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Ninety-seventh dawn (part 2)

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41. Ninety-seventh dawn (part 2)


It was as if they all lived in a dream. Grace and him didn't have time to ask Elsa what she meant that she was producing small iceworks in the room, chuckling, her laugh as light as bells on Christmas Day.

Her blue eyes met his again and her hand closed around his as she stood, close, so close to him his heart missed a beat or two. "You broke my curse, Jefferson... You broke my curse."

He could not do much but smile back, squeezing her fingers in-between his own as he understood some of the many implications of what had been done.

Then Elsa's smile faded, and she looked over at Grace. "Where's Regina?"

Grace fidgeted with her hands uneasily. "It's complicated. She used magic against the witch, but not hers, her baby's, and, it's too weird, you'd better see it by yourselves." She then walked to the door, silently coaxing them to follow through the empty corridors.

Elsa and Jefferson shared a worried glance, and followed.

It was strange to walk through these corridors and not meet anyone, while Jefferson knew for a fact that everyone had been gathering at the hospital the previous afternoon. What had happened? Had they all been attacked? Or had people gone home?

Elsa squeezed his fingers gently, easing his thoughts. "It's okay, don't worry. Let's find Regina then we'll learn more."

He nodded, but remained silent.

As they were about to enter the corridor where Regina's room stood according to Grace, a small form erupted from one corner, stopping dead upon seeing them.

A wide grin appeared on Tinkerbell's face and she sprang forward to hug Elsa, who then released Jefferson's hand to hug the fairy back.

"You're alright! I thought-"

"It seems you and Regina were right about one thing at least..." Elsa smiled knowingly and Tink laughed back.

"I'm glad."

There was short silence and Jefferson sighed. "Don't I get a hug?"

Tinkerbell's nose turned upwards as if she was disgusted. "Hell no! I never know where you've been putting your hands!"

He couldn't help but chuckle at her joke, then his smile faltered. "Is Regina going to be okay?"

Tink smirked. "Oh she is... Don't worry about that." She passed them and patted him on the shoulder as she did so. "The sole advice I can give you is to knock before you get in."

Elsa raised a brow, not catching the meaning of her words, but Jefferson did and rolled his eyes. "Well...the archer's back in the game then."

Elsa swatted his arm at that.

There was a tired 'Come in' after they let a soft knock on the door of Regina's room and, with a kind smile of hers, Elsa opened the door slowly, smiling wider as she stepped inside.

Jefferson gasped as his eyes fell on the scene before him. Regina was lying in bed, her stomach no longer the flat expanse of skin he knew but a round belly the size of a soccer ball. Robin sat by her side, his fingers entwined with hers as if they had been in the middle of a conversation.

When her brown eyes fell on her visitors though, Regina lost the look of tiredness on her face and sat up straighter, her mouth forming an O as she did so.

"" she then looked over at Grace, who smiled up at her. "It worked?" Grace nodded, and Regina lifted her gaze to the skies, mouthing a small 'Thank you' to whomever listened.

Elsa hurried to her bed and caught her free hand with hers while Robin stood and walked to Jefferson, tension rising between the two men. "Just this once, I am glad to see you, Hatter." He outstretched a hand for him to shake, and Jefferson took it with a smirk.

"Likewise, Archer."

Regina chuckled. "You are so stupid, both of you..."

Elsa chuckled too, nodding her agreement.

There was a short moment of silent companionship after Robin and Regina explained what had happened and why, until Regina once again looked over at Grace, who was standing by the window, and her eyes widened in sudden concern.

"Where's Henry? Where's Roland?"

Robin caught her hand swiftly to calm her nerves but looked at Jefferson in utter seriousness. "One of you should probably go see where they are. Maybe gather the children together in a room, protected by a couple of people. It'd be safer."

Jefferson pondered the other man's words and quickly agreed with him. He gestured Grace to follow him, placed a soft kiss on Elsa's forehead and sent Regina a smile before they left the room.

There were more people in the corridors than before as they got closer to the main hall. Some Atlanteans, armed and ready, but many more scared inhabitants of Storybrooke, some crying as they learnt about one of their loved ones cursed or harmed.

When they reached the main hall, Jefferson was swift in going straight to Snow White. "Snow!"

The princess, her bow in hand, crystal arrows in her quiver, smiled widely upon seeing him and Grace. "I knew it'd work. How's Elsa?"

His eyes widened at her antics, but he didn't ask how she was so sure he had uncursed her, just nodding a faint 'She's with Regina'.

Snow nodded once more and her eyes fell on Grace. "If you're looking for Henry, he, Neal and Pinocchio have been gathered in the nursery. Marian and Whale are with them."

Jefferson looked at his daughter and kissed the top of her head. "Go. I will see you later."

She nodded and hurried to the elevator while her father walked to Hook.

"How can I help?"

The pirate shrugged. "We're trying to organize, but there aren't many crystals left. Thea has started to destroy some..." He sighed and scratched his ear. "I guess you can grab a gun."

Jefferson nodded and walked to Emma.

The last stand was preparing...


It felt all like a dream. Her in the hospital, pregnant, surrounded by two of the people she loved the most... She never thought a scene like that could ever be in her life, and yet here she was...

Elsa was talking with a big grin on her face, looking freer than she had ever been, her skin almost glowing with her now tamed magic. Robin's fingers were still wrapped around hers and he was nodding to the Frozen Queen's speech, a small smile of his own tugging at his lips.

She doubted he'd ever let go of her in fear that she'd slip away once again.

In retrospection, she thought it extremely stupid to be apart for so long. If something had happened to either of them, or to their boys, she didn't know what they'd have done, how they'd have coped without one another.

Maybe she should have been the stronger one, maybe she should have taken a decision and accepted to be 'the other woman'.

But no. That was not who she was...

"What's this?"

Regina shook off her thoughts and became utterly aware that there were angry noises outside the room. Yells, noises of spells being used, more shouts...

Robin stood and took a defensive pose in front of Regina's bed, Elsa conjuring a frizzling ball of ice to her hand as she too shielded Regina from sight.

The door bolted open and out of its hinges, and the blackened silhouette of Thea entered the room, a wave of the Black Fairy's wand making both Robin and Elsa fly to the other side of the room where they collided with the wall. Whereas Elsa moaned in pain and remained conscious, Robin seemed knocked out.

With a squeal as her lover was harmed, Regina's hands went to her swollen belly for protection as the witch's eyes fell on her.

They were no longer white, but, touched by the dark magic of the wand, had turned darker, almost black, as did the mist surrounding her.

"This time you will not survive. None of your petty friends can harm me, and that spawn of yours will not be able to conjure whatever magic it used last time!"

Regina opened her mouth in a vain attempt to try and win time, but Thea raised her arm as if to curse her – no doubt to kill her, period. The rest happened in a daze.

Regina was faintly aware of the sound of a firing bow and a bluish bolt colliding with Thea's shoulder before the witch yelled in pain and once again disappeared in a wave of mist. Then Snow appeared in the doorway, her bow held high, brow furrowed in determination, and her green eyes fell on Regina.

"Are you alright?" She nodded, still a little stunned at what had just happened. "That was the last crystal arrow. She destroyed the rest..." She walked to the wall and helped Elsa to her feet before quickly checking if Robin was alright. With a wave of her fingers, Belle entered the room with a first-aid kit and walked to the archer to tend to him.

Elsa hurried to Regina's side. "She really wants you dead..."

Snow gritted her teeth. "She won't succeed. Not when I am still breathing." She wrapped the bowstring around her shoulder and placed a hand on Regina's ankle through the covers. "I swear to you she won't harm you or your daughter."

Regina tried a small smile and nodded her thanks. "Thank you, Snow..."

The princess smiled back. "Well... Before she comes back, I'd better check on my baby boy. See you later!"

As she exited the room and tension was left filling the air, Regina wondered how on Earth Snow could manage to sound this optimistic when a murderous witch still roamed free and the sole weapons against her had been either destroyed or spent...

But her own words...'Good always wins'...

Next chapter: Thea comes back in for a last time...

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