The Sister He Never Knew

Visits and Announcements


Sirius climbed quickly up the rocky side of the cliff, newspaper clutched in his jaw. He had been stealing papers for a few days now, and nothing he had found had given him a clue as to what Harry's scar could be an indicator of. The entire wizarding world was focused on the Triwizard Tournament taking place at the school this year, and so all the papers could talk about was the rivalry between the "three most prestigious wizarding schools brought together by competition and common interest" this year.

This thought in his mind, he approached the mouth of the cave, from which the delectable aroma of roast beef was wafting.

Confused, he stopped, though his stomach growled painfully. He hadn't eaten proper food in far too long, but he was sure Buckbeak would not have been able to procure a tenderloin.

Approaching slowly, he peaked his nose inside. The familiar scent of a long missed perfume met his snout.


Transforming, he bounded in, hugging the girl who had been contentedly stroking Buckbeak's feathers to almost a purr.

'Sirius!' she cried in return, hugging him back. 'Sirius, you're actually here!'

'Where did you expect me to be when all the excitement's happening here?'

Laughing, she replied, 'I could expect you to be nowhere else.'

Pulling back, Sirius held her out at arm's length. 'My goodness, girl. You're looking more and more like a lady every day.'

'Sirius, I'm – '

'I know, I know. You just shouldn't be.'

'I'm afraid I can't stop time for you, Sirius,' Elizabeth smiled warmly. 'But I can bring you food. I hear you've been living off rodents of late.'

'Yep – I can't steal too much food, or else the townspeople might start to get a bit suspicious.'

'Well, then, I've brought you a feast fit for a king. I thought I'd join you for supper tonight.'

'You're fabulous, Elizabeth. But isn't the Triwizard Champion being chosen tonight?' As he spoke, he moved towards the rucksack of food she had placed near the back wall, out of Buckbeak's reach.

'Well, yes. But you know me. A quiet dinner is always better. Besides, it's all pomp and ceremony. It's the actual tasks that will be worth watching.'

They settled down upon a blanket that Elizabeth had packed amongst the foodstuffs, and as Sirius ravished the food, Elizabeth told him of all the goings on in her life up until then.

'... and I do miss them, of course I do. They were practically family. I mean, my parents loved them enough to make them my godparents, and they knew I loved them enough to integrate as one of their family. Some of mum and dad's friends thought we were related to the Potters, they were that close.'

'Then there was you and Harry.'

Elizabeth laughed. 'We were quite the team, weren't we?'

'You, dressing him up and pushing him around in your little pram.'

'I remember once you brought us out – there were people that thought you'd knocked up some poor girl and had a family started already. You and your motorbike, can you imagine?'

Sighing, Sirius chewed on a crust of bread thoughtfully. 'You two have grown a lot.'

'It has been almost fourteen years.' She paused. 'In fact, it's been fourteen years tonight.'

There was a silence of deep meditation for many moments, when both thought back to that night so long ago.

Before either could respond, however, a brown owl flew urgently into the cave, frightening both out of their wits. 'What in the world - ?' The owl dropped its note on Elizabeth's lap, and perched upon her shoulder, seemingly waiting for her to open it. Obliging, Elizabeth read it, paling as her eyes moved down the parchment. 'Sirius, I have to go.'

'What - ?'

'Harry's been entered into the Triwizard Tournament. As the fourth champion.'
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