Sunsets and dawns

Ninety-seventh sunset (part 2)

A/N: Okay, so here comes. For a couple of chapters now, and everytime there will be "action" in this story, I'll go into Horowitz/Kitsis mode. I'll write from several POVs as they do in the episodes. Hope you like it.

I hope you'll like this chapter though. Kinda intense. ;)

39. Ninety-seventh sunset (part 2)


There was a general commotion as the witch appeared on the road.

First of all, all the Atlanteans who had been standing on rooftops gathered on one, spears or arrows at the ready. They were shouting in their so peculiar language, and soon, Kida raised her own spear to answer them.

Tink, Blue and Regina stood side-by-side before the door, the fairies in a posture that could be taken as ready to fight while Regina knew they were channelling their magic.

Her own was, as always, failing her.

Thea stood in the middle of the road, her white eyes set on the scene before her, a wicked grin on her lips, a black, curved wand in her hand.

"Resisting would be futile. You do not stand a chance."

Kida took a threatening step forward. "Σταματήστε αυτό με τη μία, Thea! Stamatiste auto mi ti mia, Thea!"

The witch snarled. "You have always underestimated me, Princess. Now it is time you know just what you are up against!"

She raised her arm as if to strike, and a ray of black light erupted from the wand, directed right at Kida's heart.

But at the last moment, an arm pushed her from the way, and Milo froze, arm outstretched, eyes forever frozen on his sister's horrified face.


Kida fell on her knees in front of her fallen brother, then a terrifying anger seemed to rise inside of her and she stood, gripping her spear high, ready to fire it at the witch.

"Kida, don't!"

The princess met Regina's eyes and stopped her arm at the last moment.

Thea then turned to her, and she froze, feeling as if a thousand knives were directed right at her.

"The child growing inside of you is powerful. Maybe a little too much so."

She tilted her head to the side, as if trying to pry something off of Regina who stood there, unmoving. Fingers tightly wrapped around hers at her left, and she knew that, no matter what, Tinkerbell would try her best to protect her and her daughter.

"I cannot possibly let someone like that live..." Thea raised her arm again, and Regina wanted to close her eyes, to not look at the inevitable.

At the last moment however, something shifted. She thought for a crazy second that Tink or Blue had managed to cast a shield to protect her, but she had to stare at the truth: she was doing it.

Some sort of barrier had surged out of her palms and formed before her, another surge of magic directing itself right at Thea who, with one last snarl, disappeared in her mist of smoke.

The magic receded, and Regina fell backwards into an unknown pair of arms, utterly spent, and closed her eyes onto much needed darkness.


How could that have happened?

Regina had told her countless times now that, ever since she had learnt she was pregnant, her magic was failing her, and it was impossible for her to cast strong spells, having to settle forever onto smaller things like her infamous glamour spell.

But she had seen it, plain as day, as she tried to soothe Neal's sudden cries as Thea attacked Kida, a surge of blue magic coming out of Regina's palms and forming a shield in front of her.

With a push of her hand, she silently asked her husband to go and help, and as David passed the sliding door and stood right behind Regina, the Queen passed out and fell into his open arms.

Snow gasped and hurried to her friend, eyes darting around to make sure Thea had gone. Near her, Tinkerbell was trying to soothe Kida's cries over her frozen brother Milo, and several other Atlanteans were gathering in front of the hospital, clearly still worried about the witch.

"How is she?"

David looked up at her and shrugged. "I think she passed out of fatigue. But Whale'd better examine her all the same. You never know."

Snow nodded and hurried back inside to try and find the doctor.

She found him in an almost empty corridor, holding Marian's hands and apparently trying to make her see sense in something. She caught the name of 'Ruby' several times before he realised her standing there and let go of Marian's hands upon seeing her distress.

"Mary-Margaret? What's happened? Has she attacked?"

She nodded. "She has. Milo, the Atlantean prince, has been frozen. But Regina...she...she produced some kind of magic and now, she's passed out."

He nodded. "I'm right behind you." Marian too nodded, and Snow went back the way she had come, Neal's quieting sobs the only sound she heard.

Until, right before they reached the main hall, there was a deafening scream.

Regina's scream.


It had been a strange day already, but it seemed to take a turn for the worst.

Robin had gone to fetch Roland at the playground where he had gone with Friar Tuck for the afternoon when both started running in his direction, Roland clearly upset, tears falling from his eyes, as Tuck called his name.

"What is it?"

Tuck put his hands on his knees to regain some breath, then his dark eyes met Robin's. "The witch has attacked. Everyone's gathered at the hospital."

Robin looked up into the empty street and nodded, taking Roland and placing him on his back. "Hold on tight little man."

He had not taken one pace forward that Tuck stopped him. "Wait." He winced under the pain of his own words. "She's done something. She's...cursed...John."

"Cursed? What did she do?"

"We don't know. He's just kind of...frozen. Allan and Much are taking him to the hospital as well."

Robin gritted his teeth, sudden thoughts going to Regina, to Marian... He prayed nothing had happened. "Let's go."

There was a buzzing crowd in the hospital's entrance hall when they arrived.

The Charmings, minus Snow and Henry, were engrossed in talk with Rumpelstiltskin. Belle, Granny, Ruby and most of the dwarves were discussing in another part. And the rest of the town was scattered across the room, some crying, others missing.

Upon seeing him, Killian hurried to his side. "Alright there, mate?"

Robin nodded. "I've just heard. Who's been...struck?"

He was silently pleading, he knew that. And the pirate seemed to understand. "Thomas, Ella's husband. Jefferson. Elsa. Milo. Leroy. Mr Smee as well."

Robin nodded, then his blue eyes went back to Killian's, widening. "Jefferson?" His eyes darted around the room. "Where's Regina?"

Killian sighed, then opened his mouth as if to speak.

He didn't have time to.


He whirled around and set Roland down as Marian ran into the room, her hair up in a ponytail, a mask falling from her neck. She embraced her son, but her brown eyes went to her husband. "It's Regina. You have to come."

His blood froze.

Roland ran behind his parents as they made their way in the maze of corridors, asking incessant 'Is Gina ill?' that made him feel almost sick.

No, please, no... All but that.

As they reached their destination, Robin started to hear screams. Horrible, full of anguish and pain screams. And he'd recognize that voice anywhere.

He stopped Marian by catching her wrist. "What's happened?"

"We don't know for sure. She's been doing magic, then passed out. And then she started screaming."

He nodded and she opened the door to a consultation room, and he froze.

Regina was screaming, her back arching as her stomach seemed to be twisting and twisting again, the organs moving, the skin stretching at a dangerous speed.

Snow White was holding her hand, crushing her knuckles, as little Grace was holding baby Neal in a far corner. Tinkerbell was on her other side, holding her arm steady so she did not hurt herself even more.

Whale had plugged her to some machine, and was cursing under his breath.

When he caught Robin in the doorway, he all but tore his mask away from his face and walked up to him. "I guess you know for the baby then." Robin absent-mindedly nodded, eyes still locked to Regina's hurting form. "We don't really know what's triggered it. We've given her morphine, but with the baby, we can't give her too much, I'm afraid."

"What's happening to her? Is she...dying?"

He was feeling tears prickling in his eyes, but refused to cry with such an audience.

Whale shook his head. "No, it's...a little more complicated than that. The growing. Fast."

"Growing?" Robin finally tore his eyes off Regina and stared at the doctor without understanding. "What do you mean, growing?"

"It's growing. Faster than normal. Really faster than normal. She's already reached the size of a six-months-old-foetus." Robin didn't have time to realise he had learnt of his child's sex before the next information arose. "It seems to be slowing down though..."

"What will it mean for Regina?"

"We don't know yet." Whale patted his shoulder sympathetically. "I'm sorry."

Robin shook his head, eyes going back to Regina, and he took a tentative step towards the bed, stopping when he felt Snow's eyes on him.

With a sigh, she gestured him forward. "Come. Maybe it'll help to know you're here."

He nodded his thanks and stood beside the princess, fingers entwining with Regina's while Snow caressed her hair gently.

Then, as a soft prayer, Regina spoke.


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