Fire Becomes Ice

7. Reflection

A cool breeze burst through the window, shooting Edward's back with an arctic blast of air. Bumps erupted across his skin, and he pulled the blankets up to his neck, for the first time noticing the figure asleep beside him. Like her heart, her body was warm, and Edward pulled Bella's back closer so that there was no space between their bodies. Daylight disturbed the room – her room, he realized now gazing at his surroundings. And he was holding her close, aware that the terrible fire in his throat was gone. He pressed his nose against her hair, breathing in the vanilla honey scent, reveling in the miracle of it all. It was indescribable to be here like this with her…to feel normal.

"You're still here," she said, her voice thick with sleep.

Edward placed a kiss against her hair. "I'm still here."

She made a noise that sounded like purring to Edward's ears. "You're so warm," she said, smiling.

"So are you."

It was simple and natural and perfect to be lying here with her, and Edward blocked out the idea of school this morning.

"I love you, Bella Swan," Edward said, feeling every bit of it as he spoke the words.

She rolled over and faced him, her sweet face smiling as their bodies remained close. Her fingers ran through his hair, giving him that delicious comfort Edward always felt when she touched him. But the adoration in her eyes, the love he saw there was truly what made his heart swell the size of a balloon. Soon, he caught a playful glint in those brown eyes, and biting her lip, she wrapped her leg around his backside, scooting herself closer against him.

Edward felt his heart skip a beat. It was not the first time they had been this close, only the first time they could take it further. She proceeded to curl her hands around his neck and brought her lips to meet his. He couldn't wait, closing the distance, seizing her mouth feverishly, and all the while grateful that for once he could just enjoy the intimacy, the dance of their tongues, the awakening of their bodies.

For once, he did not fear the monster inside him, waiting to strike. There was no monster.

As he repositioned his body on top of hers, she smiled again, and Edward felt his heart pound in response. Her legs hooked around his hips, pressing against him suggestively, and she uttered one word: Please.

Bella did not have to say any more; she had made her request very clear.

Despite his morals, Edward considered the possibility. They loved each other, would be married soon. And there was no question that they both wanted this. His own body was already reacting to the heat and motion of hers, and with no danger of physically harming Bella, it was next to impossible to pull away from her now.

His voice sounded nervous as he looked to her uncertainly. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

She bit her lip again, the corners of her lips curving upward in the most charming way…and then nodded.

In fact, he could not think of a single reason not to continue, and after meeting her lips again, he pressed kisses to her neck and trailed them lightly down to her shoulder. "I love you so much, Bella," he whispered, his breath ragged in anticipation as his trail pressed southward...

"I love you, too, Jacob."

Edward's head jerked up in that moment as the horror of what she had just said tore into him like a dagger.

"Jacob, what's wrong?" she asked, her face concerned as he hopped out of the bed and peered into the mirror on her dresser.

And his heart pounded like a drum at the reflection before him. He was Jacob.

Edward awoke, and like in his dream, his heart was pounding. His breathing burst forward in panicky breaths. It was light outside, and as his mind struggled for understanding, he soon realized he was in Jacob's room, recalling the recent events…unfortunately still in Jacob's body. His body felt heavy and tired, and his eyes were still bleary. And though he was sure he did not want to go back to sleep and dream anymore, another wave of exhaustion swept over Edward, and he fell back to sleep.

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