The Sister He Never Knew

The Approach


Severus and Elizabeth walked briskly through the silent streets of Hogsmeade at four in the morning.

'…Now, remember, you cannot approach, speak to, or take any photographs of Harry or his relatives. '

'I get it, now can we go, please?'

'Also, if they speak to you, you must act as if you have never seen them before, and as if you do not know them, nor anything about them.'

'I've never in my life seen the Dursleys.'

'No loopholes.'

'I know! Severus, please, I am aware of the various altercations that could occur if I were to speak to Harry or any of his relations. Or any of their relations. And I understand the Statute of Secrecy. So please can we go?'

He smirked at her using her advanced vocabulary to curry favour in him, and took a moment to chuckle inwardly at the look on her face. 'Of course.'

Her mouth spread over too many teeth. 'Yes!' she screeched, and jumped up and down in the middle of Hogsmeade wrapping her arms around his thin waist. 'Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!'

He lifted his arms helplessly, and she let go quickly, knowing how he responded to physical contact.

'Hold tight to my arm, please, Elizabeth. We are going to Apparate to an appointed place in Surry, and we will walk to the park near the Dursley residence where, according to a local correspondence set up to protect Mr Potter, Mrs Dursley brings both boys to occupy them during the summers. You and I will be masquerading as uncle and niece out for a family outing.'

'And who says we aren't! We certainly look the part… sort of.' She giggled wickedly at Severus's outfit: black slacks; olive-green turtleneck sweater. He looked (almost) completely changed from his usual bat-like appearance. The ice cold look still graced his features, nausea lending it some colour (green being a colour). 'Are you ok?' she asked, wondering after the nausea.

'Fine. Now hold on tight.'

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