Sunsets and dawns

Forty-eighth sunset

A/N: Ouch, this hurts. The muse is getting tired, and I can't write anything OUAT related for the moment. Blame the finals, the work, or the Dream Team invading my mind with other ideas. :p But anyway, it can be that next update will take longer than two days. I'll try and see. :/

Keep asking questions!

KraZiiePyrozHavemoreFun asked: "How is Regina supposed to rebuild their land?"

That question will be answered later. ;)

Addie asked: "Still confused. So the people of Atlantis want Regina's baby? Is it because the baby has super magic powers?"

Don't forget that we don't know what's happening in the Atlanteans' minds. These are all assumptions. We'll know later further the line what they really want and need.

asked: "A few chapters back you mentioned a boy named Richard, is there any chance he is Regina and Robin's son?"

No... XD Have you never seen The Pagemaster? It starred Macauley Culkin and I used to watch it every year like crazy when I was younger. If you haven't, then do watch it, it's brilliant. And so, no, Richard was only passing by, my way to pay hommage to him. ;)

said "I am surprised how well you used Greek language!"

Well thank you very much! :D I had an ancient Greek course in high school and for like six months, we studied the pronunciation in modern Greek. So I really do hope it wasn't gross... ;)

23. Forty-eighth sunset

It soon appeared that Jefferson had Tinkerbell on his side, and the fairy had been efficiently pushing the invaders away with her magic, which helped Regina and her saviours get back to them.

Once they were safely tucked into the Hatter's car and were driving back to town, Regina took a deep breath and let her questions flow.

"How did you find me?"

Jefferson threw her a glance through the review mirror and smirked. "I saw the lights from my sowing room in the house. So I placed my spyglass towards there and saw them carry you to camp, unconscious. I called the Charmings to know if you were with them or not, to verify I hadn't been dreaming, and when they said you had been gone for a walk, I knew you had been taken."

Elsa, beside her, put a hand on her thigh. "I should have come with you."

Regina shook her head. "No. I needed some time alone." Her eyes briefly met Robin's beside the Frozen Queen, and he sighed, although no one commented on that.

"Did they treat you well?"

Tinkerbell's piercing gaze was on her and she understood the underlying words. 'Is the baby alright?'

So she nodded. "I think so. Offered me a drink and didn't beat the shit out of me. The only thing is my magic is gone."

There was a general gasp. "Gone?"

She nodded. "But it's not important, I can feel it there, as if numbed. I think they've drugged me or something."

Jefferson nodded back and then suddenly took a turn, not driving towards her house but towards...the hospital. "Then you have to see a doctor."

"Jefferson..." she practically growled. "I can take care of myself. I'm fine."

"You have blood on the back of your neck, meaning you've been hurt once at least, and your magic's gone... Anything else you need to take care of?"

His words were hard, as if he was chastising her for forgetting about her pregnancy, and Regina didn't have much to say apart from a faint 'Do as you please'.

Dr Whale was not very happy when Regina and her escort arrived at the hospital and Tink quickly filled him in with the details of her 'attack'.

Of course, he asked the group to wait outside of the consultation booth, and although Robin seemed uneasy with leaving her alone, Regina was really thankful for this moment alone with the doctor and her unborn child. A short moment. Alone.

Still, she left a message before she closed the door behind her, locking eyes with Jefferson gravely with a 'Phone the Charmings, or Snow will worry herself to death.'

"Is your head still hurting?"

Regina shook her head as Whale's fingers deftly tried to identify the place she had been wounded at the back of her skull. "Not anymore." But she still winced when he pushed on a particularly sore area. "Except there, apparently."

He chuckled. "You're lucky it didn't do more damage. In your condition, a simple blow to the head can be very dangerous."

She gritted her teeth. "I'm pregnant, not incapacitated."

Another chuckle as he plugged in the monitor that could hear the baby's heartbeat. "Unfortunately for women your age, one often goes with the other. I'll be surprised if you don't end your pregnancy in your bed."

Unwanted thoughts invaded her mind as her carefully constructed plan of going away a few weeks before the delivery was somehow impeded by a simple age count.

"Now, I'll just make sure everything's alright down there..." Regina slowly moved her shirt up for him to place the tube on her stomach, and the peaceful sound of a steady heartbeat echoed in the room. "Well...seems this one is a strong baby." He smiled down at her. "Want me to tell the father he doesn't have to worry?"

Regina sat up abruptly and shook her head, anger rising in her veins. "No! He doesn't need to know! I don't want him to know!"

Whale's brow furrowed. "Really?"

"Yes, really!" She pushed down her shirt again and stood before heading to the door. "Can I go?"

"Yes, you can, but Regina-" he looked at her very seriously, "be careful."

And she knew he meant with her baby. That she had to make sure she wasn't thrown from side to side by a foe. Or she could very well miscarry...

As soon as she stepped back into the corridor, Regina was assaulted by a pair of slender arms and the worried voice of her step-daughter.

"Regina! Are you alright?" Her hands slid from her waist to her stomach, and for a crazy second, Regina's eyes darted around to see if Robin had noticed. But the archer was nowhere to be seen.

Snow sent her a small smile. "He had to go. Roland was sick at school."

Regina nodded, her heart hurting a bit from his absence, but it was a pain, she thought, she would have to learn to endure... So she tried a small smile of her own. "I'm fine. We're both fine."

"Good." She gestured to her husband who was engrossed in talk with Jefferson and Elsa, certainly about the somehow fight that had taken place. "David was telling us that a few of the Atlanteans reached him and Hook as they ran, but stopped and didn't attack."

Regina nodded. "Yes, their leader didn't seem really antagonizing to me, although she was a bit...harsh."

"She? Their leader is a woman?"

Regina rolled her eyes as the small group exited the hospital. "Snow, really? You should by now women are not helpless..."

"No, I know, I-that's not what I meant. I just...with the masks, it's hard to tell if they're female or male..."

Regina nodded. "They had their faces uncovered at the camp. And their leader is called Kida."

"Just like the Disney character. So far so good. Do you know why they're here?"

She shook her head. "I asked but she was speaking in a foreign language I don't know. Close to Greek though, if I'm not mistaken."

Snow nodded. "We'll ask Belle."

"Yes, we'll ask the bookworm. Surely she has a vocabulary book hidden somewhere."

Snow sent her a hard glance. "Try and be civil."

"Anyone who married Rumpelstiltskin can't have my entire respect."

The princess didn't answer and bid her farewell as Regina was put into Jefferson's car again for the ride home.

And as they rode through town once more, the Queen was under the impression a few figures were flying from roof to roof...

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