Sunsets and dawns

Fifth dawn

A/N: So, this chapter is really short, and kind of a transition between Regina's late night and her meeting with Elsa in next chapter. If you were wondering, I picture Elsa somehow close to Daenerys in Game of Thrones: silver hair, big blue eyes, looking far much younger than she is.

I will make a habit of answering your questions, so don't hesitate to ask!

JustMe-Liz asked: "Is Jefferson the guy Robin is gonna get jealous of?"

Ahaaaah... Maybe. ;)

Kreuse: "Hum... Just wondering. Regina is pregnant unless I miss something. So I'm not sure the coffee and drinks are that appropriate."

Spoiler ahead, you may skip: If Regina is pregnant (we shall know that soon), she doesn't know it. So she doesn't know what is good or not for herself. When she knows (if she is), she will surely stop taking all that. The main thing to remember is that she wasn't trying to get pregnant, so she didn't change her habits or anything... If you get my meaning. ;)

Incendia Glacies asked: "Do Regina and Elsa have a history?" (that is also kind of Regal's question)

They do. And I'm putting my own twist in it because I don't want to make Elsa a baddie. ;)

Enjoy the reading! :)

9. Fifth dawn

When Regina woke up the following morning, she groaned.

Her head hurt like a bitch, her stomach even more.

Trying to keep her eyes shut, she stumbled to her bathroom and had just enough time to open the lid of the toilet before she rendered whatever she had left in her stomach since the previous night.

As she tried to open an eye and shut it right after so hard her head pounded, she remembered dimly what had happened.

Elsa was there.

Elsa. The Frozen Queen.

Her old friend. The same friend that had been cursed so bad and hard that she had wished nothing more than to be trapped in a jar for all her eternity.

How? And why?

She groaned again when the door to her room opened with a soft knock, and footsteps approached, making her head pound even more.

Snow's voice was even worse. "Regina?" Another step. "Here, I got you an aspirin."

Regina stumbled through her dark redness to take the pill and the glass of water from her step-daughter's hands and swallowed it quickly. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to check on you. It's eleven already. Henry got to school on his own, and I have Red taking care of the baby."

Regina nodded her thanks. Henry was at school. Good. He didn't need to see her like this. At all.

A pang of pain made its way towards her heart at the thought of the conversation that had started it all.


She stumbled to her feet, eyes opening a little to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She looked awful.

Snow smiled a her from the door. "I'll let you freshen up. I'm making breakfast." And she exited the room, leaving Regina alone.

Once again, it struck her that Snow was really nice with her, and that it was nice to have someone care for her in ways no one had ever done...

That's a lie. Someone took care of you...

She closed her eyes again and put her fists to her temples. Stop it!

Once she had changed into fresh clothes and after a long overdue shower, Regina got downstairs, her migraine better, her nostrils taking on the scent of pancakes.

Somehow, it made her stomach ache come back stronger.

She joined Snow as she cooked and tried to push the bug aside, thanking her when she put a plate in front of her on the counter and moved to wash the pan.

"So...feeling better?"

Regina nodded while taking a carefully bite. "Thank you. I really shouldn't have drunk that much..."

"You had your reasons. But next time you feel bad, just come to me. I can listen as well as Jefferson, I can assure you." She chuckled, and Regina soon joined.

The chuckle faded as the queen remembered the last part of her evening. Her eyes locked to Snow's. "Where's Elsa?"

"The Ice Queen?" Snow smirked. "I drove her to Granny's after leaving you here. She's a little lost, I think. You should go to her when you're better." She paused. "What's your history anyway?"

"We were friends."

"Were? Should I be worried?"

Regina shook her head, taking another bite off her pancake. "No. She...she was cursed. Not by me. Cursed to live forever. She watched her family die, their children die, their grandchildren...she wanted to be freed from that life, so she asked Rumpel and I to trap her in a jar forever."

"She asked you to what?"

Snow's eyes were wide as Regina let out a small sad smile. "I would have done the same. In fact, I'm considering it now."

"No you aren't. Your family's not dead, and you're not alone. Stop being that a drama queen."

Regina eyes met her caretaker and for once, she saw all the affection lying there. She gasped. "You really do care for me, don't you Snow?"

The Princess smiled. "Of course I do. No matter what happened between us. I care for you. You are family."

"Thank you."

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