Sunsets and dawns

Forty-seventh dawn

A/N: This is a chapter I think all will appreciate: a little action-packed it is. ;) As for the foreign language used, it's Greek, of course. ;)

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MoonFaith asked: "Is Regina going to be attacked?"

First paragraph answers it. ;)

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She will, just not right now. She'll need a little reminder. PS: Mom 3

Guest asked: "Just wondering if Neal has powers in your story because he is the product of True Love too. Or do only daughters?"

Not only daughters. But he is still a little young to act upon it. You'll have to wait. ;)

22. Forty-seventh dawn

Regina groaned as she opened an eye, then two, sun rays on her face making her blink away the faint ache in her temples.

There was a dull pain in the back of her skull, and her eyes widened as she remembered what had happened the previous night.

How in the middle of her stroll, she had been knocked out by a shadow.

And now there she was, waking up in the middle of the woods, her hands bound in front of her, her head aching like the devil, her magic dulled by whatever device they had used.

As she sat up, Regina took her surroundings in.

There was a few strangers around her, but they were not paying attention to her movements. None of them wore a mask this time, and she had the opportunity to see how graceful they all were, as beings from another world entirely.

Upon seeing she was awake, one figure approached her with a cackle in the same foreign language they used all those days prior when they first 'attacked' her, and handed her a bowl of water.

She took it as carefully as she could with her hands bound, sniffed the water, then took a careful sip.

The figure nodded its contentment, then walked away, talking quickly to another figure with flowing silver hair who soon sauntered over to Regina whose eyes widened.

It was a woman with wide blue eyes and blue tattoos on her cheek and arms. She bore a faint burn scar on her left temple, and Regina thought she was the one she had thrown a fireball at.

She hoped she would not hold a grudge.

The figure studied her for a moment before she sat in front of her and crossed her long legs. "ποιο είναι το όνομά σας; Poio enai to onoma sas?"

Regina arched a brow, stating her not understanding of the words the woman was speaking.

But since she was wary of what words were used, Regina found the woman's speech close to what she knew as Greek. But it was not a surprise. The Atlanteans had been present in most Greek mythologies.

Her captor repeated her question – because it was obvious to the tone she used it was one – then sighed when Regina did not answer.

She then put a hand on her chest. "Kida." And gestured to Regina.

Oh. She was asking her name. She nodded. "Regina Mills."

The woman – Kida, she thought – nodded and tasted the name on her lips, then locked her eyes back on Regina. "είσαι φυλακισμένος μας, Regina Mills. Eisai fulakismenos mas, Regina Mills."

And even if she didn't understand a word, Regina felt the underlying threat under her words.

So she tried her chance. "What are you doing here?" Kida looked at her, arching a brow. So Regina gestured over her, pointing at the several people gathered around, and then at the whole place. "What are you doing here?"

Kida seemed to understand, for a smirk formed on her lips. "Είμαστε ανοικοδόμηση της γης μας. Και θα έχετε την ευκαιρία για να μας βοηθήσει. Eimasta anoikodomisi tis gis mas. Kai tha echete tin evkairia gia na mas boithisei." At that she stood and walked away, leaving Regina with hanging questions on her lips.

Time passed.

Soon, it was clear to Regina that the Atlanteans present around her were the only ones that had come to Storybrooke. But there still were fifteen of them, and they seemed prepared to any kind of altercation.

They all wore those thin layers of white and blue cloth, and once again it struck Regina how cold it was thanks to Elsa, and how these strangers could not feel it.

They also all wore a strange pendant around their necks, made of a pure blue crystal that almost looked like a sapphire so much it glowed. They used it to various purposes, as to light a fire or clean a weapon.

The majority wielded spears or daggers, a few having bows and arrows.

The camp in itself wasn't very built, as if they moved regularly, and that explained why neither of the gang could find them.

For Regina could distinctively see Jefferson's roof in the distance.

So bad her magic had been taken out of her.

And she still didn't know how they had done it.

The day went on, and when she was certain it was the afternoon already, there was an owl cry in the trees behind Regina. She was aware there had been watchers around the camp, and apparently, one had seen something.

Kida gestured to some around her to take up arms, and put on a mask, grabbing her own spear in her hands and coming to stand by Regina, who locked eyes with the woman with a small smirk on her lips.

"They've come for me."

And if she didn't understand the words, the Atlantean surely understood the underlying message. For she snarled. "Όχι σήμερα. Ochi simera."

In a moment, all Atlanteans were lured out of the camp by arrows flying above their heads. If Regina could not recognize the arrows, she surely knew who was firing them. For it lacked the elegant precision of Robin's shots. Snow.

Kida stood by Regina, barking orders around her as more and more of her warriors were swallowed by the woods, and soon, she remained alone with her captive, spear held high.

Suddenly, the temperature dropped significantly, and Regina's breath came out of her as smoke. Ice formed on the ground next to her, and her teeth began to shatter. Kida seemed unaffected.

But when a ball of ice flew over to her, the woman had to jump to the side to avoid it, and then another, another and another again, all pushing her away from the Queen.

And soon, Regina found herself flanked by Elsa and Robin, who did not waste any time to cut her binds.

His blue eyes locked with hers as the Frozen Queen kept pushing the Atlantean away with her ice. "Are you alright?"

She nodded to the softness in his eyes. "I am."

He helped her to her feet and took the opportunity or a relative intimacy to whisper "Don't do this to me ever again."

She didn't have the heart to tell him he didn't have a right to tell her that anymore.

Elsa then turned her head towards her. "Are you ready to run? Jefferson is waiting for us a little further back."

"And what is he fighting with? Scissors?"

Elsa rolled her eyes. "At least they haven't dulled your sense of humour." And then she released one last ball of ice, and all three ran for their lives – or so it seemed – in the deep woods.

Regina's hand safely tucked in Robin's.

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