back at her. "Is Henry angry at me, Gina?"

"No, why would he be?"

"He does not come to play with me anymore..."

Regina looked at her son, whose eyes were locked on them, Emma and the others having the decency to pretend like no one was there. "I'm sure he'd like to play with you now. Why don't you go to him?"

Roland grinned and nodded, launching himself towards the couch, and soon, Henry was greeting the younger boy and they started an animated conversation.

Regina went back to her tea, Emma coming to stand by her in an awkward silence.

"Are you alright?"

Regina sighed, not meeting the other woman's eyes. "I could be better."

"I'm really sorry, you know."

There was a pause during which Regina felt a faint anger rise to her veins once more, but she pushed it to the side, too tired to act on it. "I know."

She was faintly aware of the muffled yells that were coming from the other side of the door, and for one crazy second, she wondered if Robin was as unhappy with his wife as she was without him. But she couldn't think that. Because the proof of her unhappiness was that he had chosen Marian over her.

The door opened a few minutes later, and the archer entered the loft, going to grab his jacket. He walked straight to Regina, pain written all over his face as he locked his blue blue eyes with hers.

"I have to go. Do you mind looking after Roland for a few hours?"

She tried a smile, but failed, so instead, she nodded. "I don't."

"Thank you." He too tried a smile that seemed false, and then, he was gone.

Emma turned to the queen and sighed. " seemed you're not the only one who's having a bad time."

Regina failed not to glare at her.

Roland was more happy than not when she announced he was to stay with the gang for a part of the evening.

She soon understood why.

"Mama and Papa, they are often angry."

Henry, at the young boy's side, looked over at his mother, then back at him. "Why?"

Roland shrugged, in all his four-year-old innocence. "Sometimes it is because Papa done something. Today, Mama was not happy because he was gone."

"Gone where?"

"To fight the baddies. But he was gone early, when the sun was still black. And Mama was not happy because the old lady at breakfast said he had been alone for a long moment."

Regina looked to the side, her sight blurring with thoughts. Could it be Robin truly was that unhappy that he left wife and child alone in the small hours of the day so he could avoid them?

No, it couldn't...

But then, why did he leave them so early and lied about why he did it?

She passed a hand on her face and stood. She needed air. Air and a change of scenery.

So she kissed Henry's forehead, stating that she was going for a walk, and as soon as the door was closed behind her, she magically poofed herself to the woods.

To a peaceful place where her thoughts couldn't plague her. Or not too much.

But she had forgotten about the 'baddies' in the area...

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