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One-hundred-and-eighth sunset: Happy end

A/N: Hello my dearest readers... I've tried to postpone this as much as I could, but I can't do that forever, so here it is... The last chapter. I can't tell you how sad I am to leave this story behind, because the response to it had been phenomenal and unexpected - truly very unexpected. I will miss your reviews, your alerts, your hatred sometimes when I ended a chapter on a cliffhanger...all of this has made me a better writer, and I thank you for it.

I would like to thank more thoroughly all my regular reviewers: Addie and Liz who are part of my Dream Team family (love you gals); Colleen; Julie et Chocapic, les revieweuses francophones!; IGottaFindYou; Lulu; Rhiz; Galxychld; scifigrrl; and all the guests reviewers...

I will miss you and I will miss writing Regina. But perhaps Kitsowitz will end next season with a bad cliff again and I will be so pissed I'll write my own twist once more...who knows?

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45. One-hundred-and-eighth sunset: Happy endings

The day went on with cheers and drinks and the famous pumpkin pies of Granny, and when the sun began to set, many a citizen left the diner, thanking Regina and Robin for their invitation, and always, without one exception, greeting Princess Rowan with kind words.

The sisters in particular gave the newborn gifts or their own. Blue blessed the child with a long life, while Nova and her fellow fairies graced the whole family with luck and happiness.

Which now meant a loooot of people.

As Henry told his grand-mother after the fairies left. "Now, there is no way I'm going to ever finish my family tree..."

Snow chuckled, and Henry got himself a ruffle of hair by Rumpelstiltskin, who was, surprisingly, in a very good mood.

In fact, a large number of their group seemed in a better mood than usual. So Regina could not wait any longer. She had to know.

"What's with the many smiles over here? I feel like I've missed something!"

Elsa and Jefferson, Emma and Hook, and Rumpel and Belle all chuckled, exchanging secret smiles with their paramour.

But Snow was on Regina's side this time. "I agree. It feels like something's happened that we don't know about..."

Emma was the first to open her mouth, but Hook beat her to it, his good hand placing itself on hers, his lips stretching in the biggest grin anyone had ever seen on his face. "Swan has agreed to marry me."

Despite the wave of surprise that stunned Regina for a moment, she could not help but notice, with a bit of exasperation, how the pirate had called Emma 'Swan' in a very dignified and romantic way to talk about his future wife. But fortunately, no one seemed to mind other than her – which was surprising in itself since she had never been that close to the Saviour and should not care about such things and now she was rambling in her own mind...

Snow gasped and launched herself at her daughter while David froze, his brow furrowed, until he relaxed and shook Hook's hand. Henry, on the other hand, stood, excited as a kid who'd have been free to storm a candy shop. "Mom! You didn't tell me, and I stayed with you for weeks!"

Emma untangled herself from her mother and chuckled. Such a happy sound was not often heard from the Saviour's lips, and it cheered the whole group up to see her genuinely happy. "Sorry, kiddo. It sort of...happened."

There was general chuckle, then the commotion died down with cheers and a toast. Even little Neal seemed to understand the general happiness and took part by shouting a happy sound that echoed in the diner. It made everyone laugh, and baby Rowan coo, as if she had understood her little...cousin? What was Neal to her exactly? Step-nephew? This was too complicated...

After a while, all eyes went to Rumpel and Belle, who blushed a bit under everyone's scrutiny.

Rumpel cleared his throat. "I don't see why our private life is any of your business..."

Regina chuckled darkly. "Oh, I don't know, perhaps because everyone else's private life seems to be your business?" He sent a glare in her direction before Belle smiled and put an appeasing hand on her husband's arm.

She glanced at everyone before taking a deep breath. "I am pregnant."

That surely was a surprise. And apparently, it had been for everyone around, if Rumpel's long face was something to go by.

But overall, everyone, even Hook for that matter, cheered them up and congratulated them, Henry more than others since it meant he'd soon have another younger uncle/aunt in the world.

To Regina, it felt weird to imagine Rumpel, creepy Rumpel, father a child. But then she reminded herself that there was a time when she was kind of under his spell and had a forbidden crush on him. She tried not to remember that time too much. It was a bit disgusting...

After that, no one even bothered to ask Elsa and Jefferson why they were so happy, because there was a huge diamond on the Frozen Queen's ring-finger, and besides, everyone knew the Hatter would not wait long before he asked his beautiful queen to marry him...

So Robin stood and toasted the happy couple, then Jefferson stood and toasted the archer for his new family, then Robin toasted him again for his godfatherhood, and then Regina stood and raised a hand to stop this non-sense.

"Stop acting like idiots. We get it. You're sorry to have been dicks to one another and will try to get along. Now sit down and shut up."

Jefferson laughed out loud at that before bowing to her with a smirk, and he sat back down next to his future wife. Robin, on the other side, shook his head before kissing her cheek. "I've missed you, Your Majesty."

She rolled her eyes and ordered a new bottle of wine.

It struck Regina in that moment that everyone in Storybrooke seemed to have found their happy ending. The dwarves who were just a big brotherhood, the fairies in their convent – with the disturbing fact that Nova was apparently dating Grumpy, ugh –, Granny and Red with her new boyfriend, Marco and Pinocchio, Hansel and Gretel with their father Michael, Cinderella with her husband and their daughter, the Atlanteans who were now part of their world, and so on, and so on...

And her own happy ending was smiling up at her, a tiny hand outstretched to reach her face, dark blue eyes sparkling with intelligence.

A True Love baby. Her True Love baby.

If someone had told her thirty years prior that this would happen, she would have cursed them to kingdom come...

A/N2: So...this is it. I hope you like this ending, despite all the...commands I got for the end. But I am me, and I write what I like, so smut here. That's not the writer I am. ;)

I will take a couple of weeks' "vacation" from Fanfiction a bit, while I get at least five chapters down for my next fanfic, which will take a looooot of time and of homework to do. It will be called Iell Pentin ('Daughter of Legends' in Sindarin), and for those who are part of that fandom, it will be totally LOTR.

Goodbye for now, readers! :)

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