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Ninety-sixth sunset: Robin

A/N: Here we are folks. From now on, the story will take the reins. I had planned until now in my head, so now, the end will kind of write itself... ^^ I promise you it won't hurt...much. :p

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35. Ninety-sixth sunset: Robin

He did not understand. Not fully. Or he did, but convinced himself he didn't.

She had not let it show once. Not once. He thought everything was fine, that they were at least moderately happy, that he had managed to protect his family.

He was wrong.

When Marian got home from work that day, she did not even utter a word before she produced a luggage from a shopping bag and started filling it with her clothes, tears in her eyes.

He had tried to reason with her. 'Why are you leaving us?' he asked multiple times. She merely answered that she was leaving, but freeing herself from that unhappy marriage that this had become.

He did not understand.

When Marian brought Regina up, telling him she knew what had happened, that he had fallen in love with another woman, he tried to make her understand that he had chosen her, that it had to mean something.

Marian, his otherwise gentle and kind Marian, glared openly at him and yelled so loud Roland started to cry. "How selfish you are, to choose me over another woman you're still in love with, to shove it to her face, and otherwise to continue to pursue her!"

He had denied it with all the force he could muster.

But Marian had heard about his petty fight with Jefferson. And how could he deny he still loved Regina so strongly it pierced his heart to see her with another man when he had chosen another woman over her?

So, he let his wife go.

She left with a glance over her shoulder, a small smile, and a 'I don't hate you, you know' before closing the door behind her. If he heard well, she was going to stay at a fellow nurse, Imelda, for a little while.

He decided tears were not to be shed, screams were not to be produced, and furniture was not to be broken. Even it hurt like the devil.

He had lost Marian once before. He remembered the hole it made in his chest, as if one half of him had been ripped apart. He thought that once she'd come back, that half would grow back.

But he was so wrong.

The other half of himself, he had met her during all those years apart.

He had met her once, saving her life from a flying monkey; then twice, shooting an arrow at her outside a farmhouse.

So what was he to do now? Go back to Regina, tail between his legs, begging her to forgive him when he'd only be doing that after Marian left? That didn't seem right, wasn't right.

He needed to make amends first. And if it took him a whole year to gain her trust back, then so be it.

In his heart, he knew Marian had done the brave thing, leaving.

He was a coward for not taking his responsibilities.

A coward.

No more than the man he had been stealing from all those years in Sherwood Forest.

It took Robin a little while to realise Roland's cries had faded from the room, and even longer to realise his son had disappeared.

Panic replaced the strange feeling of relief that had started to replace the pain in his chest.

He shouted his name all over the room, then all over the diner.

Where was Roland?

His first instinct was to go to the Charmings' flat. If Roland had gone missing, David and his family were the first he'd think about.

Emma was the one to open the door.

"Robin? Has something happened?"

He nodded frantically. "Roland has gone missing."

The Saviour opened her mouth as if to ask a pertinent question, then closed it, choosing another path. "Has he left, or has he disappeared?"

"Left. I think."

She nodded, then looked over her shoulder.

Killian arrived and put his hook on her shoulder, smiling down at her. "I've got this, love. Go back to your parents."

She nodded and retreated into the loft, leaving the two men alone.

Robin looked up at the pirate, pleading him silently to do something.

Killian scratched his ear, something he seemed to be doing when he was uncomfortable. "What happened, mate?"

Robin sighed. "Marian's left me."

The pirate rolled his eyes. "Finally one of you does something sensible! No offence, mate, but it was bloody overdue!"

Robin's eyes widened. "Really? You think so?"

"And you too, if you only realise it. Now, your lad has left why?"

"I think he was afraid. His mother and I...we...shouted. He's not used to that."

Killian nodded. "Who do you think he's gone to?"

Robin thought very quickly. "I'd say John or Tuck, but both are at the diner and haven't seen him."

"Anyone else?" There was a smirk on the pirate captain's lips, as if he detained a secret of his own, that Robin had to decrypt by himself.

Who else? Henry, perhaps, but he was not here...

He looked back at Killian, and suddenly the light was made. "Regina..."

Killian clapped his shoulder. "That's destiny, mate. Go. Fetch your boy."

Robin nodded his thanks and hurried back down the stairs, not missing a bit when he heard Snow ask what this had been about and when Killian answered that Robin had finally come to his senses.

He was not so sure that was the case...

He all but ran the whole length of the main street towards the white mansion, his heart starting to beat frantically against his ribs.

It'd be the first time he saw her since he was free to love her again.

But somehow, even that thought didn't bring joy to his heart. Rather guilt. He knew he'd feel that excruciating guilt everytime he'd see her and think of Marian, but now was even worse. To think his wife had had to leave him so unhappy they had killed him.

His rang the doorbell, but could not wait for her to hear it. So his fists banged on the door as well. Was Roland there? Or was he lost in the cold? Maybe Thea had even taken him?

He didn't have time to think other dooming thoughts that the door opened.

His eyes fell on Regina, widening at the sight of her.

She was in her night chemise. So she had been ready to go to bed.

Roland was not there.

A weight fell on his heart, but he still had to ask.

Just to be sure.

"Regina! I'm sorry I'm disturbing, but-"

She raised her hands to cut him, and hope sprang to his veins again, just before she said "He is here."

She stepped to the side, revealing Roland's form behind her, his little head hung down as if in shame.

Robin didn't think more of it and brought his son to his arms, squeezing the life out of him. "Thank God! Why did you leave?"

He could sense his son was on the brink to cry. "I...I-"

Regina answered for him, her arms crossing over her chest. "He was in shock. As any other child would be in his situation."

His eyes met hers, and for a moment, he thought she was almost angry that Marian had left him. That she did not feel that strange but freeing feeling that they love again.

So instead, he bowed his head in thanks. "Thank you for taking care of him."

She nodded back. "Anytime. You know that." Oh yes he knew. He knew his son was loved in this household. He knew.

She gave him Roland's coat back, and words spilled to his lips, unable to be voiced. 'I'm happy to see you.' No, he no right to tell her that yet.

So he turned around as if to leave, and decided to leave her be. For now. Until his blood stopped boiling and his thoughts stopped hurting. "Goodnight, Regina."

He heard her small "Goodnight Robin" as he and Roland left the hedged path.

Roland did not utter a word on their way home. Robin could feel his shirt being stained with tears, and he kept soothing his son by caressing his hair, and muttering quiets 'I'm sorry, little man' all along.

Eventually, as he set Roland down on the couch of their room, the boy sniffed his tears away and looked up at his father through red eyes. "Gina said I could live with Mama and you. Like Henry does."

Robin's eyes widened. Regina had talked with Roland about that? Why? She didn't have to!

Then again, she was probably the best to talk about separated parents, what with her son...and knowledge of this time he still lacked sometimes.

So he nodded with a small smile. "Of course you can."

Roland tried a smile of his own, dimples and all, and Robin's heart melted.

Later, as he tucked his son to bed after a man-to-man conversation about matters of the heart – one he hoped he'd never have again, Roland's questions had been difficult to answer without hurting his feelings – Robin watched as Roland looked at his monkey plush, the one Regina had offered him all that time ago in the Enchanted Forest, and that had come with them when the second curse had hit.

A smile formed on Roland's lips, and he looked up at his father. "Gina has a baby in her."

Robin felt his heart constrict at that thought. He had almost forgotten. Regina was not his anymore... "Yes, I know."

"She let me listen to her baby. I put my head on her belly and I heard the heartbeat."

Robin's eyes widened. The heartbeat? So soon? No, that could not be... "Are you sure?"

"Yes! She has the belly like those madams Mama helps at the hospital. But smaller."

"What?" Robin's head was buzzing. Regina had a baby-bump? He hadn't noticed! How could he not have noticed. And did it mean-? Could it mean-? "How big was her belly, little man?"

"Like this!" Roland chuckled as he formed a little curved belly over his own.

Robin gasped and stumbled back until he fell on his own bed.




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