The Sister He Never Knew



'Dumbledore, why can't I teach him? Or you? Do you really think it a good idea to have Severus teach him? I mean, what incentive would Harry have to learn from him?' Elizabeth turned to face Severus, who was sitting opposite Dumbledore. 'No offence.'

Nodding curtly, Severus added, 'Precisely. The boy will want to learn no more learn from me than he would from Draco Malfoy.'

Dumbledore smiled over his steepled fingers, and replied, 'I have my reasons.'

'Could you perhaps share said reasons?' Elizabeth asked, lifting her weight off of his desk to look at him.

'I am afraid that putting his mind in such a vulnerable state in the presence of you or I, Elizabeth, would jeopardize much. If Voldemort becomes aware of this connection, he may begin to use it. If he thinks Harry's relationship to me is more than teacher-student, he will have much more of an incentive to try to use the boy for ill. And what would occur, do you think, if somehow he were able to control the boy? Would you be able to separate Harry from Tom Riddle, and fight him?'

'But, Albus - '

'No, Elizabeth,' Dumbledore sighed. 'What you can do, is try to convince Harry to actually work on his Occlumency. Guide him. Give him help and encouragement when he needs it.' He smiled. 'Besides. Are you two not going through a particularly rough patch at the moment?' Elizabeth scoffed. 'Would he truly prefer your tutorage to Severus'?'

Severus and Elizabeth answered in unison.


Dumbledore chuckled. 'You two are remarkably similar in stubbornness.'

'Yes,' Elizabeth replied ruefully, seeing the battle lost, 'but you're more stubborn than we.'

Dumbledore only continued to smile in response.
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