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Ouran High School Host Club: A Lyrical Beauty


Hikari realizes it's not only her creativity that's locked away, but herself as well. Will she let the Host Club bring her character forth? Or will she distance herself from them? (Anime inspired)

Romance / Drama
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Welcome to the Host Club...Sir

She ran through the rain. Her backpack bouncing on her back. Sweat forming behind her neck. The cold rain washed it down her soaking wet shirt. Why was she running?

"Hikari-sama, the car is ready."

"I'll be right down."

She was running away from the mansion of nightmares.

Slamming her notebook shut, Hikari let out a sigh. Well, she thought to herself, here I go...again. Wish me luck, mom and dad. She put her notebook in her school bag and caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror: The yellow dress was puffy with long sleeves that clung onto her arms. A red ribbon tied her white blouse together and rested comfortably around her lower neck. Hikari leaned closer and looked at her white stockings. She frowned. I look like a little girl, she thought, sticking out her tongue to complete the look. With a swift tug, she pulled out another red ribbon from her bag and put it in her hair. A giggle escaped through her lips.

"Now I look like mom when she was my age." Someone knocked on her door, making Hikari jump. She quickly took a breath and composed herself. It was moments likethis where she felther character change. She cleared her throat before answering,

"Yes, I'm coming down."

"Hikari-sama?" asked the young voice once more. Recognizing the voice, Hikari opened the door and saw a young lady curtsying before her. Her persona briefly returned as she flashed her a smile and took out a book from her bag.

"Here you go," she said, "I think you'll like this story. It was one of dad's favorite." The maid took the book and winked at her. Hikari felt her heart flutter a bit. Having people read her dad's plays always brought her joy.

"Hikari." Hikari's joy instantly vanished as she turned around. A tall woman with black hair stared down at her. Her hair was pulled back into a bun with a pair of red chopsticks stabbing it. They matched her crimson button down and raven colored suited that appeared to have been freshly pressed earlier that morning. "I expect you to do well today. First impressions are everything."

"Yes ma'am," Hikari replied, straightening herself. The woman's eyes thinned slightly for a moment.

"You're not wearing your hair like that. Put it up this instant," she demanded as she took her leave. Hikari took out her hair tie and put her long, brown hair into a high pony-tail. Her red ribbon remained untouched on her head.

As she walked to the car, she saw a man in a black business suit standing in front of the door. His arms were behind his back, forcing him to push his chest forward, and he held a stern look in his eyes.

"Hikari," he said, "We're expecting the best. No excuses." Before she could answer, he stepped aside and made his way back to the mansion.

"Yes sir," she mumbled. Hikari quietly opened the door. She climbed in, her hand gripping onto the armrest, and tugged the door after her. It took her a second to get comfortable, and when she did she let out a sigh of relief. She looked to her right and saw coffee and a blueberry muffin on the car table. A smile grew on her face as the driver slipped into the driver seat and started the engine. The car hummed as it came to life. Slowly, the wheels crushed over the gravel and the car glided past the main gates. Once the car turned onto the main road, the driver glanced back in the rear-view mirror.

"You nervous?" The beautiful voice soothed Hikari's ears.

"Defiantly," She replied. She took down her hair while the driver took off her hat. "Thanks for the breakfast, Natasha." Natasha pulled at her hair tie, releasing her long, blond hair.

"It's your first day of school. Your parents would want you at your best." Hikari played around with a necklace that rested on her neck. She traced over the lining of a butterfly.

"Yeah," she said, "Mom and dad wanted me to soar through the world spreading my words to everyone." Natasha laughed.

"They're watching you, kid," she said, "They always are." Hikari stared out the window.

"So?" Natasha asked after a moment of silence. "Have you looked at your activity lists yet?" Hikari shook her head. Natasha took out an ivory colored folder with the words "Ouran High School" written in gold. She passed it to Hikari. "There're a lot of clubs to join, but I think the most interesting one is the Host Club."

"Host Club?" Hikari repeated.

"That's right. It's supposed to be filled with hot hot hot men!" She smiled her giddy smile and looked in the rear-view mirror again. "They might make you feel more relaxed at school."

"Yeah, being paraded by guys who pamper you in order to get your money. No thank you," Hikari paused for a moment before adding, "But I'll go and give it a try...since you gave me breakfast." With that, she bit into her muffin.

Hikari's first day was the same as any other first day. Orientation for the new students, social events to have them mingle, classes; she finished her morning homework from sheer boredom by lunch time. After finishing her lunch, she used her free time to wander around the school. With each step, her expectations lessened. After transferring from school to school, she'd hoped that Ouran would have something unique about them. Something that separated them from any other academy. She took out the club lists.

"You can find these clubs in every school across Japan," she muttered sourly. Her eyes scanned down the list and noticed a club that was highlighted in bright yellow. "The Host Club?" Hikari heard Natasha's voice ringing in her head. I guess I'll check it out. I hope they don't do Champagne Calls. Those can get out of hand.

After classes ended, Hikari headed for the club. She walked up to a room that was labeled "The Third Music Room" and without hesitation opened the door. A smell of fresh roses crept into her nose as petals fell around her. Seven boys in their Ouran uniform were standing before her. Two of them were sitting on the couch with their backs to each other while the other five stood behind them.

"Welcome," they said in unison. Hikari couldn't speak. Her eyes absorbed their beauty as her voice remained locked in her throat.

"My my," said a tall blond boy, "what have we caught today?" He came closer to her. "A little lamb walked into a forest of hungry wolves." He placed his index finger under her chin and lifted her head. "Be careful," he whispered. Hikari began to feel uncomfortable as she looked into his dark blue eyes...so dark, they seemed almost purple. She removed his hand and walked into the room. This was why she hated Host Clubs.

"So this is the Ouran High School Host Club," She said at them, ignoring the blond host behind her. A boy with a girlish face let out a sigh.

"Senpai is sulking in the corner again." Hikari was taken back. His voice sounded quite feminine.

Another gentleman took out a notebook and started to write. "Just leave him, Haruhi," he said, "Tamaki isn't used to being rejected." He adjusted his glasses.

"Tama-chan is upset again," commented a little boy, holding a holding a pink bunny. A much bigger fellow came up from behind him and nodded in agreement. His face was expressionless, and he hard dark eyes to match.

"Tono," began one of the boys on the couch, "hates it when-"

"-a lovely princess dismisses his charms." Finished the other one. Hikari noticed that they were twins in every way, as if born to mirror each other. But it wasn't their matching faces that caught her attention. It was their eyes. They both had a golden, hazel color, but she couldn't help thinking that there was something more. Although they appear similar, they seem different...somehow.

"Here," said Haruhi, "I hope you don't mind instant coffee." Hikari took it and gave a polite smile. "Thank you," she said.

"Here, take a seat," said one of the twins.

"It's more comfortable than standing around," said the other. The gentleman with the glasses extended a hand.

"I must agree with them," he insisted, guiding Hikari to the couch. Once she sat down and drank her coffee, her eyes widen when the bitter taste touched her tongue. This tastes like the coffee mom made in the morning. She briefly closed her eyes. A faded memory of her mom offering her a sip of her black coffee crept into Hikari's mind. I didn't expect to find this served here, she admitted.

"Sorry that Tamaki-senpai is a little strange," Haruhi explained. Hikari opened her eyes shook her head.

"It's quite alright. If that's who he is, then that's who he is."

"Not many people say that about him."

"OF COURSE," screamed Tamaki, "That's just one of my many charms." He grabbed Hikari's hand. "I'm glad that I have moved you in such a way." Haruhi slapped his hand away.

"Senpai, please stop doing that. She obviously doesn't like it." Tamaki returned to his gloomy state and sat in his corner. Laughter erupted from behind Hikari, catching her a little off guard.

"Tono doesn't know how to treat a proper guest," said one of the twins. He came around and sat on the other side of Hikari, his brother right behind. The one closest to her held out a red rose.

"Please forgive him for his idiocy," he added. Hikari just stared at him.

"Please take no offense," she replied, "But this wasn't what I had in mind for a Host Club. Usually it's full of host with set personas in order to please their customers."

"You are correct," answered the gentleman with glasses, "and we do have our set personas. However, we've adapted the Host Club concept to a more...agreeable with outside authorities. This Host club is simply a place where young girls come to spend their time with young men."

"How is that different from any other Host Club?" Hikari asked. The gentleman politely bowed.

"You should join one of our sessions and see for yourself. Allow me to introduce ourselves: I am Ootori Kyouya, the vice president of the Host Club." Kyouya pointed to Tamaki, who continued sulking in the corner.

"That's Suou Tamaki, the president of the club." Tamaki rose from his depression and spun his way to the group.

"That's correct. Now, princess," He said as he pulled out a white rose, "What type of gentleman do you prefer? Prince? Wild? Loli-shota? Devil? Cool? Or Natural?" Hikari wasn't sure how to respond. She wanted to tell these people that they're crazy, but at the same time her curiosity of them loomed over her like their rose petals.

"Join a session, huh?" She asked. Tamaki perked up.

"The Host Club is open every day after school," He ran his fingers through his hair. "The ladies should be coming any time now." Hikari thought about it for a minute before rising from her seat.

"If it's alright with you, I'd rather observe your work than be a part of it." The club stared at her in confusion. "A dear friend suggested I visit this club and I would like to give her a detailed report. Since you say you're different from the average Host club, I'd like to see how." Hikari knew that her request sounded ridiculous, but she didn't want to miss the opportunity. Not only could she write something for Natasha, but she could observe these interesting characters in action. Do they enjoy this line of work? What inspired them to join? What made them so popular? Hikari's determination overpowered her doubts.

Kyouya gave her a pleasant smile. "It's no trouble at all."

{The Host Club is now open}

Hikari made the rounds. The first thing she noted was that Tamaki was a crowd pleaser. A majority of the girls flocked to his section and swooned over the way he acted. She jotted down some ideas when something jumped on her back.

"Hiri-chan!" screamed a little voice. Hikari glanced over her shoulder to catch the sweet eyes of the little boy host. He wrapped his arms and legs tightly around her.

"'Hiri-chan'?" she croaked. He nodded.

"Hiri-chan. That's your name, right?"

"Well," Hikari squeaked, but someone stepped in front of her.

"Mitsukuni," he said in a monotone voice, "There's some cake for you." The boy immediately let Hikari go and trotted over to a table full of girls.

"Thank you," Hikari said to the gentleman. He gave her a small smile and followed after the boy. She continued to write down notes when Kyouya suddenly appeared behind her.

"Is everything to your liking?" He asked.

"It is, though I'm having trouble remembering names." Kyouya chuckled.

"If you don't know their names," her said, "then you haven't observed them well enough." Hikari glared at him, hating that he challenged her observational skills. But it wasn't going to stop her. She accepted it and wandered over to where the little boy ran to.

"Honey-senpai," said one of the girls, "How's Tokyo U? It must be strange coming back to your high school after graduating." Honey swallowed his piece of cake and held his bunny tight.

"I wanted to still be in the host club until everyone graduates!" He shouted. The girls squirmed with joy.

"I think that it's bold that both of you still wear the uniform," said another girl, "especially for Mori-senpai." Honey smiled.

"Takashi wanted to come with me too, so that he wouldn't be lonely." The girls buried their faces into their hands and let out their cries of joy. Hikari's eyes widened.

"H-he's a university student?" she asked aloud.

"Both of them are, actually," replied the familiar feminine voice. "I was surprised that they decided to come back." Hikari looked over and saw Haruhi standing next to her with a tray of coffee.

"You're...Haruhi-kun...right?" Haruhi smiled.

"That's right." Hikari smiled back. This guy seems to understand the craziness here, she thought.

"Is it okay if I follow you? I don't I'm familiar with the twins." Haruhi laughed.

"Sure thing, but I think familiar is as far as you'll want to go." Before Hikari could ask why, she noticed one of the twins pointing to her necklace.

"That's a cute necklace you're wearing," said he, "Makes me think how cute you are." His eyes quickly glanced down, then back up. "Do fly too far from me."

"Hikaru!" cried the other one, "I thought I was the cute one." He looked away shyly with his hand over his mouth. "Do you want me to be far away?" Hikaru looked at him, surprised that he'd offended his brother.

"Kaoru..." he whispered. The girls in their section gathered close to each other and held their breaths. Hikaru crossed over to Kaoru, grabbed his face, and gently caressed it in his hands; their lips barely touching.

"I'm sorry, Kaoru. I couldn't resist seeing your worried face." He stroked Kaoru's hair. "You're too cute to resist." Kaoru let his brother's words sink in, and closed his eyes.

"Hikaru..." he whispered.

The girls began to scream with pleasure, "AAAHHH!!! Such brotherly love!!!" they chanted. Hikari pinched her lips in discomfort and glanced over at Haruhi. Her head slightly shook in disbelief.

"'Brotherly...love'?" She repeated. Haruhi lowered her head, confirming with one nod.

"I told you," he said. Hikari quickly jotted down her thoughts. Homo homo twins...girls love them...hmm.

{The Host Club is now closed}

Hikari flipped through the notes she had written, twirling her pencil within her fingers. This is defiantly a fascinating bunch. I'm certainly getting some new character ideas for my story. She closed her notebook shut. "They said that I shouldn't join a writing club, but they never said that I couldn't write." She whispered with a giggle.

"What're you talking about?" asked two voices in perfect unison. Hikari turned around and saw the twins leaning on either side of her chair.

"Nothing," she answered. She felt a small breeze on her left side of her neck, and she turned her head to tell him to back off. But when she did, the twin held her gaze. His eyes held a golden color as the setting sun rays peered through the window. They hypnotized her into forgetting what she intended to ask.

His eyes... she wondered faintly, seem strong...and very masculine...just like when-. Her brain clicked. "...Hikaru..." she whispered. The boy blinked in shock.

"Hikaru, stop bothering on Hikari-san." Hikari took a breath and fluttered her eyes. For a moment, she had completely forgotten where she was.

"I wasn't bothering her, Kyouya-senpai," Hikaru replied, "Kaoru and I were just talking to her. That's all." Kaoru straightened himself and followed his Hikaru.

"That's right," he said, "We were merely asking her what she was talking about."

A sudden noise filled the empty music room. Hikari felt her cheeks grow warm as she scurried through her pockets. Her hand soon snatched the culprit and pulled it out. Stupid phone. Her finger tapped the green button.


"Hikari-chan, it's Natasha. Are you alone?"

"No, I'm with...some club members," Hikari answered with a strong voice.

"Ah! Got it. Okay." Natasha confirmed, "I won't keep you. I'm outside waiting. Come down whenever you're ready." And she hung up. Hikari rose out of her seat and smiled.

"Excuse me, but I must be going," she announced. Her hand, still holding the phone, slipped under her other hand, and led her into a bow. "Thank you for showing me your club. It was certainly entertaining." She then gathered her things and began to take her leave. By the time she reached the front doors, she remembered something.

I didn't say good-bye to Haruhi-kun. She turned around and asked, "Does anyone know where Haruhi is?" Tamaki looked shocked.

"What do you want to see my precious daughter for?!" he shouted.

"Daughter?" Laugher emerged from either side of her as two hands rested on her shoulders.

"Just ignore him," said one twin.

"Yeah, Haruhi is his favorite child," said the other. Hikari kept on repeating the word "daughter" in her mind as she shrugged their hands off her.

"Fine. I'll just look for him myself." She went towards the back of the room and opened the door. She walked in, closed it behind her, and froze.

"Hikari? What are you doing here?" Hikari leaned against the door and smiled. Haruhi was wearing a pink undershirt while still wearing the black Ouran pants.

"I thought you were different from the other members," she said, "You're a girl, aren't you." Haruhi put on her blouse and began to button it.

"Yeah, I guess you figured it out. I spilled some coffee all over my other uniform, so I had to change." Hikari couldn't resist a laugh.

"I have never met such interesting people since my parents were alive." Haruhi was taken back.

"When your parents were alive?" she repeated. Hikari sucked in her lower lip. She didn't mean to let that thought slip. Ideas sprung up to try and cover it up, but for the first time, she didn't want to. Instead, she nodded.

"Yeah. My dad knew very interesting people. My mom did too, or rather, she met many when she interviewed them." Haruhi fiddled with her hands.

"I'm so sorry." Hikari stopped smiling. Haruhi's big brown eyes were filled with empathy.

"I lost my mother too," she shared, "but I can't imagine losing both parents." Hikari felt her legs grow numb. Out of her six years of living with her new family, she had never heard an apology from anyone. Except from Natasha, no one else knew the truth.

"It's okay, really," Hikari reassured, "My sister's my personal driver. Well, she's not my sister by blood, but..." She shook her head. Why wouldn't her mouth stop talking? She sighed. "So at least I've got one family member."

"Yeah, but it still must be hard." Hikari reached for her necklace. Feeling the smooth silver between her fingers eased the tension building in her throat.

"Yeah...sometimes it is..."

As Haruhi continued to change, Hikari couldn't help but share her tale. For some reason, she felt that she could confide in this girl all that she had felt, even after knowing her for less than a day. She wasn't sure how, but it felt right to her, and in the end, it was a relief.

Haruhi expressed her amazement at how composed Hikari appeared, considering her entire situation. In exchange, she shared her own tragedy. Hikari couldn't believe that Haruhi's dad worked at an okama bar to support them. What a loving father to have, she thought, I'd like to meet him one day. At the end of her story, Haruhi offered an invitation for her to come over any time she liked. Hikari gladly accepted it.

I really like Haruhi, mom and dad, she prayed, She knows what it's like. Haruhi finally finished cleaning herself up, and the two entered the main music room.

"What did you see?" asked two grizzly voices. Hikari took a step back, surprised by the sudden outburst. The twins glared at her with their golden eyes swirling with fire.

"What?" she pleaded. One of them threw their arms in the air.

"Great! Now another person knows about Haruhi's secret," he cried.

"What should we do to her?" the other one asked.

"Hikaru, Kaoru," said Kyouya, "Leave the girl alone." Hikaru and Kaoru backed off Hikari as Kyouya approached her.

"Did you figure out Haruhi's secret?" he asked simply. Hikari nodded. "Then I guess you have two options before you. I could ruin your life as you know it-and believe me" He adjusted his glasses. "I can. Or, you can work in the host club as a waitress of some sort." Hikari turned to Haruhi. She seemed just as baffled.

"Kyouya-senpai," Haruhi began, "Isn't that a little harsh? Casanova-kun knows my secret and he's not working for the host club." Kyouya placed a chilling smile on his face.

"Kasanoda-kun wanted to work under Mori-senpai. By discovering your secret, he made the agreement with us-including Mori-senpai-to never tell a soul. He's bound to Mori-senpai to that agreement. Hikari-kun, however, has no such ties, and therefore, has to pay a fair price." Hikari didn't like where the conversation was going. What writing could she get done if her free time was wasted on maid-work? What can I do? Suddenly, an idea came into her mind.

"How about this, Kyouya-senpai." She cleared her throat and stiffened her back. "Let me be a host." Everyone looked at one another, confirming their thoughts with a few nods. Laughter erupted once more from the twins.

"There's no way that you could be a host," said one of them.

"Hikaru, shut up!" shouted Haruhi. Hikaru pulled himself together and walked over to Hikari.

"She has such a womanly figure," he added, grabbing her waist from behind with one arm and his index finger under her chin with his vacant hand. "And she's pretty cute. The girls would see right through it." Hikari tightened her jaw and pushed Hikaru back. She felt her cheeks turn red.

"Watch me." She grabbed Haruhi and went back into the other room. Once she closed the doors, she turned around.

"Haruhi, switch clothes with me." Haruhi hesitated at first, but quickly gave in upon seeing Hikari's determination. Once the exchange was complete, Hikari pulled her hair in a low pony-tail and took off her red ribbon. She turned to Haruhi.

"Well?" she asked Haruhi.

"Amazing," she said, "You actually look like a guy. You defiantly take after your father." Hikari held up a peace sign.

"Now let's show them what I can do." She deeply inhaled through her nose, exhaled, and opened the door.

When she appeared in the main room, she had one arm leaning against the door and the other hand in her pocket. Her head was directed at the floor. Eyes closed. Body still. She felt the host's eyes on her. Be like a guy, she repeated to herself, be like a guy. She carefully lifted her head.

"Yo," she said in a low tone. Every host responded in their own way: Tamaki screamed and held his face; the twins held each other in fear; Mori-senpai had no reaction; Kyouya adjusted his glasses with a smirk; and Honey looked puzzled.

"Who're you?" he asked. Mori-senpai came up and stood behind him.

"Hikari," he answered. Honey's jaw fell open.

"NO WAY!" he exclaimed, "But she was a girl a minute ago." Hikari walked up to Honey and bent down on one knee.

"It's okay, Honey-kun," she said, sounding like a proper gentleman, "Call me Hiroki." Honey grabbed onto Hikari's wrists and swung her around.

"Hi, Hiro-chan." Hikari stumbled a bit before regaining her stance, and bowed. She walked over to the twins and looked them in the eyes. With a proud smirk on her face, she glided to one. She brought his face close to hers and held it gently in her hands.

"Since you protect Kaoru, who'll protect you...Hikaru?" Hikaru's face twisted with discomfort, Hikari took great pleasure in it.

"Hikari, you can tell Hikaru and Kaoru apart?" Haruhi asked, shyly stepping into the main room. She wore Hikari's yellow uniform, causing Tamaki to fling his arms around her.

"Haruhi, you look so cute!" he squealed. Haruhi let out a sigh of annoyance, but didn't push him away. Hikari laughed in character.

"It's easy to tell these devils apart." And she walked over to Tamaki and bowed.

"Your princess is beautiful," she reached for Haruhi's hand and came close to her face. "I'm surprised that you're still with this prince when you could be with a king." She pulled herself away and struck a dramatic pose, the same way Tamaki had done all the afternoon.

"HEY! Stop copying my charm!" He shouted in protest. Hikari walked over to Kyouya with her hands in her pockets and a confident smile on her face.

"Well?" she asked.

"I must say," he began, "you defiantly know how to act like a guy. But what type of host would you be?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she asked, "Lyrical." Kyouya looked though his notebook and smiled.

"Well, lyrical is pretty general. What would make you different from Tamaki?" Hikari turned in front of everyone and cleared her throat.

"I see her standing there. The wind blowing through her silk black hair. A soft texture against my skin. Her eyes shine brighter than the sun, blinding me from her beauty. Her lips...rouge color. I come close to her, our breaths mingling together. As I leaned in for that kiss,-" She paused for a moment and looked at the hosts. They were all leaning in, waiting for her to finish.

"So you've had your first kiss?" Hikaru asked her. Hikari rolled her eyes and let her hair down. She briefly ran her fingers through it.

"That's personal information," she answered. She then turned to Kyouya, hands on her hips. "Well?" she asked again. Kyouya was silent for a while.

"Welcome to the Host Club...Hiroki."

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